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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 7.02

Oh. My. Bleeding. Heart. You're killing me.

And now we have to wait a WEEK?!

I can actually feel the blood pumping through my body. I haven't been worked up about an episode--heck, scratch that, a season--in over a year. I am wary of speaking too soon, but so far? I feel like whatever bugs they had to work out of their collective systems with the "experimental" season six have been exorcised because these first two episode have so far worked beautifully for yours truly. Even things I was wary about (concerning storylines or the lack thereof) due to conversations shared over the hiatus haven't really troubled me. So far.

I think part of that is that we have our brothers back. Sure one's a few cans short of a six pack right now and the other is holding on by a very thin thread, but they're both there. Someone told me after reading my ramble for the premiere of Season 6 that it was highly opinionated, which is somewhat unusual for me. But having our Sam not be there and having Dean so off-balance because of set the tone of the season for me. And working up excitement and anticipation to this level? Yeah, there was no way last season. But I'm pumped now, man. The story is really working for me. So far.

One more thing and then I'll shut up and get to it.

I've been unspoiled since mid-way through Season 3, or thereabouts. All I'll watch is the previews they tag on at the end of the episodes. And more often than not, that's enough to get me thinking about possibilities. But over the hiatus, I joined the twitterverse, and let me tell you, it's a chore to stay unspoiled there. So I have a question for ya'll. How many of you are (purposely) spoiled? How many like to watch it as it comes? And those who are spoiled, do you think it enhances your viewing experience? Because I'm wondering if my random theories (which often don't pan out) are amusing, annoying, or interesting to you...since I go in clueless.

Okay. Done and done. On with the Ramble! And um...this might be long. And may or may not make sense. Consider yourself warned.

In the THEN they always give away a key piece of story -- usually a guest star -- but this time, they showed Sam cutting his hand on the piece of glass covered with Purgatory glass and I found myself thinking, "Hmmm. Interesting, that." I'll come back to that, though. Before I pick up on the NOW, I have to rewind my thoughts to the title card -- which is still made of awesome. I had been thinking "ink" when I saw the black dripping down from the letters. And, technically, it still could be, Leviathans being ancient creatures of the deep and all. At least in the quick mythology I googled, anyway.

But several astute commenters of last week's Ramble noted that it was the same black stuff that came out of The Mother Of All when she died and so now I'm thinking: Purgatory Ooze. Still. Looks pretty cool.

So! We pick up right where we left off, Dean on the ground, hand bleeding, bell rung, looking up at LeviCas. He shifts his eyes over to Bobby--sprawled out and down for the count--then calls his friends name in a thin, anxious voice. Bobby, thankfully, stirs so Dean looks back up at LeviCas, who is staring curiously at his hands.

Dean wants to know how many Leviathans are in there and suddenly we see that LeviCas is dripping black ooze from his hands and hairline.

Dean: Vessel's gonna explode, innit? Wouldn't do anything too strenuous. In fact, I'd call it a day and head home.

Nice try, Dean. LeviCas channels his inner Terminator, all We'll be back...for you.

He staggers off and Bobby sits up, gingerly, muttering, "Well, that was a new one."

LeviCas leaves Autopsy 101, walking like a zombie. Meanwhile, it's like old times for Sam--he's being strangled by Lucifer in some other room. Doesn't quite explain how the jar of blood got left in the middle of the hallway, but we'll let that go. Sam's choking out that Luci's not real, but Luci begs to differ.

Luci: You came back with no soul and some peppy-American Psycho named St. Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia?

You know what I couldn't help but think about at this moment? This is all in Sam's head, right? It's his psychosis from the damage done to his noggin in the Cage. So these thoughts are technically coming from him. And that one statement from Hallucifer had me rubbing my heart for a few reasons. I mean, one, Sam doesn't appear to think much about the Wall that they used to try to keep him in one piece, calling it 'magic amnesia.' Two, his subconscious mocks his brother's efforts to save him by calling him St. Dean. Hallucifer is Robo!Sam all over again. It's Robo!Sam in the only way Sam could assimilate him -- his worst enemy. His "bunk buddy" in the Cage.

