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SOA is back baby!!


OMG -- Dish Network settled their squabble with FX and I've got Sons Of Anarchy again!!


The wonderful chemm80  sent me a link to the episodes I've missed, but I haven't watched them yet. Apparently my life only allows for one obsessive, plan-your-week-around-it show at a time and that is still Supernatural. BUT! I so enjoy watching this show with the hubs.

In fact, it was the hubs who stumbled over a replay of the latest episode on Friday night while I was writing up my ramble and recorded it for us to watch. I think we may have missed only two or three episodes, but will have to check that link to be sure.


So let's talk.  Okay...the Sons are in Belfast in search of Abel (I assume). How they got there isn't as big of a deal as how they got their bikes there?! Did they borrow bikes at the airport? Did they come on a cargo plane? What?

Gemma is out of the hospital (she had just collapsed in the lot of Teller-Morrow after getting the call from the blonde Irish woman about Abel when hubs and I last saw the show) but I get the feeling that she's not really doing so great. She looked good, but her comments made me think maybe she didn't get great news.

John Teller apparently had an affair with the blonde Irish gal and I think SOMEONE should tell Jax before he and his half-sister, Trinity, get too cozy. He may just be flirting, but she's got a thing for him, that's pretty obvious.

Who can blame her, though -- that bare-chested knuckle fight was.... *whew* Jax is nicely put togther. That is all.

I suspected that Tara was pregnant back at Gemma's dad's house when she got sick in the sink and Gemma thought it was a concussion. But I am so, so sad at the thought of her having an abortion. I hope she doesn't go through with it. Not out of moral objections but because I want her to have Jax's baby -- she's a part of his life and will always be and this is his chance to have a real family unit.

That priest has me clenching my teeth with his bargaining with Jax for Abel's life. Meanwhile, while he's delaying Abel's return in exchange for Jax killing Jimmy, someone else is adopting the baby!! GAH!! *is anxious*

Chibs' reunion with his wife (wife? right?) and daughter was the most moving part of the whole episode for me -- and I don't want anything to happen to either of them. He's already going to be wrecked enough to know that 'his people' are working with Jimmy and against the US Sons.

And that probie who let the old man get hit (hopefully not killed) should run far and fast because if Tigg finds him...gah. I gotta find out what Tigg did to get jailed in the first place -- run interference so the others could get away?

I gotta say that I'm a sucker for all things Irish and that altered beginning theme with the Celtic over-tones was pretty darn cool. I wasn't in Ireland long enough or recent enough to speak to anything being 'authentic' -- from accents to scenery -- but it felt close enough to me to curl my toes a bit.

So! I'm glad to have a show back I can watch with the hubs. If you read/see this and have any holes you can fill in for me that will save me some downloading time so I can catch up quickly, I'm all for that. 


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