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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review of epi 7.01

Welcome back, boys! You were missed, you were. *grins*

Brief PSA: If you’re new to the Stream of Consciousness Rambles, let me give you a quick lay of the land. I’ve been writing and posting these weekly episode rambles since mid-way through Season 3. I call them rambles because I tend to do just that: ramble on. These recap/reviews can sometimes be as long as 20 Word Doc pages, depending on how awesome the episode is. You’ve been warned.

Dean is my hero, hands down. But this is first and foremost a show about two brothers and their…compatriots, shall we say, so I do my level best to give everyone a fair shake. However, anyone will tell you, my sympathies are rather clear. I avoid spoilers; the only thing I’ll allow myself to watch between one episode and the next are the ‘previews’ they show at the end of an episode. So you won’t be spoiled should you venture within (though, speculations run amuck).

All are welcome; feel free to post your comments, thoughts, speculations, musings, reactions in the comments. I reply to every comment. Promise. Just…play nice. That’s all I ask. This is just my take on things and certainly not the way they are.

Lastly, this show touches all of us in a personal way somehow (at least, that’s been my experience) and you may run into a personal reference or reminder herein…on occasion. *wink*

So, now that that is out of the way, let’s kick it in the ass!

I spent so much of Season 6 tense. Wondering what this group would think about that scene, or what that group would think about this moment. The season polarized fandom unlike any season prior. So, I ended it a bit wary of having enough ‘oompf’ to ramble on for another season.

But I have to tell you, I really think I’m going to like this season. I was entertained by this premiere. And yes, the story fell into some predictable formulas/patterns, and yes there were things I temporarily tensed up at because I knew group X wouldn’t agree/appreciate, but I’d missed seeing these guys so much I just rolled with it and I think I’m going to like how the story of my favorite Kansan hunters continues to evolve.

That, and…they’re just so pretty. *grins*

The writing skirts some subjects that, if we allowed it to, could be pretty controversial. But I like how they dare to do that. Push the edges a bit, without full-on breaking the barriers. Makes us think, tilts our heads. I really think this is going to be an interesting season. I’m ready, man.

So, the Road So Far was pretty much all the stuff that happened in Season 6. You were there, you saw it. Ironically, it was set to Foghat’s ‘Slow Ride.’ ‘Cause, yeah. It kinda was, IMO.

Oh! Before I forget—I LOVED the new title card, Then/Now background with the wrinkled paper effect and the type face and the bleeding ink…very cool. And goes well with what I’ve heard about the theme for the overall season. Which, if you haven’t heard anything, I shan’t spoil you, but it has me intrigued and liking the title card because of it.

Thankfully, we pick up right where we left off (though Dean’s hair is a tad longer—YUM). Dean’s holding his left arm against his side as if it or something inside of him is broken—and for good reason. He was tossed around but good in the finale. Everyone is staring at Cas with “Come again?” expressions on their faces and then, quite frankly shocking me, Bobby kneels.

Bobby: This good or you want the whole forehead to the carpet thing?

*burbles up a chuckle in spite of the seriousness of the situation*

Then, Dean and Sam start to kneel and I’m all WHAT?! No, no no no no….

I’m not sure what I expected them to do, exactly. I mean, Cas had just told him he’d destroy them if he didn’t and he was pretty high on power, so I could see them trying to figure out a way to escape with their body parts in the original positions. Still. I don’t like the idea of Dean kneeling before anyone (aside from the real God, maybe).

Cas, however, stops them. Says it’s pointless if they don’t mean it. He wants them to kneel out of love, not fear. But you can’t make someone love you. Which, sadly, I think Cas realizes a smidge too late. Sam tries to say something but Cas interrupts him.

Cas: Sam, you have nothing to say to me. You stabbed me in the back.

Heh. It’s true. He did.

So, hyped up on power, Cas said that the Castiel they knew is gone, and calls Dean a ‘brave little ant’ for standing up to him. Meanwhile, Sam is looking downright ill. Cas is looking at Dean saying that they were his favorite “pets,” before they turned and bit him.

