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I heard a rumor...

...that our boys have been picked up for a 6th Season. As a die-hard viewer, fan, and fanfic writer, you'd think I'd be over the moon about this. Oddly enough, though, I'm hesitant and pondering what this means for my favorite brothers, my hero and muse, and the storyline(s) that have kept me engaged for going on five years now.

I first saw the news over on a supernatural.tv thread I follow.These are basically the same thoughts I shared over on that thread, but it's a small community, so... I thought I'd see what you guys thought about all of this. ErikaAoi posted the link to an article and novembersguest followed it up with some news that Kripke was planning on going intimate next season to differ from the apocolyptic size of the recent seasons.

I've enjoyed both the intimate feel of S1 and the world-affecting feel of S5 -- for differing reasons.

In S1, we got to know the boys, know enough of their past to care deeply about them, get engaged in their 'mission' and believe in them to the point of being devestated right alongside them when they lost their father. But there's only so long you can travel around the country hunting monsters on a TV show and continue to make it compelling.

You'd have to have some kind of formula that would keep your main characters from forming attachments and finding reasons to stay or places to go back to. Take Quantum Leap, for instance. It's a show that had the same formula for, like, what? Six years? Sam Beckett leaps from life to life, putting right what once went wrong and hoping each time his next leap would be the leap home.

Only...he never goes home. And it's the leaping that was the formula for keeping the show compelling. Sam was never able to form attachments (with the exception of Al, of course) and you never knew where or when he would end up.

Thus, the apocolypse entering the picture. There's only so long you can mess with the forces of evil before they start to mess back and make it personal, right? So, going big like they have has been a heart-wrenching, wild ride that feels almost too much for our heroes to survive. The fate of the world now rests on the (nicely muscled, very broad) shoulders of two blue-collar guys from Kansas.

But the thing is, because we started small, we were able to stand on a slowly-built, believable foundation that these two and their family could have caused enough ruckus to be on the radar of both Heaven and Hell. And not only that, we see (even if they don't always) that they are actually capable of not only fighting this war...but winning.

So, both the "saving people/hunting things" and the "the world is going to end and if I don't stop it nobody will and we'll all die" approaches have had me captivated.

My biggest pondering about a 6th season was mainly (at the risk of quoting Buffy) where do we go from here? And if it is indeed intimate, a look at what happens to the world and the people in it -- specifically our boys -- when the Devil has been defeated or stuck back in his cage, then I'm on board. There was evil in the world before Lucifer was released and it's not like once he's gone all evil goes away...or does it???? I'd be mainly interested to see how the guys handle hunting evil when The Big Bad is gone -- do the rest of the baddies just run amuck? Or are we talking, as Zach seemed to insinuate, Heaven on earth?
It would be interesting to see what Kripke and Co. think about that. I can see the possibilities for episodes with action, and I can imagine the episodes of humor...I do wonder how they'd pull the angst that Jensen/Dean's so damn good at portraying, but I have no doubt they'd figure out somehing. Because even if they DO go intimate, it's not like everything that came before would be forgotten.

He still had no childhood. He still lost his father. He'd still fought all of his life. He'd still have gone to Hell... And Sam? That boy has more issues than I have time to list. So yeah, angst.

Not only that? But what happens to Cas if the apocolypse is...ended? Does he simply return to Heaven after all he's been through and seen? After how much the Winchesters have changed him? Also...I'm not entirely convinced the writers are done killing off people (boys aside). Ellen and Jo broke my heart, but there's still one more player that would devestate me a bit and would certainly help carry out the angst we love into a 6th season if they weren't around: Bobby.

It would be encouraging, however, to know that a Season 6 was out there to aliviate a little concern that the boys wouldn't stay/be dead at the end of this battle. I could still see Kripke pulling a Butch and Sundance, though... since you never actually see B&S die at the end of the movie. It would be a helluva cliffie...

That said? I would hate for them to drag the apocolypse out into another season. The suspense is killing me. Let it end. And go from there.

One thing I do wonder, is how 'into' a Seaon 6 the actors are -- mainly because they both just got engaged and we've heard from them repeatedly how they miss their families in L.A. during the long months of filming. Not only that, but I would LOVE to see Jensen in a movie again... One that is outside the realm of horror. A western, perhaps??

What? A girl can dream, can't she?

I'll shut up now. Thanks for letting me think it out. What do you guys think about this?



Jan. 23rd, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC)
Couple a things... First off, Clif has tweeted that this is a very, very big rumour - ie no one knows anything yet/don't get your hopes up yet. My personal feeling is that they will make the announcement at the 100th episode party - big splash and all that...

