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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review, Episode 7.08

So…that was interesting. Hopefully I’ll have a better assessment when I get to the end of this Ramble. Right now I’m just sitting with…interesting.

I will say one thing up front, though. Dean + blue sweater = hummina hummina. I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a ‘surfacey’ review. I’m sorry, but I may not be able to help it! Which might be okay with you guys since I gave you quite a bit o’ Gaelic in last week’s Ramble. *ahem* *shifty eyes*
Okay, ya’ll know I’m anti-spoiler with the exception of the previews they show at the end of the episodes. This afternoon I was IMing thruterryseyes and said that the bride in the previews was going to be someone out of the blue…or Becky. *hand to God*
The THEN showed us that the boys fought, the boys made up, then reminded us of Chuck Shirley’s series of Supernatural books with Becky the Superfan and I exclaimed, “I KNEW it” in a tone that would have made Chandler Bing proud (lovinjackson</lj>, if you’re reading, you know exactly what I’m talking about). In the NOW, the boys are in Las Vegas (which is where I’ll be in three short weeks to finish that marathon…gulp).
Dean is sitting at a table in a strip club, several beers in front of him and a blonde in a “post show” tight T-shirt and Daisy Duke shorts standing next to him, chatting. And Oh. Mah. Gah. he looked good in this scene. Adorable, flirty grin, followed by self-depreciating grimace and helpless frown.  Stripper tells him that she’s in grad school, waiting for his disbelieving look and calling him on it.
Dean: This is my I dig smart chics look. If they wore that, I wouldn’t have dropped out of school.
Stripper wants to know his deal since he came in there looking like “someone had shot your puppy.” With a disarming chuckle, Dean tries to go with the, “Things are looking up now that your shift is over,” angle, but no dice. She ain’t buying it – basically wants to know what’s behind those sad green eyes of his. So, Dean gives in. Sorta.
Dean: Here’s the deal. I have a friend. Who has a younger brother. Awhile back, he has some canon’s go loose, real bad deal. Friend’s just been waiting to see if he’ll go guano again. Only he didn’t. Kid’s all reasonable now. Considering he’s crazy. Well, he’s not crazy…. But things are starting to seem like they might be getting a little…better?
Stripper is like, this is a good thing, right? And while it definitely is a good thing that Sam isn’t a blubbering mass of goo due to the wall coming down, and has shown considerable inner and personal strength keeping himself focused and together after killing two other parts of himself to pull himself together in the first place…it does make me think a couple of things. I mean, first, either there’s definitely still another shoe that’s going to drop hard, or the writers got a little too excited over the ramifications of the wall coming down last season. Second, it makes me feel bad for Dean on multiple levels – not the least of which being he never really managed to make quite the same recovery from his tour in Hell – but also because once you’ve taken care of someone to the extent he has Sam for so long, bouncing back and doing something else – anything else – is really hard.
It’s incredibly easy to allow your whole identity to get wrapped up into what you can do for that person, however well they’re doing. You measure your worth by their success or their health or just them getting through one more day. You build your whole life around what you need to do for them – or just so you can be there to keep an eye on them on the off chance they need something. And when that core of your focus is removed, while it’s yay them, it…kinda sucks to be you. Because you’re left trying to redefine an entire person: you. And you haven't had a lot of recent experience with that person.
Then again, that could just be me.
Aside – I really like the way Dean drinks his beer. Ugh, sorry! See? Surfacey. Can’t really help it. He was just looking really good in this episode. I’ll try to tone it down. *takes deep breath*
Dean: It’s a miracle! (grumbling and with a slight pout) Except on their sacred, annual trip to Vegas, he goes off on this granola munching hike in the desert all by himself.
Careful, Dean – she might stop believing you’re talking about your ‘friend.’
Stripper: Maybe he just needs some time alone. We all need to face ourselves sometime.
Dean (small smile): Maybe he does.
Stripper: Wasn’t talking about him.
Oops. Too late. She’s got you pegged, buddy. And didn’t she just say the scariest thing she possibly could? Dean face himself? He’s been doing everything in his power to avoid that particular confrontation for a little over three years now.
