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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 5.08

Oh, my. That was all kinds of awesome.


This show is so unique. Other shows have flashback episode that recap the season. Or they have “main character is near-death or dying” episodes where they remember special moments. Or they have some other kind of gimmicky filler that takes away from the plotline... We don’t have anything like that. Instead, we get a very serious theme—Brother v Brother—told through some of the most hilarious moments I have seen on TV in a long, long while.

They actually managed to continue the story arch of Armageddon without cramming dark, dense apocalyptic overtones down our throats. That takes some planning, some clever writing, some deft performances, and some faith in the fans. And while I enjoy the action/angst whiplash of the heavy arch-driven episodes as much as the next guy, this was pretty damn entertaining.

The daunting concern presented at the end of this episode is one that I—and I know a great many others—have worried about since John whispered The Secret to Dean. It’s not a new theme, either. Cain and Abel. Civil Wars. I mean, even Harry Potter’s neither can live while the other survives had the same connotation. To end this conflict, Sam and Dean must battle each other—only this time to the death.

*heart clenches*

I don’t believe that will happen. I won’t. I have faith that they will find a way out of it when all is said and done. But I think we’re going to be wrenched to hell and back, pun intended, before it’s over.

The THEN ended with an ominous, “Dean’s your weakness, Sam. And he’s gonna be the death of you.” I should have realized with that little reminder that this episode would steal my breath before the end, but they fooled me.

They distracted me with shiny, sparkly things like Dean’s smile and Sam’s dimples and I got swept away.

The Ramble

First, can I just say how much I loved that it was mainly just the brothers in this one? Sure the Trickster and Cas were there, but it was Sam and Dean for the majority of the episode and that was… nice.

We open with a Happy Days/Laverne & Shirley/Threes Company-like feel. We even have Dean’s voice saying that “Supernatural was filmed before a live studio audience.” Laugh track. Garish colors. Overt, too-big actions and facial expressions. Even a Shaggy-sized sandwich with a repeated, cheesy joke of “I’m gonna need a bigger mouth…” “You’re gonna need a bigger mouth…”

I was laughing, but wasn’t yet sure why—because the boys were playing it so big. Were they brain-washed? Dreaming? Under a spell? WTH?? Sam’s, “Have you done your research yet?” was answered when a shapely brunette emerges from a bedroom saying that she and Dean were doing all kinds of research. Dean faces the camera with an overly-chagrined, “Son of a bitch!”

The only thing missing was a wide sweep of his arm with a shucks finger-snap.

AND THEN! They open with the funniest freakin’ title sequence I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t catch all the words of the song, but the backing into each other with their flashlights out and then turning and laughing, and Sam opening a dresser to see a sheet-covered “ghost” then closing it an putting his back to it, Dean smearing grease on his forehead and them laughing—oh! Oh! The dual straight-body collapse on the make-shift football field!! That was priceless! AND! AND! They rode a tandem bike with the L&S feet out to the side move!

*has to pause to swipe away laughter tears*

I have to see it again. I don’t usually re-watch during the season (don’t ask me why… I’d probably just say ‘no time’) but I HAVE TO SEE THAT AGAIN. I do remember the sequence ended with the lyrics, “…together we’ll face the day.”

*massages face that’s sore from grinning*

On one of the rare forum/board thingies I visit on sn.tv, one of the posters said she was reading the Season 3 companion book and in it, Sera Gamble said that because of the strike they went all out with the craziest episodes they could think of to create since the rug could be pulled out from under them at any time. One of them was a “what if Sam and Dean ended up in different TV shows.” Ah, writers. How I enjoy the imagination.

So, we get to backtrack two days to see how the hell our rugged, blue-collar heroes became set pieces on a bad version of Happy Days. The screen says Wellington, OH, but I have a ‘huh?’ moment about that location. I’ll get to that, though.

Dean, in a tie and looking all-together chewable, is sitting on the edge of a motel bed watching a show where a doctor in a lab coat and one in blue scrubs get into an elevator. Moody, emo music starts and suddenly the docs are totally getting it on, complete with gasps and grunts and groping. Sam’s all, what the hell are you watching.

Dr. Sexy, MD.


I haven’t ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, but I know enough from those who do to immediately recognize it. Dean’s enthralled and tries to casually explain the show to Sam. Sam walks past him saying, “When did you hit menopause?” *guffaw!* They head out to the police station and talk to the head police guy, explaining that the FBI are there because one of their residents had their head torn off.

GORE! Well… described gore, but still. What a way to go. I’ll come back to that in a bit, too.

Head police guy says that Mr. Randolph was killed by a bear. That the Randolph’s live in the ‘high country’ and a bear attack wouldn’t be unusual. *frowns* Bears? High country? In OHIO?? I grew up in Indiana. Ohio isn’t much different. Even near the river. Lawrence has buildings higher than the land elevation there. So… yeah. That’s my ‘huh?’ moment. Moving on.

The guys interview Kathy Randolph who confesses that there’s no way she could have seen what she thought she saw. They convince her to fess up. Okay, so having not been spoiled, but also having been totally thrown off by the beginning, I’m waiting for her to say, y’know, werewolf…. Maybe Wolverine? She said she saw the Incredible Hulk kill her hubs. And not the Bana or Norton versions either (those movies were terrible, she says, and I have to agree). We’re talking old-school Lou Ferrigno Hulk.

The boys have to visibly and audibly swallow their obvious natural reaction of “HA!” Dean manages to choke out a sensible question… in light of the situation, at least, asking if there was any reason Lou Ferrigno would have a grudge against her husband. Kathy Randolph looks at them like they’re crazy.

