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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review, Epi 7.06

Y’know what? I liked it. I laughed, I jumped, I was tense, I was sad. It had me reacting and that is what I look for in my entertainment. I’ve been enjoying this season; I feel like I’m getting a little feel for the rhythm it’s picking up.
Right before I started writing, I took a glance out there to see what the reaction was…kinda wish I hadn’t, to be honest. But, I’m going to go with my initial reaction, fully realizing that some of you may disagree with me. And that’s totally fine. We don’t have to see it the same way. *smiles* But I had a good time with this one.
Going right to it; I’ll hit you with randomness throughout, no doubt, but this one had enough umph to it that I didn’t have time for a great deal of mind-wandering thoughts. Just reactionary ones. Also, who knows the schedule coming up – like when we’ll break for holiday hiatus? If you know can you post just the dates in your comments? I have some training for the December 4th marathon coming up and I have to work rambles around that.
Priorities and all. *wink*
THEN: Sheriff Mills, Remember the Leviathans, Amy, Amy, Amy (and some weird color enhancements with that one…)
NOW: Sam and Dean walk into a bank. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? Not so much. The LeviWinchesters were so well played that if I hadn’t seen the previews at the end of last week to know about the cloning, I would have been really worried. As it was, there was still some gasping.
Sam (sounding like our Sam would sound – worried, double-checking): You sure about this?
Dean (sounding like our Dean would sound – confident, clipped, slightly like Han Solo): Trust me.
Dean walks up to a teller, flirts. Sam closes the doors of the bank. Dean asks teller for change.
Teller: How do you want it, Dean?
Oh, boy. *small laugh*
Dean asks for a rain check…and all her money. Then he pulls out this mini hand machine gun (yeah, I don’t really know my automatic weapons) as does Sam and they spray the ceiling with bullets yelling for hands in the air. Sam tells them to get down and be quiet – no heroes, ya’ll. They shove everyone into the bank vault.
Sam: You ready?
Dean: Yep.
They look at the camera. And I gasped, covering my mouth, as they shoot every last person inside the vault in another spray of bullets. I mean, it was just so jarring to see our boys – our heroes – kill all those people. Even though we knew it wasn’t them. It was still…Holy. Crap. worthy.
In a cabin in the woods, a little ol’ Levi is...chained to a chair with Bobby experimenting on how to kill it. The real brothers come down the stairs, grumbling about it still being alive.
Bobby: Greatest hits didn’t do the trick. I’m down to B sides and Deep Cuts.
Well…sometimes those have the best songs. Just…sayin’….
The LeviHitman is predictably taunting them – completely unafraid of them and willing to spill secrets because he’s sure they won’t be able to kill him. He tells them that Edgar walked away from the Chevy Smash Incident, which rattles Dean a bit. Dean pulls up a stool (pushing me to mutter too close…a little too close) and questions the LeviHitman on how it found them. Hitman tells him that it tracked their aliases using some algorithm (and a bunch of other words I totally didn’t understand).
Bobby: Great. Mensa-Monster.
Apparently the Leviathans all got a big Winchester download from “camp Cas” when they were inside the angel. So, they know all the boy’s aliases. Which is so not cool. And yet, really interesting at the same time. He mocks them, saying they must not have watched the news yet that morning.
These Leviathan’s must have a ‘hive mind’ or something – which wouldn’t explain the need to use cell phones to report in, but I can’t figure out how the LeviHitman knew it was that morning the killing spree was going to start. Because, as far as it knew, it was supposed to have killed them, right? So, how did the other Levi’s know it hadn’t finished the job? It’s not like Bobby let it have a phone call.
I’m just gonna hand-wave that unless ya’ll picked up on something I missed because I can’t for the life of me figure how the Hitman knew about the LeviWinchesters when it’d been zapped by a super-powered witch spell, dragged to Rufus’ old hide out, and chained in a basement after not killing the boys. Moving on.
Upstairs, the boys and Bobby are watching the news where they find out that Sam and Dean Winchester, who were presumed dead, are the subjects of a massive manhunt throughout CA. They see the footage of the bank killing. Bobby shuts it off in disgust.
Bobby: You boys have had a busy morning.
Dean: They Xeroxed us!
Sam: How?
Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thankfully, LeviHitman was feeling chatty. Guess it is good for something after all.
LH (yelling up through the ceiling from the basement below): It was some hair! From a motel shower drain!
Dean (looking at Bobby, who apparently he assumes has all the answers…which I find a little endearing, actually – Dean’s always needed a general): You can copy people like that? Awesome. What is their plan exactly?
While Bobby’s busy turning shrugging into an art form, Sam mutters, “Turn us into America’s Most Wanted.”
Sweetie, as far as fandom is concerned, you guys already are.
