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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review, Episode 7.05

Sorry this one is later, folks! Thanks for coming by and reading. This was a fun episode, and I liked it…but it left me with thoughts. I know, I know…always with the thoughts.

I got up early this morning to watch, then I had a truckload of work waiting for me (because you know a ‘vacation’ is never really a ‘vacation’ unless you have a day to recover after you return…and I’m never smart enough to buffer myself) so my reaction has been tempered a bit by time lapse between watching and rambling and more than a little brain bleed from coordinating global review schedules. *rubs face*

I hope it’s still worth your wait.

In comments to last week’s ramble, there were several mentions of the writing being…’off’ or ‘of lesser quality,’ if you will. I wanted to say something about that before I ramble on. When it comes to being entertained by TV, I don’t always have a very high bar. There are some shows that I’m blown away by, some that I’m mildly amused by, some that are simply mindless entertainment. Our show has fit into all categories over the last 6+ years, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the feeling I get from watching the characters and their situation…not just the writing. Well, that and the muscle car. And the occasional classic rock. But really. That’s it. I think.

So, if I don’t comment directly on the technical aspects or the construction of the storytelling as a whole, it’s not that I don’t notice it one way or the other, it’s that I choose to not pay close attention to anything that detracts from the overall entertainment value (or, let’s be honest, from whatever is allowing me to watch Dean Winchester every week).

However, to be completely honest with you guys, I think that overall, after the 2nd episode, this season has been a bit loose with the storytelling. Like Season 6, it has a different feel from the first 5 Kripke-run Seasons; it’s as if we’re searching for a reason rather than following a path. Last season, the questions and sleights of hand culminated into a rushed tangle of information in the last three episodes, and I’m hopeful we’re not repeating that pacing this time around.

However, in my mind, the possibility exists that this ‘loose’ feeling with the writing is purposeful. That it’s being done to try to illustrate an overall impression of the boys not having a touchstone, a home, an anchor. The brothers are at a loss, so we’re floating with them. It’s not a preferred way of storytelling from my POV, but that said, the way I enjoy our Show when it’s not following my ‘preferred way’ is to trust that there’s at least a way.

The biggest difference I wish we could see now is a background heartbeat for the story – meaning one constant through every episode that pushes the story forward in a way that we can maintain hope things will reach some resolution. Just one example of this, off the top of my head, is Season 3. In that, we had MotW epis, we had Sam working to get Dean to talk, we had Dean resisting and masking his troubles, and yet at the same time there was the constant reminder, constant back-beat of get Dean out of his deal. First half of the season it was Sam on his own, last half it was with Dean’s assist, but it was always there.

They could be getting there and it may be something I’ll recognize in retrospect, but the biggest thing I feel is lacking right now is that backbeat – centered, as has been set up, around the Leviathan threat. The boys seem to be viewing the Leviathans as they do any other baddie – vamp, werewolf, spirit. They’re there and if they come across them, they’ll deal with it. Which is fine, but it would make the Levi’s more threatening, I think, if they were actively searching for ways to destroy them while meanwhile hunting other baddies. There have been a few throw-away lines here and there, but as of the end of the 5th episode, destroying the Levi’s were just “on their to do list.”

But overall, I have to say, I’m having more fun with our show and the storyline so far this season than I did for the whole of season 6.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get to it, shall we?

The THEN basically reminded us that Dean hates witches, reminded us of the Leviathans (which is kinda sad, because, really? If they have to remind us of The Big Bad….), reminded us of Amy and that Dean is drowning in guilt. Or drowning his guilt. Either way, not good.

In the NOW, we have a pretty blonde real estate agent on a cell phone in Josephine’s Salon encouraging her conversation companion to sell and “punish his ass.” She’s got foil in her hair indicative of brightening her blonde tresses with more highlights and a smiley, muscled stylist is guiding her under a heat drier thingy in another, closed off room. He turns it on, tells her he’ll be back in 10 minutes, then closes the door.