Dean’s all, “Who are you?” (He must not have been paying attention to The Road So Far.)

Cas is like, hello...? I’m God! Be nice and you can stay in my Kingdom otherwise, I’ll take all the toys and go home. Cas can tell Sam is fading and Dean calls him on it – says he promised to fix Sam. Cas is like, yeah, if you stood down, Dean, which you clearly didn’t, so no fixing. He says he could have put Sam back in the cage, so be thankful of his mercy. Way to get them to love you, Cas.

Dean (voice tingeing on desperation): Cas, this is nuts. You can turn this around. Please

Cas is all poof! gone. And then Sam gives in to the effects of pulling the three hims back together. His nose is bleeding and he sees flashes of himself, burning in Hell as Dean shoots a panicked look his way and calls his name. And you know what just occurred to me? Back in Season 5, right before Sam said ‘yes’ and allowed Lucifer in, Luci says that Hell is cold. That where he was (which would have been the cage) was cold. I wonder why they didn’t play on that angle a bit more instead of having Sam burning…. *shrugs*

ANYWAY, Sam falls to his knees, cuts his hand on glass and then…black.

Cut to Cas in Heaven (which the only reason we knew it was Heaven is because it looked like his beautiful Tuesdays With Morrie park in the background) and he’s saying that the angels who stood with Raphael would be punished. As for the rest of the angels? Well, there’s a new sheriff in town. Behave, or this will happen to you – and the camera pulls up to reveal a bunch of very dead angels, their black wings spread out to burn marks in the grass—so many that the wings are actually overlapping. Yikes.

Some undetermined time later—but probably not terribly long because Sam’s still out from collapsing back in Autopsy 101 somewhere in Kansas—Dean is in the Impala. Apparently he learned Buffy’s trick of quick healing, too, because if anything was broken, it’s not now. Maybe he was just really bruised. *shrug*

There’s a cool camera trick where it looks like the car could be still on her roof, but they roll to reveal he’s on his back in the front seat, booted feet on the ceiling, growling with effort as he tries to push the smushed roof up while grunting, “C’mon, baby!"

*Gaelic melts*

I can’t help it. Grease Monkey Dean did funny things to my belly. And other places. The smudge of dirt across his forehead and forearms…the denim over the black T…the slightly tanned skin…. Good. Lord. I need a screen cap of that. And did anyone catch what his T-shirt said? I couldn’t quite make it out.

Anyway. Sorry. Where was I? Oh, right. Fixing the Impala. Bobby brings beer, saying Sam’s still sleeping and he’s had no luck finding God Part 2. And even if he did, he doesn’t know what they’d do about it. Dean snaps at him, clearly hanging on by a very thin thread, then recants saying that if they stick their neck out, Cas will step on it. It’s the first clue we’re given on how close to completely unraveling this guy is.

I mean, sheesh. He’s. Lost. Everything. Over and over. And he still has to keep fighting.

Because the universe says so. He can’t get anyone to listen to him. Yet at the same time? It’s always all his fault when things go wrong. I’d be pretty friggin’ frustrated, too. I just have to wonder how long he’s going to be able to keep calm and carry on as the season progresses. The sadistic part of me wants to see him come apart because the thin line of control he walks sometimes has my chest hurting. He needs a release valve.

He tells Bobby he’s going to do the only thing he can: fix his car.

Dean: I can work on her ‘til she’s mint.

*thinks inappropriate thoughts about being ‘mint’*

He tells Bobby that when Sam wakes up, they’re going to glue him back together, too. They owe him that. Man, I love this guy.

Back in Bobby’s kitchen, Sam’s awake. Walking and talking. Even put on his own socks. Dean’s happy, but smooth, covering a relieved grin by sipping a beer. Also? The guy drinks the whole episode. Not kidding. Tell me that’s not going to come back around at some point. At least…I hope so. Dean’s cautious when addressing Sam—very ‘no sudden movements.’ But Sam says he’s fine. He doesn’t understand it, but…he’s really fine.

