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Now that I’ve seen the episode, I am sooo glad I waited until today to watch rather than try to watch it with the parents visiting. If you’re still interested in my rambling, here ‘tis. And this is the same as always: first time viewing, right after watching, so I’m sure that by now those of you who’ve been able to see this multiple times will have picked up on many things I miss.

Season 5 is not for the casual fan. Even MotW episodes are arch-driven. And the idea of inserting someone into this universe without them having experienced the journey up to this point is somewhat ridiculous. While good v evil is an age-old concept, angels v demons midst a humanity mired in the apocalypse is something else all together.

What I do love, though, is that the theme that “family is the most important thing on earth” has been constant—sometimes brilliant and loud, sometimes shadowed and whispering, but always there.

I liked the name of the town in Nebraska: Alliance. What a subtle way to have us gut-check our friends and our enemies.

Skipping over the THEN, because we know where we’ve come from, we see a pretty, dark-haired girl perched in front of a TV watching something with the focus I generally reserve for this show. Something makes her get up and call for ‘Jimmy,’ who she finds after a moment ‘dead’ in a closet with an arrow through his head. It’s quickly revealed that she’s Jimmy’s babysitter and, like any good baby sitter, is being paid to be ‘mean.’ Jimmy’s head wound turns out to be ketchup and he agrees to go to bed if she lets him touch her boobs.

*chortle* Anyone else think Dean would’ve been proud?

Babysitter—Amber—goes back to her show and this was a good bit of bait and switch, here, because it looked as if she was watching Cujo, hears a dog barking outside and goes to check it out. When the parents return home and the TV is snowy, the dad tries to wake Amber and sees that half her face is gone. Gouges through her face and skull reveal a disgusting display of her brain.


The boys show up at the coroner’s office, flashing their FBI Page and Plant badges—and we find out later that Sam is Plant when he introduces himself to Jesse as “Robert”—and ask to check out Amber’s body. All thoughts of Steven King’s stories coming to life via a homicidal hound are dispelled when the coroner reveals that he found a press-on nail embedded in Amber’s temporal lobe. Dean checks her hand and sees that one of her nails is missing.

The coroner assesses that she was hopped up on some sort of hallucinogen (which, I’m sure, he’d confirm???) and that she literally scratched her brains out due to a “phantom itch.” Sam reaches up and scratches his neck while Dean works at his ear. Hee. Cute, that.

They go to the family Amber was babysitting for and while Sam does the Sympathetic Interviewer Who Asks Strange Questions, Dean pokes around and finds Jimmy lurking in the adjacent room. In an attempt to bond, Dean tells a story of Ms. Janson who had two concerns: Dynasty and bedtime.

Hmmm. A true, pre-Mary-death memory? Or a fabrication? Can’t imagine John calling up a sitter after Mary died…

Anyway, Jimmy’s quick-fire, I’m so hiding something answers reveal that as a prank, he’d put itching powder on Amber’s hairbrush. M’kay. Just as they reach the car, Sam gets a call from the coroner. They arrive at the hospital—at least, I think it was the hospital—and find a crispy-critter of a guy who had been the apparent victim of a buzzer-handshake joke. Poor Mr. Stanley (who was 85 if he was a day) was traumatized because he "didn’t think it would work."

“All I did was shake his hand.”

Back at their motel/apartment-looking place, Dean has on goggles and heavy-duty rubber gloves. He glances back at Sam. “You ready?”

“Hit it, Mr. Wizard.”

Dean touches the buzzer to a hunk of raw ham and within seconds, his pig is cooked. As they’re grasping at cursed objects, Dean digs into the cooked meat with his switchblade, noshing on the pork. Hee. And, um, slightly gross. Moving on! They head to a joke shop…type-place and Dean picks up a whoopee cushion, which makes Sam roll his eyes, which makes me grin because it’s good to see them bounce off of each other as two guys with different orbits who grew up together and accepted that each had their quirks, but still reserved the right to give each other shit about it.

In other words… brothers.

They confront the shop owner and think they’re onto something when the owner says that he’s angry that the age of iPods and “kissing Vampires” is edging out his rubber-chicken dynasty. However, when Dean liquefies a rubber chicken with the hand-buzzer and the guy practically wets his pants, Sam says they got the wrong guy, Dean quickly agrees, and they skedaddle out of there.

In our next horrifying MotW-type scene, we get a daddy telling a little girl that he’ll put her tooth under her pillow and while she’s sleeping and when she wakes up, she’ll have a quarter. The little girl cracked me up, though, when she says, “So, while I’m asleep, some freak is going to come into my room and take my tooth? No thanks.” HA! The little girl sneaks into Daddy’s room and puts the tooth under his pillow, and shortly thereafter we see a big guy in a beard, wings, and a pink tutu growling in a been-there-done-that voice that daddy’ll just feel a pinch before he pulls all of his teeth out with a pair of monster-sized pliers.

Next thing we know, Dean is flirting with “Jen” the nurse and then comes back to regroup with his brother where they trade Stories of Weird. Sam reports on the Tooth Faerie victim (who made $80 in quarters for his misery) while Dean tells him about a bunch of kids with stomach ulcers who mixed Pop Rocks and Coke and some guy whose face “froze that way.”

Was anyone else reminded of the John Cusack movie, One Crazy Summer? No? Just me? Okay.

Dean’s massaging his face (hee) and Sam’s busy looking like he might have something to say. “So… if you add all that up… yeah. I got nothin’.”

As they start moving down the hall, Dean says, adorably, “I thought Sea Monkey’s were real.”

Sam jumps into his Mr. Science persona saying that they are, but Dean interrupts, explaining he thought the whole Mr. and Mrs. Sea Monkey thing was real. He was six, but he still believed it. So… they determine that what they’re dealing with is something the makes the lies that kids believe to be true. Something with the power of a god… or a trickster.