This unreality haunting Sam is almost painful to watch -- not just because of what it does to Dean's brother, but because of the whole thought process behind it. Imagine all our doubts...the things we try every day not to let ourselves think...come to life, personified by the one person who brings us the most pain. I know who my Hallucifer would be, sadly. And the amount of insecurities I carry? Gah. She could tear me up in seconds. Talk about Hell. No thanks. I'll stick with the drink-it-away-and-tough-my-way-through-it approach Dean has mastered. The other way is...too horrifying to contemplate.

Hallucifer stops strangling Sam long enough to tell him that reality = set dressing, telling Sam he's his "little bitch, in every sense of the word." But then as Sam is looking rather sick, Hallucifer turns into Dean, calling Sam's name and looking all levels of worried.

Dean: We gotta button this thing up; let's get out of here.

I know they had to get after LeviCas, and everyone was hurt and hurried, but I do wish they'd addressed the whole, where the hell were you, question about Sam just...disappearing...and leaving the blood jar behind. Not in an accusatory way. In a worried-about-him way. But that's just because I want ALL THE DETAILS. It's not important for the overall flow of the story. This time.

LeviCas is staggering down a road looking like an extra from The Walking Dead when he sees a big lake and heads for it. Just so happens, that's the Public Water Supply. Awesome. He wades into it and is neck deep by the time Dean, Bobby, and Sam catch up. A whirlpool appears as LeviCas' head submerges and suddenly the black ooze stuff spreads out through the whole lake.

Bobby: Aw, hell.

Dean: Dammit!

Bobby: You said it.

The Leviathans are in the pipes. Not. Good.

Cas' trench coat floats to the edge of the lake like a body. Dean reaches down and pulls it out, taking a shuddering breath as he does so. His chin quivers and his lips tremble.

Dean: Okay. So. He's gone.

His voice breaks across the last word and I couldn't help it. I teared up. I blinked them away, but...I had tears at the ready, people. That was hard. Especially when Bobby says, "Rest in Peace," and then Dean folds the trench coat carefully, his chin quivering more and his voice shaking to match.

Dean: Dumb sonuvabitch.

Bobby: He was friends with us, wasn't he? Can't get much dumber than that.

*lump in throat*

Aw, Cas. *sad* I still believe you're out there, man. I won’t believe you’re dead until I see your wings spread out…or the show ends without you coming back. ;)

They leave and in a display of pure classic rock awesomeness that only Supernatural can pull off, the Doobie Brother's Black Water plays over a montage of scenes with teens holding car washes, a woman filling a pitcher of water, and a little girl drinking from a fountain. Ironically, as I write this, I'm listening to Florence + The Machine's What the Water Gave Me. HA!

Anyway, the little girl literally drinks in some black ooze, which turns out to be a Leviathan, and she becomes...well, LeviGirl, I guess. Elsewhere, a demolitions man named Edgar (we learn this later through conversation, but for ease of recap, I'll put it here) is working on an engine or something in his garage (listening to Black Water, hee!) and his sink starts shaking. Going to investigate, he's splattered with black ooze and Edgar longer himself.

Back at Bobby's, Sam is sleeping on the couch beneath the big window and someone is trying to wake him. He's hearing Hallucifer's voice, but it's really Dean. When Sam wakes, he jerks away, all scared and startled, with Dean easing back, hands up, all easy, it's me. He hands Sam a bottle of water and a protein bar, saying 12 hours straight was rested enough. I'll say. I can't remember when I've slept more than 6 hours in a row. Gah.

Sam: Breakfast in bed?

Dean: Don't get used to it.


Dean asks to see Sam's cut hand and suddenly we realize that form Sam's POV, Hallucifer is there, teasing about how sweet it is that Dean wants to hold Sam's hand. Dean looks at the cut -- V-shaped, laced by large, black stitches. He says Sam'll live and pours whiskey over it. As Bobby scoots up to re-bandage it, I started to wonder. We never pay close attention to wounds on this show. Not this close anyway. Not unless it means something. I'll go here more later, but I was suspicious of the wound at this point.

