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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 6.09

So, last week’s episode had me shooting double-takes at my dogs…this week’s episode has me re-thinking my daughter’s Tinkerbell bedroom décor. *grins*


This viewing was a bit interesting for me as my mom was visiting this week and she watched it with me. I’ll pause for a moment so that those of you who know me can process. Try not to faint. *wink*

Okay, was there an X-files anniversary or something that I missed? Because this week’s Castle also had an aliens-themed episode. I enjoyed that one, too. *laughs* Oh, and you Castle fans out there – did anyone catch the Firefly shout-out? I totally heart Nathan Fillion.

We start off in Elwood, IN, which, incidentally, is about 30 miles west of where I grew up in Muncie, IN (same place the big pagan god showdown took place last season). Two teens are making out in a cornfield, on a blanket, aided by the lights of a pick-up truck. A weird shadow passes by and the guy—Patrick—stops kissing long enough to look up and around with a “did you see that” expression.

He decides to go check it out, much to his girl’s chagrin. As he moves through the cornfield (which is 4th of July high, by the way, so I’m not sure what time of year we’re supposed to be at right now, but if any of ya’ll have also grown up on or around a farm, you know what I mean by corn height not exactly being conducive to jackets and long sleeves) and leaves the girl behind. She is less than pleased and calls “Patrick” about 57,000 times, her voice getting more anxious and irritated the longer he doesn’t answer.

Finally ticked off enough, she goes after him, making her way through the corn – and let me just say, ouch. Corn stalks are rough-edged. Especially when green like that. Worst kind of paper cut, man. Patrick breaks free of the cornfield and steps into an opening, looking confused for a moment—but a moment is all he has because he’s immediately hit by a bright light and whoosh…disappears.

The girl steps into the clearing, fear etched on her features and the camera pulls up to reveal a Signs-worthy crop circle. Zoinks!

Enter the best X-files homage opening sequence ever. Gradient-gray with SUPERNATURAL spelled out in the X-files-familiar font, interlaced images from Tall TalesLady in Red scene (…again and again and again…and then one more time…), Jared and Jensen’s name with flashes of FBI badges and sunglasses-at-night coolness. Loved it! *laugh* Oh, and Misha Collins’ name was included as well – which I thought was interesting. No one besides the boys have been marked as ‘regular leads’ – Misha, Jim Beaver, and even Mitch Pileggi have all been guest stars. I wonder if that was just for kicks, or what…. I mean, Castiel wasn’t even in this episode. Hmm.

Anyway, the opening scene ends with our Impala and the tag line, “The truth is in there.” Kind of an X-files-meets-Prego vibe. Hilarious! I was enchanted. *grins*

We get a series of obvious interviews of several people—one of whom being guest star Robert Picardo whom I remember most as “The Cowboy” from Innerspace, though he’s been on countless other things. He’s Wayne Whittaker, Jr., this time, foremost authority of UFO sightings and certain that Elwood, IN, is now the center of extra-terrestrial activity (and he’s apparently as happy as a pig in…shoes). Among those interviewed are Patrick’s girlfriend, a pretty hippie chic, a cop (who is in full-on denial of any UFO anything) and an old lady who declares that it’s actually faeries.

Sam: Flying saucers not insane enough for you?

Dean shoots him a silence glance, but Sam is focused on the Crazy Chrystal Lady.

Sam: If you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing that’s fine, but don’t dump your wacky doo all over us. We’d rather not step in it.

Dean: We’re done.

As Crazy Chrystal Lady is sputtering through a protest to how Sam talked to her, Dean is trying to steer Sam and his insensitive questioning tactics away, saying that it’s a blood sugar thing that causes him to act that way. As they move away, Sam is wondering why the hell they’re investigating some random UFO sightings. Dean says, yes, ET is made of rubber but there are still four people who went missing under mysterious circumstances.