And then? Gruesome Death #1 in a series of Gruesome Deaths this episode. Real Estate Lady (hereafter known as Wendy Goodman) gets increasingly hot, then can’t get the hood thingy up, calls for help, can’t get anyone to pay attention to her, then her hair is sucked up and she’s literally fried. *rethinks hair appointment for more blue streaks in hair*

Elsewhere in the world, Dean is asleep on a motel bed, fully clothed (pauses to mourn the surplus of clothing…). It’s not a restful sleep, though, giving us an indication that he’s tired enough to fall asleep during the day – or perhaps the night before without getting undressed – but can’t get the rest he needs because his dreams are troubled. He sees Cas sacrificing himself (as I see it) to get Dean and Bobby out of the room before the Levi’s take him over, sees Cas’s body sink slowly below the surface of the water, sees Amy’s snake-like eyes as he stabs her, sees Sam totally losing his mind in the warehouse (which was a bit of an edit mistake because what he actually saw was Sam losing it before Dean even got there, but, the idea is the same: Dean is worried/scared for Sam). He’s flinching, his eyes rolling behind closed lids, and then suddenly he sits up, covered in sweat, and gasping.

*pauses for shallow moment...and moves on*

The bed next to him is empty and there’s only an empty beer bottle on the nightstand for comfort. Dean’s always been plagued by nightmares. We know it, Sam knows it. It’s something that anyone who spends any time around Dean could easily pick up on to know that the man’s heart is heavy and his conscious haunted. Not really sure what Sam can do about it, but it has to be hard to lay in the same room, night after night, and hear your brother’s subconscious rip him apart.

Not only that, but it’s the first time Cas has been mentioned since Bobby correctly called out the fact that Dean has lost his best friend. True to form, Dean has buried Cas along with everything else he feels guilty and helpless about. He has shoved him down until the only time he allows himself to remember the loss of his friend is when he’s vulnerable – in his dreams. *rubs heart* I hope they find a way to bring Misha back before the end of this season’s story, but regardless, Dean needs to find peace about Cas. And while he can’t be blamed for what happened to Cas (in my opinion), he also can’t forgive himself for not finding a way to save him.

ANYWAY. To shake off the dream cobwebs (or as my Mo Chuisle calls them, dreamwebs), he decides to do some work. He’s sipping some Jack Daniels-looking whiskey and doing a web search for “Freaky Accidents” when we see Sam running by outside the window. Incidentally, I did a google search for ‘freaky accidents’ and the YouTube vids it brought up are…well, they can’t be unseen. I’ll just say that.

Now, this ‘outtake’ has probably been around fandom twice over, but just in case, you really should watch this
alternate version of the next scene. How Jensen didn’t lose it, I’ll never know.

Sam comes into the room from a run, prompting Dean to grumble, “Somebody better be chasing you.”

Heh. Exactly. I’m training with the hubs to walk a half marathon (to support CCFA) and when people ask if I’m running, my standard answer is only if it’s the zombie apocalypse. Seriously, Zombieland Rule #20: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Unless it’s a sprint, then sprint.

Anyway, while Sam is all sweaty and drinking Gatorade (and looking rather lean and svelt, I must say), Dean tells him about two ‘freaky accidents’ he found in Prosperity, IN. One roasted chic, one guy boiled in a hottub. Sam agrees you don’t see a lot of that. After some Lance Armstrong jokes, Sam pulls Dean’s eyes up from the computer screen by asking, “What’s going on with you?”

Dean: We’ve had this conversation

Sam: Un, no. To do that, you’d have to…speak.

Dean’s like, you’re ‘new Sam,’ but I’m still me.

Sam: Yeah. Okay.

Dean: Don’t say ‘yeah, okay,’ like yeah, okay. (Sassy voice only siblings can get away with.)

Sam (walking away): Yeah. Okay.

Dean’s face is all, erf. He sits forward, looks at his glass of booze, then sets it back down. Meanwhile, The LeviHitman (with a penchant for cheese) is coming out of a grocery store, putting bags in the trunk of a car with a dead man inside. He stopped off for a bite, apparently. He’s on the phone saying he’s a day and a half away from the boys. I wonder why they only sent this one guy after them, if they’re so important they must be eliminated? If LeviHitman knows where they are, why didn’t they send a bunch after them?

Maybe that’s still to come….

In Prosperity, Sam, suited up as Agent Sambora (HA! Seriously? She didn’t pick up on Sambora?! *laugh*) is talking to Wendy Goodman’s sister and finding out that Wendy was beloved by all who knew her. Didn’t have an enemy. Volunteered at the church. All that jazz.

