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ElJay Is Nutty

Hi ya'll.

I know LJ has been having some wackiness of late -- I couldn't get on at all yesterday -- but now I'm having an issue with my journal and I don't know if it's my issue or as a result of the nuttiness.

When I go to my journal, I don't see my sidebar/links list at all. It's just a wide, white space to the left of the main body of my journal. I've tried it in both IE and Firefox, same result. I've tried logging out. Same result.

But, when I click on my "Friends Page" -- it's there, just as it should be.

If anyone wanders by today, can you tell me if you see my sidebar/links list? Because if you see it and I don't, I figure it's just me and I should calm my OCD tendencies to make everything just so.

But if you can't see it, then something is truly wonky and I need to figure out how to fix it.

Thank you!

ETA: Looks like it might've just been me. Or ensuing wackiness that we're all experiencing over here. Thanks, all!

(PS -- lsketch42  and a_phoenixdragon ...this is a different issue than the one I asked for your help on awhile back. *grins*)
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