Dean: “Yeah, and with the sense of humor of a nine-year-old.”

Sam: “Or… you.”

Gaelic: HA!

Back at the motel/apartment, Dean’s still eating the ham. “We don’t have a fridge!” (Still… ewww.) Sam lets his brother’s carnivorous habit slide as he lays down a map showing the circle of chaos with a house in the center. Unfortunately, their motel is also in the center.

Dean sheepishly holds up a hairy palm. Seriously? I almost fell off the couch laughing. Oh, that is so much more like it. Dean looks over at his brother, his mouth tugging up in a self-depreciating grin, his eyes lighting up. So. Damn. Cute.

“I got bored. That nurse was hot.”

“Dude! You can go blind from that, too.”

Personally, I wish they’d picked that…would’ve been interesting to see how they’d handle the rest of the hunt with Dean blind from, uh… pleasure. Anyone for an Alternate Version? But the hairy palm still opened up an opportunity for classic Bitch-faced Sam with Dean’s Big Brother Smirk as a reply.

“Gimme five minutes and we’ll go check out that house.”

“Do not use my razor!”

As they approach the House In The Center Of Chaos, Dean checks to make sure his Bowie is in place (yum) and Sam leans down to pick the lock when suddenly, the door is opened by a very cute kid with eyes like an angel. Seriously, this kid looked like sugar would melt on him.

He was a smart alec, though, when the boys finally talked their way inside. They find out his name is Jesse and that he’s home alone. Sam tries to bond with him, saying he had to fix a lot of meals himself when he was a kid, too. Dean finds a drawing of the tooth faerie and Jesse says his dad told him the tooth faerie was a freak. I could see that tactic—if you were compelled to leave your kid home alone, you wouldn’t want them to allow anyone or anything in the house for any reason.

Money in exchange for teeth is definitely something to keep them away from if their parental units aren’t around to protect them.

Dean says, though, that his dad never told him about the tooth faerie. He told him different stories. He also tells Jesse that the hand buzzer thingy can’t hurt him. That it doesn’t even have batteries. He proves this by touching Sam. ACK! Sam, understandably, is not exactly thrilled by this.

Dean was playing a hunch, though, and it turned out he was right. What mattered what was Jesse believed to be true. Made me think back to Route 666 and Sam’s hunch that the homicidal monster truck wouldn’t follow Dean into the cemetery. Karma, boys.

So, Sam plays his role well and digs into Jesse’s past. Finds out that Jesse was adopted and that his birth records were sealed.

I liked Dean’s confident, “So you unsealed them and…”

They find out that Jesse’s birth mother, Julie, is on the other side of the state and so they head that way. Julie has some fear issues. She has about 27 locks on her door and makes them slide their (fake) badges through the mail slot before opening the door. When Sam leads with the “anything weird during your pregnancy” question, she freaks out and runs away. They give chase, of course, and are halted in surprise when she tosses salt on them, then breathes, “You’re not demons?!”

I don’t know the actress that played Julie (mental note: imbd.com) but she looked really familiar. I almost want to say she was in SPN before as someone/thing else… Her story is a bit unbelievably heartbreaking in the grounding of this universe. She was possessed the entire time she was pregnant and when she gave birth. She remembered the horrible things the demon did to others while inside her. The pain of childbirth was overwhelming and I think that when she said she screamed and it came out as a laugh, I shuddered. That? Is pure evil.

Somehow, though, she managed to swap places with the demon in the course of delivering the baby and she found some salt nearby (which… why a demon chose that particular place to give birth I’m not sure) and inhaled it until the demon was expelled from her body. She wanted to kill the baby, but couldn’t, so she put him up for adoption. There was no father; she’d been a virgin.

Dean tells her that her son is a good kid. I liked that—they didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with, but for Dean? Bottom line was that Jesse was a kid and if he could have kept him that way, he would have.

Knowing they need help, they get a message to Cas (though they don’t tell us how). This is an interesting scene. It’s serious and tense, but there is a moment of humor that I’m not sure is well-placed. Weirdly enough, though… it works. I think it only worked because of who these characters are to each other and what they’ve been through. Not everyone could have pulled off a, “you’ve got to kill this boy,” followed by an elongated fart-noise and a dead-panned, “that wasn’t me.”

Dean’s, “Who put that there?” was suitably uncomfortable. He wanted to laugh, but it was so not the time.

When Sam tries to clarify Cas’ declaration that Jesse is the anti-Christ by saying, “So, Jesse is Satan’s son?” Cas scoffs a bit and says, “Your Bible gets more wrong that it does right.”


Hold up. I take a bit of issue with that line. Not in a self-righteous, you’re stepping on the toes of my belief system way, though it does slide a bit sideways of what I hold to be true. More in a, stay true to yourself, there, Cas, way.

Yes, the Bible was physically written by man. Yes, it is essentially up for interpretation. But it is the word of God. It’s the truth of Cas’ father as best as anyone knows it. And for an angel to separate himself from it like that, to depreciate its importance, didn’t ring very true to me. Especially for one of the only angels who believes that God is not dead and is also looking for Him. Say history has it wrong. Say man has screwed up the interpretation. But don’t say the Bible is wrong.

That’s fanning a flame that doesn’t really need to burn. I can’t even step into the “Cas feels bitter about being alone in the angeldom of this war and is lashing out” mindset. My take? He shouldn’t have said that. Not that way.

His point, though, getting back on track, is that the anti-Christ is “simply” demon spawn (not Satan-spawn) but is extremely powerful. More powerful than the boys have seen before. What he can do—what he is capable of—is not even fully known to the angels. But what Cas does know (and I believe him) is that if Lucifer were to get a hold of Jesse, he would twist that power into a Weapon Of Mass Destruction the likes of which would eliminate the Heavenly Hosts.