Dean wants to find ‘em and kill ‘em. Bobby doesn’t want them to stick their necks out – and reasonably so. They don’t know how to kill them or slow them down, and apparently, the Leviathan’s are smarter than the hunters (at least so far).
Dean: This is personal.
Sam: I’m with Dean.
Good. Remember that, little brother.
Bobby: If you’re gonna be stupid, you may as well be smart about it.
Can’t argue with that logic. In fact, that might be my next Facebook status. He gives them an address and tells them to look up Frank Devereaux, says he owes Bobby one for Port Huron. Random references like that make me want to read the Bobby Singer Hunter’s Journal book thingy. I don’t read the tie-in novels (tried the first, it didn’t take…fanfic is just so much better, IMO), but I think I'd like to read this one to get a sense of Bobby’s back story.
Bobby: I’ll keep working on Chatty Cathy. See if I can figure out what makes him die.
So, the boys head out and as they’re pulling into a random gas station, playing in the background is a variation of the Brother’s Guitar Riff (I have the original as my ringtone…hush) that I really liked. A little more dancing with the electric guitar chords.
Dean gasses up the car while Sam goes in for snacks (Dean wants his usual: Ding Dongs…only the box Sam puts down on the counter is of the “I’m in no way affiliated with Hostess” variety). Sam asks the clerk if he has any power bars and the look the clerk gives Sam when he glances up is pure, “oh, sh*t.” He tells Sam they’re in the back and gets up to go get them for him.
At this point, I kinda started talking to my TV. This continued throughout the rest of the episode. The hubs was in the room, working on some soccer stats or some other sporty boy thing and he kept tossing me amused glances. I ignored him and grumbled, “Oh, Sam, you dummy!” to the TV as Sam finally clued into the fact that the clerk was Acting Very Weird. He leans over the counter and see’s that the clerk had just seen “him” and “Dean” killing someone else in a different bank and was, in fact, calling the police at that moment. *shakes head at Sam*
Sam hurries back out at a super-quick walk muttering to Dean as he passes him, “Cashier just made me. Drive.” Obligingly, Dean detaches from the gas pump and peels out.
Daylight, and we’re at the bank the clerk was watching on TV. Very Special Agents Morris and Valente (wasn’t that the name of the Sheriff on Roswell?) are there and Valente, blond, semi-good looking, preppy, is hyped up by the thought of actual serial killers. Morris, older, more practical, and the stunt-man version of Kevin Spacey (what? he was!) is basically like, serial killers = paperwork. Paperwork = bad. Valente gets a text that the Winchesters were spotted at a gas station – roughly 1,000 miles from the crime scene they were currently investigating.
Valente: That was fast. Must’ve flown.
Morris: That, or the Batmobile.
Good pick on the super-hero, dude, but our girl is much cooler than the Batmobile.
It’s night and the boys are pulling up in front of Devereaux’s place. It looks abandoned, but they go up, knock on the door, call out for Frank. Entering, they continue to call out, Sam in the lead, asking if anyone is home.
Behind them, Frank turns on the light and the boys turn as one. Frank has a hand cannon pointed at them (again, big, dangerous looking, automatic weapon…not in the know on type).
Frank: Spider caught some flies.
I gulped. So did Dean. Sam just went pale.
Frank: Well, I’ll be damned. Psycho Butch and Sundance. (BWAH! Love it – oh, and I have thoughts about this…I’ll get back to it). You’re on CNN right now.
Sam: That’s not us!
Frank: Can’t be. Unless you have a teleport. (pause) Do you have a teleport?
Dean shakes his head silently. Sam, swallowing hard, says, “No. Sir. We don’t.”
Frank: My condolences on the doppelgangers. Who sent you? NSA? The Feebs? March of Dimes?
Yep. Definitely a friend of Bobby's. Another paranoid bastard.
Dean: Uh…Bobby Singer sent us.
Frank stands up and cocks his gun, pointing it at Dean.
Dean (hurriedly, shoving his hands back up in the air): Or not! (stuttering laugh) Who?
Sam (quickly): He said you could help. You owe him. From Port Huron.
Frank: Guy saved your life one time and what? You owe him the rest of yours?
Dean (shrugging with his hands): That’s usually…how it works.
Frustrated, Frank points his gun at the floor in a silent tantrum, then gives in. In some room in Frank’s house, Frank is shredding what I can only assume were the boys’ fake credit cards (I couldn’t see it very well) and he has the clone vids playing on about five different TV’s. The boys are looking around. Sam looks slightly shell-shocked, Dean just looks resigned…maybe a little pissed. Franks rambling about how the government has been cloning people for years and Sam moves to correct him. Dean hushes his brother, whispering, “He’s rolling.” Hee.
Frank ‘helpfully’ points out that they’re on the Most Wanted list.
Sam: What should we do?
Frank tells them to hide. Dean’s like no can do.