Like they’re crazy. That’s rich.

Back at the motel (which, by the way, is a slightly faded version of the room in the opening TV show), Dean’s… researching… (I know, right?). Sam comes in saying he was at the Randolph’s house and there’s a hulk-sized hole where the front door used to be. Dean says that he pulled up some intel on Randolph, and he’s not exactly a nice guy. Basically, “you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”

Sam reveals that he found candy wrappers at the house and they quickly put together that they’re dealing with the Trickster. Sweet tooth, large, impossible scenarios, toying with the victim first all adds up to Trickster. Now, that got me thinking. He’s killed before, this Trickster. The professor in Tall Tales, for one. And Dean, though I’m not sure he actually counts since he was only mostly dead. *wink*

But… based on what we learn of the Trickster... having this man killed by getting his head ripped off… wow.

Once they figure out who/what they’re dealing with, Dean’s pacing, jacked up on the instant energy that courses through him at the thought of being able to ‘gank’ this guy. He’s wanted to do it since the Mystery Spot. And who could blame him, really? But Sam… Sam isn’t so sure. He thinks they should talk to him. See if he’ll help them, because maybe he doesn’t want the party to end.

Dean doesn’t like it—thinks talking to a monster is eight kinds of crazy. But… he goes along with it. In a scene I thought interestingly filmed, the guys are hanging out in the motel room, listening to a police dispatch walkie-talkie. It’s shot from the outside, through the window so that the gauzy, white curtains float into the frame and give the brothers an almost too-far-away-to-reach appearance. I actually found myself squinting my eyes to get a better look.

They hear over the radio that there’s a 187 at a paper mill and head out. Only, when they get there, there are no cop cars, no people, nothing. RED FLAG! They grab their wooden spikes (and what almost looked like a crossbow?? Anyone??) and head through the door of the abandoned paper mill, emerging on the other side garbed in white lab coats and standing in the hallway of a hospital—sans weapons.

But complete with moody, emo music.

A dark-haired woman in blue scrubs walks up to them and slaps Sam, hard, across the face.

“Seriously?! You’re a brilliant coward…” (I’m guessing this dialog is typical of Grey’s…)

The shocked look on Sam’s face… the confused I can’t be seeing what I think I’m seeing expression on Dean’s… *BWAH!*

“That was Dr. Ellen Piccalo, sexy, yet earnest doctor at…” Dean gestures to a sign on the wall, “Seattle Mercy Hospital!!”

Oh, Grey’s… and you thought your ratings would squash us… little did you know that we would toy with you like a child’s yo-yo… *insert maniacal laughter*

Dean: Dude, what the hell?

Sam: I don’t know.

Dean: No, seriously, what the hell?

Sam: I don’t know.

Dean: One theory, any theory!

Sam surmises that the Trickster trapped them in TVLand. Pretty good theory. Dean is going into I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing overdrive as he identifies the different doctor’s from Dr. Sexy, M.D. Including, if you can believe it, Johnny Drake (Denny anyone?)… a ghost that’s only real for one doctor. *dies* Oh, JDM, your reach is far and your characters are with us in spirit (pun intended).

Sam’s like, this show has ghosts?! Dean argues that it’s compelling and then goes totally, full-on, gushing fan-boy when Dr. Sexy himself walks down the hall toward them. “It’s him. It’s Dr. Sexy.” Oh my God. *ruffles his hair affectionately* He was completely adorable. The way he tried to wipe off his automatic grin and had to look away and me wanting to pinch his cheek or something.

There’s a funny exchange of, “Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,” greetings. Like something out of SNL. I was waiting for Steve Martin to come around the corner. Dr. Sexy wants to know why Dean went against his orders and authorized the face transplant (BWAH!). Dean still can’t look at directly at him and then notices that Dr. Sexy is wearing tennis shoes. He grabs the good doctor by the lapels and slams him against the wall saying that one of the things that made Dr. Sexy so sexy is that he wears cowboy boots not tennis shoes.

Sam: “Yeah, you’re not a fan.”

Dean: “It’s a guilty pleasure!”

Gaelic: *laughing into her pillow*

The set (and all the people) freezes and Dr. Sexy morphs into that face we all know and love of the Trickster. Seriously, I love this actor. He’s just fantastic. If you haven’t seen Band of Brothers (and you can handle war movies), I highly recommend you check it out and watch for him. His character is one of the best. ANYWAY! The Trickster removes Dean’s arm (and the grimace on Dean’s face is wince-inducing). Sam’s all, “that was you on the walkie-talkie… you tricked us.”

With an lift of his brow, the Trickster replies, “Hello… Trickster.” HA!

Dean wants to know how to get out, but Sam takes advantage of the moment to ask to talk to him.

Trickster: “You two muttonheads broke the world and you want me to sweep up your mess.” Basically, he tells Sam that if they survive the next 24 hours of the game that they’re apparently already playing, then maybe they’ll talk. And poof, he (and Dr. Sexy) is gone.

Dean gives Sam shit about wanting to talk to monsters and says they’re getting out of there. Dr. Slap-Happy Piccalo confronts Sam and he jerks back with a, “Lady, what the hell?” She tells him that he’s the finest Cerebral Vascular Neurosurgeon she’s ever known. Dude. You’d have to go to school for like… 27 years for that handle, wouldn’t you? Dean’s eye roll probably sprained his optic nerve. Hilarious!

Sam tells her he’s not a doctor and after she gets dramatic for a bit longer, they walk away and are next confronted by a distraught looking man who tells Dean that his wife really needs that face transplant. Dean barks at him that none of this is real and they walk away.