Since they didn't have any ooze news, Dean wants to focus on his brother, demanding how he's doing -- and telling him he better not say okay. Which, Sam agrees, he's not okay.

Dean: Ya think?

(Total shallow aside: Dean looked so. pretty. in this scene. I love this longer-haired look. Seriously. *sighs happily*)

Bobby warns him to go easy, but Dean's like, we have been -- we acted like he had it under control and now look! But Sam didn't want to crack up.... He tells Dean that it's not just flashbacks. He's having trouble figuring out what's real.

Dean: If you're trippin Hell's Bells why would you hide that?

Sam: I wasn't hiding it - just not talking about it. (Semantics, Sammy.)

He figured he'd "hold onto the safety bar" and ride it out...but it's getting more...specific. So, we skip the exposition and jump right to Dean's reaction, left to assume that Sam tells them Hallucifer is haunting him. Dean's at a loss...a loss that brings out the bottle and a few quick shots to brace himself against this news.

Pretty sure they're going to have to address his drinking at some point this season--not in an "intervention" way, but in a "you can't hang on by your fingernails much longer" way.

Dean, pacing, trying to figure out how to convince Sam that real is real and Hallucifer is not, says, "I got it! Why would the Devil holodeck you a whole new life when he could just kick your ass all over the cage?"

Sam, sitting, and tearing his gaze between his brother and Halluficer (who is perched on a chair in the middle of the room), says, "You can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away."

Ouch. And...again...inside Sam's head. Not fun knowledge to have to walk around with.

Dean, getting more worked up, wants to know why if he could create any world, Hallucifer would create this mess and Hallucifer tells Sam that it had  to be a mess or Sam would never believe it was his life. Sad, but true. In that moment, though, Dean realizes that Sam can see Hallucifer. Like right now. Dean is incredulous, on edge, frustrated with helplessness. Sam is breathing hard, near tears.

Heck, I was near tears. This was hard, ya'll. Watching Sam falling apart while trying so hard to keep it together -- not specifically because of Sam, but because of what it did to them. The both of them. It was breaking Dean to see his brother like this, and to not be able to help. *rubs heart*

Dean: He's. Not. Real.

Sam: He says the same thing about you.

Dean face captured a perfect, oh shit, look and Bobby, standing behind him this whole time, sighs and says he's getting back to work.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, LeviGirl is watching TV in her frilly pink bedroom and we can hear a commercial for Biggerson's homemade pies (ha!) as well as an ad for "Dr. Sexy, M.D."

Back at Bobby's, Sam is cleaning his guns in the study while Dean and Bobby are in the kitchen, watching worriedly, under the guise of doing research.

Bobby: At least he's not curled up under the sink.

Dean: No, he's just silently field-stripping his weapon.

Gulp. Man I feel for Dean. What do you do when your brother--whom you love more than anything in the world, but who is also physically capable of killing you in any number of ways--loses his grip on reality? Lock him in a padded cell (or panic room)? Or watch him very, very closely? Dean chooses option 2 for now, turning on the GPS of Sam's phone.

Watching Dean very closely, Bobby asks him, "How are you doing?"

Thank you. THANK YOU, Bobby. I mean, there's only so long this guy can run on empty, losing everything and everyone, facing insurmountable odds, without back-up, without hope of escape. It's about time someone checked on Dean. Actually checked in and recognized him as a person, a human. It didn't matter what Dean said in reply -- the fact that Bobby cared enough to ask was huge for me.


Dean, predictably, is worried about Sam. "It ain't like he's hexed. What if he's the kind of crazy you can't fix?"

Bobby: I'm worried, too, but humor me. How are you?

Dean (genuinely puzzled and wanting to deflect the attention from himself): Who cares? I'm fine.