Now, this first conversation between the brothers is something I expected when you have different writers pulling together to attempt to tell a cohesive story. I mean, I think that by and large the writers of our Show do a fantastic job keeping the boys consistently in character—aided considerably by the boys themselves. But there are times when one writer ends things one way and another writer picks them up and shakes them around a bit forcing us to double-time our dance steps so we stay with the group.

Last episode, Dean called Sam out for not being his brother—demanding that he do them both a favor and quit pretending. He rode that hard line until the episode ended with Sam coming clean and saying Dean was right. He’s not the old him—not even close. He doesn’t care about anyone, including Dean. But he wants to get his soul back so that he can be that guy again—the guy that does care.

Now, as they leave Crazy Chrystal Lady Dean is giving Sam a hard time about not caring—not accusing him of not caring in a how dare you tone, but more of a, “If you’re going to talk to people, you have to at least fake empathy,” tone. Now that the cards are on the table, and they know between the two of them that Sam’s “not a real boy” Dean is having a hard time not wanting to crawl under the proverbial table when Sam speaks to people. He wants Sam to fake it with other people until they get his soul back.

Dean: You want to be a real boy, Pinocchio, you gotta act the part.

Sam: I was faking it. I picked ever y word. It was exhausting.

Gotta, say, I can’t blame him for both being confused and for not wanting to fake it. I play the part a lot. Am doing so currently. And it is exhausting. It saps your energy like nothing else. Also, the subtle nuances between being honest with yourself (and your brother), and having to hide the truth when dealing with…anyone else…isn’t easy to naturally pick up on. To Dean it’s obvious that Sam should use his brain and memories and treat people like Crazy Chrystal Lady with a little schmoopy kindness because it will keep her from closing up on them—or worse, calling the cops. But that’s not obvious to Sam. Because it’s not straight forward, black and white.

Although…even as I say that, I pause because Sam does know how to use nuances to coerce and manipulate when he wants something—with Dean for example. He wants his brother’s help and he found the right way to get Dean to work for Crowley. He needs something from these other people, too—like Crazy Chrystal Lady—but he just bull-in-a-china-shop’s his way forward with them.

*ponders* It might just be one of those “go with it Gaelic” moments where I, yet again, can’t really figure Sam out.

Bottom line, though, is that Dean tells his brother that until they get Sam’s soul back, Dean will be his conscience.

Sam: You’ll be my Jiminy Cricket.


They head to Brennan’s Watchworks to interview the owner—who happens to have been Patrick’s father. They say they are reporters with “The Mirror.” Brennan tries to kick them out and Sam pushes in with suspicious questions—accusing him of knowing something. Turns out Sam’s instincts ended up being right, which is noteworthy because last episode they laid the groundwork for Sam not having gut-instinct. He may not have his gut like Dean does, but he’s learning how to read people pretty clearly.

And as I write this, I find it interesting how my feelings and impressions of and for Sam are shifting as the season progresses. I went from WTH, Sam to being irritated and confused back to WTH, SAM to being almost bored and confused to being happy that we were seeing this through Dean’s eyes because otherwise I might not even really care about Sam and all of the sudden I find myself noticing how they’re playing this out and being incredibly intrigued by the path this character is taking and how it’s going to impact my hero.

Brennan grabs Dean’s sympathy by dropping his shoulders dejectedly and saying that after a person’s been missing for 72 hours the odds of them coming back are nil and Patrick has been gone for weeks. Dean gives him a business card and the guys leave. Brennan turns to look at…nothing…and asks, “Was that okay?”

Curiouser and curiouser.

After they leave, Dean tells Sam to watch the watch guy and he’ll go check out the crop circle. He gives Sam specific instructions to not attack, maim, or otherwise engage with Brennan. In fact, Sam is to make no judgment calls whatsoever—he should call Dean first. I don’t blame Dean a bit with this directive; I mean, Sam did confess to murdering innocent people “in the line of duty” at the end of the last episode. And this is Dean. “Nobody is killing any virgin’s”-Dean. He’s not going to risk Sam making a call that could get someone killed even if did take out the bad guy in the meantime.