Dean is investigating the hair salon and discovers that basically what happened…couldn’t have happened. As he’s poking around, he finds a coin that, to me, looked like a doubloon. Leaving the salon he calls Sam, tells him about the coin.

Dean: Someone could have dropped it. There’s no pockets in those things they make you wear.

Sam: Didn’t realize you were such a spa expert.

Dean: Shut up. I observe with my eyes.

They determine it could be a hexed talisman and Sam tells Dean to pick him up. After some more Lance Armstrong jokes (Sam not-so-patiently pointing out that Lance is biking, not running) Dean agrees. After he ducks into a liquor store.

Gruesome Death #2 occurs at a construction site. Contractor wraps up his day, heads into a Johnny-On-The-Spot before heading out. Some kind of generator/motor (that’s not plugged in) turns on and a nail gun begins to float in midair. The door opens and the guy zips up quickly, all, WTH? He turns and bam bam bam bam. He’s pinned to the plastic wall, gasping helplessly as the floating nail gun drills him in both eyes.

Eww. And also? Couldn’t help but flash to Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon’s “Nailed ‘em both,” line.

Later, Dean’s at the site, investigating, peering at the body and finding out that the dead guy owned the biggest construction site in town. Upon poking around, Dean finds another coin in the john. Total, unrelated aside…if Sam’s Agent Sambora, I wonder what Dean’s alias is?

Dean heads into the construction trailer to find Sam poking around on the computer.

Dean: Another victim everyone likes; another physically impossible death.

Due to Sam’s stealthy internet/email-fu, they find out that all three dead peeps were working on a shopping center development and the only one in that deal left alive is the developer himself, Don Stark. They track Stark to a big, charity auction building thingy with banners advertising an Art Auction. Don has a bust out front – not a great likeness, you ask me – with dead flowers all around. As they’re standing there, trying to figure out where/what to do next, Dean starts to take a swig from a flask.

Sam: Really? From a friggin’ flask? What are you, Bad Santa?

Dean = Totally. Puzzled. Face.

Sam: On the job?

Dean: We’re always on the job.

And therein lies a significant part of the problem. There’s never a break. There’s just the time between jobs and how they survive it. So, Sam recognizes Dean’s leaning heavily on alcohol – maybe more than before, it’s hard to say, because, really, he’s been drinking a lot for awhile. Even when he was living with Lisa. As someone pointed out in last week’s comments, I wonder where they’re ultimately going to take this drinking thing. Intervention? Car accident? Something going wrong on a hunt?

The drinking is a symptom of Dean’s life eating him alive, haunting him awake and asleep. Take it away, and they better be prepared to deal with the monsters that won’t be dispersed by salt.

Bobby texts Sam and tells him that the symbols from the coin he sent over are Romanian Cyrillic from the 15th-19th century and the coin is called a ‘ducket.’ Which is pretty much the same as a doubloon…right? *shifty eyes*

As Sam’s reading this info off, Dean comments that he’s seen a bunch of dead plants all in one place before: a bench with Wendy Goodman’s picture on it.

Meanwhile, The LeviHitman is on the road, listening to “See the Funny Little Clown,” by Bobby Goldsboro with its ironic, lyrics: They all think he's laughing, But I know he's really crying all the while, How his heart is aching, How his heart is breaking on the inside, But he keeps laughing on the outside, No one knows, no one knows….

Oblivious to the fact that the Levi’s are closing in on them, the boys head over to Don Stark’s house (at first I thought it was his office, but apparently his office is in his house). And here the Buffy fans get to see the first of their old alums in the episode. I haven’t seen anything James Marsters has been in since Angel ended, so seeing him without his bleached-blond hair and his cockney accent was interesting. It almost sounded as though his American accent was fake, which is hilarious considering the British accent was.

As they’re talking with Don, his pretty, blonde perky assistant Jenny Kline stops in all, I made you cupcakes. Dean’s both eying her and sizing up Don as Don winks at Jenny all, you’re too good to me. Jenny leaves, Sam makes an excuse to go to the restroom (giving him opportunity to scope out the rest of the house) and Dean continues to question Don. Sam finds a bedroom with a half empty (ginormous) closet and said closet, he finds a broken heel, a necklace and a box of oldish papers with Cyrillic symbols on it.

