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More than a Weapon

Happy September everyone! It's closing in on the start of my favorite season here in the states: TV Show Premieres. You thought I was going to say autumn, didn't you? That may be my favorite weather, but it's when my shows return and give me some wonderful 'escape from the weariness of reality' options my smile really blossoms.

Since 2005, there has been one true love of my TV Show Escapism: Supernatural. On September 23rd, our heroes will be back with a 7th season to keep us entertained, debating, gnashing our teeth in angst and wringing our hands in (delighted) worry.

To tide us over a bit, I have a vid for you.

I asked my good friend lovinjackson to make a vid using one of my favorite Matthew Good songs, "Weapon." I know the song has been used in vids many other times, but for me? It was quite a fitting song for my hero in this show: Dean Winchester.

DeanGirl, SamGirl, BiBro, or from another fan-based demographic entirely, we are all drawn to this show for our own reasons. For me it's the story Dean's life tells and how each of the people in his life -- his brother, his mentor, his friends, and those he's lost along the way -- are affected by him and affect him in turn. There is so much more to this story than Dean, I realize, but those layers just enhance the main reason I watch.

So, I asked lovinjackson to tell a story of what this life has done to Dean, what Dean has sacrificed because of this life, and who, ultimately, he does it all for. She did a wonderful job with the request and so I'll shut up and let ya'll watch and enjoy.

Happy TV Show Premiere Season!

Tags: fandom, friends, supernatural, what do you think?
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