Sam looks thinner. Did you guys notice? Cheekbones more defined, less “bulk” around his shoulders? I liked it.

They decide to not question it too much and Dean tells him to come out to the Impala and they’ll discuss their God problem. As he’s walking out, though, Sam frowns like he heard or saw something – like that glimpse of a shadow you sometimes get out of the corner of your eye? He turns, but…nothing. They do this crazy camera twist thing to drive the point home that All Is Not Right With Sam. Made me a bit dizzy.

Cut to a church with a reader board out front ironically claiming that “God walks among us.” The pastor inside is revved up on anti-gay rhetoric. Set my teeth on edge. For me, that kind of “preaching” is what gives “religion” a bad name. Cas arrives, though, and informs the congregation the he is God, calls the pastor a hypocrite, makes him choke on his lying tongue, and starts to leave. Before he can exit, though, he starts hearing his name whispered and he stumbles a bit.

When he does leave the church, the stained glass image of Jesus has been replaced by an image of Cas. I wasn’t sure if we were to assume that Cas did that…or someone/thing else did.

Back at Bobby’s, Sam’s in the basement looking for a torque wrench when he starts hearing things again, he turns and the basement has gone red and there are hooks hanging from the ceiling with…flesh or something impaled on them and all kinds of ucky stuff. Sam’s all, WTF, but Bobby comes down, snaps him out of it by calling his name (though he sees Sam wielding the wrench like weapon) and tells him they think they spotted Cas.

Upstairs, they join Dean (who is wearing coveralls, be still my heart) in front of Bobby’s TV and find out that 200 religious leaders have been killed and people are calling it an “act of God,” with one eye witness saying the man was “young…and sexy.” *laughs* Oh, Show. *shakes head*

So, since they have no idea how to stop Cas, they keep on keepin’ on, Dean fixing the Impala, Bobby…doing what Bobby does, Sam surviving.

I love that they showed us the passing of time by tracking Dean putting that car back together…almost as if he were desperately trying to rebuild something inside of himself. Clever writing to have the radio on the whole time so that we can follow Cas’ actions—not all death and dying, either. He forced the KKK to disband (a fact even Dean couldn’t argue with), but did wipe out a bunch of motivational speakers.

According to Dean, New Cas (just like Old Cas) + Irony = Fail.

It’s unclear how much time has really passed, but it can’t be easy to rebuild a classic ’67 Impala. I’m thinking at least a few weeks went by. Sam pushes Dean at one point to talk to Cas.

Dean’s basically like, are you high?

Dean: He’s God. When God gets righteous, you get the Hell out of the way. Haven’t you read the Bible? Cas is never coming back.


It seems that all his efforts to ‘fix’ whatever was broken by making his baby ‘mint’ was only succeeding in giving him his wheels back. The fact that he thinks he failed his friend, failed to get to the bottom of the souls business in time to prevent Cas from sucking Purgatory dry, failed to save…anyone he loved from the pain they were all drowning in was digging it’s claws into him and pulling him low. He wouldn’t show it, not in recognizable ways, but Dean was hurting as much as his brother.

Dean = Done talking.

Sam = Got it.

So, while the boys are hashing out the merits of conversing with The New Boss, Crowley is hiding out in an anti-angel sigil-covered motor home with Tennessee plates, wearing some comfy looking leather slippers, sipping some whiskey, and listening to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” On his TV is a news report of a leper colony in India that was miraculously healed. Honestly? I didn’t realize there still were leper colonies.

Cas shows up, saying he’s always known where Crowley is, and Crowley offers him a drink, which Cas refuses.

Crowley: Can’t blame a girl for trying.


He prepares to be smited, spreading his arms wide, turning his head, and scrunching up his face. High. Larious. Cas, though, says he’s not going to kill him—he’s got plans for him.