Arriving back in the office, Don is showing off his accolades (including an autograph from Donald Trump) to Dean saying, “Success breeds fierce competition, but in the end everyone respects and admires me.”

Humble, ain’tcha?

Sam interjects, “Including your wife?”

Dean glances at Sam, picks up the thread, not missing a beat. They tell Don they’d heard he and his wife were separated but Don tries to shrug it off. Sam wants to know how Don would describe their “issues.” Hemming and hawing, Don says it was one of those…vague…hard to define….

Dean: She caught you cheating, huh?

Don: I’m a people person. I admire dynamic, confident women.

Sam scoffs until Don admits to having a little “thing” with a business associate. Sarcastically the boys riff on the term, “thing,” as if it was like…a shoe. Or a waffle iron. Don admits it might have been more than a “thing.”

Dean: If we were to guess that the “business associate” was Wendy Goodman, would we win a weekend trip to Maui?

Don says the affair was over long before the accident. The boys aren’t sure it was an accident, but they are sure he needs to apologize to his wife. Grovel if necessary. As they leave, they notice that the plants are dead around the house as well.

Dean: Don admires Wendy, biblically. Wendy dies weird. Scorned wife is into the dark stuff. Don is in the dark…it’s like Bewitched. Don is Darrin only he doesn’t know it. Lotta laughs until you cheat on your wife.

Sam (with a totally amused grin): A Bewitched reference. Really?

Dean: Dude. Nicole Kidman was in the remake. Red head. Hellllo. (Can a grin be adorable and lecivious at the same time?)

Hee. I always thought he’d be into red heads. *grins* Although…I coulda sworn Samantha was blonde, but…I never saw the remake.

Sam: If she’s strong enough, just being pissed off is enough to send some pretty bad vibes their way.

Dean: Kill off everything around them. Just by PMSing.. That’s not creepy at all.

Dean calls Bobby (with a funny interlude of It’s Dean….Winchester! Very funny.) and tells him that they’re dealing with a witch. Apparently Bobby schooled Dean in the ways of old sages and finding ways to deal with witches. *grins*

So, deciding they need to investigate Maggie, the wife, the brothers find out where she’s living, Sam playing lookout with the Impala on the side of the road next to a “sold” sign. He puts the hood up and stands out in the rain, waiting, while Dean sneaks into the house, checking out each room until he finds a Witchy Alter of Shame in the bedroom closet, sees all three of the dead peeps x’d out in blood, Jenny looking to be next. Muttering, “Don, keep it in your pants, man,” Dean grabs Jenny’s pic.

Just then, outside, a sports car (with Stark 2 vanity plates) pulls up into the driveway. Maggie gets out. Sam tries to call Dean, but the circuits are busy. Sam scurries over, flashes his badge and tries to stall her. Maggie barely glances at the badge, tells him of course she’ll talk to him, but come back in 30 mins because she’s in the middle of an emergency, and then she starts to head into the house. Sam is practically vibrating with nervousness and reaches out to jar the car, setting off the alarm. Inside, Dean hears, heads down the stairs. Maggie silences the alarm with an irritated look at Sam.

Sam: Uhhh…restless leg syndrome.

Dean hides, slipping out the door after Maggie gets inside. Joining up with Sam, he mutters, “Spoiler alert, Jenny’s next.”

They know it’s not going to take long for Maggie to realize the pic is missing, so they high-tail it over to Jenny…and the most inventive, gruesome almost-death yet. Maggie does find the missing pic, but that doesn’t stop her for long. She chants Romanian, pricks her fingers, smears it over a spare pic of Jenny that she apparently had…while Jenny is in cupcake making heaven. She must really love cupcakes, man. Or…perhaps I should say she loved them. Because when she blissfully bites into one iced confection, her lips are covered in blood and she looks that the little cake in her hand and sees a still beating tiny heart. I mean Oh. My. God. She begins to choke, then vomit blood into the sink just as the boys burst in.

Dean pulls her away from the sink while Sam looks frantically for the coin. Jenny is choking, Dean holding her, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was having some flashbacks to the ‘knives inside me’ moment he’d had previously with witches when Ruby had to save him from the hex bag. I know I did…. Sam finds the coin, shoots it, and Jenny can breathe.