Sam, however, protests a bit and says he was without Dean for a whole year and got along fine.

Dean: I don’t want to know your definition of FINE.

Well…if Sam were in The Italian Job it would be Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional. But…yeah, I get Dean’s point. *grins*

So, Dean leaves Sam at the watch shop and takes the Impala out to the crop circles. It looks like he drives the car right up to the crop circle—gah! the paint job!—and gets out to walk out there and look around, totally on-edge. His phone rings and he jumps a mile before answering. It’s Sam—he’s staked out Brennan in a bar where he’s apparently choosing to drown his sorrows. Sam wants to talk to him and is checking in with his conscience before doing so—but before Dean can say anything, a large bright light hovers over him.

Dean is like Ho. Lee. She. It. He pulls out his gun and takes off running through the cornfield (which—ouch! And also? I wonder why he didn’t just head to the Impala?). He’s yelling into the phone.

Dean: UFO! UFO!

Sam: What? Dude, stop yelling. You’re breaking up.

Dean: Close encounter! Close encounter!

Sam: Which kind? 1st? 2nd?

Dean: They’re after me!!

(This whole time he’s running…running…always running….)

Sam: You better run, man. I think the 4th is a butt thing.

Dean: EMPATHY, Sam. Empathy!

Ya’ll, I cracked up. My MOM cracked up. Sam might’ve been low on empathy but this exchange between the two of them gave me a much-needed laugh.

Sam catches the waitress’s eye and signals for another beer while Dean keeps running. Finally, Dean drops his phone and pulls out his knife (Terry—was it his Bowie?) and drops into a fighting stance all, bring it you green-skinned bastards.

The bright light gets brighter and suddenly—no Dean.

Back at the bar, Sam frowns into his phone, says his brother’s name, then just looks pissy, hangs up, and checks out the waitress as she delivers his beer. *frowns and arches eyebrow* Sam, Sam, Sam…. Y’know what? I think that’s what gets me the most tangled up. I want to say, “Seriously, Dude? Your brother just screamed into the phone that he was being chased while investigating Something Very Weird and then the line goes dead and you don’t even at least try to call back let alone get up and go after him right away?” But…we’re dealing with Soulless Guy. So we can’t tsk at him, right? *sighs* I am…disgruntled about that.

Eventually deciding that it would be a good idea to track down his brother, Sam ends up in the cornfield, too—only I’m not sure how he got there because Dean had the Impala, but whatever. *shrugs* He calls Dean’s phone and follows the sound of the ringtone.

Aside—that’s a new ringtone. It wasn’t Smoke On The Water but I couldn’t ID it. Anyone catch it and want to enlighten me? Pretty please?

Sam comes across a caravan of RVs that are all UFO believers—I’m honestly not sure how he found them or where. Were they in the crop circle? I totally missed that. Anyway, though, Wayne Whittaker is there and Sam remembers him from the interviews. He gives Sam a pamphlet of information and eyewitness accounts. Sam, though, wants to know how to get them. Not just believe in them.

Wayne’s all, you and me both, man. The pretty hippie girl who they’d interviewed earlier as well overhears their conversation and comes over all OMG, your brother was abducted?!

Sam: Yeah. I’m okay. I’ve had time to adjust.

Hippie Chic: Did it happen when you were kids?

Sam: No…like a half hour ago.

She’s clearly confused by this, but apparently finds him interesting enough to stick close. Sam turns back to Wayne and is like, let me get this straight—you have zero concrete data and no workable leads. You are of no use to me and you suck at hunting UFOs. He heads off and the Hippie Chic follows, offering to help, if she can.

Meanwhile, back in the crop circle, the bright light reappears and Dean is…dropped off looking Totally Freaked Out. He’s screaming (a nice, rough, throaty scream) and firing his gun repeatedly. It’s obvious he’s been fighting someone or something. He quiets when he realizes he’s not in Oz anymore and manages to make his way back to the motel room. Stumbling inside, he turns on the lights and gapes at…

…Sam en flagrante delicto with Hippie Chic.