Or, as Dean put it, nuke the angels.

Jesse’s powers hide him from angels and demons, though, so he’s been protected until now. With Lucifer up and around, though… it’s only a matter of time.

The boys are reeling a bit from this information. Sam stands up and says, his voice trembling a bit, “We’re the good guys. We don’t just kill children.”

Cas steps forward, getting into his face and replies, “A year ago you would have done whatever it took.”

“Things change.”

Dean’s eyes are darting between Cas and Sam, his body tense, and his jaw tight. It’s a position he’s been in before—peacekeeper. He steps forward and rests a hand on Sam’s chest, putting another hand out toward Cas. He has to pick his words carefully so as not to offend or piss off either party. In this moment, holding this role, it doesn’t matter to Dean what he thinks. It never does for the peacekeeper. What matters is that no one does anything rash and that everyone stays in one piece.

So, he says that they’re not going to kill Jesse (to appease Sam) but that they can’t leave him here (to appease Cas).

Cas argues that kidnapping Jesse is not a viable solution—all the things that are happening in the town are happening while the kid is happy… there’s no way to know what might happen if he were angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Sam says that they’ll tell him the truth. “He might make the right choice.”

Cas leans close and which his angel-deep voice and cold eyes says, “You didn’t. And I can’t take that chance.”

Before anyone can reply, Cas is gone. Dean looks down and Sam swears. It had to be pretty damn hard for Dean to sit back and let Sam be the man he’d fought so hard to be in that moment. To not protect his brother from Cas’ righteous anger. Because whether or not Cas was right in what he said, it still sucked that he said it, and it hurt Sam to hear it. He didn’t need to hear it to know it’s true. Dean didn’t need to hear it to know it’s true. But Cas, apparently, needed to say it.

And Dean had no choice but to let him. Otherwise, everything Sam fought for with the “we’re equals” arguments would have been for nothing.


It’s hard being a grown up. Being human. Simply… being.

Back on the other side of Nebraska, Julie is leaving her house (for some reason) and runs into a delivery man (for some reason) who startles her. She apologizes (for some reason) and before she can run back inside behind her 27 locks, the delivery man reveals that he’s possessed by the demon that rode shotgun inside of Julie way back when and it slips into her once more. This is bad on multiple levels, but the worst is that Dean told Julie where her son was.


Cas must have also found out from the boys where Jesse was and arrives in the middle of the night. Now, I found it a teensy bit odd that Jesse’s parents were asleep, but he was up—fully dressed—in the middle of the night getting water from the kitchen. If I got thirsty in the night, I’d head to the bathroom down the hall. Ah, well.

Cas tries to gentle-tone Jesse into submission, apologizing for what he was about to do. As he lifts the knife, however, the boys burst into the room. Dean, looking wide-eyed and scared, asks if a guy in a trench coat was there. Jesse looks down. And we have Action Figure Angel complete with knife.

Dean puts Toy!Cas up on the mantelpiece and he tries to get Jesse to come with them by telling him that he’s a super hero, that Dean and Sam work for a secret gov’t agency who find special kids like him, and that they’re going to take him to a special place in South Dakota where he’ll train to fight evil. Jesse, warming to this idea, says, “Like the X-men?”

Dean pounces on that, saying that the guy they’re taking him to is in a wheelchair. HEE! Okay, you have to admit. That was super-cute.

This whole time, Sam’s in the background, out of focus, watching, not speaking. It’s not the truth he’d wanted to tell Jesse, but it could also keep Jesse alive, so he is keeping his mouth shut. However, Demon!Julie shows up and changes the playing field. She slams both brothers against the wall, hard, telling Sam to stay quiet. She can’t hurt him. Orders. Hurting Dean, however, is encouraged.

And with that, she proceeds to slam Dean from one wall to the other rather viciously. If he’d been able to utter a sound, it would have been a whimper. The demon gets all buddy-buddy with Jesse, saying that everyone has lied to him, his parents aren’t really his parents, they don’t love him—because they lied to him. There’s a theme to her argument that the world has lied to him but she’s telling him the truth.

Dean tries to break in, but Demon!Julie tightens her fist and you hear cracking and Dean groans in pain. Jesse’s fists tighten and the demon feeds into his obvious anger. Jesse makes the house tremble, the fire in the fireplace spike high and hot, the walls crack. Sam tries to break in and says he will tell him the truth and the demon twists him, but Jesse makes her stop. She is forced to release Sam, but Dean stays pinned, twisted, against the wall.

Sam starts from the beginning. “I’m Sam Winchester and that’s my brother, Dean.” He tells Jesse that the woman in front of him is, in fact, his mother, but the thing he’s talking to is a demon. Jesse’s large, angelic eyes widen as he listens. Demon!Julie starts to break in, but Jesse tells her to sit down and shut up (NICE!) and she does. She has to.

Sam tells Jesse about the war between the angels and the demons, the role he can/might play… he lays it all on the line. Spares no details. He says that Jesse is half demon, but he’s also half human and that he has choices. That if he makes the wrong one, it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

I wanted to put my arm around Sam in this moment. Not hug him or shelter him. Not protect him or hide him away. But offer him a slice of comfort that yeah, it’s hard as hell, and yeah, it’s not going away, but we see you making up for it, we see you fighting the good fight, we see you atoning. And it’s working, man. It is.

Sam tells Jesse that he, “has to believe that someone will make the right choice—even if I couldn’t.”

I liked that Dean heard this, too. Not because I didn’t think he already knew, but because it’s good for him to hear Sam’s pain, to be reminded that this haunts his brother. Just as I think Sam needs to be reminded that Hell haunts Dean. I just think it makes for good character development.

Jesse looks at Demon!Julie and orders, “get out of her,” and the demon exits, spiraling up through the chimney in a column of black smoke. Dean falls to the floor, released from the demons hold, panting, “how’d you do that?”