Crowley: Wassat?

Cas wants Crowley back on the throne as King of Hell—only Cas will control the soul traffic.

Hell’s being downsized, but not eliminated because Cas still needs a threat to keep his peeps (aka mankind) in line. Plus…Cas needs to keep Michael in Lucifer’s cage. Which…why, I wonder. If he’s God…he couldn’t possibly be threatened by his big brother. Could he? Oooo…maybe rescuing Michael from the cage could come in handy down the road…. *ponders*

Anyway, big news is that Cas’ skin is getting sores on it much like Nick The Vessel did with Lucifer inside of him. Not good.

Back at Bobby’s, Sam’s sitting at the kitchen table, reading, and getting twitchy. I have to say that his did I just hear/see something wigginess started to make me wiggy. I kept glancing over my shoulder. And there’s a wall behind me.

Chains suddenly shoot out of the ceiling, wrap around his neck, and yank him up to the ceiling, choking him. Right when you think it’s curtains for Sam (again) he jerks awake. Just a dream. *whew*

He calls out for Dean, then for Bobby and gets no answer because they’re out in the garage taping up the Impala and getting it ready to paint. And Dean’s wearing coveralls. Again. *bites lip*

Rather proud of himself, Dean’s like, "I should do this professionally." Hee. I like it when he takes pride in something.

Bobby starts questioning him about Sam—how is Sam even vertical, that sort of thing. Dean says Sam is okay…he just prays to God it’s true.

Bobby: We need to come up with a new saying.

Hah! No worries, Bobby. Fandom has you covered.

It’s interesting to me how they pace out the ‘we need to have some exposition about this’ types of conversation. I mean, as we watched Sam head out to the garage, I knew he was heading out there to tell them about his dream/hallucinations because he’d been seriously wigged out, but I also knew that he'd overhear some kind of confession of Dean’s that would make him check himself and not say anything…again.

I mean, on one hand? It’s Sam’s M.O. If there’s nothing that can be done (in his estimation) why say anything and worry Dean more? But on the other hand? It’s been done a little much. And I would think these two would learn from that.

So, I hope that now that the cat’s outta the bag, when it comes to big things (like not being able to tell what’s real and what’s not), they need to talk to each other. Both of them. Dean's far from exempt. Some day, he’s going to have to talk about Hell. Some day, he’s going to have to talk about his ongoing drive to pickle his liver. Some day, he’s going to have to turn that release valve. And I think if anyone would get it? It would be Sam. He shouldn’t feel he has to protect Sam from him forever.

*steps off soapbox*

So, with Sam in the doorway out of eye line, but within ear shot, Dean confesses that he doesn’t really believe Sam’s okay basically because they never get a break. He’s not gonna get his hopes up just to “get kicked in the Daddy pills again.” Sam shows up and, predictably, doesn’t tell them about the choke chain dream, but instead says that Cas’ body count is rising.

Bobby: We gotta hunt the son of a bitch. Unfortunately, I lost my ‘God gun.’

Sam, grasping at straws, is like, what about a weapon in Balty’s arsenal. Dean’s like, it’s God, dude. There’s no thing…but there might be someone….

When they summon Crowley (still in his slippers with his whiskey, which makes Dean smirk), I was momentarily confused. How could Crowley defeat Cas/God when he was just cowering like a little girl moments ago? He even says that his ‘new boss’ is gonna kill him for talking to them and when Sam asks who his new boss is, Crowley calls him a giraffe and informs them that Cas is the boss of everyone.

Which, as you might guess, doesn’t sit right with any of them.

But then Dean (wearing flannel and looking all levels of fine) says he wants the spell to bind Death—the only player with the juice to take Cas. And I may have said, Oooh! out loud.

Crowley says it’s a suicide mission, but Sam asks him if he really wants Cas running the show.

Meanwhile, Cas—whose skin is growing steadily worse—heals a blind beggar man, showing (he believes) that he is a just God.

