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I've avoided spoilers since Season 3-ish. ESPECIALLY before a premiere. I stay safely behind my couch and don't read anything that might could be considered a spoiler or even a hint of a whisper of a spoiler so that I can glide into the first episode of the season with only my own ponderings and expectations in place.

I've not pondered much about Season 6 since I wrote up that Five Year Plan Recap with S6 Speculations thingie. Mainly because we've so much time left in this hellatus.

But now I am getting link after link in my inbox teasing me with tidbits and whatnot from the Comic Con panels all marked spoilers! Blargh! I want to read because I miss these guys and can imagine what fun those panels would be. But...do I want to be spoiled? Will they actually tell us the truth or will the lead us pointedly astray knowing, as they do, how very much we're dying of curiousity about the start of this next season with how last season ended....

Oh, the drama. Somebody just push me over the edge or close the door of opportunity because I'm wavering and canNOT decide which way I want to fall: the quiet place of the unknown or the teasing tidbits of Spoilerville. Those of you who have read the reports (or, God help me, were there) how spoilery was the panel? Like...details? or Hints?

I mean...I could take a peek at what might be in store for us in Season 6, right? Doesn't mean I can't go unspoiled for the rest of the season. But...I kinda think that if I break the seal now, it's all over. I should probably just hold firm and not give in.


ETA: After reading the responses, I realize that there isn't much of a 'middle ground' when it comes to spoilers. You either like 'em or you avoid 'em. Between your comments and a weird dream I had last night (read lovinjackson's comment/reply below for that), I've pretty much decided to file the lovely Comic Con tidbits away until after the premiere.

Or at the very least, the middle of September. *wink* Thanks all!


Jul. 28th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
Don't do it!!! LOL. You'll regret breaking that seal and letting the spoiler-devil out.

I used to love being spoiled, but last two years I decided to try spoiler free and I can't go back now, I love the uncertainty of what's going to happen.

Jane :)
Jul. 29th, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
I'll stay strong for now, Jane! Promise. I might peek closer to the premiere, or after the season starts, but like you, the last two years I've been spoiler free and I've enjoyed it more, so I'm going to stay clear for now. :)

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