Jesse’s like, “I just did.”

Dean, gasps, “Kid, you’re awesome,” before his face collapses into a grimace once more. Recovering, he crosses to the mantle and picks up Toy!Cas saying, “Truth is, he’s kind of a buddy of mine. Think you could turn him back?”

Jesse’s all, “He tried to kill me.”

Wisely, Dean lets it go for now. They brothers talk to Jesse, saying that the demons know where he is, that he can’t stay. Jesse wants to take his parents, which, Sam says, he can do and they’ll back his play, but that it’s going to be dangerous for them, too. That John took them everywhere he went and now… well, we know what happened to him.

After thinking for a bit, Jesse says he wants to go say good bye to his parents. He goes into their room, looks at them (and I was waiting for something awful to be there—them dead, or demonic, or something, but they were just sleeping parents who would wake in the morning to a note and no son…), then goes to his room and looks around.

The boys realize he’s been gone for too long and go after him, finding his room empty. Cas suddenly appears behind them and says that Jesse returned everyone (who was still alive) back to normal, then left. They don’t know where he is, and there’s no real way to find him if he doesn’t want to be found. So, we have a nicely set-up plot device. A possible ally if Jesse remains true to his human side, or a potentially terrifying foe if he gives in to his demon side.

I like it. It has potential.

In the car on the road to nowhere, the brothers discuss how they’ve essentially ruined Jesse’s life by telling him the truth. Sam nods sadly as Dean continues to talk softly, light from the road bouncing up in his eyes, the darkness of the car wrapping around them like a friend.

“I’m starting to get why parents lie to their kids […] if it helps them feel safe, I totally support it […] the more I think about it, the more I wish Dad had lied to us…”

Sam agrees and we fade to black.

Dean has talked about keeping Sam innocent. He’s talked about Dad doing the best he could. He’s talked about living the truth and staying safe as opposed to being protected from it and ending up dead (like Adam). It’s such an interesting journey to watch him travel as he slowly comes to grip with himself through the choices his father made and the methods he’s using to cope.

Makes me wonder what this all might be leading him—them—to, this realization. If it will be something they’ll draw from in the fight, or if it will serve them after the fight. When they’re tasked with the hardest battle of all: living their lives.

I’m glad we have a week off (I know, blasphemy!) because it gives us a chance to take a breath before the next round. I heard that episode 5.10 will be the last of this year, before the Holiday Hiatus. So, we’ll have four weeks of Winchester between the 29th right up to the US Thanksgiving. Nice. I’m ready.

How about you?

Thanks for reading—and for understanding about the lateness of this one. Have a great week!


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Oct. 18th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
I actually thought about you during the whole harry palm scene. I was hoping that you weren't watching with the parents since that might be slightly awkward. Kinda like when my brother brought American Pie home and put it on for my dad and I.


Bad memory.

Anywho. I think that was my favorite scene. Because the brothers acted so brotherly. Especially the, "do not use my razor" line. Hilarious.

And I liked the whoopee cushion joke. Because you totally know that Dean planned that for Cas, not realizing how the conversation would turn out. Which is probably why he's standing behind Sam and not sitting with him at the table.

I'm not sure how this kid will come into play in the future but it should be interesting. Speaking of the kid. I wonder why other demons aren't trying to create their very own Antichrists. Maybe they can't. Maybe they have to be older. Go through demonic puberty or something. Whatever.

Overall, I liked the episode. The brothers are back together, acting like brothers. Dean lets Sam be a grown-up. I was so glad he let Cas lay into Sam a little. I'm looking forward to them finding a new sort of balance in their relationship. And I think that it'll help Dean too. Because if this doesn't all end bloody then him seeing his brother as an equal will allow him to see himself as his own person separate from Sammy. Maybe he can go track Brenna down and make babies with her. What, I'm just saying. Before you leave us for good. ; )

Great review! Good luck this week. I'll be thinking of you guys. Keep us updated when you get some spare time.
Oct. 18th, 2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
I actually thought about you during the whole harry palm scene...

BWAH! Okay, that made me laugh. Not something you hear every day. *giggle* I agree, that scene was priceless. Pure brotherly moment.

seeing his brother as an equal will allow him to see himself as his own person separate from Sammy. Maybe he can go track Brenna down and make babies with her. What, I'm just saying...

*laughs again*

I agree about Dean seeing Sam as an equal. If there's to be any "after the hunt" life for them, they are going to have to be on the same level. As for Brenna, that just cracked me up. :) I haven't really thought about bringing her back, but it sure would be nice to see what might happen... *ponders*
Oct. 18th, 2009 11:04 pm (UTC)
I'd like to see more of Jesse. I think he could add something to the current arc.

I loved the whole episode until Cas made that comment about the Bible. I took MAJOR exception to THAT! For your reasons and for mine. My toes still hurt from his statement! They REALLY don't need to go THERE!

And as far as watching consecutive eps? I'm ready to watch a new ep every week for a few years to come. :)
Oct. 18th, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, me too. About Jesse, I mean. I think it's inevitable. They left it wide open for a reappearance, and I think it could be great! :)

And you're right -- that comment was harsh. Makes me wonder what writers are thinking sometimes. Ah, well...

Thank you for reading! :)
Oct. 19th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Am I first? Hot Damn!!! Dances to get to be first-finally!If I'm not then, I'm going back to my regular sense of dejection.

I have to admit I was so happy to see the humor elements in this I didn't take away much more. I was slightly surprised at Cas's comment about the bible but I think he meant it literally--YOUR bible--not the one God wrote and has been interpreted so many ways from zero only God knows (HA I made a joke) what it originally said.