His phone rings and it’s a text from Sam telling him to meet him four blocks away and wear his Fed suit.
Stripper (patting his shoulder and leaning close): See? Baby brother needs you after all.
Dean gives her this side glance without turning his head and tightens his jaw at her touch…or her words. *loves* Suited up, he goes to the address Sam texted him – A Little White Chapel. He heads inside cautiously, eyeing the flickering lights, drawing his gun, and suddenly the doors open and there’s Sam in a suit with a pink carnation telling him he doesn’t need his gun and pulling him to the front of the chapel.
Dean: I thought you were off becoming one with the land or some crap.
He’s staring around incredulously, glaring at the ancient organist (also in pink) and a wizened man who was probably the officiator. We didn’t really see. Sam pins a pink carnation on Dean’s lapel telling him that apparently pink is for royalty (huh…I always thought that was purple…shows how much I know). Dean, still trying to get the joke, is like, what are we, wedding crashers? You after a siren?
Sam says it’s a little sudden, but life is short, so…I’m in love, and I’m getting married. Say something. Dean, gaping, tries for words and comes back with a totally stumped, “What?!”  The bride then walks down the aisle to a disco-like organish wedding march – wearing rather nice wedding dress (only with a wicked thick veil). Dean stares and stares, finally muttering, “What. The. Hell?”
Sam is looking at the bride with a totally goofy grin. Hee. It’s actually a little cute, honestly.  He lifts the veil and, to no one who watched the THEN’s surprise, it’s Becky.
Becky: Dean, I’m so glad you’re here!
Cleverly, the opening title card was a pretty, tiered wedding cake decorated in black spades that blows up all over the screen. Actually looked a little red in there, too. Red velvet wedding cake perhaps? Okay, shutting up about cake now because I’m getting hungry.
Next thing we see is Sam and Becky sitting, facing each other, hand in hand, Sam with a wedding ring on, and Dean pacing, full-on agitated.
Dean: Shouldn’t she…ask for my permission or something? (Heh. Also? Poor guy.) How did this happen?
Sam (googley eyes at Becky): We met, we ate, we talked, we fell in love.
Dean: Okay, forgetting EVERYTHING, have you forgotten the average life span of your hook ups?
Becky: And if anyone knows that, it’s me! Going in with open eyes.
She’s the same perky, peppy, bubbly, wild-eyed, totally obsessed gal we last saw happily latched on to Chuck. Sam is telling Dean that after all he’s been through, he knows that if something happens, he has to jump on it. Dean’s like, did you even make sure she’s
Becky: Salt, Holy Water, everything. Not a monster. Just the right girl for your brother.
She heads off to pay the bill, leaving them to do…brother stuff.  As soon as she’s out of earshot, Dean wigs out a bit, flailing with his arms.
Dean: Really?! Superfan ’99?!
Sam, utterly calm, still with that little grin on his face, says that after they got past the whole book thing, Sam realized he was the dick and she was actually pretty cool. Dean jumps on “the book thing” saying that Becky probably knew they were going to be in Vegas. So, wait, did we know there was an annual sacred trip to Vegas? I feel like I didn’t know that. And not to go all Superfan ’11, I kinda think an annual trip to Vegas would be something I’d remember. Oh, well.
Dean’s like, it’s been four days, how are you in love?! Sam stands and gives him a slightly smug, deprecating smile and folds Becky’s veil carefully.
Sam: Becky and I are going to her place in Delaware. Why don’t you try to wrap your dome around this, get a little supportive, and give us a call?
Okay, even knowing what I know, I could both see this as Sam acting weird…and Sam acting like himself. Especially in light of his recent efforts to improve himself, take care of his body, deal with life as it comes. Not only that, but that slightly condescending tone he used with Dean just then was really not out of the realm of ways he’s talked to Dean recently. I wouldn’t have expected it after the last make up session, but it still wasn’t unheard of. Still, the fact that Dean knew it was off was enough to quell any well, this could be Sam thoughts I might’ve had. I was just waiting to see how hard he’d hit his head. Or whatever.
