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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 6.14

Pre-Amble to the Ramble

It’s Friday morning (very, very A.M.) and I wanted to get some “in general” thoughts down before I watched tonight’s episode. You guys are fantastic—and you always, always make me think. Not only about the show and its characters, but about my take on it and the vibe I’m putting out there each week.

I realized something while replying to the comments from last week. Like all of you, I have ideas and hopes of where I’d like to see a character’s storyline go—as well as how I’d like the writers to treat one character or another. I also differentiate ‘storyline’ from ‘character-heavy episode(s)’ and seek my own interpretation of a balance there. But as I’ve said before—this is not my story. And I am under no fantasy that any emotion one way or another on my part will sway the decisions of The Powers That Be.

So, I am going to do my best to put out a positive vibe in the universe each week when it comes to our Show. I will always be honest about my take on the episode (it’s a little hard to be less than forthright when writing in a ‘stream of consciousness’ style), and I want you all to feel free to say whatever is on your mind about the show or the episode — good, bad, or ugly. I’d love to discuss it with you at length, actually. I’m just going to try to avoid showcasing the “weariness” of certain things that my last review conveyed.

I think that after six years, it's hard for all of us fans to maintain a unified *squee!* about the Show, especially considering the roads it’s traveled. But I hope we can still *squee!* on our own sides long enough to see this show through to its end — be that this year or five years from now. These boys, this show, all of these characters have entertained and enchanted me for a long time now. I think I owe them that. *smile*

So…with that out of the way, I wanted to share a quickie promo for the Show in general done by the amazing and talented lsketch42. Give it a look-see and tell her how awesome it is!

This ramble is brought to you by a rather creeped out Gaelicspirit. I’m visiting my friend thruterryseyes and actually got to watch an episode with her for the first time…ever. Now, some of you may know from her fanfic bio that Terry has a nearly six-foot tall zombie butler. No, I’m not kidding. His name is Edward and he stood at the back of the living room during the entire episode and—I swear to God—stared at me.

Meet Edward.

So, keeping that in mind, you may understand why some of the moments in this episode freaked me out much more than perhaps some of you. That and I’m somewhat…impressionable. *ahem*

The THENs showed us that Lisa would be in this episode—going into these spoiler-free I didn’t know anything beyond what last week’s previews said, so my stomach was clenched a bit in anticipation of what this might mean for Dean.

We go to NOW and I think even Edward heard my heart crack wide open. Dean is on his knees, bent over an unconscious Sam. I couldn’t tell if Sam was breathing or not. It’s where we left them last week. Dean’s voice catches and trembles with heart-wrenching emotion as he calls Sam’s name, and presses his hand to his brother’s neck to feel for a pulse. He calls him, “Sammy,” and his lips move around words he doesn’t have enough air for as he looks around the room, desperate, searching.

He’s gasping, tears choking him as he says, “C’mon, dammit!” He has no idea what to do. None. He just needs Sam to come back to him. It’s one of those moments where I stopped breathing because his fear and pain was so great.

And then Sam comes back to him. He drags in a huge gasp of air, opening his eyes and looking around, bewildered and frightened. Dean’s like “oh, thank God,” and grabs Sam up—not in a hug, but pulling him up off the floor saying, “Let’s get you the hell out of here.”

The whole scene…just…GUH. Dean’s fear, the sound of him losing his brother…sitting in the room with Sam’s body…looking as if it could be it…I just…they better not do that to him. No matter what happens in the next eight episodes, they better not take Sam away from him. Not like that. I WILL put out a bad vibe if that happens. *crosses arms*

Next scene is at Great Falls Jr. College in Patterson, NJ. A Janitor is mopping the floor of a science lab near an anatomical mannequin (with all of the musculature and organs visible). The Janitor moves past the mannequin and…the eyes freakin’ MOVED. Okay, I know, I’m a total girl about this but ya’ll, that creeped me out. I think my mini-squeal was highly amusing to Terry.

And Edward.

Next thing you know, the Janitor sees blood dripping on the floor and we see his forehead being sliced open. As he’s busy going “What the…” about his bleeding head, the mannequin gets off its hook thingy. The lights go out, we see a tray of scalpels on the floor, the mannequin looks…animated-ish…and voila. Dead Janitor.