BAM! Distraught Man pulls out a gun and shoots Dean. In. The. Back. Dean goes to his knees, reaching a hand for Sam and gasping, “it’s real… it’s real…”

Sam does his, “No. Nononononono…” before he yells for a doctor. Which… turns out… he is after all. Dean is awake while they operate. The emo music is turned up to eleven as the nurses try to hand Sam surgical instruments and Dean lays face-down, his head in a donut-shaped support, gasping. Sam leans down and whispers, “I don’t know how to use any of this crap.”

Dean’s like figure it out! So, Sam takes a breath, and says, “I need a penknife, some dental floss, a sewing needle, and a fifth of whiskey.” NICE! I loved it. That’s the kind of field medicine we all imagine they’d know to use. And, well, we’ve seen them sew each other up on a few occasions. It was clever. And Dr. Slap-Happy Piccalo is watching with teary-eyed pride from the observation room while Sam sews up his brother’s back. Good thing they were in a TV show and didn’t have to worry about, y’know, spinal injury.

Next thing you know, they’re in a Japanese Game Show. Just like that. They’re standing in what looks like ski boots, legs spread, awkward as hell. A game show host is speaking Japanese and directs a question at Sam (translated in subtitles…): “What was the name of the demon you chose over your own brother?”

The brothers somewhat desperately regard each other, arms spread, faces almost comically tense.

Sam: What am I supposed to say?

Dean: You think I know??

So, they don’t get to automatically understand Japanese. This is a problem. Especially when Sam misses answering the question in the time allotted. BAM! A large ball on a stick swings up and cracks him in the family jewels. Sam doubles over as much as his restraints allow and gasps for air. Dean calls to him, unsure how to comfort, ‘cause, yeah. I’ve heard that’s a special kind of pain right there. The show host goes off to the side to do a commercial (apparently that happens in Japanese Game Shows?!) and suddenly Cas shows up, looking worried and sweaty and more than a little panicky.

He’s like, “What are you doing here?! You’ve been missing for days!”

Before the boys can do much more than gape at him, Japanese Game Show man… digitizes him. Zap, he’s gone. And then it’s Dean’s question: “Would your Mother and Father still be alive if your brother was never born?” *ouch!*

Dean: What do I do? What do I do?! I don’t want to get hit in the nuts!

His panic shouldn’t be funny, but the look on his face… *bites inside of cheek*

Sam does some quick thinking and realizes that back at Seattle Mercy, he was playing a doctor, so he… played a doctor and they got out. He tells Dean to answer the question… in Japanese. Which, Dean does—though he doesn’t know how he does.

He says that the answer is yes. Now, I don’t know if we’re to believe that he 1) knew the question and 2) knew what he said as an answer or not. There’s not enough time to assimilate that. And it doesn’t seem like Sam understood anything. The way Dean tensed immediately after he said it, ready to be hit (and that expression… I need a screencap!) makes be believe he just said something… but it turns out he was right.

Wrap your mind around that one for a sec. We learn a lot of heavy destiny stuff later in the episode, so the Trickster tricked Dean into saying that he believed Mary and John would be alive if Sam had never been born… for what reason? To validate his own belief of how it all has to end? To keep in his back pocket as fodder to fuel a war between the brothers? That was a pretty heavy question to have been asked and answered when we don’t know if Dean even knew what he was saying.

But, now they know how to play the game. We shift to a commercial for “Herpexia”… oh, poor, poor Sammy and the STDs. And what was up with that crotch shot with the Yoga woman?? Anyway, next thing you know, we’re back on the pseudo Happy Days set. Sam’s showing Hot Chick out and the brothers grin tensely at each other, wondering aloud how long they’re going to have to do this.

“We could die here.”

(laugh track)

“How is that funny?”

(laugh track)

Cas shows up again, this time looking a helluva lot worse—cut up, bloody, haggard. He tells them he doesn’t have much time, and that the Trickster is too powerful… before he can say much more, duct tape appears on his mouth, the Tickster shows up, and Cas is once again digitized out of the scene.

Dean’s instantly worried. His voice tight, he demands to know where the Trickster sent Cas. The Trickster is very blasé about it and Dean hits his wall. Says they’re done dancing. They get it. They have to play their roles. But the Trickster wants them to take it one step further – to play their roles out there. Sam = Lucifer, Dean = Michael. Celebrity death match. Sam is shocked that he wants them to say yes.

Dean asks him whose side he’s on.

Trickster: “You listen to me, you arrogant dick. I don’t work for either of those SOBs.”

Dean: “Oh, you’re somebody’s bitch.” I love it when he gets tough like that. His eyes go flat—which is so noticeable in someone whose eyes normally convey so much—and his face kind of smoothes out and his lips bounce in an almost-snarl. He looks bad-ass.

The Trickster grabs Dean and slams him hard against the door. Hard enough that Dean’s breath kind of stutters out of him and his mouth twitches with that holy crap that hurt but I’m not giving him the satisfaction and I don’t really have enough air to cry out anyway motion. It’s actually very sexy, that almost-but-not-quite unconscious from pain (or loss of air) expression. Dean still pressed against the door, the Trickster looks between the two of them and says that they have to suck it up and play the roles destiny gave them or stay in TV Land.

And suddenly… wooded area, body, crime scene, flashing lights, it’s dark, and they’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

Dean’s revulsion at being shoved into a procedural cop show is endearing. He is incensed. Sam, though, notices that the M.E. is going to town on a red lollipop and marks him as the Trickster. He tells Dean to follow his lead.