Dean’s like W.T.H. Hippie Chic is perkily happy that Dean’s been returned. She gets dressed and grins at Sam saying she totally understood that they needed family time, but has to ask Dean what it was like.

Dean: They were grabby, incandescent douche bags. Goodbye.

He closes the door after her and leans on it, face-forward, his back to Sam. Sam has pulled on a black T-shirt and jeans and is standing in the middle of the room looking like he knows he’s in trouble but he’s not really sure why.

Sam: You’re upset.

Dean turns on him, totally incredulous. Apparently he’s having just as much trouble as I am trying to both figure out how Soulless Guy’s head works and remember that he can’t hold his brother to the same standards as he holds himself—or even as he did before. He’s realizing that he can’t expect Soulless Sam to think about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ the same way he used to or the same way Dean would…and that’s both scary and frustrating as hell.

It’s one thing to demand that another person conform to your way of life or moral code. My family does that; expects everyone to live inside the box of parameters that they deem correct and if they don’t, well those people are obviously bad and wrong. It’s irritating, but I won’t die if they think me bad and wrong.

But it’s a whole different ball game when you’re dealing with someone who has no moral code at all and yet is still interacting with the general public, affecting lives. Especially when that person used to have an even stricter version of right and wrong than Dean does. *head spins*

Dean: I was abducted and you’re banging Patchouli.

Sam: I didn’t think she smelled that bad.

Sam says he was working the case and Dean’s like how—I was gone for an hour! Turns out he was gone all night (it’s 4am) and Sam’s all, oh! UFO time slip! Apparently, Sam read the pamphlet. He goes to get the paperwork and Dean makes a sassy-face and mimics Sam’s words in a totally five-year-old reaction to being Totally Freaked Out moments ago and feeling like he’s not being taken seriously.

He goes to sit down and pauses mid-crouch when he realizes he was about to sit on The Bed Of Sex. He moves over and sits on the other bed. Sam, bless him, brings Dean a shot of whiskey, waits while he downs it, then pours him another before sitting on the other bed and asking him to talk.

*almost wants to ruffle his hair as in days of yore* He’s trying. I’ll give him that.

Dean starts out, choking on the words, “There was a bright white light…”

Sam puts a hand on Dean’s knee. “It’s okay. Safe room.”

Dean looks at Sam’s hand and Sam pulls it away. Hey, Dean asked for him to fake it and fake it he most definitely is. Dean says there were beings that were too bright to look at and they were pulling him toward a table….

Sam: Probing table?

Dean: God! Don’t say that out loud!

Sam: Right.

Dean: I went crazy…started hacking, slashing, firing. They…they seemed surprised. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before. (He stands up and starts to pace a bit randomly.) I had a close encounter, Sam…and I won.

Sam: You should go take a shower.

Dean: I should go take a shower. I am. I’m gonna…take a shower.

Hee. Too bad we can’t get shower scenes in the episodes. *writes missing scene in head*

Later, they’re in the bar where Sam had been watching Brennan the night before and are drinking some coffee. Or something.

Dean: On top of demons, angels, ghosts, skinwalkers…. If aliens are real, what’s next? Hobbits?

Well…you already have the Rings….

Sam tosses up a quick look at their waitress and Dean calls him out on giving her the silent howya doin’ when their reality is falling down around their ears. And then we have another interesting conversation—this one I think is foreshadowing Sam reneging on his “let’s get my soul back” declaration. I said then that his wanting his soul back knowing how much pain it would cause him was pretty big…but I don’t think that he really got it then. Not in an intellectual, knowledgeable way. I mean, it’s not your head that feels pain. And I’m talking non-physical pain.

This is kinda where I found myself getting further intrigued about the path they’re taking Sam’s character and why I’m hoping all of my confusion of how and why he’s reacting or not reacting the way I’d think someone without a soul would react will eventually pay off. He said he was that other Sam for a long time, and he wants to get him back. Dean certainly wants to get his brother back. But since all Sam has is his head, truly understanding the implications of things take awhile to really sink in.