Dean: Get us further off the grid…but keep us on the board.
So, Frank says they have to burn their old aliases – no more rock stars (aww, man!). From now on they are Tom and John Smith. No more plastic, cash only. As soon as he said this, I groaned out loud and whimpered, “He’s going to make them ditch the Impala.”
The hubs was like, “What is with you and that car?”
I just looked at him. He raised his hands in surrender and went back to his soccer stats. He wouldn’t understand anyway. *smiles sadly*
Frank tells them to stay out of view of the 200 million cameras the government has around the country – and while I don’t doubt there are many, this guy’s read 1984 a few too many times, you ask me. He breaks (read: completely shatters) Sam’s laptop, then hands him a new one – also gives them new, presumably untraceable, cell phones. Says they owe him $5,000. Cash. Either they had some of the dragon gold with them they could liquidate fast, or they signed an IOU because they left there and no money visibly changed hands. Plus, really highly doubt they had 5K just...on them.
He “blue steel”’s them some new IDs and ta-da! They’re off the grid. I heard before the season started that it was going to be Butch and Sundance-esque. I wasn’t sure how they were going to have that one play out. Obviously, now, the boys aren’t going to resort to robbing banks as Butch and Sundance did. But they are being pursued by relentless trackers who they can’t identify and are hard to incapacitate, impossible (it appears) to kill. When I get a new email, my computer plays the Butch soundbite, “Who are these guys?” That’s what I think the B&S theme is going to be for a bit. Who are they, what do they want, how do we elude them long enough to end them?
Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Bobby is trying to find a way to kill the LeviHitman.
Bobby: You can bleed, you can die.
LH: You’re stumped. I’m gonna really enjoy eating you.
Heh. I totally flashed to that quote from the movie The Rock, where Nic Cage mocks the bad solider, “I’m gonna enjoy guttin’ you, boy.”
Bobby’s all shut up, but the Levi just doesn’t know when to quit. He keeps at it until, frustrated, Bobby channels his inner McCloud and lops off the dude’s head with a big ol’ sword. Black ooze seeps out of the neck stump and Bobby stares in wonder.
Bobby: Hot damn! Well, that’s something.
Back at Frank’s, the old guy gives the boys new passports (that was wicked fast…wonder if he made them new fake FBI badges, too…or if we’ve seen the last of our boys showing suited up to a crime scene) and a map where he’s marked all the places the LeviWinchesters have hit. Can’t see a pattern, though. It looks random.
Frank: There’s no such thing as a random series of robber/murders by your evil twins. (Heh. I’ll keep that in mind.) Your doubles want to be on candid camera because they want you in the line of fire…at least have the common sense to ditch your car.
I may have yelped a bit.
Dean (looking stricken): What?!
Apparently the doubles have a double Impala. Okay, how…? I mean, it’s not like 1967 Impala’s are terribly easy to come by. How the heck did the clone the Impala?! *hand-wave*
Dean looks near tears as he glances at Sam. *sniff* Poor guy. This situation sucks out loud on various levels.
Back at Bobby’s—er, um, Rufus’ cabin—Bobby is getting some supplies and food out of a bag when there’s a knock at the door. Turns out, it’s Sheriff Jodi Mills.
Bobby: What the hell are you doing here?
Sheriff Mills: You’re all charm, Bobby.
Bobby: So my therapist keeps telling me.
Mills: I’m a cop, remember? (She holds up beer and snacks) Gonna invite me in?
Bobby warns her that he has one of the ‘big mouths’ downstairs so she’s like, I won’t go downstairs. Okay, let me just say this: I really like her. I like her with Bobby. While it might’ve been a little too easy for her to find Bobby in this supposedly totally off the grid random cabin of Rufus’, I like that she’s the one who finds the weakness (because if that’s what they’re going with, it makes total sense that a woman would be the one to accidentally stumble across it).

And if they kill her I will be very put out.
They (the writers) kill everyone who helps the boys – even the guest stars, these days. I get that they want them to be cut off, alone, on their own, desperate, but they've already put this particular character through way too much. Dead kid, zombie kid who eats husband, dead kid again…I mean, seriously. They better ultimately let her live. And that’s all I have to say about that.
Sheriff Mills says she wanted to thank Bobby but they don’t exactly make cards that say, “thanks for not letting me getting eaten alive by my monster doctor.” Hallmark really dropped the ball on that one.
Bobby: Just doing my job. Which nobody pays me for.
Mills: How you doin’, Bobby?
Bobby: Fine. Every day’s a gift.
Good Lord, he and Dean are cut from the same cloth. That concept is driven home further a little later, but this whole exchange had me thinking of how Dean reacts when confronted by someone who shows him compassion.
Mills: Your house burned down. Let someone be nice to you!