Back with our boys, they’re outside…somewhere. It sounds like they’re near water — I thought I heard seagulls. Would make sense since they were in Rhode Island. Anyway, Dean’s at a food truck and Sammy his rubbing his head trying to overcome what looks like the worst migraine since his Death Visions. *pets him*

Dean comes back, asks him how he is. Sam’s like, sucky. Dean says it’s a good thing he’s a doctor. He’s got coffee, grub and pain pills (at least, I'm guessing that's what they were).

Sam: What are they?

Dean: Effective.

Sam declines and opts instead for mainlining caffeine. Which is also effective. Kinda wonder how long Dean's had those pills, though. And if he uses them or if he got them just for Sam.

Sam wants to know how long he was out — for Dean it was like 2-3 minutes, but to Sam it felt like a week. Dean asks him if he wants to talk about it — says it looked like he was electrocuted. Sam, in a pure Winchester-style, declines to discuss and says he’s fine.

Dean: It was Hell, wasn’t it? You got a face-full of Hell.

Sam doesn’t want to go there, but Dean knows. Of course he knows. *rubs heart* He says they did it Sam’s way and this is what happened. Everything bad that Dean said was going to happen? Did. So now Sam needed to listen to him and stay away from walks down memory lane. Sam’s like, so what do I do?

Dean: Shove it down and let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.

Oh, man. These guys. Anyone in Dean’s life who thinks he’s “dealt with” his time in Hell is totally deluding themselves.

Sam: Sounds healthy.

Dean: Works for me.

Hardly. It may allow him to survive and keep moving forward, but he’s clearly not living an actual life. It’s evident even before the mid-part of this episode that Dean has resigned himself to the fact that there is nothing else in life but hunting and Sam. And if Sam should ever decide that there is something else out there for him aside from hunting…I kinda wonder how Dean would survive. But I really don’t think Sam sees anything for himself, either. Not after everything he’s been through.

So they both simply…exist.

Moving through life with the sole purpose of saving people, hunting things. Killing the things that go bump in the night before those things get us. Finding happiness in small pockets of time and hanging on because of each other. I don’t know if I find that honorable or incredibly sad. I haven’t decided.

Dean: This is not a joke. Your life is on the line. Now, this is not a debate. I mean, first you were a soulless dickbag…and now…you’re not.

Dean putting his big brother foot down. I like.

He suggests a job to get Sam’s mind off of this incident and brings up the Janitor dying in the lab with all the doors locked and no one inside. Basically, their kind of weird. Says it’s in New Jersey.

Dean: Maybe we’ll have a Snooki sighting.

Sam: What’s a Snooki?

Dean: Good question.


At the Jr. College, the boys are suited up and exploring the science lab. Dean begins to dismantle the mannequin, so to speak. He pulls the heart out and hands it to Sam like a 14 year old boy on a field trip. You get the sense that the mannequin is watching them…and its expressionless, muscled face doesn’t look happy. Hey, no one likes to have their heart toyed with, right?

Dean: Be my Valentine?

Sam is like, we’re working, dude.

Dean: Aw, Sam. Have a heart. (Hee) Buzzkill.

Dean asks Sam if he smells sulfur and Sam’s like, uh, duh. Science lab.

Just then Dean’s cell rings; it’s Lisa. He lets it go to voicemail. Sam tells him to just talk to her and Dean’s all, thanks Dr. Laura, oh, look, we’re out of time! Just then the EMF gauge that Sam is holding goes berserk. Dean sees a camera positioned in the top corner of the ceiling. Lucky for them, Big Brother is watching.

So, they somehow get access to the security camera room. Probably because they’re so awesome. They’re watching the Janitor do his Janitor stuff, he gets to the science lab, the cameras fuzz and then…dead Janitor. Hmmmm.

Next thing we know, Dean’s sitting in the Impala and his phone beeps that he has a voicemail. He pockets the phone when Sam climbs behind the wheel. Sam tells him that he talked to the “mop jockey’s” girlfriend who told him that he was a nice guy with a spotless record who went to church and watched Glee.

Dean: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Dean, meanwhile, found out that there had been no accidents in the lab of any suspicious nature. Ever. So, they had a big steaming pile of nothing.