There are things you know are right are wrong deep inside of you—you know it with absolute certainty—but when called to the carpet, you can’t adequately say why you know it. You can’t always cite a law or a commandment or a reason. You just know. And it’s that level that Sam can’t get to. As he begins to further understand and develop true knowledge about what it’s like to have a soul, I think he’s going to take back his assertion of wanting to get it back.

Because he won’t see the reason to voluntarily feel that kind of pain or cloud his thinking with emotion. And simply doing it “for Dean” won’t be an option because he doesn’t truly care about him.

Back at the bar/diner place, Sam wants to know if someone has no soul, and their brother has been abducted, and they’ve followed every lead and are basically at a dead end, why is it better to sit in the dark and suffer when he could be having sex with the Hippie Chic. After all, he’d be having sex in the dark…. *giggle*

Dean: If you had a soul, your soul wouldn’t let you.

Sam: You’re saying a soul equals suffering.

Dean: Yes.

Sam: Like all those millions of times you almost call Lisa.

Dean – silent.

Sam: So…suffering is a good thing?

Dean: It’s the only game in town.

And that’s it right there—how can you tell someone who blissfully feels no pain that it’s better to ache inside than be empty? Once upon a time, Dean wanted to feel nothing. He wanted it with every broken piece of his shattered heart. Until he met an angel-turned-human who told him how empty her emotion-free life was. So empty that she chose to fall and become human just to know what it was like to mourn and rejoice and thrill and ache and enjoy. *ponders further*

While they’re paying their bill and getting up to leave, Dean sees a freaky-looking man in a red stocking cap staring at him through the window. Sam doesn’t see him, though, and then he’s gone, so Dean shakes it off and they go research UFOs. Dean’s at the motel on the laptop and Sam’s at the library. Where there are endless books (with punctuation) on the subject of UFOs. Hee.

In the background of the motel room Major Tom is playing—either from a website on the laptop or the radio, I couldn’t be sure—and the lights begin to flicker. Dean’s like…not again. A bright light shines outside and the door is suddenly blasted open and in comes….a tiny flashing light. Dean dodges it a bit and then peers closer, eyes going wide in disbelief.

Dean: Nipples?!

The faerie basically starts smacking him around—using super-special faerie strength to knock him across the room a few times. He manages to trap her in the microwave, shuts the door, turns it on and…well, you can guess the rest. No more faerie.

When Sam gets there, Dean tries to show him, but Sam sees nothing. No blood, no echk (as Dean put it).

Sam: What was it?

Dean: It was a…little…naked lady. A little, glowy…hot…naked chick with nipples. And she…hit me.

Sam: I’m not supposed to laugh, right?

Dean pounds the counter, his jaw flexing as he looks incensed at not being taken seriously.

Sam: Right.

Hey, I laughed. Dean couldn’t growl at me.

Sam: Did she have wings?

Dean: How did you….

Sam: This is what Crazy Chrystal Lady was yammering about.

He goes to the laptop and they sit across from each other at the little table and what the hell was up with that forest mural backdrop?? *laughs* All I could think about was DALDOM when Dean was trapped in that room before encountering his demon self. It was distracting! This show and its motel rooms, I tell ya.

Anyway, Sam pulls up a website with a picture labeled Faerie Feast  and says, “They used to call them—“

Dean: Smurfs?

Sam: Faeires.

Dean: C’mon!

Sam points out that it’s basically a straight line between this faerie stuff all of the UFO “lore.” Dean is still doubtful.

Sam: You’re the one who pizza-rolled Tinkerbell.

Hee. I chuckled a lot in this episode come to think of it.

So, Sam says they have a lead and it takes them directly to Crazy Chrystal Lady’s abode. She sits them down for tea and starts to tell them about all of the different little people—leprechauns, goblins, gnomes, brownies…they’re all part of the faerie realm.