They slip their glasses on, turning in unison. Who-esque music cues up and they cross to the body. Awesome! The M.E. describes the wounds—belly wound and a roll of quarters down the throat. Dean leans down and sees a wooden stake (though, I thought I remembered Bobby saying it had to be a certain kind of wood… not that it matters). Hilarity momentarily ensues.

Sam slides the shades off and his face is the epitome of Serious Over-Actor Playing Serious Cop as he says, “Well, I say (timely pause)… jackpot.”

Dean grabs the stake, picking up Sam’s rhythm. “Well, I say… no guts, no glory.”

Lollipop M.E. is chuckling. Still with the one-liners, Dean stands and stabs the M.E. in the heart. He gasps and dies and behind Dean another cop morphs into the Trickster saying, “You got the wrong guy!”

Dean coolly pulls off a nice Caruso-does-Shatner with his, “Did we?”

Sam stabs the Trickster through the heart from the back (which, ironic that it’s Sam who delivers what they believe to be the killing blow since he argued against killing him in the first place) and he falls, dies, and the surroundings return to normal. Or so we think. Back at the “Day-Z Motel,” Dean is brushing his teeth and saying that he’s worried about Cas and wants to know what that SOB did to him… only Sam’s not in the room. Slight aside? I really like how worried Dean is about Cas. Helps cement that the angel is more than just an ally. He’s an ally and a friend.

Dean exits the motel room, calling Sam on his cell as he gets into the Impala. He leaves Sam a voicemail saying, “Sam! It’s me. Where the hell did you go?” Can I just say that the way Dean barks his brother’s name when he’s worried totally curls my toes? I’ve probably said this like every other ramble, but seriously, that rough clip at the end of the word as if he doesn’t even really need all three letters is just perfect.

Suddenly, Sam’s voice echoes around Dean… but there’s no one in the car. This? Was the best one. The others were funny, yes, but this? OMG. I really should have paused and savored, but I didn’t want to stop the awesomeness. Sam was the Impala. Ala KITT. Complete with expanding and contracting digital voice bars on the dash. “I don’t think we killed the Trickster.”

Then?? We get the Knight Rider theme with the quick camera shots of the Impala—just like with KITT—and the wha-wha swoop of the red light inside the grill. I hadn’t laughed with honest-to-God-delight like that in a long, loooong time. The hubs even laughed—but, I kinda think he was laughing more at my enjoyment than anything else.

So, true to Knight Rider form, Dean works out the problems in a man-on-car conversation with Sam. Reviewing what they know of the events, the come to the conclusion that maybe the Trickster’s not a Trickster… and Dean thinks he knows what they’re dealing with. They pull over… somewhere… and Dean’s getting something out of the trunk.

Sam’s Voice: Dean… that, uh, feels really uncomfortable. (BWAH!)

Dean looks to the sky and hollers “UNCLE! We’ll do it!”


Sam: Should I honk? (BWAH! Again!)

The “Trickster” shows up, but Dean says that nobody’s going anywhere until Sam has opposable thumbs. *grins* Atta boy, big brother. Sam climbs out of the car, looking exceedingly grateful to be standing on two feet, and they tell the Trickster that they think he’s an angel. He’s all, whatever. Dean drops his Zippo on the ground and lights a Ring Of Special Fire around the Trickster.

“Maybe you’ve always been an angel…you just jump out of the holy fire and we’ll call it our mistake.”

NICE! Annnnd, they’re back to “real” normal. Like, abandoned paper mill in Ohio normal. And this is where the heavy comes down on us.

Trickster: Where’d you get the holy oil?

Dean: You might say we pulled it out of Sam’s ass.

HA! And Sam’s little grimace just iced that line. Dean reveals how they figured out the Trickster’s true identity by saying it was the way he talked about Armageddon. “Nobody gets that angry unless they’re talking about their own family.”

Ain’t that the truth… no one pushes your buttons like family. No one tears you apart or puts you back together like family. No one can break your heart into a million little pieces and select the two pieces that would make it work right again and throw them out before helping you heal like family. No one holds on as tightly and no one releases as reluctantly as family.

Sam demands to know which angel the Trickster is, bitterness sliding through his voice. It’s sad, actually. When he’d first found out that Dean had been saved by angels, he was so smitten with wonder and hope… but a year and a half (and some pain and loss and end-of-the-world crap) later, he’s mocking the angels with a curl of his lip and a snide joke more worthy of Dean. Made my heart hurt for him a bit.

Turns out the Trickster is none other than Gabriel. WOW. I have to say I did NOT see that coming. He turned himself into a trickster as his own little angel witness protection program. God didn’t say a thing, apparently. Of course not. God only asks that we follow Him. That we obey Him. That we believe in Him. We have to choose to do it of our own free will or it means nothing.

However, I kinda thought that free will was limited to humans—or, more specifically, non-angels. So, if Gabriel ran off and went pagan, he’s essentially fallen, right? I wonder how he kept his powers. And I wonder how he’s going to come back from this because he used those powers to kill people. Perhaps he felt it was teaching them a lesson, who knows. But still, he murdered. Violently. And not in the name of God.

That’s heavy.

Gabriel says he left because he loved his family—he loved his father—and he couldn’t bear to watch them tear at each other anymore. He wants Dean and Sam to say ‘yes’ so that it can all finally be over. Sam argues that there has to be a way to pull the plug—that it can’t come down to this final battle.

But Gabriel says that it’s not about a war. It’s about two brothers (Michael and Lucifer) who loved each other and betrayed each other. “You’d think you two would be able to relate.” Dean looks over his shoulder at Sam and then back at Gabriel. The light from the holy fire is reflecting on his face and eyes, turning them liquid. The parted-lip, pursed brow expression is one of shut the hell up mixed with I don’t want to hear this and a little I don’t want to believe you.