But, three towns away, a night Security Guard is checking out a place that looks like a clothing factory with those anatomically ambiguous mannequins with no face stacked and standing in various places around the quiet, dark room. He hears a noise, calls out hello, gets no answer, then grins and says, “Johnny? That you?”

As he turns around, he sees one of the faceless mannequins just standing there. He turns the other direction and there’s another one. And then his forehead splits open — just like the Janitor’s. As he reaches up to wipe at the blood…the mannequin’s head turns. (I was more creeped out by the eyes, thus no squealing.) He tries to get away, but the mannequins surround him and then stab him to death with what looks like one of those poles they prop mannequins up on.

The camera pulls out and the Guard is dead on the floor with a bunch of mannequin arms and legs strewn all around him. It kinda reminded me of this episode of M.A.S.H. I saw once where Hawkeye had a dream kinda like that--he was adrift in a boat with mannequin body parts floating all around him. I was too young for that show and it scarred me. *shudders*

ANYWAY. The boys are once more suited up and apparently manage to smooth-talk and badge-flash their way into the crime scene as the coroner peeps are zipping up the body bag and local law is still milling about. The EMF starts humming around a collection of mannequin parts. Sam remembers it doing the same thing back in the science lab where Dean was “molesting the anatomy mannequin.”

Dean: What exactly are you accusing me of?


Sam says he’s just pointing out that it’s big coincidence.

Dean: You’re kidding. You’re not kidding. Possessed dolls? Like Chucky? That’s just…(he eyes the faceless mannequin and his expression is adorable)…freakin’ creepy.

Sam argues that ghosts possess people, why can’t they possess mannequins? Dean’s like, yeah, but ghosts don’t jump county lines — why the lab and now the factory, huh? Sam’s like…you got me.

Dean: So…we dig. Over there. I don’t like the way Kim Cattrell is looking at me.


So, while they’re digging, and finding out that the Security Guard was also squeaky clean, they find that the Factory where the guard was killed has a black mark on its past. A girl named Rose Brown went missing over a year ago and is presumed dead. She’s survived by her sister, Isabelle. So, they’re thinking vengeful spirit — though as I write this I find myself wondering why the spirit waited a year to seek revenge. I don’t think there was any catalyst for triggering the killings…unless I missed it.

Still, who says supernatural baddies have to be logical, right?

Anyway, Dean’s phone rings again and it’s Lisa. Sam orders him to answer it, which Dean does, reluctantly. Turns out it’s not Lisa — it’s Ben. He sounds so much older — he has that pseudo-rough voice of a kid around 13 or 14, and it kinda made me sad how grown-up-yet-little-boy he sounded. He tells Dean that something is wrong with his mom. That it’s bad. She won’t come to the phone and she barely gets out of bed.

Dean tells Ben he’ll call back in five minutes. He doesn’t want to leave Sam — says it’s life and death and he’s not talking about the vengeful spirit. Sam says he can handle it for 24 hours. He practically shoves Dean into the Impala and makes him go. Says he had to face his past over the last year, now Dean does, too.


So, while Dean is driving to…uh…I can’t remember where the Braeden’s live. Michigan? Anyway, it’s a drive, that’s for sure. While he’s doing that, Sam interviews Isabelle the sister and finds out that they were very close. Rose was kind, giving, had a big heart. She was also shy and quiet and people gave her a hard time about that.

Isabelle: She did more for me than anyone ever could.


Sam sees a picture album on the coffee table and takes a look — he sees a big group photo that turned out to be a company Christmas party. Rose and Isabelle are both there…as is Dead Janitor and Dead Security Guard. Only, y’know, before they were dead.

It turns out the factory, Salzman & Sons, is the common link among the dead guys, even though that doesn’t solve the problem of why a ghost would hit someone at the college and at the factory when they’re in different towns. So, Sam goes to the factory and starts interviewing everyone about Rose in a montage-like fashion. We don’t hear anything that anyone says until he gets to this youngish guy with shoulder-length dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He’s acting shifty and suspicious about Sam’s “routine questions,” and flinches away from the picture of Rose Brown that Sam shows him.