The boys are watching her, faces schooled in acceptance, though Sam looks like he’s either sitting on a pinecone or is trying to suppress a cough. Dean’s eyes stay on CCL’s face, but his jaw line is tense. CCL tells them that only people who have been to the faerie realm and back can see them—and the faeries only take the first born sons. Guess Sam shoulda checked out the crop circle instead, huh?

She says that the abductees are taken to service Oberan, King of the Faeries.

Clearly trying to keep from laughing, Sam looks at Dean, his lips quivering around the words, and says, “Did you have to service Oberan?”

Dean ignores him and asks CCL how they can forcefully interact with the faeries, illustrating exactly what he meant by showing empathy ala Dean Winchester. Don’t come right out and say you want every last one of those creatures to encounter Death By Microwave. Instead, gently probe for weaknesses. Which are: cream (they love it), iron (they hate it), silver (burns), and no matter how powerful they are, they must count every grain of salt or sugar if it’s spilled in front of them.

Which explains why they spit Dean back, what, with his silver bladed knife wielding and gun blasting away presumably iron bullets.

Armed with that intel, they try to leave but CCL insists they finish their tea. So, they hilariously attempt to drink from her dainty china with the big, clumsy man hands, Sam finally giving in and asking, “Do you have bigger cups?”

As they walk away, Dean wigs a bit with a skeeved-out jig.

Dean: Is it on me? I feel like I have the crazy on me.

Sam: You did sit in some glitter.

Dean: Makes me want to believe in UFOs again.

As they try to figure out their next move, they spy Mr. Brennan buying loads of cream. They follow him and see him take it back to his watch shop.

Dean: You stick with half-and-half; I’m going to check out the store. No hippie chicks.

Aside—as Sam follows the watch guy, I caught sight of some of the location set pieces. They had a marker for I-65 and a mileage sign that said St. Louis and Kansas (couldn’t see the mileage). Nice touch, show! I-65 is really an interstate in Indiana…not exactly near Elwood, and it runs North and South and both St. Louis and Kansas would be West of Indiana, but still! It was a good touch bringing it a bit more mid-west USA rather than Vancouver. *approves*

Dean picks the lock and sneaks into Brennan’s store, then back into the office, pulling his knife as he enters. Once there he sees many, many little men (like tiny little, not like Little People, Big World little) running around fixing watches and drinking cream. He sneaks back out and calls Sam, his voice slightly shaking with the whole being weirded out thing.

Dean: It’s full of Keeblers over here, like the story with the shoe guy and all the elves? You think Brennan made a deal with a faerie?

Sam says he’ll get back to him and makes his way over to Brennan (who is back at the bar, drowning his sorrows). He goes up and shines him on a bit, complementing his watch work.

Sam: If I didn’t know better I’d say you have a bunch of elves working for you.

Brennan looks over at him, terrified.

Sam: Except I do know better and you’ve got a bunch of elves working for you! How does a father trade his son for a bunch of watches? I am assuming you have a soul, so what’s your excuse?

Brennan: It wasn’t like that.

Meanwhile, Dean is (presumably) making his way back toward Sam when he spies that freaky-looking guy in the red cap watching him from across the street. Dean makes an about-face and starts walking the other direction and Red Cap follows him. Red Cap was the creepiest thing about this whole episode—mainly because I never did figure out what he was.

Sam and Brennan are sitting at a table and Brennan is confessing all. He supported his family with his watch making until Parkinson’s basically took his hands away. His grandmother always believed in faeries and the like and had a book she’d left him on the subject so, desperate—and totally not thinking it would work—he took it down one day and read a spell.

If there’s anything this show has taught me it’s that anything I might think won’t work, totally will just to spite me. That and classic cars and classic rock will never go out of style. *wink*

Anyway, he reads this spell, he says, and a leprechaun appears and tells him that not only can he fix his hands, but he can save his business by giving him workers—all he wanted in exchange was a place to rest and the fruit and fat of the land. Which, as it turns out, translates into Your First Born Son. And many others. There is a way to reverse the spell, but it’s in the book in a safe in his office and the elves won’t let him near it.