Gabriel continues that Michael was the big brother, loyal to an absent father while Lucifer was the little brother, rebellious of Daddy’s plan. He says the Winchesters were “born to this. It was always you. One brother has to kill the other. We always knew it would end with you.”

Dean looks like someone scooped out his lungs while Sam? Sam’s face doesn’t change and yet at the same time he looks shattered. His eyes just kind of die a little.

Dean resists. Says that it’s not going to happen. He’s not going to fight his brother to the death… but I couldn’t help but think that even John alluded to that so long ago. Save him, or kill him. I still really wonder how much John could possibly have known. Gabriel says that unfortunately, this isn’t a TV show. It’s real and it’s going to end bloody for all of them.

Dean demands that he bring Cas back or they’ll dip him in the special oil and deep fry themselves and arch angel. And suddenly, Cas is back, looking roughed up. Dean turns to him, asking if he’s okay. Reticent as always, Cas replies, “Fine. Hello, Gabriel.” As he says the angel’s name, his face folds in a bit, looking slightly destroyed. Dean starts to back away from Gabriel with a, “C’mon, Sam.”

Gabriel protests, “Guys! You’re just going to leave me here forever?”

Dean replies, “No, because we don’t screw with people like you do.” His voice gets harder and his volume ramps up as he puts more of his heart and more of his rage into his words. “This isn’t about some prize fight between your brothers or some destiny that can’t be stopped. This is about you being too afraid to stand up to your family.”

With that, he turns on the sprinklers and Gabriel looks up at the water, then back at them. Cas gives Gabriel a parting, pitying glare, and they head to the Impala.

Sounding exhausted, Dean asks Sam if he thought all that babble was true. Sam says that he thinks Gabriel believed it was. They both agree that they wished they were back in a TV show where things are wrapped up at the end of the hour and everyone goes home happy.

Except on our show. Where the good fight is still fought even after the screen goes dark and pain is survived and humor is found in bizarre places and family is the only thing that holds them back from the precipice.

Gabriel’s wrong. Raphael’s wrong. Zach—well, don’t even get me started with Zach. If there is such a thing as free will, then there is no such thing as fate. There is nothing pre-destined if we are able to make our own choices. In a universe that has so many minds with limitless possible imaginings, there is always another way it can happen. The biggest thing is going to be surviving the machine that is the conglomerate of angels and the juggernaut that is the band of demons, both of whom are determined to bring about one particular outcome, long enough to rewrite their own future.

It may end bloody, but I refuse to believe that the only way it will end is in the battle between these two very human brothers—essentially erased by the possession of angels—to the end of one and the ruination of the other. I can’t help but wonder, too, that if these two powerful beings must fight… why do they have to have a human vessel to do so in? Why can’t they just pick some kind of universal middle ground and go at it?

Anyway, that’s my stubborn belief and I’m sticking to it. I’m digging my heels in. You won’t be able to convince me otherwise until episode 5.22 is over. And hopefully by then, you won’t have to.

Next week? Oh man… I withhold any thoughts on what I saw in the previews until after I see the epi. I just find it sooo ironic that that episode is airing the Thursday before the Chicago Creation Convention… *shakes head*

Thanks for reading, all! See you next week.


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Nov. 6th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)
I enjoy how your observations increase my enjoyment of the episode. You remark on facial expressions and body language that I don't consciously notice because I am too caught up in the momemt.

And it is my favorite part, how Jensen and Jared use their faces to convey the details of what Dean and Sam are feeling.

I hope, when Supernatural is over, that they both get some acting jobs that do justice to their talents.
Nov. 7th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Hey there -- thanks so much! I know it's not the most... intellectually stimulating of reviews, but it's honest and immediate. I love this show! :)

I, too, hope we get to see them in a varied range of movies/shows. I'd watch Jensen in anything. Anything. Even an STD commercial. I'd tape it and watch it over and over.

Jared... I'd have to be convinced. I love him as SAM, but I've seen him in other things and I'm kinda... meh...

By the way, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do a master fic list here. Hope to have it done before too long.

Thanks so much for reading!
Nov. 6th, 2009 07:07 am (UTC)
Yes. I also say that your enjoyment enhances my enjoyment. It DOES! Oh, and this week it REALLY does! *beams*

I'm also mightily impressed that you can spill all these words so coherently. My words are still running around the room flailing and cackling like mad things. *g*

So. I'll just say thank you, for now. "THANK YOU!*

Show is of the win. That is all. ;-)
Nov. 7th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hee. *grin*

You're welcome. I'm just glad that you read and enjoy. As for the words... who the hell knows where they come from. They kinda just fall out of my head and onto my keyboard. :)

Thanks again -- see you next week!

Nov. 6th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)
Ditto! Word ... and everything in between. I love this show for the crazy ideas that they got through with and I love this show for taking it to the line and then bringing it back and making it all credible and lining it to the bigger picture.

When Cas came back and said that the trickster I thought that it might have been Zach pretending to be the trickster but then mum pointed out they are hidden from angels... I did NOT see The trickster being Gabriel coming at all. I mean Gabriel ... I was interested to see who they would have play one of the more famous arch angels and I have to admit. I kinda like that it was the trickster because I love Richard. When I thought they had actually killed him I was sad LOL

Dean ... wow he blows me away. He really, really does and man I am a jeans and t-shirt girl but how exciting was it to see that man in black t-shirt and sweats in the opener. Ohh and the passion in his eyes ... in his voice .... that last speech? Did you just not fall in love with him more?