But then when the blind man asks him what’s the matter with his face, he goes into a bathroom somewhere to peer at his own reflection, hearing the voices. He opens his shirt and, ala Alien, hands are literally pushing against the skin of his chest and belly, the voices demanding Let Us Out!

Whoops. And also…creepy.

Next thing you know, an envelope is shoved under Bobby’s door—spell delivered via FedEx. Interesting. They decide they’re going to do this thing—the only problem is that they need and “Act of God Crystallized Forever.” Turns out? That’s lightning. Striking sand and creating something called a…fulgurite, I think they called it. A big-ass rock crystal thing that is, of course, very rare. But some google-fu shows them that someone bought it at an auction some time back and that someone just so happens to live about 9 hours away.

So, they jump in the Impala and head out. Which was a little interesting to me. They spent a lot of time showing Dean rebuild her and then there’s no sexy reveal this time around. She’s just put back to work, carrying them valiantly into the hunt. It felt lacking and yet, really right. Because it wasn’t a triumphant return this time.

It wasn’t a that’s what I’m talking about moment. They were looking for a way to kill someone who’d been a friend. Who’d saved their lives.

And it isn’t like they want to hunt anymore. Dean, especially. They just…don’t know any other way. Any other life. Any other way to survive. So, to see the nose of the shiny, 'mint' Impala as the engine’s low rumble erased stealth from the picture was kind of a, yeah. Yeah, there she is. Back in the fray.

Sam is sneaking up to the back of the house when a security guard spots him. Dean, jumps the security guard with a, “’Scuse me, you got any Grey Poupon?” WHACK!

Sam, adorably still with his hands up, is like, “Grey Poupon? Really?”

Hee. Boys. *ruffles their hair*

Bobby’s with them as they sneak into the house to find the lightning crystal thing, separating. Dean finds it, but then there’s the sound of a gun being cocked. A barely-awake, definitely-terrified husband and wife are standing with a big-ass gun pointed at Dean.

Dean: I don’t want to hurt you. Really.

Man: I’m the one with the firearm, Son.

Dean: I get that.

Next thing you know, the husband and wife are tied and gagged, back-to-back on heavy-looking chairs. And then Bobby and Sam show up. I adore that they didn’t show how Dean overpowered them and still conveyed that he did it sans help. Dean introduces the couple (but I missed their names) and Sam’s all, “Hi!” HAH!

So, using the “God thingy,” they start the spell right there in the people’s house. Dean even has fast food take out he knows Death likes. They cut Dean’s arm for blood to use in the ritual. Terry, if you’re reading? I know you know exactly why I grinned at that. Bobby starts the rite. The house rattles, windows break. Then…nothing.

Looking around, Dean’s like, “Um…hello? Death?”

And suddenly, Death is there. And bound.

Dean: Fried pickle chip?


Death: This is about Sam’s hallucinations, I assume?

Dean and Bobby stare at Sam all, Buzzah…?

Death: One wall per customer. Now, let me go.

Sam: We can’t. Yet.

Dean: We need you to kill God.

Sam, Bobby, and Dean are looking just shy of pee-their-pants scared. Death? Looks bored. Until Dean says this little tidbit.

Death: Pardon?

Bobby: Kill God. You heard right. Your…honor.


Death: What makes you think I can do that?

Dean: You told me you could.

Death: Why should I?

Dean (bravely): Because. We said so and we’re the boss of you.

Sam and Bobby shoot him a WTF, man! Shuuuuut uuuup! look.

Dean (terrified): Respectfully.

Suddenly Cas shows up. Now it’s a party. Cas—looking terrible by the way—says he gonna kill them and raises his Snappy Fingers Of Doom.

Dean: You can’t kill us! Death’s our bitch!

HA! What a line.

Death’s like, pretty much, yeah. Meanwhile, the tied up husband and wife are like this is the last time we do ‘shrooms with the Jones’.