And I'm sorry, I CANNOT let this go. That wasn't Dean's bowie, it was the demon knife. And yes, I had a VERY sexual moment when they flashed it stuck in his belt. I'm not sure what I wanted more. HIM or the frigging knife.

Glad you survived the visit to get to watch the show and enjoy it.

Talk to you later.

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
Re: Review
Ohhh... demon knife. Trust you to notice that. :) Okay, okay, so he was checking the demon knife. Still, it was sexy as hell.

And you may be right -- it may be that Cas meant it literally -- YOUR Bible. But it still hit me wrong.

I think my favorite part, though, was the hairy palm. That had me on the floor. Sure I started out there, but that's totally beside the point...
Oct. 19th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
Damn, I failed again...I'm at least 4th, Just like always.....

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
:P You know where you rank.
Oct. 19th, 2009 12:53 am (UTC)
Hi gaelic-It's meggin
Soooo glad you postponed your viewing till after the 'rents were gone too (LOL) It was not a family friendly show this time. Lots to talk about on this one.
First when Dean does his imitation of the face the guy made 'that froze that way' it reminded me of the same face Jensen had done as a toddler that has been posted in a few YouTube family albums of his youth. I wonder if that is why the writers had him 'recreate' it. If so or if by accident it was adorable and I loved the face massage he does after to make sure it didn't stick.
Now I found the 'hairy palm' scene oddly out side my comfort zone. I'm not sure why it struck me as 'ewww' but I cringed instead of laughed. And here is what I don't get,now don't laugh, (snickers) Jensen the actor is seemingly reluctant to take off his shirt, even in the two, count them only two, love making scenes he's done most of the camera shots are of his wonderful muscular back but rarely of his bare chest. The man is uber protective of his nipples-but-give him a chance to wear a hairy palm appliance and he's all 'OK!' Sooo don't get it, maybe its a guy thing? Two side notes: a) the special effects crew did at least try to match his hair color and b) Dean prefers his left hand-I did love the concern Sam had for Dean's high risk for vision impairment and that Dean use his own razor (LOL) I will speak no more of this.
Cas's comment that our Bible gets things more wrong than right didn't effect me as hard as it did you. I'm sorry it didn't jive with the relationship that you felt an angel of the lord should have with our only physical connection of His Father's Word. But because I did not have a strong religious background ( we never went to church-Dad self schooled us with the bible at home) I came away feeling that the comment was meant to mean humans had misinterpreted and even gone so far as 'edited' the Word so that it was not the 'direct from God's mouth to our ears' book it had been intended to be. All those Apocrypha that had been excluded and the built in inaccuracies that happen when one language is translated into another, he was saying that it was less reliable as gospel than what we'd been lead to believe. And -and this is the big reason-we have to remember that the behavior of the angels and demons are staying true to the Gospel according to Kripke-so we are given permission in this admission that we should suspend our previous beliefs now, because the Bible as we know it is not how it's going to go down, not in this Kripke AU tale. Does that make you feel any better?
When Dean used the buzzer on Sam I freaked too. HunchSmunch-that's your brother you're experimenting on mister not a piece of beef! (ok-beefcake-squee!)
And yes!!! The snarky comments that the brothers were firing back and forth at each other were so good, they were equally snarky at each other not Sam chipping away at Dean for being weak or Dean being 'you'll do as I say' just brothers ragging on each other all healthy like.

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
hi gaelic-its meggin -again
I ran out of space so this is part two:

And your comments about what Sam said to Jesse how it was a true expression of his pain and a reveal of his process of atonement being heard by Dean-forced to be heard because Dean couldn't free himself from the wall to stop them from being said. I thought, hmmmm-Dean really needs to hear this, and this set up is too perfect for him not to hear this-what if, even in the midst of demon intervention a little heavenly hand created the situation to go down like that. or maybe I'm over reaching with the whole God is every where and in everything concept.
But Jesse poses another consideration. While YED was sticking to this thirty year master plan to create 'special' children by tainting them with three drops of demon blood. Some demon went around his back and just impregnated a virgin to create a superdemonic child? Wha's up with that? Is this another back up plan to assist Lucifer when or if he gets free? Julie was preggers long before the breaking of the seal was a done deal right? So did some demon not get the memo or is this another example of several factions of demons out there operating leaderless on their own? OR something else?
LOVed the fart scene, Misha's straight face mono toned 'That was not me" and Dean's mischievous "who put that there?" Did Sam eye-roll or huff even?
Did you get goosebumps when Dean denied his friendship to Cas? I did, it made me think of Peter's denial of Christ-shivers.
And the look on both boys faces in the car as they drove off while having the discussion of rather never having known of this life...it broke my heart. They are getting so overwhelmed by it all.
Oct. 19th, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
Re: hi gaelic-its meggin -again
Hey there! I'm replying to your whole comment here. Also? Did I ever send you a comment back from your ff PM? I had a reply drafted and then my parents got here and I have no idea if I sent it or not. Either way, I wanted to send you light and good vibes as you work your life in a balance around your mom. I know you're doing the best you can and I know she appreciates it. :)

Okay, now, on with the show.

Your comments about the hairy palm scene and Jensen's seemingly natural reticence to show any skin had me smiling. You have a point (and I would love to see as much of Dean as we do of Sam in those, um, scenes...) but I think the hairy palm was a result of Dean being VERY Dean. And yeah, I think finding it funny the way they did is totally a guy thing.

My husband watched this epi with me, and he was laughing two seconds before I was--having caught on that much more quickly. Remember in Season 2, the one with Jo... I'm drawing a blank... when they had to go under the building and she had to slink past him? He kinda half-groans that he shoulda "cleaned the pipes" that morning? Dean, um, taking care of business doesn't surprise me one bit -- and Jensen getting a chance to make it funny (without having to disrobe) seems like an excuse for a good time.

It's always easier to infer than to show, yeah?