Bobby: Right. And weren't you pissed at him when he said the same thing just a couple hours before he spilled his marbles all over the floor?

Atta boy, Bobby. Don't let him get away. Be the Robin William's character to Dean's Good Will Hunting.

Dean (moving closer to Bobby and pouring himself some coffee): I'm not Sam. I'm keeping my marbles in a lead-friggin' box. I'm fine.

Yeah sure, you're fine. You were pulled out of Hell and the first thing you did was line that box with lead. And you put those marbles inside and you closed it up tight...until it bounces open when you least expect it and bit by bit, the marbles roll loose and the noise they make when they unexpectedly hit the floor scares you to death. Every. Single. Time.

Bobby: 'Course. You just lost one of the best friends you ever had. Your brother's in The Bell Jar. And Purgatory's most wanted is surfing the sewer lines. But you're fiiiiiiine.

Gah, Bobby! Cut it out, man! You're gonna make me cry! Did you not hear - tears at the ready?! Seriously, though, I loved this moment. Loved someone vocalizing what Dean had just been through, the pain he's having to endure, and the reason he's stone-faced and stoic as he confronts it. I love his strength. I love it because right after he came back from Hell, the company line -- from Sam, mostly -- was that he wasn't strong enough. That he couldn't handle Lilith, he was fragile, broken, easily shattered.

But we know that wasn't true, and seeing him now, seeing him handle all of this mess... I mean, 'barely' is still hanging on -- it just makes him that much more my hero.

Dean nods in reply to Bobby's statement, though, turning away and focusing on the computer.

Bobby: 'Course, if you ever decide that's horse crap, I"ll be where I always am. Right here.

Dean (with a small smile, but not looking at Bobby): You want to do couple's yoga, or you want to get back to hunting big bads?

Bobby: Shuddup. Idjit.

Translation: I love you, kiddo. *sniff* Oh, stop. You know it's true.

Okay, so in Stockville, KS, (yikes, apparently I live in a bit of an epicenter of evil), the black ooze gets into the pool and some LeviTeens take out the whole swimteam. Or most of them, anyway. Up in Sioux Falls, SD (these Leviathans sure can travel far fast!) Sheriff Jodi Mills in is the hospital for an appendectomy and her silver fox of a doc reassures her that she did great and with some good meds, she'll be home tomorrow -- which is good for Sheriff Mills as she has a bit of a...quirky...roommate.

Back at Bobby's, Dean's coming in carrying groceries and Sam tells him that they have some bad news for once. He found out about the swim team and says it sounds Leviathan-y. Dean's all...ummm..., but Sam insists that Dean should go. Bobby's the hub, Sam's 51/50, which leaves Dean as the hunter. Dean doesn't want to leave Sam alone in the middle of a psychotic break (good idea!) and Bobby's all, hello? Chopped liver speaking!

So, with Bobby's insistence, Dean agrees to go. And this is where things start to go very, very wrong.

Somewhere in the US -- I've ceased trying to keep track because I originally thought that LeviGirl was in Kansas for some reason, but then she shows up at Sioux Falls Gen Hosp, so what do I know -- LeviGirl and Edgar the Demo Man meet up on a swingset, both agreeing the swim team massacre was a bad idea, but they know they're hungry. What I got out of this exchange was that there are quite a few Leviathans around -- and there is a "boss." Edgar seems to be the main dude in charge of a section of Leviathans, but he reports to someone. Now, whether that's a Big Daddy Leviathan, or some other Big Bad (Father of All?? kidding...), I don't know. But there's definitely some kind of 'boss' involved who has a specific plan for how things should go.

Anyway, the LeviGirl has an idea for how to solve their hunger problem--an idea she got from the ever-helpful Dr. Sexy M.D. She shows up at Sioux Falls Gen Hosp, lures Dr. Silver Fox into a room, tells him she wants to be a surgeon when she grows up...and she wants to grow up now. Somehow, she takes on the doc's appearance and then...eats him. Crunch.