Sam calls him Johnny — and the link was made. This was the guy that the Dead Security Guard called out to. Johnny says he saw Rose around but doesn’t know anything. Sam wants to know why he’s so nervous, which Johnny shiftily deflects. Sam lets him go, but gives him his card to call if he remembers anything. Which kinda cracks me up a bit that he has business cards. With a way to reach him. I guess they don’t have to worry about the police tracking them down or anything since they’re dead now about 3 times over, but it just seems a little dangerous (to me) for them to have business cards with fake names and real phone numbers floating around the country.

As Johnny leaves, Sam shifts his eyes in thought. I think I might have a little RoboSam hangover because there was something in his expression that harkened back to when it seemed like soul-free Sam was experiencing an emotion. It confused me back then because I thought he wasn’t supposed to feel anything (as he claimed) and this time it just struck me…I don’t know if I can put my finger on what it was. Just…struck me.

ANYWAY. Dean finally reaches Lisa’s house and pretty much lays on the doorbell. Lisa opens the door dressed in a black cocktail dress and looking extremely pretty…but not at all happy to see him.

Dean: You look…absolutely fine.

Lisa: What are you doing here?

Dean: We’ve been parent-trapped. Ben sent out a 911.

Lisa: Why would he do that?

Dean’s says it’s because she looks like she’s going out on a date, and Lisa invites him in — and gives him a beer, which actually kinda warmed my heart. She’s not happy with him, or with Ben, but she knows how to help Dean feel comfortable enough in her house so that he’ll talk with her.

Lisa’s like, “I called you six times.” Dean replies with a (totally lame) “I almost called you back 100.” She’s like, oh, wow, thanks, that’s comforting. I don’t blame her. Men. *rolls eyes* Ben pokes his head in and both of them turn to him in unison with a, “Go to your room.”

She trying to wave Dean off, telling him she’s not asking for anything. He’s watching her and man, his eyes are hungry. Not in a sexual way, either. It’s like he’s looking at peace across a wide chasm and has no idea how to cross it. He tells her he wants her to ask for something. She’s been holding herself away from him, across the room, out of reach, but at that she kinda sinks against the counter next to him. Still not touching him, but near.

She looks at him with soft eyes and says that she knows what she wants, but she can’t have it. Not the way he lives his life. Every time the phone rings she gets a little jolt thinking it might be him and then that rush of fear that it’s Sam telling her Dean’s dead.

He tries to comfort her with a quiet, “Lis….” But she’s having none of it.

Lisa: I get to a place where I think I’m okay with you being gone…and you show up at our door. I’m trying to get over you.

His eyes flinched when she said that. As if he didn’t ever expect to hear it. And to be honest, I was rather sad, too. I didn’t expect that after the vampire incident and the forced-honest phone conversation they’d be able to roll right back into that “you go do your thing, then come back to us” mentality, but I didn’t want her to move on. Still, at the same time…he’s not given her much to hold onto. She’s called him — over and over — and he puts it to voicemail and doesn’t call back. Yes, he’s had a ton of stuff on his plate that she has no idea about, but he also has no idea what’s going on in her life.

You can’t just put someone on a shelf and expect they’ll be there waiting for you when you’re ready to dust them off and play with them again.

I think if he’d answered even one call — or called back even once — she wouldn’t be where she was now. But she can’t spend her life with a question mark where her heart is supposed to be. Not only that, she has to continue to raise her son. She has to show him that their lives go on. They were doing fine before Dean came into their lives, and now that he’s chosen to leave, they’ll do fine again.

I understood why she said it and why she was doing it, but the look on his face as he absorbed her words just…ouch.

Lisa: What are you trying to do, Dean? What do you want from us?

She said it as a genuine question. Really pressing him to think. What did he want? Did he want them to wait? Did he want to come back to them when the battle he was fighting was over? Did he want the battle to be over? What did she and Ben have to look forward to? I really think if he’d given her even a hint that there was hope for him to return, she’d have kept Matt-The-Doctor at two dates.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Johnny is on the phone with someone and is clearly flipping out. He goes into…I don’t know. A warehouse? Maybe? And we see the now-familiar blood on the floor with the sliced-open head wound. Before a mannequin can show up to kill Johnny, though, Sam shows up and whisks him away into a side room, immediately lining the doorway and windows with salt. He wastes no time in breaking it down for Johnny.