Your thought process, re: Cas and the Bible comment did help draw in my claws. I could see it playing out like that -- like, "You humans screwed up my Father's word and got it all wrong." For me, totally fits better in the Cas I know and sits a bit easier on my tenuous faith.

Your questions, though, about what YED had been up to and the demon that possessed Julie were truly thought-provoking. It hadn't even crossed my mind while watching. Okay, lemme think out loud a tad...

So, YED was told by Lucifer that his "mission" (should he choose to accept it) was to find a special child with the right make-up to kill Lilith and therefore bring him out of Hell. One assumes YED had no idea what other demons were up to--nor would he have cared. Because no matter what they were doing, unless he succeeded, it wouldn't matter. If Jesse is "simply" a demon-spawn, it's possible there could be others out there like him, right?

Other demons who possessed a virgin and created a child? I'm not saying there is... but why not? However, these kids wouldn't really matter as much if Lucifer had never been risen, right? Hmmm... it's an interesting thought process to ponder.

I wonder -- since I'm sure we'll see Jesse again -- if the idea that there could be more out there will occur to the brothers...

And the look on both boys faces in the car as they drove off while having the discussion of rather never having known of this life...it broke my heart. They are getting so overwhelmed by it all.

So, so true. *pets them*

Thanks for coming by!! :)
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)
More, more!
Dude. No worries with the lateness of this rambling... even though I was checking every 5 minutes(I'm exaggerating, it was more like 15. J/K lol) but I figure you would post later. :D

I thought the episode was... okay. It was funny some parts, i.e. Dean's hairy palm(still cracks me up), Cass whoopee cushion,etc and the more perplexing and serious parts were interesting. The virgin demon birth, little Jesse's future and destiny at the end were really good but I just felt wanting more. It all felt too fast for me. I don't know if its because I've seen the promo pics and preview but I've always done that and still felt surprised how the episode came out. Not this time. Don't get me wrong. I liked it. I thought it was good but I wanted more! lol

>>It’s quickly revealed that she’s Jimmy’s babysitter and, like any good baby sitter, is being paid to be ‘mean.’ Jimmy’s head wound turns out to be ketchup and he agrees to go to bed if she lets him touch her boobs.
-LOL. I've been a baby-sitter. To my niece and nephew mostly while growing up but I've baby-sat for other kids. They have been mostly girls lol. I baby-sat my next door neighbor daughter and her friend's two kids. A young boy and his older sister. The older sister thought I was cool according to my neighbor( hehee.) but the younger brother was luckily too young to start noticing a certain part of the female anatomy. But I still laughed and rolled my eyes at that part of the permission asking grope. Kids. :D

I also thought it was gross that Dean started eating that "cajan" ham. I mean it was burnt to a crisp on the outside, I imagined that it was over-cooked or something on the inside but it was so Dean! Love him! And of course, eating ham sandwiches, ew but kudos to Dean for not letting food go to waste. lol

I felt bad for Sam in this ep. I knew this would be a little more personal to him. And Jesse. Oh my lord. Sam has some serious puppy-dog eyes competition going there. Seriously I just wanna hug them both. *huggles*

>>When Sam tries to clarify Cas’ declaration that Jesse is the anti-Christ by saying, “So, Jesse is Satan’s son?” Cas scoffs a bit and says, “Your Bible gets more wrong that it does right.”

- You know, I figured that some people would take offense of that statement. I remember thinking when Cass said that, "Ooh. That's not gonna sit well for some." I didn't take offense. I mean, I learned to not take things personally about anything that was said about my religion or the religion I used to followed especially in this show since I think Kripke himself said that they're mixing things here and there for the show, story-wise. I got into the same thing with another forum member at SN.tv(Looooong story) about the fact that Dean taking Cass to a brothel to lose his virginity She went on how that Kripke has no right to do this, twisting things around for purpose of entertainment and to laugh(Genesis Chapter 6. The Order Of the Nephilim.), etc and that she was christian. I understand all that. I respect whatever you believe in. Who am I to judge? I'm a spiritual person. I don't believe in any religion but I had faith in that there is something out there watching over us or whatever but... lighten up. lol. Kripke is not purposely making fun of those who believe. I mean, I bet he did the same thing to some of the pegan Gods and myths from the past seasons. He's trying to tell a story in his way and I'm very sure that he knows that some of the things that has been said and done on the show this season could no doubt offend some people and it took a lot of balls to still go there and tell his story. The point is that YOU know that that the statement or certain scene wasn't true and you feel secure in your belief and move on.

*Takes a breath* Okay. I'm done. lol Get all worked up over religion and faith. Exciting stuff, ain't it? :D lol *laughs*... okay, I'm gonna.. go and be a huge dork over here, now. *walks away to a empty corner.*


p.s. Julie's virgin possession birth thing confused me. I wish they could've explained that a little more better.
Oct. 20th, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)
Re: More, more!
Hey there, Crash! :)

I like how you think -- you always manage to surprise me and have me sit back with a "huh..."

Okay, so first, let me make sure I say that my comments about Cas' line weren't meant to be me soapboxing about being a Christian. You are most defintely right--this is Kripke's universe and he can create any truth's he sees fit, if he thinks people will buy it. I think it's interestingly brave of him to tackle such a topic -- I mean, there's a reason they say not to discuss religion or politics in mixed company.

Both subjects are intensly personal, it seems.

My exception to the line was that it felt like it ran sideways of how stridently Cas had spoken up to now -- I'm not sure which hit me harder, the word "YOUR" or the word "WRONG." Perhaps it was the combination of the two.

Not sure. I do know, though, that commenters here have given me a lot to think about and a different perspective to consider and I find that awesome. :)

So, no corner lurking, and you're not a dork. You spoke from your heart, passionately, and I appreciate that.