At Stockton High School, Dean is suited up and introduces himself as Agent Ian Anderson (as in Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson...hee). The younger guy inside -- CSI? M.E.? Dunno -- tells him to watch his step because there's "NC17 shiznickle everywhere." Ha!

It takes Dean all of a minute to find the smudge of black ooze. Back at the hospital. LeviDoc puts Sheriff Mills' humorous roomie to sleep, then wheels her out of the room. As it's the night before roomie's scheduled surgery (seriously, who checks in the night before surgery anymore?) Sheriff Mills calls it like she sees it and follows the doc out of the room and down the hall.

Back at Bobby's, Sam's phone rings. Hallucifer is there, reading the paper, chatting Sam up. It's like Sam has an imaginary friend. Who can kill him. Dean tells Sam that the Leviathans were definitely at the school and that they'll track it from Bobby's. He asks how Sam's doing, and Sam basically chooses to be a lying liar who lies over telling his brother a truth  he can do nothing about from the road, saying he's okay. Oy.

Sherriff Mills is busy tracking the doctor to a side room (because she is bad-ass...and total aside? She and I have nearly the same haircut. Only mine has blue in it.). There she sees LeviDoc cut out roomie's liver and chow down. Understandably, she faints before she can get help and/or get back to her room. When she wakes up, she's in her bed and LeviDoc is there (wiping his mouth...gah). She tries to explain away why she was out of bed and a nurse gives her something in her IV to help her sleep. I may have yelled at the TV, "Pull out your IV!"

She did (good girl) but it wasn't soon enough. Some of the stuff got into her system, so she can't get away away. Just slumps onto the floor.

Back at Bobby's, Hallucifer is turning up the heat with the taunts at Sam prompting Sam to challenge him to just end it. Hallucifer is like, Why? This is my only fun. Basically, he says, it only ends when Sam can't take it anymore.

Hallicufer: I think that's why we're cleaning our guns.


Gaelic: *cold feeling in gut*

Bobby: Sam? You having a little bag lady moment?

Sam is tearful as he turns to apologize to Bobby. I really felt for the guy. He's made some questionable choices in his past, but, much like our favorite wayward angel, he was trying to do what he thought was the right thing. And as we know, he was kind of destined to follow the demon blood path. And the demon blood path led to his being the perfect vessel for Lucifer, which led to his sacrifice, which led to the Cage, which led to Castiel trying to save him as he'd saved Dean, which led to a year and half of soulless maraudering, which led to a wall, which led to Cas breaking that wall, which led to this. And this? Is rather heart wrenchingly terrifying.

Bobby hands him a beer and is trying to be reassuring, having followed the same path we just did and knowing that if he could, Sam would take the wall and the amnesia back in a second, if just to feel 'normal' again.

Bobby: You beat the Devil before, kid. You'll get a handle on this. You're not in Hell anymore. You're here. With us.

As Sam is listening, he's looking terrified over Bobby's shoulder as Hallucifer shows up behind the older hunter with a fireplace poker...which he then shoves through Bobby's chest. I gasped. Sam jerked back in shock. Bobby...just smiled and said, "You hear me, Sam?"

Good grief. These hallucinations are brutal. I hope they find a way to wrap this soon--mainly because they're rather mentally disturbing. I can't imagine not knowing if what I was seeing was real when it looked exactly like real looked. Messes with your head. Or maybe that's just me, I don't know.

Also? I thought it was interesting that Sam's head had someone stabbing Bobby. Again. Sam did it once when it was Trickster!Bobby...he tried again when he was Robo!Sam to try to keep his soul out...and now Hallucifer (a manifestation of Sam's internal haunting) does it again. Hmm.

Unaffected by the imagined chest wound, Bobby goes to answer his local line. It's Sheriff Mills (who identifies herself as "Jodi Mills" and Bobby has no idea who that is until she says "Sheriff"...funny) and she's all, Help! Monster Doc! You're the zombie-killer! Get over here and save my ass!