Meanwhile, Becky’s Tweeting her “1st official Tweet as Mrs. Becky Rosen-Winchester.” (Aside – Winchester? Really? Wouldn’t using that name {particularly in a Tweet} be a Really Bad Idea?) They leave and Dean heads back out to the Patchwork Dodge (Charger or Challenger, either way, muscle car) from last episode and calls Bobby, leaving him a voice mail that he’s going to Delaware to do some snooping around because Sam’s there with his (wait for it) wife.
Well, he didn’t say ‘wait for it’ but it seemed like a fitting place for that. Another aside – Las Vegas to Delaware?! Mapquest puts that at about 38 hours. That’s some serious driving.

Anyway, on the way to her house, Becky stops at her 10 year High School reunion and heads to the table to RSVP. The beautiful Jocelyn is manning the table and says all those terrible things they say to the unpopular girl in the John Hughes movies – “Oh, I remember you! Yucky Becky! Of course. Wow, you haven’t changed a bit, have you?” *narrows eyes at Jocelyn*
Sam comes in, though, and stands behind Becky, resting his hand on her shoulder, obviously with her, and Jocelyn about swallows her tongue as she marks Becky down for ‘plus one.’ Which, Becky immediately Tweets. She’s as bad as Misha. *winks*
As they’re heading back to the car, Becky sees her friend Guy, who is an event coordinator and also, apparently, wiccan. She introduces him to Sam (leaving out the wiccan part) and tells Sam that she and Guy met in the ‘erotic horror’ section of the book store – to which Guy immediately ducks and blushes, stammering, “OMG, Becky, c’mon!” There’s an obvious hesitation as Guy sizes up Sam and I thought at first it was because he might be a smidge jealous of Becky – wanting Sam for himself. But, turns out, I was wrong.
As Guy is walking away, though, Becky runs up to him to give him one last parting hug and Guy slips her a vial of something, wishing her ‘blessed be.’ She and Sam pull out of the parking lot just as Dean pulls up in the Patchwork Dodge. Dean frowns, then heads into a nearby restaurant, sitting at a table or bar (was hard to tell) and pulls out what looks like John’s journal. Maybe looking for some fatherly advice on What To Do When Your Brother Marries A Stalker?
Before he opens it, though, a newspaper headline catches his eye – one about a recent lottery winner getting squashed by a truck in a freak accident.
Sam and Becky are at Becky’s house/apartment and Sam’s sitting at the table with two glasses of champagne, lit candles, waiting. Becky comes to the table wearing a black nightie that she says she’s been saving. Incidentally, she has poster-sized versions of the Supernatural book covers (complete with images of muscle-bound, Shirtless Winchesters) on the wall of her bedroom. Heh. Other than that, though, her place wasn’t bad. I mean, it was decorated as a woman might decorate it.
They toast to “them” but then Sam gets a bad headache and Becky blurs, doubling, then tripling. At first I thought we were going to see him have to deal with Hellucinations in front of her…but, it turns out, it was the ‘elixir’ she’d dosed him with wearing off. That’s what Guy had given her. While Sam’s distracted with all the pain in his head, she sits in his lap, pours purple stuff in his champagne and then practically pours it down his gullet. Moments later he’s all, everything’s okay as long as I’m with you.
That’s one wicked roofie. Also? Sometimes I wonder how these MotW storylines are pitched…and why certain ones stick. No judgment…just…wondering.
Elsewhere, a hooded man is watching a guy get a serious piece of a few baseballs from an automatic pitch machine. We later learn that he was plucked out of AAA obscurity and called up to the Majors. But, too bad for him, because Hoodie Man uses his bad guy powers and cranks up the auto pitch machine, turning it so that the batter is first knocked down by the baseballs, then one literally caves in his face in a splatter of blood and…other stuff. It’s…actually rather gross. And a little disturbing – especially when Hoodie Man starts grinning. *shudder*
Next thing we know, Dean is at Becky’s, ringing the doorbell, gift in hand. Sam opens it and Dean hands him the box all, this is me, being supportive. He says ‘congrats’ to Sam and invites himself in.