I agree with you, too -- it did feel short! They always feel short to me. I'm greedy when it comes to our boys.

Oh, about Julie's virgin birth -- that caught me, too. Because Christ was born from a virgin, so having a demon born from a virgin would, indeed, indicate it was the anti-Christ... but then, I was with Sam in thinking that meant it would be the son of Satan, since Christ is the son of God. So, it was a little disconcerting to find out that --while insanely powerful-- the anti-Christ was "just" demon-spawn. Rather LITERAL demon spawn and not "blood-dripping-in-mouth" demon spawn.

Felt like there should be more to it, if a virgin had to go through all that... BUT! Like you said, it's Kripke's sandbox and we're all just playing with the Tonka toys.

See you after the break! :)
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
Hey .. finally getting to this LOL

I have issues with the bible because of the whole "Chinese Whispers" ascpect it carries because it was written by man so I kinda laughed at that part from my own personal stand point and now that you brought this up though I have to wonder ... with the way Kripke has told the story so far? In the "SPN" universe I think it kind of makes sense that an angel might not hold so much faith in the words of the bible considering what most of them think of Humans ... speaking in a strictly the "Supernatural" sense kind of way ... and yeah that was just me rambling to myself so you can ignore that tiny ramble if you want lol

What I did wanna say in response to this review is ...

1. Glad to finally be able to read it :)
2. Ditto on the Sam stuff (the whole redemption thing)
3. Glad you picked up the Yuck factor of Dean and the ham he roasted with a supernaturally inhanced "toy" LOL
4.And I think I am too looking forward to having a breather this week ... you arent alone in your blasphemy LOL

*hugs* Always a joy to read your thoughts!

Word, Riggs
Oct. 20th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sometimes when I read parts of the Bible I wonder how it works--seems like it's just a big game of telephone. God spoke to the scribe, the scribe wrote it down in Hebrew, monks translated it from Hebrew, and then there's the NIV version, the King James version, the whatever-else-version, and then after that you have your own filter when you read it, or the filter of your pastor or minister or friend when they read it...

I suppose, that's where the element of faith comes in. Still. Makes me question a lot of things.

And, I get what you're saying -- about an angel not having faith in a document like that. In retrospect, and after being given food for thought, I could see where Cas might have been coming from. It's just that he tossed that statement off with such disdain... it really caught me sideways.

Good to know I'm not alone in my blasphemy. :) TTYL.
Oct. 19th, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
In regards to the Bible line, the INTERESTING part is where it says "Your Bible" What Bible do the angels have? Lets face it, there are 18 gazillion translations and versions of the Bible out there, and yeah, over time things have been lost. There are scriptures that reference books of prophets we don't have a record of any more. It doesn't bother me to think that "Our Bible" might have lost something in a few thousand years of translations. However, I wish he hadn't used the words WRONG. It's not wrong. It's a harsh word that doesn't fit. I would prefer incomplete. If there were an angel version of the Bible, I wonder what it would say?

I would also like to see an alternate Dean goes blind version of the story. If anyone feels up to writing it!
Oct. 20th, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
Oooo! That IS interesting! I never thought of that -- what if the angels have a Bible?? I was just saying above that "our" Bible sometimes feels a bit like a game of telephone between translation and interpretation... if there is another book of God's word out there, how awesome would THAT be??

And YAY! Dean goes blind! Hmm... maybe a one-shot... *ponders*
(no subject) - primrose_1 - Oct. 20th, 2009 06:53 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 19th, 2009 09:34 am (UTC)
This was a great episode, a step up from last week’s.
The actor who played Jesse was really good, he looked all sweet and innocent, but at the same time you knew that he could be very dangerous...
All the urban legends were funny, and well executed, and the twist with it being true because Jesse believed it was true, reminded me a little of Hell House from season one.
Sam (I think) makes some comment about things being out there because we believe in them…

The Cas action figure was to die for! I’m just saying :)

I hope they bring Jesse back, and even though it was rough on him, I’m glad that Sam decided to tell him the truth. I think that you are right about he being a great ally or terrifying enemy, and I’m willing to watch both :)
Oct. 20th, 2009 01:39 pm (UTC)
You are so asking Santa for a Toy!Cas for Christmas, aren't you? *grin*

I have this "back of my mind" memory about a line in a movie (or TV show) about things being true simply because we believe that they are... I wish I could remember where that came from because it feels really profound. I might do some digging.

And I am willing to bet my next cuppa joe that we'll see Jesse again. That was too awesome of a set up for them to just let him go.

See you soon!!
(no subject) - simplycolourful - Oct. 20th, 2009 03:26 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 19th, 2009 12:39 pm (UTC)

First let me just say that I love your Stream of Conscience Reviews whether they come the morning after an episode or not. I always look forward to your insight into the show.

I think you and your flist have covered most of the highpoints, but I do have one question about the knife that Castiel was using when he tried to kill Jesse...

Now I haven't gone back to check the tape so I could be wrong, but as I was watching I seem to remember seeing the knife Cas had, noticing the wicked angle of the tip and the etching on the blade and thinking that it was the Demon killing blade. At the time I didn't really stop to think about how he had obtained the knife.

However, Thruterryseyes mentioned that Dean had the Demon killing blade when he and Sam were at Jesse's house earlier in the episode. So now I'm left to wonder how Cas got the knife, or if he had a different blade that just happens to look similar to the Demon killing blade with which we're familiar?

I know its not that important, but I guess I'm just curious.

Oct. 20th, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
So, I sent your question to Terry and she said she'd do some digging and look at screen shots because she SWEARS Dean had the demon knife on him when they went to confront Jesse (even though they didn't know it was Jesse, but, you know...)

You have opened up a bit of an enigma for me -- is there more than one Knife That Can Kill Any Demon? OR! Is Cas just a super-stealthy angel-pick-pocket the likes of which would make Dickens proud?