Bobby relents a bit – Not too nice…can’t go soft – but her comment had me thinking about that very significant event in his life. His house burned down. All his hunting stuff, sure, but what about everything else – any keepsakes and/or memories he had of his wife? The security of having some place to go to. All those phone lines that hunters used when they got in a bind with the law. Gone. We never really saw him react to that – we never really saw him react to much of anything. Not the fact that the boys thought he was dead, not Dean’s VM (which we can only assume he heard), none of it.
I suppose that could have taken place in that three week jump in time (making me want t write a missing scene even more), but even so, it would help if we saw some kind of reaction from Bobby. If Bobby allowed himself to show how this uprooted life has affected him, maybe the boys might be able to breathe through their own tangle of emotions a bit. I mean, I know Bobby pressed Dean to react to the fact that he lost his best friend and his brother is hanging on by a very thin thread, but if no one around him – except perhaps the person he’s supposed to take care of – is reacting honestly and with true emotion, how can Dean allow himself to?
All I could figure is that the only way Bobby could hold it together – for the sake of the boys, mainly – was to shove it down, just like Dean does. Bury the loss and instead focus on the various copies of journals/books he had stashed around, focus on the job, focus on the boys. It’s the only way I could justify Bobby just rolling with it.
Sheriff Mills wants to cook him something. Straighten up the place. Just…take care of him a little. Which is such a womanly thing to do. I liked it. Bobby lets her do her thing and heads back down to the Leviathan only to see that it’s re-headed itself. So, Bobby cuts off its head again. Heh.
The boys are leaving Frank's in what totally looks like a Rabbit. The soccer mom mini-van was bad enough, but this? *laughs* To make matters worse, there’s a yellow, horsey, squeak toy hanging from the rear-view mirror. Dean pulls out his knife and cut’s the toy off, throwing it in the back seat. Heh. I know someone who was probably pretty happy with that scene.
Sam (looking askance at his brother): You okay?
Dean (lips pushed out in angry grimace, face lined and tense with frustration): It’s bad enough they’re ganking people while wearing our mugs (one too many episodes of Boardwalk Empire for you, there, Dean), but we’re driving around in this…caboodle while Baby’s on lockdown.
Sam (just short of a little-brother eye-roll): It’s temporary.
I swear to you, I was two seconds from saying this very same line when Dean beat me to it. My laugh had my dogs jumping in surprise.
Dean: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
Sam starts to call him on quoting Dirty Dancing, but Dean, with the Finger of Silence raised, declares that it’s a Swayze movie and Swayze always gets a pass. Atta boy.
Sam, taking sympathy on his poor brother, asks if he wants some tunes, knowing what always calms him down. Now, I know, there are much bigger issues at hand in the grand scheme of the episode, and we still must talk about the ending and all of that, but for a moment, I just want to once more enjoy the scene that had me guffawing so much even the hubs grinned.
Sam turns on the radio and Air Supply’s All Out Of Love starts playing. I swear, cheesy as they are, Air Supply has some pretty darn singable songs. I know every friggin’ word to Making Love Out of Nothing At All and sing it loudly. Ask thruterryseyes</lj>. She’s been there. You just…you can’t help yourself!
So, the music comes on, Sam offers to turn the stations and Dean’s all, Nah, just leave it…probably the only thing on. OMG, I’m laughing right now just thinking about it. Sam looks down at the map and Dean starts to lip sync the words, I’m all outta love…I’m so lost without you…I know you were right, believing for so long….
Poor Impala on lockdown. Dean misses you. *giggles*
Sam gives Dean a sidelong, incredulous look and Dean closes his mouth with a click, looking off to the side, trying to hide, but as soon as Sam looks down again, he starts to lip sync once more, as if the song is compelling him to sing. IT TOTALLY DOES THAT! I swear! There are some songs you can’t NOT sing!
Stop laughing at me. You know it’s true. *narrows eyes good naturedly*
Sam turns off the radio and Dean closes his mouth in a slight (and totally sexy) pout. Sam looks back at the map and notices that there actually IS a pattern to the Leviathan attacks, only not geometrical…it’s following a geographic timeline.
He calls it out to Dean – Jericho, the Woman in White; Black Water, the Wendigo; Lake Manitok, the kid in the water…. The Levi’s are hitting the jobs they worked, in order, since Sam left Stanford. Okay, I both liked this and head-tilted it. I liked it because I like flashbacks to the previous episodes, and it was fun to see them tie in to earlier, more innocent times. I like the flashes of those hunts, too. I wondered if it was supposed to plant something in our minds – or even the brother’s minds – of what brought them back together in the first place to help them deal with the ramifications of the end. I could be over-thinking that part of it, though. Basically, it was just a nice shout-out.