Death tells Cas he doesn’t look like God—more like an angel whose vessel is melting. Cas replies that he’ll repair himself, but then Death drops the real bomb of the season. The big bad isn’t going to be Cas. It’s not even going to be Cas/God.

Apparently, before God made man and the angels, he made the first beasts, which he decided weren’t good to keep around, so he created Purgatory to contain them. They’re called Leviathans. *gulp* So, when Cas sucked Purgatory dry, he sucked them in, too.

Death and Cas start a pissing match. Death calls Cas a stupid little soldier, but Cas demands to know where God is and says he’s cleaning up one mess after another. On one very small level? I could kinda sympathize with Cas. It’s sometimes a struggle in life when we’re so conditioned as humans to believe in the tangible to believe that there’s a Heavenly plan (assuming that you, like me, do believe) when you see and/or experience so much pain in the world. Cas wanting to know where God was tugged at my heart a bit.

Death: Quite the humanitarian.

Cas calls Death a fly swatter, Death says he’s destined to swat Cas, Cas is like, not if I swat you first and just before it devolves into an, “I know you are, but what am I?” argument, Death delivers an awesome line.

Death: Cas, I know God. And you, sir, are no God.

Loved that one. In fact, I loved every moment of the scene with Death. That thin, unassuming man is so quietly frightening he is wicked cool.

Dean: Put your junk away both of you. Call him what you want, just kill him now!

Cas looks at Dean and I swear I saw Dean’s insides shrivel up and fold in half.

Death’s all, “Fine,” but then Cas snaps his fingers and unbinds him. Yipe. Death’s like, “Should we kick-box?” He heads over to the fast food—Dean hastily backing away—and says that he had a tingle he’d be reaping someone very soon. Then, hilariously leans over to address the still-bound couple and tells them it isn’t them.

Cas leaves.

Death: Well…he was in a hurry.

Cas shows up at the political rally office of a Senator and is ready to smite her for abusing power. Says he’s a better God than his father…and then? Cas…kinda starts to come apart. He’s laughing. Crazily.

Meanwhile, our boys are nervously watching Death nosh on fast food. Dean tries to say something and Death shuts him down saying, “I warned you about the souls with enough time to stop all of this and here we are again.”

Dean, not looking at Death, and still very scared, but building up resentful anger (that I don’t blame him for one bit) snaps: I’ve been trying. Maybe you should find someone better to tip off.

Death says maybe he should just find a different world, making me wonder if we’re going to get a Miracle Day episode coming up where no one dies. Sam tries to stop Death asking him to give them something.

Sam: You must care what happens to us.

Death: I really don’t.

But he does admit that Cas is arrogant, so Dean’s like, okay, let’s build on that. Death gives them another shot—they have to get the souls back into Purgatory, and they have everything they need to open another door back in Autopsy 101. He’ll even give them another eclipse on Sunday at 3:59am. He tells them not to thank him, just clean up their mess.

Which…why it’s their mess, I’m not sure. I mean, they did everything they could but they’re human beings working against almost insurmountable forces of Heaven and Hell. I think it says something that they’re still alive. But…that’s just me.

As he leaves, Death says, “Try to bind me again and you’ll die before you start. Nice pickle chips!” HA! I'm kinda craving fried pickles. *curses*

Back in the senator’s office, Cas wakes up in a pool of blood and stands up to see that everyone in the office is dead. He’s all, nooooo… but then the camera does that spinning thing and it’s quite clear that Cas. Is. Losing. It.

Back at Bobby’s Sam’s all ready to get their Purgatory on, but Dean’s sitting with his feet up, in front of a laptop, sipping whiskey. Sam’s like, “You want coffee with that?”

Dean: It’s 6pm somewhere.

Oh, man. You’re making my heart hurt, Dean.

Sam’s insistent that they give this Purgatory thing a go.

Sam: Cas is in there somewhere, I know it!

Dean: No, you don’t.

Sam: No. I don’t. But I was pretty far gone, too, and you never gave up on me.