Dean (gesturing to gift):It’s a waffle iron. Non-stick. You just, uh…actually, I don’t know how to use it. We good? ‘Cause I’m sniffing a case in this town.
Sam’s holding the present, mouth open, unable to get a word in edgewise as Dean continues, rattling on about Truck Guy and Baseball Guy. Then Becky’s voice comes from the other room saying that they don’t know if it’s a crossroads demon or a cursed object (she actually says, “Like in Bad Day at Blackrock,” since, y’know, she read the book and all).  Okay, I probably shouldn't say this at all, but...erf. So when we first met Becky way back when, I had 4th wall issues. As in I hated it being broken. Since then, the Show has pretty much obliterated that like that creepy girl in The Ring, so I can accept that in the boys' reality, Chuck the Prophet profited from the series of books he wrote about their lives and Becky read them and then found out they were real (since, the books were based on visions and all). So that's why she knows what she does. But I had to keep reminding myself of that with her.
/personal hang-up.
Dean (angry, voice tight – talking to Becky in a very nobody messes with my brother except me tone): I don’t know what kind of mojo you’re working but believe me I will find out.
Sam steps close to Becky, saying, “That’s my wife you’re talking to.”
Dean: You’re not acting like yourself. You married Becky Rosen!
Becky: Have you ever thought that maybe we’re happy?
Sam gives Dean a smug, yeah, have you? look.
Dean: People’s dreams are coming true around here – a little bit of a coincidence, don’t you think?
Sam: What Becky and I have is real and if you can’t accept that, it’s your problem, not ours.
Dean: Maybe she’s part of it. Because for whatever reason, you’re her dream. If you care about her, I’d be worried. Because people who get their little fantasies? Seem to get dead pretty quick.
Beck does this hilarious oh sh*t face as Dean’s talking, but he doesn’t pick up on it – mainly because she’s pretty much always looking like she’s two heartbeats from freaking out.
Sam: Maybe what’s bugging you is that I’m moving on with my life. You took care of me and that’s great. But I don’t need you anymore.
Ouch. Dean gives him a, okay, fine, whatever, man look as he turns away, but when his back is to Sam, his face fills with a heavy dread. Even if it’s pretty much true (cause it apparently is), it still hurts to hear – at all, and in that dismissive, thankless manner. I know Sam was dosed, but…well, it’s like ordering a jury to disregard a passionate confession they just heard on the stand. They can let it go, but they’re never going to unhear it.
Outside of Becky’s, Dean’s on the phone with Bobby.
Dean: I don’t want another hunter. Why can’t you do it? Uggghh, fine. What’s his name?
Aside – he totally sounded like my five-year-old when he said ‘fine.’ That made me chuckle. Hee. And, sorry, aside again – why exactly did he need this other hunter? Did you guys pick up on that? I mean, maybe for ‘just in case’ purposes, but there was literally nothing that happened that Dean couldn't have handled by himself. And it’s not like Dean hasn’t hunted alone before. Except for the fact that Sam had Becky and Dean maybe thought he needed a sidekick, I personally saw absolutely no reason for this guy to be added to the mix. He didn’t really even do anything. Apologies to any DJ Qualls fans out there because usually he's pretty funny...I just didn't get much from him with everything else going on.
Back inside, Becky is writing ‘Sam loves Becky’ over and over and over and over and over and then one more time in her journal – apparently with scented ink, because she pressed the journal to her nose and breathes deep. Odd. Anyway, just as she does, Sam comes in the bedroom to show her something and sees the ink on her nose. He wipes it off with a little adoring expression and then gifts her with ‘his and hers fake IDs’. Then he hands her the latest paper with an article about a guy who went from junior exec to CEO overnight. As she’s gleeing over this lead, Sam picks up her Journal Of Sam Obsession and flips through it. Becky looks horrified, but Sam actually tears up, sniffs, calls it beautiful and hugs it to him with his brave little solider expression.
*shakes head* Like I said, wicked roofie. Ooh! It’s 11:11 on 11/11/11 right now! I’d make a wish, but if it came true, I’m afraid I’d fall down some stairs and break my neck or something.