Because Dean had the knife when he met Jesse, so it stands to reason that it was on him when they confronted Cas in the kitchenette. Then the next thing you know, Cas has a knife that looks A LOT like the Demon Killing Knife...

Did he snake it? What's the scoop? :)

So, if Terry comes back with anything, I'll be sure to pass it on.

Thanks for reading.
(no subject) - sparky_joe - Oct. 20th, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC) - Expand
Knives in IBTCAOF - thruterryseyes - Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:23 am (UTC) - Expand
Re: Knives in IBTCAOF - sparky_joe - Oct. 23rd, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
LOVED your ramble, Gaelic! I have been feeling the need to say little of late, but perhaps in the next week or so, if the desire to comment more returns, I will come here first as there were a number of things you said that had my fingers itching. I will just say that I went back to basics in watching this one, and for me that meant, I only had eyes for Dean/Jensen. I have had to do this two other times in the course of this series, in order to continue watching it live, and ya know what? It works like a charm for me every time. The love has returned. Again, and as always, love reading your words.
Oct. 20th, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
I've been thinking about you -- I'm pleased to see you each week, but have noticed you're less exhuberant than usual. I wasn't sure if that was a product of RL, the show, or the ramble.

I know what you mean about keeping your eyes on Dean. Watching him can pull you through just about any sticky situation or tangled plot.

Thank you for coming back and for letting me know you're here. :) Means a lot.

Hang in there!

Oct. 19th, 2009 04:08 pm (UTC)
Hey there!

Whew! What a weekend! Crazy like usual.

Well, great review and I promise I'll comment more later, but after watching Julie OD on salt to exocise her demon, a question's been nagging at me all weekend re: demons and salt. Remember Ruby and her penchant for (salty) french fries? How can she eat them if demons are not particularly fond of salt? Is the quantity of salt? Or she just orders them sodium-free?

Sorry, random, I know.
Oct. 20th, 2009 03:12 pm (UTC)
Okay, this is So. Funny.

Because when I was writing the ramble and thought, "Why would a demon deliver its spawn in a place that has a burlap bag of salt nearby?" I started to think about salt and how she managed to... exorcise herself... and then I thought about Sam's quip in Season 1 about "low sodium freaks" when he couldn't find salt... and then I thought about how my mom was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and how she has to adjust her salt intake... and then I thought, "I wonder if someone with high-sodium in there blood would be less prone to possible possession?"

And then I laughed at myself and continued writing, but look! You thought roughly the same thing!!

So, turns out, I'm not alone in my randomness.

Sweet. :)
(no subject) - tuya_moon - Oct. 20th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - sparky_joe - Oct. 21st, 2009 09:38 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 19th, 2009 07:09 pm (UTC)
awww :)
This season is doing something seriously weird to my senses of good and evil....
For one, I kinda felt sorry for Lucifer when he took his vessel, which to all intents and purposes is just wrong..but still...
And this one, the so called "Anti-Christ" kid...come on I've seen Omen and Rosemary's Baby, those kids are creepy....but this one, he melted my heart. I think it was his eyes...I really loved his eyes..they even teared up when Sam told him the truth and about his choices...very nicely acted.
And ofc...being known for a bit of a smartass myself, I kinda love it when there are others like me..heh :D this one had an answer for almost everything :D LOVED it!

Btw is it just me, or is Dean seeming to go through some kind of softening? Like returning to more of his innocent S1 approach to life in general?
His grin when he found the whoppe cusion...I swear for a second he looks about 12...:D:D
the sheepish expression when he shows his palm...and the "I got bored....and the nurse was hot" hihihi
plus the lighting in this episode really worked for him...after he lays out his theory about the "children lies coming true" all of him were sort of dark...but his eyes killed me...like he was mourning the loss of innocense or something...huh maybe I'm reading too much into things again...its happened before :P

Really like Sam coming down (so to speak) to Jesse's level, telling him the whole truth, but making it simple and not fancy or sarcastic...and his eyes begging for understanding "just because I couldn't, I need to believe someone else can"

Am loving the season so far :D really really good stuff coming our way.

thanks for the ramble :)

Oct. 20th, 2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
Re: awww :)
Hi there!! I haven't seen you in awhile -- thanks for coming by!

I'm so with you on the fact that Jesse's innocent appearance threw me off the "anti-christ" scent. But that seems to be the theme with evil in this show. Even the devil himself is portrayed as gentle and misunderstood.

Btw is it just me, or is Dean seeming to go through some kind of softening? Like returning to more of his innocent S1 approach to life in general?

I see this, too. But if you think about all this character has been through, it makes sense. He started out (in the series) as a hell-bent-for-leather hunter, then he lost his general, and then he lost his purpose, and then he lost his soul and he suffered more than anyone has suffered, and instead of his torture being over when he was pulled from Hell, it just switched and he lost his brother in a completely different way and to get him back had to make some internal adjustments and now... well, now he's not a protector or a guardian or the family provider or the savior of them all.

He's just... Dean. Hunter, brother, survivor.

And that's humbling and uplifting all at once. I like this Dean. This other-side-of-Hell Dean.

Thank you for reading.
Oct. 19th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
Loved your review - as always. You always highlight it perfectly and your input is so valuable and really adds to the episodes. Don't have much to add. I found the kid to be kind of creepy in the beginning. He was kind of a cute kid but he gave me the chills at first.

Well, gotta go back to working on my paramedic resume. Later!
Oct. 20th, 2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
So, on your resume, are you putting, "Willing to move to Lawrence, KS"?


Just kidding you.

I think he gave us the chills at first because we had no idea what to expect... and he was almost TOO angelic-looking. We've been conditioned to expect the worst when we see the innocent...

See you next week -- thanks for reading!
(no subject) - kumaproogey - Oct. 20th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
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