However. What was the Levi logic there? Was the point going to the towns where the brother’s had saved people? To mess with their heads? To  make sure they were found? The answer to both is probably yes, and it worked on both counts, but it just seemed to be a bit…head tilty to me. I think I might have to chew on the Levi logic through a few more episodes.
Anyway, Dean instantly recalls (which is kind of amazing considering how much they’d been through in the last six years – including Hell) that the next stop would be St. Louis, home of Conner’s diner and the best burger in St. Louis.
Dean: I deserve something good in my life right now.
Yes, Dean. Yes you certainly do. Sadly, you’re not going to get it, but you definitely deserve it.
Next shot is of the brothers at the diner, Dean noshing on a burger, Sam eating a salad. Took me a sec to realize these were the LeviWinchesters. Their exchange in enlightening. First because apparently the Levi’s don’t just clone the appearance of the individual, they clone everything.

Memories, experiences, thoughts feelings. I find that interesting. And pretty much totally creepy. Because it’s as if they’re possessing the actual individual – as if Dean and Sam were inside those cloned bodies with the Levi’s – only it’s a totally separate being.
LeviDean finds the burger disgusting (bite your tongue! No, really….), and LeviSam says the salad is, “Dead plants with creamy goo…it’s like eating self righteousness.” LeviDean has a bit of fun tearing Dean down. It can’t stand him and says he has a hero complex, which is interesting considering Dean has no self-worth. But at the same time, I get where something like a Leviathan would say something like that about Dean. The only way Dean feels good about himself is if he saves someone, cares for someone, and they recognize him for it…which rarely happens…so he wants to be a hero, he just doesn’t get the recognition he craves and therefore feels worthless.
I can kinda understand that, actually. I find that I struggle with something similar: I don’t want to be the center of attention, but I do want to be recognized. I tend to take charge of situations because I feel as though it’s the only way I’ll be sure it’s done “right,” and therefore I get worn out because I rarely let anyone help me. And then I get hurt when it feels as though I’m taken for granted, or that no one sees how hard I work. So, I could see why Dean might be seen as having a hero complex, even though he feels he’s 90% crap.
LeviDean continues by saying Dean doesn’t have relationships, he has applications for singlehood (which, sure…he can’t risk anyone getting close to him because it hurts so much when they leave, and they always leave) , and apparently Dean thinks he’s funny. LeviDean takes anything he gets from Dean’s inner workings and twists it into a mockery of the man we know.
Meanwhile, LeviSam is all, who has two thumbs and full-blown bats in the bellfry? This guy. Apparently, Sam is ‘nothing but Satan vision’ on the inside. So, we know that even though Sam may be acting normal, he’s clamping down hard on his control valve. Which is admirable, but since this is a TV show, and not a story or a book where we are privy to the inner workings of the character’s mind, it would be nice if they showed us Sam being a little more shaky, I think. Since 7.04, we haven’t seen so much as a flinching hand-grab. I’m glad we got this insight, though, because it helped me with the end and in thinking things through.
LeviSam: I had a brother once. I ate him.
LeviDean: ‘Course you did.
LeviSam: How are these guys even a threat?
LeviDean: Boss says they gotta go.
LeviSam: Idea. Wanna trade? I’ll take chuckles over skitzso.
LeviDean: Nah. I like this one’s hair better. You can stay in the big one.
LeviSam: Let’s turn up the heat.
So, with that, they make some poor kid turn on his video phone, kill everyone in the diner, and make sure they’re filmed the whole time. Gah.
Meanwhile, our boys are still heading to St. Louis in the Rabbit. Bobby’s on the phone with them telling them that cutting off the Leviathan’s heads slows then down, but he doesn’t want them getting that close to them, so he’s working on finding something they can shoot them with. The boys hear Sheriff Mills in the background and chuckle, sharing a grin. *nice*
Dean: Are you even working, Richard Geer?

Bobby tells them that the LeviWinchester’s hit a diner in St. Louis and Dean is a little crushed. So, they head to Ankeny, Iowa. Meanwhile, Agents Morris and Valente show up at the diner in St. Louis, find the officer first on scene, see the phone vid where LeviDean is all, we’re going to Iowa, so they put pretty much the whole state on alert.
Back at the cabin, Bobby is getting out jumper cables to test on the Leviathan, but gets sloppy and allows his arm to barely graze the arm of the Levi; it’s enough. The Levi morphs into Bobby.
LeviBobby: Does this skin make me look fat?
Bobby: Balls.
So, LeviBobby starts strolling through Bobby’s memory, saying he dropped out of high school, he became a drunk like his dad – and his relationship with his dad was a can of scorpions in and of itself – which, seriously, up to the favorite singer being Joni Mitchell, I found it no wonder Dean is Bobby’s favorite. He sees himself in Dean.
Our boys are in Ankeny, walking down the street, when they see LeviWinchesters in the LeviImpala drive by.