Meanwhile, Dean is at a diner trying to ID his new partner, sees DJ Qualls (still startlingly skinny, but with a scruff that makes him look slightly older than 14) sitting in a booth. With an eye-roll, Dean sits down, asking if Bobby briefed him. DJ’s name is Garth, though we don’t find that out for a bit. He says Bobby was on a major nest up in Oregon and told Garth that Dean would be surly and premenstrual about working with him. Not far off the mark, that.
Dean tucks his tongue into his cheek, obviously biting it to keep from saying something he probably wouldn’t regret later, shows Garth the paper with the next lead on the case, but Garth’s all first things first and stomps on Dean’s very last nerve by reading the funny papers. Dean shoots him death rays from the eyes, then rubs his forehead tiredly. Later, Dean and Garth are waiting to interview the new CEO and this is where Dean is wearing that blue V-neck sweater under a gray jacket. It’s not the Fed suit by a long shot. He was…kinda dressed like Jensen, actually. *laugh* Looked especially nice sitting next to Garth who was in a green Members Only jacket. *smirk*
As they’re waiting, an extreme BE-yotch is hassling the Admin Assistant about the spelling of her name – and then Sam and Becky exit the CEO’s office first. Awkward. Dean stands up, smiling with a hi. Becky gives him the evil eye and Dean’s smile fades as he utters a weak, okay.
Sam: No point in going in there. Becky probed him like a pro. She’s a real natural. Who’s the scrawny guy?
Dean (tight smile): Temp.
Sam leaves and they go in anyway, saying that they’re interviewing the CEO for the “Actuarial Insider.” Okay then. Dean plays it causal, but Garth goes for the throat, asking him point blank if he got the job through black magic. Dean’s like, oh, isn’t he a kidder and brings it back around to why this job is this guy’s dream. Find out it’s not. And then, BE-yotch steps into the office to tell her husband that his secretary is an idiot and he should remind her that she’s working for the CEO – one more slip up and she’s fired.
Ah-ha, so that’s whose dream this job is. Dean and Garth exit the CEO’s office and try to stop Wifey – who thinks Dean’s threatening her. She pulls the I have no idea what you’re talking about card when Dean asks her point blank what she did to get hubs the job. Uh-huh.
Back at Becky’s, Sam’s sure they’re missing something, but Becky’s busy texting that they’re about to leave on their super-romantic honeymoon. Just then, Sam grabs his head in pain, the elixir obviously wearing off. Becky heads for the vial, only to find that it’s leaked out into her purse. Whoops.
Back at the office building, Wifey is o the phone tearing down another poor employee, demanding they pull the car around because she is not walking 5 blocks. High above her on a balcony overlooking the lobby, Hoodie Man is watching, and makes a ginormous light fixture fall from the ceiling toward her. Wifey looks up and screams before Dean body-slams her out of the way just in time. Garth runs up as Dean helps Wifey to her feet. Coworkers are milling about in the background, but it seemed like a relatively calm place for having watched someone almost get smushed.
Since he saved her life and all, she gives up the goods that this guy overheard her bitching (her word, not mine) to some friends and told her that he’d give her husband this job in exchange for her soul.
Wifey: What did I have to lose, right?
Garth: Well, there’s your soul. (He looks at Dean.) What kind of demon deal is this? Timeline’s whack.
Wifey’s all, um, what? And Dean tells her that she made a deal with a demon for 10 years, but it’s coming due too fast.  This all reminded me of a story called Fair Extension in Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars where a man makes a deal with the Devil for his life to get better, only in exchange, his best friend’s life becomes a living Hell…and the man is basically okay with it.
Garth says some stuff I didn’t catch about putting Wifey in with his cousin in kind of a hunter’s version of witness protection, and Dean says he has a bad feeling about who is next in this series of short deals. He wants to get to Sam.
Back at Becky’s, she’s calling Guy for help with more elixir and Sam’s stumbling around, holding his head, trying to figure out where the hell he is and why the hell he’s with Becky. He wants to call Dean. So, Becky does the only thing she can: she hits him on the head with the waffle iron. With the amount of times this guy is hit in the head, it’s no wonder his brother thinks he could still be buckets of crazy.