In the articles I've read where Kripke talks about a possible direction for season 6, he is very encouraging and I am always going to trust him to take us somewhere worthwhile and compelling. There is, in fact, no way to erase all the things that have gone into making these boys so compelling - that will inevitably continue and I would relish the thought of watching them really try to deal with their own personal demons. I think it could easily keep my attention for an entire season. -- ok that's my happy thoughts...

Here are my not so happy thoughts. Let me first say that I still love the show - BUT - I have felt that it hasn't been it's best lately. (I'm ducking for cover here). I feel like the boys are "phoning in" their performances a bit -- it's still better than anything else on tv - mostly - but there have been times when I've thought - wow. He could have gotten so much more out of that scene. Why is this? I think there are several reasons. #1 is the loss of Kim Manners at the helm - to provide a guiding figure in continuity and encouragement and setting the bar. #2 is the fanbase itself. I'd be hard pressed to give 120% day in and day out to a seemingly ungrateful audience - especially when they are attacking my loved ones. #3 is the loved ones themselves - I totally feel for them here - but luckily they are rich enough to afford LOTS of plane trips... I've also felt like we are losing our best writers - Jeremy Carver getting a new gig just about broke my heart... Eric is wonderful - but he's also surrounded with wonderful help...

Overall? I don't know what I'd do without SPN. Jensen has said repeatedly that he will keep doing tv - so unless he goes off to direct - we should still get to see him regularly somewhere... Jared has said he's more interested in movies - his short list for Conan is telling...

I have my fingers crossed for S6. I will still watch, read, and write - I've got these boys under my skin and I can't see that changing...
Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Good gracious.

I always knew I lived under a rock, but I hear from you and I end up blinking in amazement.

Ooookay. Who is Cliff? And I'm actually pretty good about this bring a rumor, still. If this Cliff guy is in the know, that is. I bet you're right, though. They'd make it official at the 100th epi timeframe. Which is when again?

...he is very encouraging and I am always going to trust him to take us somewhere worthwhile and compelling...

I'm going to go with you on this. I know that Kripke has sometimes said one thing and done another, but the bottom line for me has always been one hell of an entertaining show.

Your points in your not-so-happy list were well put, and I thank you for that. I agree with all of them. But -- Jeremy Carver left?? I didn't hear that! I think I miss out on a lot of these kinds of things because I try so hard to stay unspoiled I miss what ends up being actual NEWS news. Also? What Conan short list for Jared? Conan the Barbarian? Or Conan O'Brien?

See? Rock, I tell you.

Overall? I don't know what I'd do without SPN.

This hit me where I live. I was saying somewhere above that my life before SPN was so different than it is now -- and a lot of that is BECAUSE of SPN. Friends, writing, outlook, internal reflections... just so much that this show has meant to me on a personal level.

So, yeah. You've got a really good point.

I just really, really don't want it to suck, y'know? I don't want another X-files. It would break my heart.
Jan. 23rd, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC)
See? Obsessed fangirl here - yet, I don't think I'm creepy... I really do know the real people from the characters...

To clarify - Clif is Clif K - the boys' bodyguard/driver - he's on twitter and very forthcoming. He's really committed to making sure "the truth is out there"!! I will NOT tell you about what's been going on on Twitter -- trust me, you don't want to know... but Clif is on it. LOVE him!

Conan was the re-make of Conan the Barbarian. The short list was the Mom... guy from Stargate Atlantis - guy with the dreadlocks?, Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Jared! And that seems like a for real thing not just a rumour... God knows he's big enough for it!!

Jeremy Carver is moving on to do (I think - "Being Human" - not 100% sure of the show now - my mind is swiss cheese) a show with his wife - I mean how could he turn that down? And with SPN maybe being done, of course he's going to have feelers out. But it hurts to lose one of the writers (like Raelle Tucker) who sees Dean so much the way we do....

I don't want to see it suck either. I still don't like the writing team that brought us ASS (After School Special) - though I just got the comic they wrote (yes. new SPN comic set just before Sam leaves for Stanford) and the first issue isn't bad - but I wouldn't want them playing a huge role. If we still got some Carver somehow, lots of Edlund and more Kripke there are so many more tales to tell -- I mean c'mon! Look at the number of entries on ff.net -- almost 32,000! Not all are great it's true, but still soooo much grist for the mill....

I do still think the boys will need to be re-invigorated though - I think much will depend on how their summers go... and maybe married bliss will do it for them! (haaaaaarrrrr)

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