Sam: It’s a ghost trying to kill you for being a dick. You’re lucky you were the most suspicious interview of all time.

Johnny’s looking completely freaked out, but Sam’s irritated. He mutters that he should’ve known this would happen and then tells Johnny, “I don’t have time for the big speech. Brass tacks, Rose is back. What did you do?”

He tells Sam it was a stupid joke and Sam kind of glowers at him and repeats, “What. Did. You. Do?”

Okay, so I just have to say that this whole scenario for why Rose was a ghost was just sad and mean. Heart-breakingly mean. I’ve been the shy girl. The quiet one. The one that no one asked out. And what those boys did to Rose was just…cruel.

Also? It kinda reminded me of the Kevin Bacon movie Stir of Echoes. Which also creeped me out.

Anyway, Johnny tells Sam that he and the other two Dead Guys made Rose think she had a secret admirer. They hid notes and little gifts in her locker at the factory, that kind of stuff. He said he didn’t think she had ever been asked out and thought she was pathetic. They eventually lured her to a secret location. I think the thing that panged me the most is that as he’s recalling it, Johnny says, “She was so excited.”

I knew right then how it was going to end but…ugh. It was just so sad.

Rose enters the house — looking very pretty and dressed up — and approaches a candlelight dinner with the figure of a man seated at a chair with his back to her. She touches the man on the shoulder…and it’s a mannequin. The three guys break out of hiding laughing at her. She tells them to go to Hell and tries to leave, but one of them grabs her arm to stop her. She pulls away, stumbles, falls and cracks her head open on the edge of a coffee table. Dead.

Johnny starts to call the cops, but his friend stops him and says there was only one option. So, they bury Rose in a clearing in the woods. Johnny tries to tell Sam that he didn’t touch her, it wasn't his fault. Sam, looking rather dangerous and angry, says, “Look me in the eyes and tell me none of it’s on you.”

Which, of course, Johnny can’t. So, Sam goes to find the body and tells Johnny to stay where he was until Sam tells him all is well. Says it’s getting off easy.

Back at Lisa’s, Dean goes into Ben’s room to talk. Ben says he’s not going to apologize — that it was an emergency. It’s the third date.

Ben: I watch TV. I know what that means.

Dean looks a little disturbed — but I’m not sure if it’s the thought of Lisa sleeping with another man or that Ben understands the implications of “3rd date.” Dean sits down on the bed next to Ben and I have to tell you, I melted a little with how he talked to the kid. How he looked at him — like this was where he wanted to be, if only he could align the stars.

Dean tells Ben that Lisa is a grown up and needs to go out. Ben breaks my heart by asking, “Can’t you come home? Say you’re sorry and come home?”

Dean says he can’t. Ben’s like, “Can’t or won’t?” Dean’s like, both. Ben wants to know why he is mad a Lisa, at him, trying to find out why it can’t be like it was before, when Dean was there and life was as close to normal as those three ever had. Dean tells him with grave seriousness that it isn’t Ben — Ben did nothing wrong.

Dean: Just ‘cause you love someone doesn’t mean you should stick around and ruin their life.

Wow. That sentence has multiple layers for Dean’s life — and not just with Lisa and Ben, and not just from Dean's point of view. I wonder if we’ll come back to that at any point.

Ben: You think something bad will follow you home?

Dean (hastening to reassure him so that he’s not scared all the time): No, but I think my job turns me into someone that can’t sit at your dinner table.

Oh, Dean. *rubs heart* I wish he could see himself as others see him. As Ben sees him. He’s no more a killer than any soldier in a war. Any warrior or guardian who kills to protect another. To protect those he loves.

Dean: If I stayed, you’d end up just like me.

Ben: Why do you say it like you’re so bad?


Dean: You’ve got a shot at living any life you want. Pick one. Pick five!

There’s a great shot facing them as they look to the side at each other, both in profile. It’s one of those moments you just want to freeze your TV for a bit because you can feel it’s the last time it’s going to happen for awhile. Or…forever.

Ben: You’re a liar, Dean. You say family is so important, but what do you call people who care for you…who love you even when you’re a dick?

Dean’s face collapses a bit around his eyes as he tries both to take in every word and block out Ben’s honesty at the same time.