So, Bobby leaves Sam. That? I didn't get. I mean...why couldn't he take Sam with him and tell Dean where to meet them? Leaving Sam alone is not a good idea.

At the hospital, Edgar and two LeviTeens hook up with LeviDoc and he reveals his plan: take over a hospital and use it as a smorgasbord. Edgar replies that this is, "exactly what the boss asked for." Uh-oh.

Sam's at Bobby's--alone--and is timing himself reassembling guns. He hears a car and Dean suddenly bursts in, grabs Sam's beer, says he followed the swimmers to town, needs Sam to "keep the engine running and wait at the back door." And, well, keep Satan from messing with his presets. He's moving too fast, speaking to cavalierly. I just...knew it wasn't Dean the minute he grabbed the beer can. He

Bobby gets Sherriff Mills out of the hospital, smiling when she calls him her hero, but then goes back in to find her roomie in the morgue and see just what the heck is going on.

In the Impala, Dean's grilling Sam, but his questions are harsh, quick, running sideways somehow. He says Sam should get help, but Sam doesn't want a bunch of pills, saying they'll figure something else out. Dean reminds him of Martin, and how he took a nosedive (I can't remember...did we know Martin?). Sam's like, I'm not Martin.

Dean: No, but you're crazy. That don't wash off. You get that, right? You're never gonna be okay, Sam.

And then I knew for sure he wasn't Dean. Which made me all kinds of nervous. The real Dean gets to Bobby's finds it empty, and curses, the look son of a bitch, not now on his face plain as day.

Sam and Fake Dean show up at what looks like an office building, but the minute they step inside, it turns into an empty warehouse-looking place and Fake Dean, who was busy mocking Sam for 'dealing' turns into Hallucifer. My heart dropped to my toes, even though I knew it was coming.

Hallucifer: Your world is whatever I want it to be.

Sam is both horrified and terrified. He's herrified. He starts shooting at Hallucifer, but of course, the image just pops away and shows up someplace else. Knowing that Dean would be looking for Sam, my stomach was in knots, afraid that Dean would walk in and Sam would shoot him not realizing it was Real Dean. Hallucifer tries to convince Sam that he needs to shoot himself....

And we shift back to Bobby who has found the roomie, realizing that her insides have been removed. LeviDoc shows up and tells Bobby he knows him.

LeviDoc: We saw you through the angel's eyes.

Oh, man. What a horrible thought. Great line, horrible thought. *misses Cas*

Bobby shoots it and suddenly the thing's mouth turns into a version of the Blade III vamps with the mega-teeth and the wide opening and the gah.... Bobby high-tails it outta there and we head to Real Dean as he's using Sam's GPS to find him. He gets to the warehouse thingy, muttering, "This can't be good."

I was curled up in a ball at this point, ya'll. I even grabbed my pillow. Do you realize how long its been since I gripped my pillow while watching?

Dean shows up and at the same time, Hallucifer turns into Dean. Sam pulls the gun, pointing it at his brother.

I have goosebumps while thinking about this whole scene. Sam - tearful, confused, crazed, frantic. Dean - desperate, determined, heartbroken, pained. And they WENT THERE. They allowed Dean to bring up Hell. To recognize it, remember it, use it to bring Sam around. And the look in his eyes as he he talked about torture and pain and as he fought to bring his brother back.... Good Lord. The way that guy uses his eyes. He makes you want to watch him even if he's in shadow.

It was one of the best brother scenes we've had in a long time.

Dean (jumping back, hands up in reaction to Sam's pointed gun): Whoa! Whoa!

Sam (near tears): I was with you. It was you, Dean!

Dean: Okay, here I am.

Sam: I can't know that for sure!

Dean: Okay, we'll start small.

*loves him*

Hallucifer teases that Sam is highly suggestible and Sam shoots at his image causing Dean to jerk violently in response.

Dean: Whoa! Whoa!

Sam is shaking; the gun is shaking, but is pointed at Dean.

Dean (sounding for all the world like a Marine Drill Sergeant): This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!