Sam: Oh, no. This is all sorts of wrong.
You can say that again, man.
Dean: I’m so stealing those rims. (Hee! He calls Bobby.) We’ve got eyes on them.
Before they can do anything else, though, the Ankeny Sheriff’s department pulls up and surrounds our brothers. The hubs called this before I could – the Sheriff was the actor who played Col. Saul Tigh from the new Battlestar Gallactica (one of our joint guilty pleasures, once upon a time). I never caught his real name, so I’m just going to go with Col. Tigh. Feel free to correct me. It’s not like we have to remember it long, anyway.
Bobby hears the boys get arrested over the phone, and the LeviWinchesters drive off, with LeviDean giving the boys a wicked grin (which was also oddly sexy…I swear there’s not much this guy can do that doesn’t get to me). Back in The Basement Of Endless Torture, LeviBobby is still trying to get under Bobby’s skin.
Bobby: Save it. I already know me, handsome.
LeviBobby: You’ve got the gruff thing down. Seen more death than an electric chair. (In his best John Wayne impression.) Ready to die with your boots on. You know deep down you still have hope. You’ve got a thing for that pretty lady upstairs. But you’re not getting any older than tomorrow.
Bobby pulls out the Highlander sword and quotes Browning at the thing, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.”
Just then, something drips down from the ceiling, burning the Levi’s arm, and then its face, like acid. Bobby rushes upstairs to find Sheriff Mills washing the floor, apologizing for a spill of something or other. Bobby rushes up to her and kisses her full on the mouth.
Mills: Wasn’t expecting that reaction.
I may have whispered to the hubs that I’d wash the kitchen floor every day if I got that reaction. Bobby asks her what’s in the bucket.

Meanwhile, in the Ankeny jail, Dean’s asking for a call, but Col. Tigh demands he be taken to cell #1 and Sam to the interview room, then gives the two cops the night off. Which was an interesting choice, I thought, since he had two mass murderers on his hands. But oh, well. The LeviWinchesters are outside the police station, watching from the LeviImpala. They quickly make themselves into the cops who were leaving, return to the station, and kill the night duty cop. Yikes.
While all that’s going on, Col. Tigh is talking to Dean and Dean is practically begging for his phone call, his voice shaking a bit as he tries once more to deny that he killed anyone. Something in his voice or face must’ve been convincing enough because Col. Tigh allows him the call – holding the phone, on speaker, outside of the cell (so he hears everything).
Bobby tells Dean that sodium borate – anything with Borax in it – will burn the Leviathans. How 'bout that. I grew up on a farm with a well, and we had to use Borax in our laundry to help with the rust in our water. We also used massive amounts of rock salt in the water softener. Guess we were pretty stocked up for demon and Leviathan attack. *grins*
Bobby tells him that the Borax burns them enough to slow them down, then he needs to chop off their heads and bury the head waaaaaay separate from the body. At that, Col. Tigh closes the phone all, you people are totally sick. Which, sure. I mean, what would any normal person think after hearing chemical burning and decapitation from someone suspected of being a serial killer? Dean tries to plea with him, saying if he doesn’t listen to him, they’ll all be dead – ala Jus In Bello.
But then, luckily (for the boys if not for him), Col. Tigh heads out just in time to see one of his officers eating another just as a third walks in, tells him they don’t have time for lunch, and the two still living cops morph into Sam and Dean. Col. Tigh goes back to Dean, clearly shaken up, all I don’t know what I just saw. Dean does, though, and makes him let him out, telling him to go get Borax and meet him back there. Good thing the station janitor's closet has that as a cleaning agent.
Sam is in the interrogation room and looks up to see Dean opening the door. At first he’s relieved and elated, but then…turns out, it’s not Dean. It’s LeviDean…who is “Dean adjacent.” As soon as LeviDean walked into that interrogation room, I knew what was going to happen. I said as much out loud and hubs is like, “How do you know?” And I said, “Because that’s just how Dean’s luck goes.”
Dean sneaks into the main room and takes the dead cop’s gun, muttering a low, “Sorry,” to the body. He looks up to see Sam.
Dean: Sammy! (Totally Evil!Sam grin) Not Sammy.
LeviSam throws Dean into a trophy case (ouch!).
In the interview room, LeviDean is toying with Sam a bit: “I have really grown to hate you and your brother. You could be anything…but you’re so caught up in being good and taking care of each other.”
Okay, that’s something Sam should actually listen to. Because even this twisted version of Dean is talking about how the memories and needs he sees in this clone body are all about taking care of his brother.
Sam: Why do you care?
LeviDean: It pisses me off. You’re wasting a perfectly good opportunity to subjugate the weak.
Outside, Dean breaks the glass and gets a fire ax from the emergency box.
LeviSam: Cute. Do you really think you’ll get close enough to use it?
