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Stream of Consciousness: Upcoming Schedule, plus Preview of Coming Attractions

Hi ya'll.

As some of you know, the hubs and I are training for a 1/2 marathon to support the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation (CCFA). The marathon is on December 4th and the training schedule is a little intense this month trying to get our non-athletic bodies ready for this test. If you want to more about the reason we're doing this marathon, our training, or the CCFA, check out our blog, One Step at a Time.

Due to the increased training, some of my upcoming Stream of Consciousness recap/reviews (aka 'Rambles') are going to be delayed a smidge. I write the Rambles immediately following one viewing and they take about 4(ish) hours, so I usually end up posting them around 2am(ish). Some of our longer training sessions with the team start at 7am -- an hour away from Lawrence -- and going into a 10-12 mile walk on less than 4 hours sleep would be...not good. I am only telling you this because some of you have said you look forward to them and I appreciate that tremendously and take it seriously. I don't ever want to inadvertently disappoint anyone.

So, thanks to the most awesome marlowe78 I have a schedule of the upcoming unaired episodes and can let you know when the Rambles will be posted:

November 4: 7.07  -- LATE, posted on Sunday the 6th
November 11: 7.08 -- on time
November 18: 7.09 -- LATE, posted on Sunday the 20th
Thanksgiving break
December 2: 7.10 -- LATE (this is the marathon weekend), posted on Wednesday the 7th
January 6: 7.11 -- on time
January 13: 7.12 -- on time

Lastly, on the ones that are late? I may be a bit behind in replying to your awesome comments (and they are awesome -- you guys totally rock with all your thinky thoughts). But I'll get to them. In fact, I'll start going through the ones from 7.05 next (while watching The Walking Dead...any of you zombie-files out there watch? Good Lord, it's fantastic).

Okay, so that's it on the reviews. The rest of this is fanfic and writing stuff, so if that's not your thing, no worries. For the rest of you, I bring you....

I have a to-do list. Aside from responding to Ramble comments, I also have 'respond to Wake Up and Fight reviews.' So, if you've reviewed over there and haven't heard from me, you will. I thank you very sincerely for reading and taking time to leave me a comment. It means the world to me. And I want to thank you individually. As soon as I can catch up.

At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to write a draft of my original story, Gone. I've not been very successful in that. And by 'very' I mean at all. My job(s) have been extremely demanding, and recently, though I left one, the other has upped it's demands on my time with meetings from 7am to 9pm some days and wicked busy development schedules. I've just found it so much more comfortable falling into the familiar realm of fanfic. Through that, I still get to write, I still get to tell stories, I still get to use that as my escape, and I get more time with Dean. Always a plus.

However, I made a promise, even if it was just to myself. And I keep my promises, no matter how long it takes. SO. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words in the month of November. The word count doesn't really worry me -- most of you who read my stuff know I don't do short -- nor does the time limit. It's the fact that I'm going to do 50K of my own story. *gulp*

I know the story I want to tell...I even know basically how I want to tell it. I've just been psyching myself out all year. So I had to pony up and commit to something. 50K won't be the rough draft I resolved to complete at the beginning of the year, but it's better than nothing. Right?

Incidentally, I know a few others of you out there are participating: EFW, novembersguest, thruterryseyes, mokibobolink.... anyone else? If you are, look me up on the site. I'm under my Twitter name, amandagaelic.

After that's over, and the marathon has been walked, and we're wading through the hellatus, I have some fanfic stories I want to begin. I thought I'd give you a preview...feel free to tell me if you think they sound ridiculous. *laugh* This is what I think about while walking all those training miles. Too bad I can't type and walk at the same time....

These are in no particular order, by the way. Just stories I want to write and will start sometime in December.

Livin’ on a Prayer
Missing scene from 5.14, MBV: Dean gets an answer to his prayer in the junkyard while Sam's locked up in the panic room, detoxing.

This one was by request from metallidean_grl.

Night of the Hunter
Missing scene from 5.02, Good God, Ya'll through 5.03, FTBYAM, leading to the first part of 5.04, The End: This story chronicles what Dean did and went through during the time he and Sam were apart. Starts from when Sam walks away from the picnic table and ends when Dean stops in Kansas City, right before he's zapped to the future. Let's just say there are vampires, a werewolf, a case of mistaken identity, some sleepless nights, a lonely man, and a lot of Dean.

From the Ramble for 5.03: "…sometimes the happiness brought on by the appearance of freedom from obligation is whisper-thin. It doesn’t support you for long. And once gone, it’s not something that can be brought back easily. Not like the happiness of being in the space you belong.”

This one is for my dear friend, Janet, who has saved me and my family much heartache over the last many years.

Communication Breakdown
Season 2. The boys are trapped in the wilderness with a group of kids/teenagers, trying to get them back home without being snacked on by the monster the boys were tracking to begin with. This story was inspired by what happened to Sawyer in Season 2 of LOST.

No one asked for this one; it's just one of those I wonder what this would be like if it happened to Dean type stories. I may submit this one to the Blood Brothers zine.

From Yesterday
Post Season 5, AU. I've been dubbing this one, "Brenna’s last stand." Those of you who've read a lot of my stuff might be familiar with my character, Brenna Kavanagh, a Celtic druid and on-again/off-again love interest for Dean. She's appeared in four stories, and in the final one, Weapon and the Wound, which is set in Season 3, she finds out about Dean's deal and allows him to send her away -- leaving with Virgil (aka Sinatra).

I thought that would be how they ended, but I've had a story chewing on my brain for about three years now, and I finally decided to give it a go. You should know, however, this is the most AU story I've ever done. Granted, all of the stories with Brenna are AU as she doesn't exist in canon, but I've always tried to follow the standing timeline and events, fitting her stories in between actual events and moments in the show.

This is my ending to Season 5 -- sans Sam falling into the Cage with Adam/Michael. It assumes Lisa was just a happy memory of a very bendy weekend and Ben is just her son. And it assumes that Lucifer/Sam killed both Cas and Bobby before beating the hell out of Dean. I've created an alternate ending to trapping two arch angels in the cage, and I've picked it up from there, stripping the boys of their Heavenly help and their friends, changing their reality with that loss, and pushing them back to a bare-bones approach to life.

However, even though they stopped the apocalypse, there is still evil in the world, and it touches someone they thought they'd never hear from again. Someone who means a lot to both of them for different reasons, and pretty much the only one who can pull them back into hunting after they figure out a way to survive in their new reality.

Okay, so that's it.

I am still toying with ideas for Season 7 missing scenes -- really want to write one for that missing 3 weeks at the beginning of 7.03 -- but I struggle with writing stories for the season we're in, mainly due to writing the Ramble. So, this may be it. And who knows how long this will take. *laugh*

Hope some of this at least sounds interesting. Thanks for wading through it.

Have a great week, everyone! And if you recognize/celebrate Halloween, have a safe one.


Tags: fanfic, original fic, ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural, writing
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