Annnnnddd…we have Misery. No, seriously. I swear whoever wrote this likes their Stephen King. Sam wakes up and is tied, spread eagle to a bed – in a cabin where they were going to spend their honeymoon. So somehow Becky (who is half the size of Sam) got an unconscious Sam out of her apartment, into her car, into the cabin, into the bed, and tied him up. *hand wave*
And not only is he totally tied up…he has no pants on. Because they were too constricting, Becky said. But he is covered with a quilt. As Sam is busy dying from humiliation (or helpless frustration, I’m not sure), Becky’s asking him if he feels concussed, telling him to calm down, asking him if he’s thirsty, and (OMG) asks him if he needs a bottle so he can “tinkle” – she can help him. There’s no way I would have been able to get through that scene with a straight face.
Just then, Becky gets a video chat ping from Guy and tells him she needs more elixir because it’s wearing off faster and faster. She’s like, “This is not the honeymoon I had in mind…well, parts of it is, but not in that context.” HA!
Then she laments that they haven’t even consummated their marriage yet, and I was like, oh, thank GOD. Because just…eww, y’know? He was dosed, she was desperate, it would have been all kinds of wrong. Plus, as totally stalkerish as she was, I had kinda started to like Becky in spite of myself. Well, maybe not like, but felt for her. I didn’t want her to die bloody, okay? There.
Guy tells her to meet him in an hour and Becky goes back in to Sam – who has heard the whole exchange. There’s an awkward exchange between them – mainly awkward due to Sam’s being tied spread eagle and half naked to a bed – where he tells her Guy is her dealer and she argues that he’s her friend. He tells her that Guy is the one killing people, but Becky argues that he’s a wiccan, not a witch. Whoever is killing people is something else.
Sam: It’s never something else. When are there ever two crazy things in town at the same time?
Fair point.
Sam tells Becky that she’s next on Guy’s list, but Becky denies it, saying he doesn’t charge her anything for the elixir (course not, honey…has to get you hooked first, then charges for your desperation) and besides, it wouldn’t work unless Sam really loved her, deep down inside. *rubs heart* Poor Becky.
Sam: So you think I love you?
Becky (hesitant): Deep…deep down?
Sam: Then untie me.
Instead of doing that, though, she shoves a rag in his mouth, gagging him and tells him that he’s still working through his emotions. Sam garbles something through the gag and she’s all love you, too as she leaves.
At the gym where their High School Reunion is to take place, Becky shows up and Guy has her sitting down. Offers her a drink, and wants to talk price before he gives her the elixir.
Becky: But…I thought we were besties.
Guy: You’re so pathetic it actually loops back around again to cute.
She offers to pay with a personal check, but he’s actually more interested in her soul. His eyes flash red and she’s all, gulp, crossroads demon. Guy’s like, got it in one. Ah-ha, so that was the reason for the flinch when he met Sam. It wasn’t attraction or jealousy, it was fear. Because Becky’s new hubs was Sam Freakin’ Winchester who, Becky rightly points out, would gank his ass if he knew Guy was a CRD sitting at this little ol’ table with little ol’ Becky.
Becky: YOU killed those people.
Guy: For legal reasons, let’s just say they had unfortunate accidents.
Becky: So, what, I hand over my soul and the next day a piano falls on my head?
Guy says he wouldn’t do that and that she’s special – so special, in fact, Guy’s willing to offer her 25 years in exchange for her soul and Sam will love her for the rest of her life. Becky asks for the drink he offered earlier.
Back at Becky’s, Dean and Garth break in, only to realize the place is deserted. Garth finds her most recent Tweet about the romantic honeymoon, and Dean, who is scoping out the place and glaring at wedding pictures, finds a pic of younger Becky in front of a hunting cabin, holding up her first big fish. Garth helpfully tells Dean he doesn’t like fish – dead eyes. Dean gives him a um, okay, thanks for that glance. At this point, we’re basically left to deduce that Dean figures out this is where they are, but I’ll get to that in a sec.
