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Boosting the signal

I'm re-posting text from yasminke 's journal.

"By now you've probably heard about the devastating floods that have been occurring in Australia (mostly in Queensland and NSW but tonight parts of Victoria are under water). Lives have been lost, scores of people are missing, tens of thousands of properties have been affected.

We've set up a community, [info]fandom_flood_ap to raise money for the flood victims in Australia. Participants are encouraged to offer any type of creative endeavour, in any fandom, or even of original work (we have one author who is willing to auction off naming rights in a piece of original fiction!).

Auctioning will start soon and we'd like you to join us, help us help those who've suffered in these deluges. And if you could spread the word, I'd appreciate it."
Also, this just in!

There is now a community specifically for helping Brazil through the flooding and mudslides it has endured of late. It is [info]helpbrazil2011.

So, if you've got the time, they've got the need.


Tags: fandom, people helping people
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