Ben: You know you’re walking out on your family.

He just doesn’t get a break. If he stayed with Lisa and Ben — now, I mean, not before when Sam didn’t have a soul — he’d be leaving Sam out there with a poorly-constructed wall in his brain protecting him from mental detonation. And the way Dean sounded at the start of this episode, the emotion in his voice and eyes at the thought that he might’ve lost Sam, you know he can’t do that. He can’t leave his brother like this, not now.

But in choosing Sam, he leaves two people behind that love him and could offer him a different kind of peace than he’s ever known in his ‘normal’ life. He could have a family — his family. And either way he chooses, he hurts someone. And what he wants is buried so far down inside of him he doesn’t know how to find it.

*has to take a breath*

We go back to Sam and he’s burning Rose’s bones. He’s rather clean from having dug up a body. *laugh* He strikes the match, holds it for a moment staring at the flame — much like we’ve seen Dean do a time or two — and drops it in. Then he calls Johnny and gives him the all-clear.

Sam: This is your chance at a new beginning. To not be a jackass.

Dean is driving back to New Jersey, his face tight with the pain of being without choices and of having your heart scooped out over and over. Memories of Lisa and Ben — with him, separate, good times and sad — are playing out in his expression and on our screens. The music was a little…interesting. It was like a mix of America and Guns 'n Roses. I almost thought I should know it, but…I didn’t. The whole montage of memories and regret just compounded the fact that the one thing Dean has to hang onto is his brother.

It’s the only thing that’s carried him through his life; and it’s hard to just...let that go. Just release that and do something else. Sure, he did it for a year. When he thought Sam was dead.

I don’t know what this means for him and his ongoing story. I think they left it rather open-ended. Ben claiming that he and his mom were Dean’s family was the last we heard from them. And just because she’s dating doesn’t mean Lisa’s not in love with Dean. She as much said she knew what she wanted: him. But his life and his choices make it impossible for them to be together.

I would like to say that if she “really loved him” she’d have accepted him no matter what, but that’s just because I ache for my hero. I don’t think that’s realistic. I think how she’s reacting in light of the options he’s given her is realistic. But…I do have to say it also sucks because before the vampire incident, she was willing to wait as long as it took. Let him do his job and come back to her when he could. *sigh*

Okay, moving on. Back in New Jersey, we see a place called McOwens Irish Pub with some shiny, happy people inside — including Isabelle. Love Hurts is playing on the jukebox. Johnny walks in, but instead of going into the pub, he heads upstairs to what appears to be his apartment.

And this is where creepy just becomes weird. I have to admit, I didn’t get the motivation for Johnny to have a mannequin in his apartment — in his bed, in sexy lingerie — that he talks to as if it were his girlfriend. That, honestly, felt like a contrived way to get a mannequin in place to kill Johnny. But, be that as it may, Johnny’s telling his mannequin girlfriend to “pack her things” (WTH??) because they’re leaving when the mannequin suddenly turns its head and looks at him.

So, Johnny is dead — strangled by a piece of the mannequin’s nightie — and Sam is at the apartment (with the cops) looking around. He sees the mannequin sitting demurely on the couch and calls Dean’s “other, other cell” and leaves a message that it’s not over. He goes to Isabelle’s house and is looking through what little bit of Rose’s stuff she had left, since she gave all Rose’s clothes to Goodwill. In talking to her and looking at the stuff, Sam realizes that Isabelle goes to school at Great Falls Jr. College. So, she was at the college, the factory, and the pub — making her the link to the ghost. Sam kinda freaks her out a bit by asking what she has of Rose’s that she’s wearing. She can’t think of anything at first, but then pauses.

When she was 16, Rose saved her life by giving her a kidney. Giving depth to her earlier statement that Rose did for her what no one else has.

Sam tells Isabelle to come with him and they meet Dean in a parking lot somewhere in town. It’s night, so no one is around. Dean gets out and meets Sam half-way, asking, “Is that the girl with the haunted kidney?”

They talk about what they should do — they can’t just cut it out of her and leave her in a tub of ice with a phone taped to her hand. Dean brings up Dr. Robert, but Sam nixes that idea. They’re circling on hoodoo when Isabelle gets out is all, wth are you guys talking about….

