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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 7.05 - DELAYED

Hiya folks!

This is just a reminder that tonight's ramble will be delayed a bit -- I'll be watching and posting on Tuesday the 25th. I hope you'll come back to read and chat; your comments, thoughts, musings, speculations, theories, ideas...they are all incredibly insightful and simply enhance the enjoyment of this show for myself and (I'm certain) many others.

I know there's lots to read out there regarding our show -- and it runs the gamut from reviewers being incredibly pleased, to basically satisfied, to totally disappointed in this season. I know there are things about the season's writing, pacing, etc., that I could find fault in -- especially if I compare it to season's prior or the direction of the show under Kripke's helm. But the bottom line for me is that I'm enjoying this season, I'm enjoying watching my hero's ongoing story and struggle, I'm enjoying watching how his brother finds a new balance in life.

It may simply be that S7 is benefiting from comparison (in my mind) to S6, but whatever the reason, it's been a helluva ride thus far, and I'm strapped in. And I thank you for coming by, reading, and taking a moment to share your thoughts. Or...just reading, as the case may be! *laugh*

Also, just really quickly wanted to say that I do reply to each of your comments -- and I will be replying to all from 7.04. If I haven't gotten to yours yet, I will. I read each of them and think about what each of you say. This week has just been crazy -- traveled to CA for work at the beginning of the week and am leaving today with Mo Chuisle to head to Phoenix. Time ran away from me.

So, I'm sorry I'm late getting to replies; believe me, I feel really bad about that.

Take care all!


ETA: If you would ever like to 'catch up' or read previous rambles, you can find them all here at the collection of Stream of Consciousness Rambles, Seasons 3-7
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