In the aftermath, Jenny is sitting, shell-shocked, on her couch while the boys watch her completely freak out.

Jenny: There were tiny hearts in my cupcakes. That’s never happened before. HEARTS IN MY CUPCAKES! HEARTS IN MY CUPCAKES!

I couldn’t help it. Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe it was the pre-caffeine viewing. Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor sometimes, but that made me laugh. Cackle, even.

Dean: Should I slug her?

Sam: Give it a sec.

BWAHHH! *ahem* Okay. I’m done.

Coming back to herself, Jenny wants to know what the hell just happened. They tell her she has someone really powerful and really pissed after her. And Dean tells her to cut things off with Don Stark. Jenny’s like, eww, he’s my boss. So…no affair with cupcake girl, then.

Maggie is busy setting up the art auction with her “best friend,” Sue, who loves Maggie a little too much. It’s…kinda creepy actually. Not hearts-in-cupcakes creepy. But still. Creepy. Don comes in and wants to talk to Maggie, but Sue tries to run interference until Maggie calls her off.

It’s the first time we see Maggie and Don (nee Cordy and Spike) and they face off like a couple who are extremely pissed with each other. It was nicely played. Though, I will say, the fact that they were Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters made them more interesting to watch then if they’d been…random guest star witches. Which, I suppose, was kinda the point.

Don tells Maggie that enough is enough.

Maggie (looking and sounding very much like her familiar alter-ego): Not even close.

She tells Don she was edged out of his life. There were three people in their marriage: Maggie, Don, and Don’s ego. Don tells her about the FBI agents and she’s like, hello, they were hunters.

Maggie: I can see you’re terribly concerned for my safety, but don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.

Don: This stops as of now.

He walks off and she gives him that cocked-eyebrow, lip-quirked non-grin and says, “You’re so cute when you try to tell me what to do.”

Don walks outside just as the boys pull up and all three of them see his commemorative bust tremble, shake, and the face break off. Yikes. Dean thinks Maggie’s just being nasty and Sam points out that she’ll take out the whole town. Bobby calls and says he has a spell to take out Maggie. There’s a little amusing part where Dean’s all, no, I can remember, and closes his eyes to listen to Bobby…then changes his mind and signals for something to write on.

I thought for a minute they were going to have the spell not work because Dean thought he could remember but didn’t – signaling his hunter skills not as sharp as they were or something – but it was just a funny interlude with Bobby and Dean (only not really Bobby because he’s not even a voice on the phone, just Dean playing off ‘Bobby on the phone’). I suppose you could surmise the end result as being Dean's fault, but it was rather ambiguous. And turned out to be for the better, too, since they ended up needing help from a witch. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back at the art auction, Maggie is practicing her speech and Sue is looking on adoringly. She applauds Maggie and says that everything is perfect. Looking down at Sue’s hand on her shoulder, Maggie’s like, I have to check the finger sandwiches. After the cupcake incident, I had a brief mental image of actual finger sandwiches.

In the hotel, Dean’s digging into a meringue pie with a look of adoration that rivals’ Sue’s when Sam comes in with a bag of warm, evidently extremely smelly, chicken feet. Apparently the power all over town is wonky and the guy at the butcher shop is losing a lot of product. Neither of them want the bag o’feet near them. It’s a little funny, considering all they go through to do spells that get rid of baddies.

Don pulls up in front of the art auction, watching the building. Inside, Maggie brings Sue a martini to celebrate the work they did. I saw it coming about two beats too late. Sue picks up her olive skewer and there’s an eyeball on it. Never find out whose. Sue screams, drops the glass and we swing back to Don…and Don’s very Spike-like, twisted-lip grin. Loved it.

Also? I did not see that coming. He’s a witch (witch? warlock?) too! Inside Maggie’s looking at her paintings and they’re all melting. She knows it’s Don, knows he did it to hurt her. Sue hurries over (eyeball forgotten) and tries to reassure her.

Sue: I told you. He’s a dick. We’ll get through this. People love you, and he can’t take that away from you.

Just then, Gruesome Death #3. Sue is decapitated by a silver tray right in front of Maggie.

Maggie: Fine, Donald. It’s war.