And dude I totally (and I know I have said it again and again)love that Dean was so worried about Cas. That it shows that Cas is an actual friend to him. I love that he has a friend that he worries about, that HE allowed in, that isnt Sam, Bobby or anyone else in their circle ... Cas is Dean's friend ... and I love that he has this. I want the best for our boy and he deserves a friend that will stick by him LOL

Okay im gonna go eat tea and see if i can write my own before Caroline and her mother come over for games night ;)


Word, Rodge!!
Nov. 7th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
I was sad, too, when I thought he was dead. :( I wanted him to be able to come back. So... yay!

Did you get that icon I saw with Dean in the sweats? Hee.

I agree with you about Cas -- I like that Dean has a friend. A friend of his -- not one he inherited from John, y'know?

Thanks for reading!
Nov. 6th, 2009 08:06 am (UTC)
Thank you for review! Posted it fast and now going to read slowly ;-) I've just seen episode, awesome!!!
Nov. 7th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks, lady! Hope the peeps over at SFO enjoy.

Appreciate you reading.
Nov. 6th, 2009 08:23 am (UTC)
Glad to hear...
... that others thought this ep was awesome. Just been to the threads over at SN.tv. Nuff said. *rolleyes*

I agree on how this episode turned out. I thought it would be this humor type of ep from beginning to end but that all stopped right at the middle and we learned a little bit more of Sam and Dean's role in the Apocalypse. And yes. The opening credits was pricless! LOL. I was laughing so much into my red pillow.

>>Kathy Randolph looks at them like they’re crazy.

Like they’re crazy. That’s rich.
- I know, right? I was like, "Uh, lady. You had just said that the Increidiable Hulk killed your husband. Let's not start pointing fingers on the weird questions/answer games."

>>Cas shows up, looking worried and sweaty and more than a little panicky.

He’s like, “What are you doing here?! You’ve been missing for days!”
- Actually, I had a thought. How did he find them? I thought they're hidden away because of the special rib carvings?

Oh, yeah, I cringed when that japanese game show host asked that question mainly because i KNOW its gonna be a touchy subject in the fandom and might be back later on in the season.

Of course there was so many great and hilarious parts in this ep but the one that took the cake for me was Sam as the Impala. My god, it felt so good to laugh like that. lol

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" The great reveal of the ep is Ta-da! The trickster was in fact an archangel all along. Since Tall Tales IMO. Well, that's how I read it. Just ran away from home because he couldn't stand the family bickering, went into hiding to do his own thing.

>>Dean replies, “No, because we don’t screw with people like you do.” His voice gets harder and his volume ramps up as he puts more of his heart and more of his rage into his words. “This isn’t about some prize fight between your brothers or some destiny that can’t be stopped. This is about you being too afraid to stand up to your family.”
- He walks away and stops at the door looking at the fire alarm. He pulls it and puts out the Holy Ring of Fire and says over his shoulder "Don't say I didn't do anything for you." Now, that little comment had got me thinking that maybe, possibly(hopefully) that the Trickster- er, I mean. Gabriel will be back. That what Dean said to him might possibly motivate him enough to stand up to his family or show up sometime towards the end of this season to help stop the Apocalypse. If I'm wrong then I'll eat my hat. lol

You know. I honestly don't know anymore how Kripke will end this seasn(if its the last one). There had been what seems like to me, hints or suggestions of what Kripke is trying to tell us about the end of these two boys that we all grown to love and care about. Sometimes it feels like he's gonna end this with a happy ending because he knows the fans will never forgive him if he doesn't lol, other times its feels like its gonna be a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ending because I can see that happening and feels fitting. I know that both endings will have me crying and smiling from ear to ear saying, "That was a great story." :) I don't know. I simply don't know. And isn't that just fantastic?! *grins*

Nov. 7th, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Glad to hear...
Seriously? People on other threads were criticising? *sigh*

Actually, I had a thought. How did he find them? I thought they're hidden away because of the special rib carvings?

Oh! Good girl! I hadn't even thought about that at the time!! That's a really good question... hmmm... *ponders*

Now, that little comment had got me thinking that maybe, possibly(hopefully) that the Trickster- er, I mean. Gabriel will be back. That what Dean said to him might possibly motivate him enough to stand up to his family or show up sometime towards the end of this season to help stop the Apocalypse.

LOVE this idea. To pieces. *holds idea close*

Sometimes it feels like he's gonna end this with a happy ending because he knows the fans will never forgive him if he doesn't lol, other times its feels like its gonna be a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ending because I can see that happening and feels fitting.

I'm with you in the cluelessness (and loving it -- who wants to always know what's coming? that's why I avoid spoilers). I think the only thing I'd really hate (like bad feeling in the gut, go into mourning hate) would be if they boys truly did fight each other and one killed the other. One brother being dead (like DEAD dead) is not something I'm prepared to deal with.

But you're so right. No matter what? I think fans are going to be able to say, "Wow. What a story."

Thanks for coming by and reading!! :)
Nov. 6th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
epic review honey - I've still got 8 hours till I can see the episode, but this will keep me going x
Nov. 7th, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Yay! I know you're going to enjoy it. Thanks so much for coming by and reading!
Nov. 6th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)
This episode had me giggling like a crazy person, in the first half anyway. The opening credit was hilarious!

I liked the twist with the Twister being an arch angel, I just thought he would be Zach or something, but Gabriel was just crazy.

I hope the boys wont have to fight each other, but I'm a little worried about self-for-filling prophecies...