Dean: Not until you’re burning.
Col. Tigh is suddenly there and throws a bucket of Borax on LeviSam and before it can wail even one I’m melting, melting…. Dean whacks its head off.
In the interview room, LeviDean settles in next to Sam. My stomach was in knots at this point. Because I knew exactly what LeviDean was going to do and I didn’t want it to happen this way, but then I realized that yes, it must. It had to happen this way. Dean needed the choice pulled from his hands if the truth was ever going to come to light and now the wound is open and bleeding and maybe now…now there can be some healing from it.
LeviDean: Dean thinks you’re nutballs. Thinks you’re off your game.
Duh. He’s scared to death for his brother.  Has been since he found out about the whole being soulless thing. He’s worn himself out being scared for Sam.
Sam: You gonna kill me or are you just playing with your food?
LeviDean: All right. I guess that’s why Dean never told you he killed Amy.
Thunk. That sound you heard? That was my heart hitting the floor. Sam looks…shocked, gutted, and sick. Shaken to his core. *pets him*
LeviDean (with delight): That look on your face, that is priceless! That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Now I can eat you. ‘Cause I like meat a little…bitter.
Dean bursts in, Col. Tigh on his heels. Sam ducks and covers. Dean throws Borax at LeviDean, then chops its head off.
Dean: Wow. That felt good!
Col. Tigh is like, The FBI is on their way. He agrees to do whatever he can to help them, especially if it means lying about everything he just saw. Heh. Dean asks if he could make them be dead…again. Col. Tigh agrees and Dean’s like, let’s get a mop.

Sam hangs back, still looking a bit gutted. Dean asks if he’s okay and Sam says he’s fine. Worried more about what just happened than the look on Sam’s face (which could easily be attributed to what just happened), Dean lets it go to get the bodies cleaned up.
Agents Morris and Valente arrive to get the Winchesters, and Col. Tigh (and the M.E., who turns out to be his daughter) becomes a lying liar who lies, telling the agents he shot and killed them, then sent their bodies to the funeral home to be cremated according to their living wills and religious preferences. Heh. Morris is sputtering at the fact that there aren’t any bodies, but Valente is like, no bodies = no paperwork = good. Which seemed a bit too easy, but...we soon find out why.
But first! Sheriff Mills is leaving and Bobby thanks her, looking for a brief moment as if he’s going to kiss her, but instead hands her a box telling her not to open it, no matter what. I had a brief flash to Se7en’s, “What’s in the box?” line. He tells her to drop it in the drink, that he has a body to bury in cement, then he gives her a friendly, chaste kiss on the cheek. Hrumph. I hope they bring her back.
Back in Ankeny, Col. Tigh and his daughter are angsting about the weird black blood and lying to the Feds when Valente comes back, catching them red-handed with the bodies. I should have – I really should have – seen this coming, but I didn’t. Especially because the scene with Dean in the cell telling the cop that he has to trust him or they were all going to die reminded me of Jus In Bello. But I was all la-la-la watching until the anvil dropped: Valente is actually a LeviFed. He goes all Big Mouth on them and bam! Dead Sheriff and M.E., who maybe could have helped the brothers down the road.
Have to keep the brothers cut off from help, right? Keep it so they only have each other (and Bobby) to depend on? Also have to show that the Leviathan’s are everywhere. So that’s why they’re so scary, I guess. They could be anyone. Even though their communication abilities are…various. So, while it was sad (and possibly a bit predictable...unless you’re me) that these two were the latest in a long line of Leviathan casualties, I saw a reason for it.
Valente calls the boss man, says their Levi friends are headless – so I guess that really does incapacitate them. It didn’t look like they could continue on rehabilitating their vessels w/out a head. But also doesn’t appear that they’re actually dead since they have to keep the heads separate. Wonder how they writers are going to find a solution for this one. I think Crowley might end up having something to do with it, ultimately, else the visit he pays the LeviBoss is totally random.
LeviBoss (who I’ve seen before elsewhere, but couldn’t place) tells Valente to go back to the FBI. They can’t bring Sam and Dean back from the dead again, because that would raise suspicions. So, they’re going to give the Winchester sitch “a good think.” Which means that we’ll probably have an episode or two break from Leviathan encounters while they’re thinking. Inside the Boss’s limo, Crowley appears bearing gluten-free muffins (and it sounded like he said something about them having been made from baby something, but I didn’t get it).
Crowley may not have a fiddle of gold, but he was looking to make a deal with a devlish being. Former King of the Crossroads and all. Boss man shuts him down hard with a, don’t rufie me and call it romance. Basically, to the Leviathans, demons are ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores who are less than humans and if he wasn’t busy with other things, the LeviBoss would wipe demons from the universe.
Crowley (looking about 60% scared, 40% pissed): Keep the muffins.