While Sam is getting the low-down on the faeries, Dean is speed-walking-while-trying-to-look-cool away from Red Cap. The dude is really freaking him out—Dean’s expressions are reminiscent of Yellow Fever. And I can’t say I blame him, really. I wanted him to turn and take the guy on, but he’s dealing with a total unknown and he was abducted by faeries and he’s totally off his game at the moment. He continues to try to keep ahead and get away from Red Cap, heading down an alley toward another cross street and just as he turns a corner, Red Cap vanishes and a true Little Person is there.

Dean doesn’t see this, though, and ducks behind a wall. When the Little Person emerges from the alley, Dean jumps him yelling, “I gotcha, faerie!” He wrestles the Little Person to the ground, only realizing that it’s not Red Cap when a little girl cries in horror, “Daddy!”

Dean lets him go and groans a heartfelt, “Oh, no,” before rolling over and grinning at the gathering crowd saying, “I’m just kidding!”

Sam and Brennan come out of the bar just in time to see Dean being pushed into a police car—hands cuffed behind him. Sam’s like, what do I do now??

Dean: Fight the faeries! You fight them! FIGHT THE FAERIES!


Oh, I love Freaked Out Desperate Dean, too.

At the tiny jail, the cop is trying to figure out what kind of a hate crime this was, exactly.

Cop: If he were a normalized homosexual, would that have been a problem?

Dean: It’s not a hate crime. I don’t hate any-sized…gay guys.

Cop: As it happens, he’s not gay. He’s the Assistant District Attorney for Tipton County.

Fabulous. You sure can pick ‘em, Dean. Although, until the cop said that, I wasn’t sure if Red Cap had morphed into the Little Person or what…. I guess Red Cap just vanished??

Dean: Well, he did pretty good for himself considering…these tough economic times.

*cough* *cough*

Cop: Son, you are all kinds of messed up.

Cop leaves and the lights go out. Took me a moment to realize it wasn’t aahhh! Lights are out! But rather the jail just being closed down for the night.

Sam and Brennan enter Brennan’s office and Sam has a shotgun. Brennan can see the elves and says that they’re all down for the count—the cream hits the like tequila. Well…if that’s the case? Why did Brennan wait so long to slip them all a Mickey? Maybe he just needed the extra help? *shrugs*

Anyway, Brennan gets the book out of the safe and starts to read the reversal spell. Aside—wonder what language that was. Elvin? Sounded like it could have almost been Gaelic, actually.

Out of nowhere, someone stabs Brennan in the back, the weapon protruding from his chest and he falls down, dead. It’s Wayne! The UFO dude! I cannot believe I didn’t see that coming. Talk about being off your game. Wayne is the leprechaun that appeared to Brennan and he killed the watch maker because he was going back on his deal. Sam’s like, well, too bad for you—your cover’s blown.

Wayne begs to differ.

Wayne: Brennan’s dead. Your brother is marked—he belongs to us now. And you can only see me if I let you.

With that—poof—he’s gone. Sam’s like, bring it. You have to come at me eventually and I have good reflexes. Wayne appears again and says that Sam isn’t like the rest of them—he’s missing a certain center. The human soul gives off a perfume to his kind, and he can tell Sam’s is missing. He says he can get Sam’s soul back. Sam’s like, it’s in a cage…with the Devil.

Wayne: Your Devil, not mine.

Sam calls bullshit.

Sam: No freakin’ way a leprechaun can do what angels can’t.

Wayne mocks the angels—I missed what he said, exactly, but the gist was that he could get Sam’s soul back if Sam were willing to make a deal.

Sam: You’re my blue faerie? You can make me a real boy?

Wayne: If you wish upon a star.

Sam: I got a wish.

BLAM! He shoots the leprechaun point-blank.

Wayne: Iron. Painful. Not a deal breaker.

BLAM! Okay, now Wayne is pissed. And Sam gets the brunt of it.