On a side note, half the dialog on Grey's Anatomy is "seriously", okay, maybe not half but they do use it a lot!

Se ya next week :)
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
I, too, loved the Trickster being Gabriel. How great was that??

What a great episode. And as far as self fulfilling prophesies? All I can think of is how many other red herrings they've tossed our way... I refuse to believe it.

Thanks so much for reading!

See ya next week!
Nov. 6th, 2009 10:37 am (UTC)
I think this was the best episode this season so far. It was absolutely brilliant. I'm still laughing over the fact that they were able to make fun of all the shows they compete with- Grey's Anatomy, and CSI in particular. Their "sitcom" doesn't much resemble the office, but given that their third major competitor IS a half-hour comedy, it's a slight dig. I don't think Knight Rider aired on Thursdays, but that would have been hilarious too.

The fact that they were able to overlay some very serious stuff with the hilarity is just genius. I'm thrilled.
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
YAY for thrilled!!! *dances*

I didn't even think about all of the shows parodied were Thursday night competitors. HEE! That's awesome.

And I loved that they were able to bring it back down to brass tacks. Nothing is done without thought in the telling of this epic story. LOVE IT. :)

Thanks so much for reading.
Nov. 6th, 2009 10:56 am (UTC)
So funny and yet so serious too! I don't watch Grey's or CSI, but loved those bits , but my favourite funny was the titles *g*

I know I'm like a broken record but I don't want the series to end with either of the boys dead, I have to have faith that they will find a way...I don't want to be broken.

Thanks hun!

Nov. 7th, 2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
I know I'm like a broken record but I don't want the series to end with either of the boys dead, I have to have faith that they will find a way...I don't want to be broken.

Not a broken record -- just very serious about what you want. I'm with you in that the best way to end would be to have them both be alive. I think the only thing I'm not prepared to deal with is one brother having to kill the other one. That would leave us with one dead and one destroyed and yeah. Not something I want to even consider. SO, I refuse to. *crosses arms stubbornly*

Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment! :)

See you soon.
Nov. 6th, 2009 02:15 pm (UTC)
Damn there were so many things I wanted to comment on but as usual as i read, the next thought popped up and I forgot the first one. I think my favorite part was the intro song thing and Dean going all fan-boy on Dr. Sexy. He was so friggng good looking during that whole scene I almost couldn't stand it and then to go all awkward and shy over such a stupid thing was just TOO adorable.

And I've never seen Grey's Anatomy so they needed a sign posted to tell me that's what it was but if it's anything like what they showed, I can tell I haven't missed anything.

Knightrider was prideless, Bobby even laughed and he never laughs at anything.

Ta again for reading chapter additions. Now that I've had my fun I'm going to go post.
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
It was my pleasure to read the chapter for you. Always a pleasure to read you. :)

And I know what you mean about fan-boy Dean. I just wanted to pinch his cheeks. Hee! He was so cute.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Always so good to hear from you.

I love that Bobby laughed, too.
Nov. 6th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
I absolutely totally 100% agree with you! :D This was one of the best eps EVER!

I loved the "CSI Miami" spoof, too. David Caruso is on the top of my "Why the Hell Does He Still Have a TV Job?" list. *Rolls on the floor* Awesome!

Terrific Ep!
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
I love your list!! I have one, too, and yes, Caruso tops it. I have a slightly different name for it, but it's pretty much the same thing. Hee.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting -- and YES! Terrific epi!!!

I won't be in Chicago until Saturday morning. Was too hard to get coverage for the munchkin until the weekend. I'll be flying in Saturday morning early and flying out Sunday night late. I'm so excited that you'll be there!!
Nov. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
Fantastic review for a fantastic episode! When you did the recap of the beginning i couldn't help but laugh again. It was priceless! And Sam as the Impala, oh my...

Yet, like Mystery Spot, something more serious was hiding behind all the funny. I didn't see the Trickster as Gabriel coming at all - the actor was great. I have to think more about what he was trying to do in Mystery Spot, but my thought is that he was trying to warn Sam.

Like you, I'm sure it won't come down to one brother killing the other. I don't know how they're going to get out of this mess, but them being possessed and fighting to death isn't it.
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading!! I'm pleased it entertained you -- and love that you laughed again! :)

Yeah, y'know, if you think about the whole "we always knew it would come down to you" declaration, it does make you go back to Mystery Spot and wonder what he was hoping to accomplish by telling Sam that Dean was his weakness and would be the death of him.

If he wanted it all to be over, why bother warning Sam? Unless the benevolent angel in him was pinging him like a guilty conscience... *shrugs*

Might be one of those "faith in the fans" things I was referring to earlier. They want us to just figure out how to accept without having all of the definitive answers...

Thanks so much for reading!
(no subject) - chiiyo86 - Nov. 7th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 6th, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)

OMGosh, this episode was amazing! I too almost hurt myself I was laughing so hard during the modified credits.

As I'm sure we all do, I get an extra little thrill when I see that an episode is based in my state. Since I live in Ohio I figured I would speak to the issues of "high lands" and bears.
I didn't know where Wellington was located until I Googled it, but apparently its just SW of Cleveland (that's in NE Ohio, on the banks of Lake Erie if anyone doesn't know). I believe this area of the state was swept by glaciers and, although I'm not from there myself so I can't swear to it, I'm pretty sure its fairly flat and not much above sea level. Don't know where they got the idea for "high lands".

As for bears? Yes, we have Black Bears in Ohio. I live in Central Ohio and even I have heard the (very) occasional story of a bear wandering into somebody's yard looking for food. Cleveland Metro Parks has information on bear safety, and links to the Ohio DNR's Black Bear webpage. The humorous thing is that the ODNR site indicates that Black Bears normally hibernate beginning in early October.