So. Either that means that Crowley will once more be looking to work with the brothers to jointly wipe out the Leviathans and/or return them to Purgatory (enemy of my enemy is my friend approach), or he'll be working his own angle that will end up helping the brothers in the end, or that was really random. And while I adore Crowley, and I will go with whatever direction they take this because I’m enjoying watching this journey of my hero, I’m not sure how I feel about the concept of them working with the demon again. I hope that if the writers do go down the route of Crowley seeking them out, it’s done in a more imaginative way than making yet another deal.
*shrugs* Heck, maybe Crowley will help them get Cas back…. *ponders*
Somewhere on a pier/bridge in Iowa, Dean opens the back hatch of the Rabbit and peers in at the heads in a duffel bag, preparing to throw them into the water. Sam is leaning against the roof of the car, quietly brooding. Watching him, concerned, Dean leans on the hatch and asks what’s wrong.
Sam (Brooooody): Nothing.
Dean: That’s convincing. Did monster us give you the jeebs? Because I gotta be honest – I’m not looking in the mirror for awhile myself.
Sam (turning to face him, full of righteous indignation): Okay. You want to know what’s wrong?
Dean (quietly bracing himself, unsure, bravado in full force): You know my motto, here to help.
Sam: Kinda like you helped Amy?
Dean’s whole self pulls in. His face shuts down and he drops his arm from the car, looking at the ground. He tries to speak with a, “Listen, Sam—“
Sam: Don’t lie to me again. I can’t talk to you right now. (He grabs his backpacks from the car and starts to walk away, turning with the bags out to the side) I can’t even be around you right now. Go on without me.
Dean watches him go, his face closed off, his eyes raw. He says, very low, “Sorry, Sam.” And Sam storms off with his bags. Now, according to the previews, this separation doesn’t last, but I hope we see an actual discussion and at least an attempt at a resolution before we go into the next hunt we see in the previews.
While I was admittedly disappointed on Dean's behalf that Sam walked away, I also totally understood it and saw it as very much in character for how Sam handles things like this. Sometimes, you have to get space to think things through. And he’s always been a bit dramatic – needs to work through the hurt he’s feeling before he can process what he knows and be able to really hear anything Dean has to say. 'Cause if he can’t hear Dean, he can’t help Dean. Like I said, Amy’s just the tip of a rather large iceberg.
So while I was sad that Sam stalked off when things got rough, I felt it was in line with Sam’s personality. In some ways, people don’t change. No matter how much crap they’ve lived through. Sometimes, people are how they are. And I say this next part simply as a personal observation of character and not as a judgment call (so please don’t throw things at me – you’re not obligated to feel the same way).
Sam’s ground is Sam first. Dean’s ground is everyone else first. Sam looks at things as how they affect him, what they mean to him. Dean looks at things as how they affect others. Neither way is very healthy; neither way is noble or right. Both ways can be seen as selfish depending on the situation. But because of that, regardless of who ‘wronged’ who, they are going to reacted the only way they know how.
I mean, Sam’s been in the wrong before…and he’s still left…and Dean’s gone after him. In this instance, Dean did the only thing he could do: he let Sam go.
No matter how much it gutted him to know Sam finally knew the truth – to know how Sam had to have found out -- he wasn’t going to fight and rail and defend himself. He said he was sorry because he couldn’t let Sam go without at least that, but he also couldn’t bring himself to call out anything else, defend what he’s obviously felt increasingly guilty about: lying to Sam.

As sad as it is, Dean expects people to leave him. He expects Sam to leave him. It’s happened so many times before, it’s probably the biggest reason he couldn’t confess to Sam a long time ago. He's been waiting for this to happen. It kinda breaks something inside, though, every time it does.
But, Dean knows his brother and knows Sam is going to see this as a ‘how could you do this to me’ situation first (understandably so) and not a ‘what was going on in your head’ situation. It may well come to that second situation, but not before Sam gets some of hurt out of his system. It’s just who they are. Sam leaves. And Dean goes after him (usually -- the 'I'm quitting hunting' moment being an exception).
The way I hope this plays out is that Sam gets the space he needs and this time he comes back to Dean. It would go such a long way for Dean’s self-worth if Sam found him worth fighting it out about Amy. If Sam shared his hurt and disappointment and even betrayal and they found a way to slowly seek a balance – peeling away that one moment and exposing all the other things that are buried so deep they’re burning through Dean like…Borax. *wink*
Not only that, but it would show that Sam's grown -- that his words to Dean about every time he left his brother he was wrong were sincere. I get him walking off. Now I want him to come back, without Dean going after him.

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. But even with the similarities to other episodes, and even with Sam walking away and breaking my heart for Dean, I enjoyed this latest chapter in their ongoing journey. And I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Now, where did I put that Air Supply cassette….
Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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