Right. He didn’t, Sam. So what does that tell you about your brother right now that he’s given up on the only friend he’s pretty much ever had? How low does that tell you Dean’s been pulled? I mean, I don’t blame Sam—he’s got a helluva lot of his own flack to deal with right now. But I also don’t blame Dean for being all it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. He's been tired since Season 2 and life has just gotten harder and more and more rugs have been pulled from under his feet.

Dean: Yeah, and you’re the same open book as you’ve always been. Hallucinations? Really? I gotta find out from Death?

Well. It could have been worse. I mean, he could have found out from Facebook.

But I'm glad he called him on it more lying to each other, boys. Just. Enough. I mean it. *crosses arms and stops foot*

Sam’s all, you can’t help, why burst the one good bubble you had left, it’s under control. I know what’s real and what’s not. So here’s where I hope hope hope they take the opportunity to bring the brother’s together with a shared experience.

Dean’s clearly not dealt with his Hell trauma and Sam’s has manifested itself into a very real, rather dangerous psychosis. If there’s anyone that could relate to what both of them are going through? It’s each other! I really hope they build on that this season. If not…there will be so much story wasted.

Dean’s eyes do that Martin Riggs empty-all-emotion look and he sits back saying, “Here’s how I’m gonna deal: stuff my pie hole, drink, and watch Asian cartoon porn while I act like the world’s about to explode. Because it is.”

*rubs heart* Dean, man…. Even the idea of him giving up is like all the worst things in life jumbled together in a big, messy ball inside of me.

Then, Dean sees the news and there’s security footage of the massacre at the senator’s office with Cas grinning manically at the camera and Dean’s like, that settles it. Cas is out of the cards. But, interestingly, Sam still believes.

He heads out to the junkyard and “prays” to Castiel saying that they have until dawn to stop this, begging him to let them help.

I got why Dean had given up, but I found it interesting that Sam still believed. Maybe because he’d not been as close to Cas as Dean had. Maybe because he didn’t feel the sting of betrayal as keenly. I’m not sure. But…it worked.

Sam goes back inside and Dean offers him a shot, which Sam agrees to take only if Dean stops watching Asian cartoon porn. They share the drink and suddenly, Cas is there, covered in blood and sores, and so weak he sags against the wall. He tells them he needs help.

While I wish so much that it hadn’t taken all of this killing on his part and that he didn’t have one foot in the grave, I have to say, I love him for listening to Sam and, more or less, turning himself in. I’m so glad they didn’t have to kill him. Um. Yet.

So, they all show up in Autopsy 101, somewhere in Kansas. It’s unclear if Cas was able to transport them there or what, but apparently, they were able to reach it in time for the eclipse. Cas tells Sam where to find a jar of blood and Sam goes to retrieve it—alone, which I thought was a Really Bad Idea. Cas is slumped on the ground and Dean and Bobby are moving things around to make room for a door.

Cas looks up at Dean, weakly, and says he feels regret about Dean and what he did to Sam. Dean’s like, yeah, well, you should. Cas tells him if he was strong enough, he’d fix him. He’s trying to make amends before he dies. He pauses and then asks, “Is it working?”

Dean: Does it make you feel better?

Cas: No. You?

Dean: Not a bit.

Ouch. Just. Ouch ouch ouch.

I’ll put this out there. I liked Cas. A lot. I like his dynamic with the boys—his friendship with Dean. I liked his obliviousness and inability to pick up on human quirks. He broke my heart last season and in the moment when he’s beaten down and expressing regret, I missed him all over again.

But. That said? The story has to progress. And while it hurts to have characters brought in and connect with the boys—have them matter to them, like Ash and Jo and Ellen and now Castiel—and then take them cruelly away to leave them fighting alone in the world, I get why it’s done. And the evolution of Cas in this is incredibly intriguing to me. It’s a way to turn the world on an angle they’d never see coming and would be completely unprepared to fight. And it’s a way to, in a very weird, twisted sense, start fresh.