Boys pull up to the art auction, see the flashing lights, go in (flashing their badges in their street clothes), see the dead body and realize quickly that Maggie wouldn’t have done this to her own auction. It’s full-on War of the Roses. As they leave the auction, The Levi Hitman is watching, sees them – and what’s worse, sees the Impala. I wasn’t sure if the Levi’s knew about the Impala before, but they do now. Which has me nervous for our girl.

The boys are outside a house – I couldn’t tell if it was Maggie’s or Don’s, but I guess it didn’t matter. Maggie shows up, walks in and confronts Don. Boys follow carrying a bowl of…stuff. They ramble in Romanian (I assume) a bit, Sam lights the concoction on fire and…nothing. Maggie’s all, let me guess, chicken feet? Not chilled.

Don: You’re not leaving this room. Well, you area…just not alive.

Don and Maggie – working as one – start chanting in Romanian.

Sam: Okay, Plan B.

Dean: What’s Plan B?

Sam: Talking.

Dean: Now? Really?

Sam: Counsel them.

Dean: Uh…not my area.

But then he muscles forward, stopping their chanting momentarily. And here’s where things get a little interesting. Just about everything Dean and Sam say to the Starks to stop them from fighting and/or killing each other…they could have been saying to each other. About each other. It’s…weird, I know, to compare their relationship to a marriage. It’s not marriage. I get that. Fundamentally, though, I see similarities.

In a marriage, there are times you basically have to choose each day to make it through. You have to choose to make it work. You have to choose to make what you feel enough, knowing it’s not as much as you felt yesterday, knowing you will feel more tomorrow. You have to compromise and settle and know that your partner is doing the same thing. It’s good and it’s bad, easy and hard. And it’s only forever if you choose to make it so.

With siblings…no matter what you do, you’re connected. You can be best of friends, sharing in every aspect of each other’s lives. You can not speak for years. You can hate and scream and love and laugh, but you’re always connected. I have a sister I used to consider one of my best friends. A little over a year ago, we had a fight over a misunderstanding and haven’t spoken since. She hurt me, she hates me, and I may never speak to her again. But she’s still my sister.

These guys, though…they are like a…hybrid. They are always connected and at the same time, they choose to be together. They choose to stay next to each other, day in and day out. Secrets and lies, blood and death, trust and absolution. They are bonded by a connection that’s more than just blood. And because of that bond, they have to make choices. Every day. To make it work.

Okay, clearly, I’ve had too much time to think.

Dean: Obviously you two are capable of wiping each other out. But you haven’t, right? Which means, you still value whatever it is you’ve got. And you want to keep it going.

For not being his thing, he’s doing pretty good up to that point. But then, being Dean, he falls into the “…sick, messed up, erotic, kinky, clamps and feathers…” territory of what the Starks have and Sam steps in to rescue him.

Sam (with Dean nodding vigorously in the background): What he’s trying to say is that whatever you have, you’re bonded.

Maggie: He cheated on me. Humiliated me.

Sam: We’re not saying what Don did was right. But when a relationship cracks, usually both parties have a hand in it.

(And that? Right there? Is what I’m talking about.)

Maggie: You’re defending him?

She power-punches Sam in the gut, sending him to the floor and Dean surges forward calling out, “Okay! Okay, nobody can defend Don! We get that. You feel betrayed because you were.”

Don power shoves Dean across the room through a glass door. Maggie turns to Don and tells him why she killed all the peeps. Sam struggles to his feet and gasps out that Don “regrets the whole Wendy thing.”


Maggie takes exception to the “thing” and pulls Sam’s feet out from under him. With the boys writhing on the floor, the Starks have it out with a hilarious argument bringing up LITERALLY everything for the last 800 years – including a dalliance with Columbus in 1492. Don says Maggie’s always been jealous, but nothing happened with Jenny. Dean tries to echo, coming to Don’s defense, but Maggie knocks him back down.

Don is contrite, sincere and Sam struggles up again.

Sam: See? Guys? You’re talking! All these years you’ve buried your anger, your disappointment ‘till it tore you apart and all you needed to do was talk.

*rubs heart* Aww, Sammy.

Dean struggles upright and says something I didn’t catch…sounded like…nuking? I don’t know. Anyway, whatever it was, Maggie slams him against the wall and Don surrounds him with bees. Dean swallows one, then spits it out. Maggie chuckles and Don smiles at her. They admit they could never kill each other and it’s a witch make out session.