But first, back in jail, Dean hears odd, echoey footsteps. He starts to look around and without warning, Red Cap is sitting next to him. Which…I wonder how he was able to get through the iron bars of the jail? Unless they’re not iron. *shrug*

Anyway, whoever or whatever Red Cap is, he starts to beat the ever-loving hell out of Dean. Slamming him against the bars, the floor, the wall. Dean’s bleeding in no time. Back in Brennan’s office, Sam is receiving a similar beat-down by Wayne. Ouch.

Dean is all bloody. Sam is all bloody. Red Cap is saying nothing. And Wayne is taunting Sam saying he already took his best shot. Sam’s like, you’re right, I did.

And then he spills a vial of salt on the ground, forcing Wayne to stop and count.

Sam: Why didn’t I do that earlier??

He goes to the book and starts reading while Wayne continues to count, hissing curses in Sam’s direction. Dean is just this side of getting knocked unconscious when the spell begins to work and all of the creatures from faerie land blink out—presumably sucked back to their own reality. Whew!

Later on—maybe the next day—the guys stop on a dirt road between a field of corn and a field of what looked like soybeans. It really could have been somewhere in Indiana near where I grew up. They pull out the cooler of beers and lean on the front of the Impala. They both have split lips and Dean has a good-sized gash over his eye. They look worse for the wear and much better for it. Dean wears bruises so gosh-darn well. *sighs happily*

It’s a pretty shot, it really is. The dirt road contrasts with the black of the Impala flanked on either side by green fields and the sky is a pale blue backdrop. The boys look…peaceful and close. You’d never know the turmoil churning just beneath the surface of those cautious eyes and hesitant half-smiles.

They drink a toast to the tiniest DA for dropping the charges (thankfully explaining how Dean got out of jail because I was all manner of what??). Dean asks Sam about saying no to the leprechaun’s deal, wondering aloud if Sam thought he really could have done it. Sam was like, doesn’t matter, it was a deal and since when have deals been a good thing?

Dean’s like, point taken. But he presses, worried, needing to know how Sam’s head is working. Is Sam having second thoughts about getting his soul back?

Sam says no, and Dean nods, looking away and sipping his beer, but a cautious look crosses Sam’s face. Perhaps his answer wasn’t an all-out lie, but that look definitely shouted doubt. He’s said several times that he’s a better hunter, that he thinks clearer (or so he assesses) without his soul. Regardless of if his brother and the world think his hunting methods are morally questionable or if his clear thoughts are missing a layer of compassion and empathy, maybe he doesn’t want to give up this pain-free life.

But why, I still wonder, did he bother getting his brother back into his life in the first place? Soul or not, emotions or not, I think he’s conflicted somewhere in there. He waited a year to get Dean, then he waited awhile after that to tell Dean that he knew something was wrong with him. Maybe he’s not thinking a clearly as he thinks he’s thinking.

And Dean, man, he can’t let his guard down for one second. If Sam thought it was exhausting faking it, it’s doubly so for Dean. Not only is he trying to be his soulless brother’s conscience and keep him on as high ground morally-speaking as they’ve ever been able to maintain, but he also has to constantly check himself, his heart, his logic, his natural inclination to want to ream Sam for this choice or that action. He has to remind himself that he might think Sam should know better, but there’s no real gauge to judge how memories police actions. Just because this Sam has old Sam’s memories, doesn’t mean this Sam is capable of making the same choices.

It’s a wrenching situation to be in. Dean has to protect Sam from himself, protect himself from Sam, and try to keep his head on straight so that he doesn’t lose that kernel of connection that has always, always kept them united. That bond that has been stronger than blood. Because he’s the only one who cares about that right now. He’s the only one who can.

All-around light hearted episode with some heavier undertones that foreshadow, me thinks, events to come. Next week we have a re-run as the US folks recover from Turkey Day and the previews for Dec 3rd look exciting. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do to us next.

Thanks for reading!



Tags: stream of consciousness
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