Nothing that worked before will work now. And I dig that idea. I’m excited to see where they can take it. And if, after everything is said and done, there can be any redemption—for all of them. Cas, included. Because with this show? Literally anything is possible. And that’s what keeps hope alive.

Anyway, while Dean and Bobby are in the main room, Sam’s gone after the blood and who should be there blocking his escape but Luci himself. Or, rather, Sam’s hallucination of Luci.

Lucifer: Long time, no spooning.

Yikes, poor Sam. *rubs heart*

Sam’s very calmly informing this hallucination that he’s not real. He’s just a result of Sam’s brain leaking memories of Hell. But, Hallucination!Lucifer tells him that the reverse is actually true. He said that everything else is actually the hallucination and Sam never actually got out of the cage. *rubs heart* Ugh, poor Sam. Just…UGH! This is not going to go well for him. *pets his poor, cracked head*

Back in the main room, Dean and Bobby have everything ready, but…no Sam. So Dean heads out after him and finds the jar of blood in the hallway and yet…no Sam. So, he has to make the tough choice to go back and save the world and look for his brother later. That had to suck. Especially now that he knows what Sam's been dealing with. But it wasn't like he had a lot of time, what with a Death-manifested eclipse looming.

They start the ritual (Bobby reading) and Cas can barely stand. He collapses once and Dean rushes forward to help him up.

Cas looks back at Dean, meeting his eyes, and says, “I’m sorry.”

The sorrow on Dean’s face is from the inside out. And in that moment, I saw absolution. Forgiveness. And just...pain. *sniffs*

Purgatory opens, souls get sucked back in, Cas collapses. His body is cold and he’s not breathing.

Dean (crouched over him, face tight): Maybe angel’s don’t need to breathe.

Bobby: He’s gone, Dean.

Dean looks…bereft. And regretful. And just so, so sad. His voice trembles as he says, “Dammit. Cas you child. Why didn’t you listen to me?”

But then, just like that, Cas heals, breathes, and wakes. Dean pulls him up, barely resisting pulling him close in a hug. Bobby’s all shaky laugh and happy.

Cas: That was unpleasant.

He thanks them, and says he overreached (a bit) and that he’ll find some way to redeem himself.

Dean’s like, let’s go find Sam, when suddenly, Cas pushes both him and Bobby away, growling that they need to run now. He’s in obvious pain, struggling against something and then yells, "Leviathans!"

They’d held on, the buggers.

Cas is being ripped up from the inside. Dean shoves Bobby to the door yelling to find Sam and then turns back to Cas who suddenly calms, straightens and smiles at Dean with a totally creep, serial killer/stalker smile.

In a very NonCas voice, he says, “Cas is…gone. Dead. We own this shell now.”

He throws Dean hard across the room. Then, does the same to Bobby. Stunned, Dean manages to lift his head, starting at LeviCas with shocked horror. Standing in the doorway, LeviCas grins maniacally, black veins creeping up his neck and to his face and says, “This is gonna be so much fun.”

His evil cackle echoes after the screen fades to black and the credits roll. *shivers a bit* I think this could be an amazing display of Misha Collins’ acting talents. I am excited to see how he’s going to play this new character.

As one last total aside? The “stay tuned for previews” promo shots? Hummina hummina. And the previews for next week? *meep!*

So…Dean’s two steps from unraveling, and is all that stands between his brother and oblivion, it seems. Sam is not only suffering from totally random and scary hallucinations, but currently thinks that everything he experienced over the last year is the hallucination and he’s still in the cage—plus, where the hell did he go? And Bobby? He’s just trying to stay alive, man.

I see a lot of potential for character growth from both boys and some pretty serious trials to overcome—both of them learning from the other. Not only that? This is a pretty big Big Bad. And I can’t imagine LeviCas will be the only thing they’ll be facing. As Dean said, they’re just not that ‘lucky.’

I’m excited to see what’s next.

Thanks for reading!


Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness
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