Okay, so, I get they were dealing with Really Powerful Witches. Who could kill them. But it just seemed a bit…odd, I guess, that they let them go after they’d killed four people. The whole reason Dean killed Amy was because he knew she would kill again. So…I’ll let this go because of the Really Powerful part, but this is one of those instances where continuity in writing would go a long way. Even if all it is is a comment about choice, about compromise, about why they had to let them go when they knew they’d kill again.

But I guess they can’t do that, can they, since Sam doesn’t know about Amy. So…for Sam, letting them go was really the only choice, and I don't think Dean was up for arguing the point in this instance. ‘Course, there’s also something to be said that they are alive, I suppose. *laughs at self* Ah, well.

Back at the motel, they’re stiff and sore, dropping their bags, rubbing their necks. Incidentally, the metal divider thingy that is always in their motel rooms has basketballs and racing tires. ‘Cause, y’know, it’s Indiana. *laughs* Hey, I was a Hoosier for 25 years. It works!

Dean opens a flask and takes a drink, Sam shaking his head.

Dean: Gimme a break. Been a long day.

A voice from the back of the room, behind the door, says it’s not over yet, and out steps the Levi Hitman. Dean turns with his gun in his hand like it’s been there the whole time, a look of dead determination on his face. *fans self* I love it when he does stuff like that.

Sam: Do we know you?

Hitman: I know you. You’re the dead guys. Well…you will be.

Dean shoots the Hitman and he bleeds black – their first clue that he’s a Leviathan. The Hitman slugs Dean, hard, and starts to choke Sam, but then he gets all…sparky and drops Sam to the ground, collapsing. Suddenly, Don is standing in the doorway.

Dean pulls himself up, thanking Don. Don wants to know who/what the Levi is and Dean’s like “it’s on our ‘to-do’ list.” Don tells them to drop the Levi in a bottomless pit because the spell only lasts a few days. Really? He sees through brick walls enough to decap Maggie’s assistant, but he can’t zap a baddie with a spell that lasts longer than a few days? I know, I know. Picky, picky.

Sam: What are you doing here?

Don: Saving your lives. Twice.

He pulls coins from under their bed. That Maggie gets around. They tried to kill her, so…she was going to get them back. Even when they'd help save her marriage. What can you do? Don smiles at them, reminds them about the bottomless pit, then leaves. The boys wrap chains around the Levi and put him in the back seat. Dean’s on the phone with Bobby asking about a place to put him. So, I guess now they could potentially have a tactical advantage to get to how to hurt the Levi’s…without using Very Powerful Witches.

Standing on either side of the car, looking at each other over the hood of the car. They’re bruised, worn out, and it shows.

Sam: Were you listening to the Starks tonight?

Gaelic: Yes.

Dean: A little. When I wasn’t getting slammed into a wall or stung by a bee.

Sam: You notice how they opened up, got everything off their chest?

Dean: Kudos on selling them that crap.

Sam: It wasn’t crap.

Dean: Sam, I am so very very very very very very tired.

He looks it, too, man. He looks barely on his feet tired.

Sam: Like it or not, the stuff you don’t talk about doesn’t just go away. It builds up. Like whatever is eating at you right now.

Dean: There’s always something eating at me. It’s who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible.

It’s both the truth and an avoidance.

Sam: I’m talking about whatever you’re not telling me about! Look, Dean, it’s fine. You can unload. That’s kinda what I’m here for.

Dean just looks at him. His face is closed. His eyes are alive with all his nightmares, with his thoughts of Sam losing it, with the fear of all that’s transpired over the last year and a half.

Sam: I mean…we’re good, right?

Dean: We’re good.

Dean gets in and Sam follows, helpless to do anything else. They drive away. So…nothing has changed, and everything is different. Just like before. *ponders*

Previews for next week look like the Leviathan threat is amping up in a really problematic way. Not sure how they’re going to get out of that one.

Thanks for waiting, reading, and if you are so inclined, commenting. Because I’m posting this so late, I may not be able to reply to all comments before next Friday’s episode, but I do thank you for taking the time. You guys always notice so much and your thoughts are inspiring and compelling. Plus, you give me the freedom to think through things a bit more as I only watch these once.

Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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