You know, I have all the respect in the world for our SPN writers, but "seriously?" I got the information about Wellington and the hibernating Black Bears with less than 15 minutes research on the internet. Oh well.

Doesn't matter, I still *LOVED* the ep!!

I admit, I'm a little hesitant about next week's "convention" theme. Yes, I figure they're using the timing as either a "thank you" or a not so subtle jab (probably a little of both?) at the more insane convention attendees. But part of me feels like I need a standard MotW episode separating the insanity of the TVLand episode and the potential craziness of next week. This year's been so good I'm gonna withhold judgment and I figure I'll probably end up loving it.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!!!

-j (wow are my thumbs tired!)
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
THANK you. I knew that 'high country' comment was half a bubble off... I suppose I could believe in bears... but that had to be some freaky black bear to do what they were describing.

Dude -- you wrote all of that with your THUMBS! *is impressed*

I'll be with you in the withholding judgment for next week. I have never been disappointed in any episode. I can't imagine them disappointing me now. :)

Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment.
(no subject) - sparky_joe - Nov. 7th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 6th, 2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
First off, after the opening sequence, I hear Mr. Blair mumble, "Gonna have to find that song."

I actually think that this is THE episode that you need to rewatch because there is so much that happens and it's jerky and odd that you need to rewatch to see what you didn't catch from before. I also think it's one of those that you will appreciate more.

I have not ever watched a 'Grey's Anatomy' episode, either, but I loved 'Dr. Sexy MD'. Just Loved It.

As far as the Japanese TV show, it was a great bit. An interesting. The questions were horrible and painful and yet it was a comedic arena so it was hard to find where even the audience fell in this. Do you laugh or do you "aw..." Here's the thing about 'our' show: It doesn't tailor itself to the dimwitted. What I mean by this is you actually have to "think" to be a fan. Doesn't matter which brother you side with, doesn't matter all your opinions of the show - but you yourself have to have an imagination. It puts things like this in there - a Japanese Game Show Host (and wasn't he great) throwing these questions out that we will probably never know why or what they meant. Same as did Sam ever tell Dean about the time he spent ALONE after 'Mystery Spot'. Did Sam ever tell Dean about Nurse Betty? Does Dean know about the phone message that was tampered with? Does Dean know it was Cas who let Sam out of the panic room? As the audience, we have to formulate our own decisions about these things and maybe the show will touch back on it, maybe it won't, but you still have to move with it.

FYI - I laughed until I almost peed my pants at the 'Herpexia' commercial. Sam kind of deserved to have to have that humiliation.

"Should I honk?" Hahahahahah...

The brother vs brother thing - of course, we've all known and we all just have to go with it. Wherever it leads us. Like you, though, I am hopeful that all will end well, or as well as it can end for the Winchesters. Family. Family has always been at the heart. They won't throw it away. I'm writing a fic currently and in it, Sam asks Dean why he won't say yes and Dean answers "Because Michael and Lucifer already had their time. This? Now? This is our time." And I hope it stays like that. It is Sam and Dean. Just because it always had to be them doesn't mean they don't have their say.

Great ramble and, yep, I laughed at the get up for next week. The day before the con. How ironic!
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:21 pm (UTC)
Loved this:

Same as did Sam ever tell Dean about the time he spent ALONE after 'Mystery Spot'. Did Sam ever tell Dean about Nurse Betty? Does Dean know about the phone message that was tampered with? Does Dean know it was Cas who let Sam out of the panic room?

That's exactly what I meant when I said that the writers have faith in the fans. They expect us to figure some of these things out on our own or believe that they'll make the plausible leap between moments that makes everything *work*.

I'm not saying I don't want them to answer some (or all) of those questions, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment that they all still end in question marks.

Family has always been at the heart. They won't throw it away.

I agree -- and still think that it all comes down to free will. References to free will have been made throughout the whole show -- from Season 1 on -- and I think it's that very thing that will change this whole destiny crap. Sure Michael and Lucifer went at it and are now fixin' to do it again. Because they're angels. And they don't have free will. Or didn't -- not sure how Gabriel going rogue fits into that belief.

But the point I'm trying to make is that as humans -- and therefore revered above the angels -- Sam and Dean have been gifted with free will and they can USE THAT to say NO. I'll say it again: if there is such a thing as free will, then there's no such thing as fate (or destiny).

I think your line from your fic is dead-on. This is their time and it's up to them to choose for it to be different. That is why God isn't getting involved -- if he did, it wouldn't be about free will anymore.

Oh, PS?

Your line: "This? Now? This is our time." TOTALLY made me think of Mickie Walsh's speech in The Goonies when they were at the bottom of the Moss Garden Wishing Well.

"This is our time. It's our time down here. But... that's all over the moment we ride up in Troy's bucket..."

Oh, my... I may have seen that too many times...
Nov. 6th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
As always, you are insightful and optimistic about the episode. I myself had a few minor issues with it, but those are not important and they won't spoil my enjoyment of the remainder of the season. :D

And I too love the timing of next week's episode, coinciding with the Chicago con.

See you there, girl. :)
Nov. 7th, 2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
Hey lady!! Thanks so much for reading. I'm pleased you enjoyed the ramble.

I myself had a few minor issues with it,

Okay... I'm curious. Are you posting your thoughts elsewhere? I would like to read them. Or just here is cool, too... :)

See you soon!
(no subject) - cathy1967 - Nov. 7th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - gaelicspirit - Nov. 7th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC) - Expand
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