Sam is breathing hard, visibly working to bring himself under control. He tries to put the gun down, but only succeeds in lowering it.

Dean: Look at me. C'mon. You don't know what's real? Man, I've been to Hell. I know a thing or two about torture.

*lump in throat*

Dean: Enough to know that it feels different than the pain of this...regular...stupid crappy...this.

Sam: How can you know that for sure?

Dean: Let me see your hand.

Hallucifer, standing behind Dean, calls him Florence Nightingale. But then Dean grabs Sam's wounded hand.

Dean: This is real. Not a year ago. Not in Hell. Now. I was with you when you cut it. I sewed it up.

He twists it, pressing his thumb into the wound, making it bleed. Sam hisses in pain, bringing up the gun. Dean grabs it with his other hand, pressing harder into Sam's wound. Hallucifer flickers. Gaelic bites her lip.

Hallucifer: We've done a lot more with pain.

Dean: This is different than the thing that's tearing at your walnut. I'm different. Right?

Sam's eyes are wet, he's so near tears I wanted to just cry for him. My chest was tight with tears for the both of them. Dean's looking at his brother, his eyes bouncing all over Sam's face, hungry for something, some sign that he's getting through.

Sam nods shakily, continuing to press into the wound himself as he sees Hallucifer flicker again.

Dean: Sam, I am your flesh and blood brother. I am the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time. You got away. We got you out, Sammy. Believe in that. You gotta believe in that. Make it Stone Number One and build on it.

Sam is shaking, eyes wet. *wants to hug him*

My eyes are burning. The belief that filled up Dean's words, the way Dean fought for his brother, to bring him off the ledge, bring him back...this is why he's my hero. Because after everything, after all they've been through, he can't give up on his brother. He won't. Just like he said when Lucifer!Sam was beating the hell out of him - "Sammy…it’s okay. I’m here. I’m not gonna leave you. I’m not gonna leave you.”

And he means it. *rubs heart* Gah, these guys. These guys are gonna be the end of me.

But I wonder...was it the pain of pressing on that wound, or something about the wound itself that cause Sam to get a grip and Hallucifer to flicker? The glass he cut his hand on had the blood from the Crack Open Purgatory spell on it...I couldn't help but wonder if there was something about that blood that was...I don't know...enhancing the crazy. 'Cause if that's the case, maybe that's a hallucination solution.

And if it was the pain that was doing it...that worries me a bit, too, because will that mean Sam will need to use physical pain all the time to snap him out of it, remind him what's real? Not sure I like that idea...just like Dean's drinking, Sam hurting himself to get balance would slowly kill him anyway.

I'll have to ponder further and keep watching.

Anyway, Bobby calls Sam's phone and Sam answers and I was all what, now? don't you, like, need a tissue or something? a hug? how do you have it together enough to answer the phone?!

Bobby is breathless from his narrow escape and tells them about LeviDoc at Sioux Falls Gen Hosp and they agree to meet at Bobby's house to make a plan. Back in the Impala (the real Impala) the boys agree to not say anything to Bobby about Sam nearly killing Dean. Dean gives Sam a semi-brave smile and tells him to take baby steps. But guys.

The bad guys...? They BURNED DOWN BOBBY'S HOUSE.

So, the Impala has been smushed and rebuilt --twice over-- but now they've taken away the only home home these boys have ever had. My heart. It was crushed. And Dean's horrified, "Oh no...." as he saw it...I just knew he was seeing flashbacks to the Roadhouse and finding Ash's body all broken and burned inside.

The boys rush through the hull of the burned-out house, the books...the hundreds and hundreds of books on all the baddies out there...gone. Bobby is nowhere to be found. The garage is okay, but Bobby's not there, either. Sam heads off to the scrap yard, calling Bobby's name and Dean...well, Dean proceeds to take the last pieces of my heart that were left after that brother moment and smash them to smithereens.

