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Stream of Consciousness: Ramble On?

This is the first LJ Poll I’ve ever done. I think I'm going to post this now, after Season 6 has just ended, and then in early September when Season 7 is about to start. That way I can see if the hiatus changes your thinking at all.

Since Season 3, I’ve written reviews that I call "rambles" that recaps the episode as well as I can recall it and intersperses a thoughts/reactions review throughout. I write them immediately after one viewing and post them right away. The ensuing conversations that take place in the comments generated by you guys in response to the ramble are incredibly enlightening and rewarding. I enjoy writing them very much and often times find my own grounding in an episode as I move through the write-up.

However. We’re moving into Season 7, and as it takes roughly 4 hours to write and post each ramble, I am wondering how to (or even if you guys want me to) continue the weekly ramble. I thought I’d ask ya'll what you preferred before I made a decision.

Hence, my first Poll! Ta-da!

Poll #1747850 Stream of Consciousness: Ramble On?

Regarding an SPN Season 7 weekly Stream of Consciousness Ramble, please let me know your preference:

I enjoy the way the ramble is currently written (recap + reactions + review) and would read/comment whenever you post it.
I enjoy the way the ramble is written (recap + reactions + review) but would only read/comment if you post it immediately after the show airs.
I like to read the review part immediately after the show airs; I don't need the recap -- we just saw the same show, after all.
I like to read the review part; I don't need the recap. And it doesn't matter when you post it.
Don't change a thing! I mean it! I'll take my cookies and leave!
What's a Stream of Consciousness Ramble? Is that like a dance move?
I'll share my preferences in the comments below.
Tags: episode review, ramble, stream of consciousness, what do you think?
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