In that moment, though, the Impala roars to life.

Dean: She possesses sex dolls! That isn’t a sex doll!

Well…from a certain point of view….

The Impala pulls a Christine and starts trying to run-down Dean. Sam gets Isabelle out of the way and safely on the other side of the car they arrived in. Dean is yelling back at the Impala as he runs, “You leave my baby alone! She’s got nothing to do with this!”

He keeps running until he backs himself up against a building with the Impala bearing down on him. Whispering, “Sorry, baby,” he dives out of the way just as the Impala drives through a brick and glass wall. Brick. Seriously. *pets car*

It works, though. The car stops. Sam runs over and helps Dean up. Both are out of breath and slightly shaken up, but okay. Sam looks at Isabelle to see if she’s okay and suddenly we see blood spurting out of her mouth. Looking down, we can see she’s been impaled by a huge shard of glass from the broken building.

Isabelle half-falls, Sam catching her. Both brothers bend over her, trying to figure out what to do, how to help, when Rose shows up, looks at her sister and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this.” Isabelle dies, Rose disappears, and the boys are left looking bereft.

Sam half sobs as he looks back down at Isabelle, then over at Dean. He’s totally shaken up. And no wonder. He thought he’d gotten it; and not only that, Isabelle had done nothing wrong. And Rose had done nothing wrong. And two innocent girls were dead because a group of boys were jerks and Sam and Dean hadn’t been able to move fast enough.

Just…a sad, sad ghost story. *hugs Sam* *sighs*

Back at Bobby’s lot, Dean is fixing the Impala. Sam meets him out there with a beer and asks how she’s doing.

Dean: She got carjacked by a poltergeist. It could be worse.

He kinda sighs and looks up at Sam with sadly empty eyes. “What did we do here, Sam? We saved some dicks and got an innocent girl killed. I’ve got a broken-hearted kid and a woman who is so pissed at me…. Facing your past is…awesome.”

Sam is watching him, looking regretful. He says doesn’t put this hunt in the white column either, even if they did stop a ghost. There’s this great shot of the two of them, angled up from the ground over the right quarter panel of the Impala, both are a bit in shadow with the bright sky behind them and both have a beer in hand. Dean’s in profile and Sam’s looking at him and it just…well, it felt like they were them again for the first time in awhile.

Dean (tiredly): All we do is make a mess.

Sam: That’s not true. We do save lives now and again.

Dean: I’m just…tired of all the bad luck.

Sam: Well, bad luck is in the job description. But it’s not all bad. Look at me — at least Satan’s left the building.

Dean (giving his brother a barely raised eyebrow): Yeah, it’s the little things.

Sam: And I have a soul because of you. I never thanked you for that, did I?

I think I may have said, “No, you haven’t.”

Dean tried to shrug it off, but Sam persists: “Thanks. I mean it.”

Dean tries to deflect with a “you’d have done the same for me” but I think that was big. No one has really thanked him. Not for all of the sacrifices he’s made, for what he’s given up. No one has really thanked either of them for the part they both played in saving the world. But the one person I really wanted to thank Dean was his brother. And I think that there must have been something said, or the lines of sorrow and regret drawn along Dean’s face when he returned from Lisa’s that gave Sam a clue as to how rough it truly was for his brother to go back there.

Go back there, and then leave again. I didn’t take it as Sam just thanking Dean for his soul (though, that’s huge…since he died and all to get it), but for coming back to him. For sticking by him. As he always has.

Sam: We keep our heads down and keep swinging. We’ll lose some, but hopefully win more. And…for what it’s worth…I’ve got your back.

This time, when Sam said those words, it was with sincerety and the honest love of a brother. This time, Dean looked at Sam with gratitude and hope, not suspicion and wariness. He looked at Sam like he believed him and with a small half-smile said, “Yeah, I know.”

We end on a nice overhead shot of the brothers and the junkyard. I like those scenes in the junkyard. *smiles*

The previews look unique. I’m not a big fan of ‘meta’ episodes — those “4th wall” ones last season weren’t my favorite, really, because they rattled me out of my escape. But I have to say, this looks different. And funny. And like it’ll even advance the mythology storyline a bit, which would be great.

Hope to see you back here for that!

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