Dean calls Bobby's "hot line" and gets voicemail, leaving this heartbreaking message, “You can't be in that crater back there. I can't.... (his voice breaks and he grabs control quickly) If you're gone? I am gonna strap my Beautiful Mind brother in the car and I'm gonna drive us off a pier. You asked me how I was doing? Not. Good. (he pauses, swallowing hard, looking everywhere and nowhere at the same time) You said you'd be here. Where are you?”

*rubs heart*

Sam calls for Bobby. Dean calls for Bobby. And suddenly, standing in the middle of the scrapyard, is Edgar, the Leviathan's 2nd in command (I'm guessing).

Edgar: Apparently you two are competent enough to warrant annihilating.

Dean appears from nowhere and shoots Edgar in the head…which unfortunately only succeeds in pissing him off. He grabs Dean and flings him against a car windshield where he hit hard enough to get a bloody compound fracture in his leg. They actually BROKE HIS LEG. After the way he's been thrown around these last two episodes, it's honestly about time he broke something. And I say that without hurt/comfort writer hat on. Sorta. But still!

Gasping in pain, Dean pulls his body away as Sam, foolish brave boy, hits Edgar. As he does, he sees a car suspended on one of those gigantic magnets directly above Edgar. Dean sees it at the same time and pulls himself toward the controls. Sam yells to Dean to hit the controls, which he does, but not before Edgar whacks Sam but good across the head with some kind of pipe...thing.

I literally gasped. I did not see that coming. Heck, I didn't anything from the moment Dean said baby steps coming.

Sam goes flying back and down just as Dean drops a Chevy on the guy, smushing him but good, black ooze spreading out and away from the bottom of the car.

Weakly, Dean drags himself over to Sam, who is out. He tries to get Sam to respond, to wake up, saying, “I’m the one with the broken leg! You gotta carry me! Sam!”

And guh, when Dean yells his brother’s name like that, my heart flips over.

Helpless and wounded, Dean calls 911 and then we see them in an ambulance, Dean strapped down, covered with a blanket, the EMT working on Sam. I had this chilling flash to that heartbreaking scene from Charlie St. Cloud when Dean called out, “Sam! You stay with me, you hear?”

The EMT is saying something about intracranial pressure when Sam opens his eyes and sees Hallucifer sitting at the foot of his stretcher, admitting that he’s not real…but he still ain’t going anywhere. Sam begins to seize and the EMT says they’re a few minutes out of Sioux Falls Gen Hosp. Upon hearing this, Dean freaks out. Not there. Anywhere but there.

And as the boys are taken to LeviHospital, we see the black ooze scooting back under the dropped Chevy.

*has to take a breath*

This has been some ride, people. And it’s only the 2nd episode! Okay, so I have to empty my head of some last random thoughts and then I will eagerly await your input.

First, Jimmy the Vessel may be gone, but I still do not believe Cas is gone. I’m not sure what this means about Misha coming back on the show, but it’s Supernatural. ANYTHING is possible. I’ll miss him. And I know there’s a good many out there who will not like this turn of events at all. But I have to say that the moment the show focused on the brothers, I focused on the brothers. And I liked it.

Bobby. Is. Not. Dead.

He can’t be. They would NOT do that to Dean. To both the boys, but Dean especially. He cannot lose someone else. I refuse to believe it. He was detained, or checked on Sherriff Mills, or something like that. But he wasn’t there. He’s not dead.

Sam’s hallucinations…. Unless they can find a way to channel them, find a way for him to know Real Dean from Fake Dean, this is going to be a bigger problem than just storyline. He can’t hunt like this. And Dean can’t hunt alone all the time. And with his broken leg…I don’t know. I know they have a plan, and so far, I have been well and truly entertained, so I believe in this plan, whatever it is. So far.

All of this goes back to the being spoiled thing. Many of you probably already know the answer to some of these things. But don’t tell me! Not yet…. I think I still like to take the hits as they come.

Now, is next week’s episode the one directed by Jensen? The previews look…. Holy Crap. That is all.

Thanks for reading!


Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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