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Music meme - brought to you today by the letter "D"

I love music. I have it playing all. the. time. It is the back-beat of our life; my Mo Chuisle is conditioned to recognize moods based on what kind of music is playing. We cook to it, clean to it, write to it, work to it, sleep to it.

So! When I saw that kajmere posted a music meme (with some OMG amazing 30 Seconds to Mars vids {and a phenomenal fanmade 30 StM vid by jessicarae24}) I had to get in on this.

Here are the rules: Comment with "MUSIC ME" and I give you a letter between A-Z (obviously) and you go and post 5 favorite songs/music videos that start with that letter. can just enjoy the music.

kajmere gave me D. Some of the vids are less-than-awesome, but the it's music that matters. *grins*

1) D'yer Mak'er by the mighty Led Zeppelin (my first anchor in music)

2) Devil by Staind (I have a not-so-secret love affair with Aaron Lewis' voice)

3) Delicate by Damien Rice (I adore this quiet, quirky, Irish singer)

4) Down In A Hole by Alice in Chains (AIC was Pearl Jam and Nirvana wrapped in one for me)

5) Dragonfly by Shaman's Harvest (windows down, drivin' fast, rockin' music)

It was hard to stop at five. Seriously. *grins*

Happy SPN Friday, all!
Tags: friends, meme, music, random, staind
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