Becky returns to the cabin and Sam is still gagged. (Seriously? He couldn’t have shoved that out with his tongue?) Lying down next to him on the bed, putting her head on his chest, Becky starts talking. Throughout it, Sam is grunting through the gag, but there’s no telling what he’s saying.
Becky: This is not how I planned to spend my reunion. I was going to show you off. Not that anyone knows who you are. Supernatural’s not exactly popular. (*laugh!* Okay, that was funny.) But you’re tall…and nice…and they’d all think I was happy.
Oh, Becky. You make me sad, girl.
Becky: I know you don’t love me. I’m a loser. I think that’s why I love you. (Sam grunts something there, and that we can pretty much figure out is a what?) Not that you’re a loser, but you have that whole character arch about being a freak and I can relate. (*laugh* OMG, this is just funny and sad at the same time…I think I probably said a good, oh, 12-14 times in responses to my last ramble how much I could relate to Dean {which equals the funny part}…but at the same time, her utter loss at confessing this unreality is really just…sad.) The only place people understood me was the message boards. They were grumpy and over-literal, but we shared a common bond.
Okay, was that last bit written by Sera? I both appreciate the good natured poking fun and tire of the 4th wall being stepped through. I’ll just whine for a teensy bit and then let it go, but…I watch to escape. Not to be reminded that I’m watching a TV Show and it’s not real. I know that, thanks. Supernatural is pretty unique in this respect, and that’s fine. Most TV Shows seem to understand that they’re out there for escape and allow you to indulge. I mean, you don’t ever see the The Walking Dead do anything like this, y’know? And /rant.
Her speech was actually a bit more sad and poignant of her character’s predicament than it was annoying that she was drawing attention to our reality. But I still had that reaction, so…there you go.

Anyway, Chuck dumped her, she’s feeling adrift, and she just wants someone to love her for her. *rubs heart* Sam mumbles something and she finally removes his gag so that he can tell her that if she wants someone to love her for her, she should try not drugging them. She pulls out the elixir and says that she wants him and this was the only way. Sam, looking slightly panicked rather than just annoyed, says that she’s better than this and Becky’s not so sure.
Then we fade out and come back into focus with Becky sitting at one of the reunion tables, the party long-since over, sipping whiskey and telling Guy – who is approaching from behind – that it’s been a weird night, and she’s “in.” *SCREECHES TO A HALT*
FLAG ON THE WRITING PLAY. Don’t throw things at me for this, but this is where I have to say, seriously, writers? It’s not so much that we miss The Plan, but we get this dramatic moment where Becky is about to dose Sam again and then…next thing we know the gang's all here? We don’t see her let him go? Or see if Dean got to the cabin to find him tied up? Or any of that? I get that they only have like 45 mins or whatever to tell the story and the big deal of the whole episode, it seemed to me, was what happened in the last 15 minutes, but still. They expected us to take a giant leap there, and while I like a good demon double-cross surprise as much as the next guy, this manner of scene-jumping was a cop out in my book. *exhales* Okay. Moving on.
Becky stands, facing Guy, asking if they have to seal the deal with a kiss and Guy’s like pucker up. Instead, Becky flicks on Dean’s lighter, drops it and traps Guy in the center of a Devil’s Trap. As he stares, dumbfounded that she got him, Dean, Garth, and Sam emerge from the shadows and Becky practically dances over to Sam, ecstatically proclaiming, “I did it! Just like we said! I am awesome! I’ll…be just over here.”
Sam gives her a stay still, stay quiet look as Dean advances on Guy – who turns into a fandemon for a moment, asking for Dean’s autograph. It’s honestly hard to tell if he’s sarcastic or serious, but Dean offers to carve it on his spleen. He’s such a giver, our boy. Without much provocation, Guy spills the beans about there being a loophole in the 10 year deal. He doesn’t get his hands dirty, of course, but that’s why it pays to have a good intern.
Hoodie Man suddenly shows up and power-shoves all three guys hard across the room, knocking the knife out of Dean’s hand. Hoodie Man breaks the Devil’s Trap while Guy is yelling, what time did I ask you to be here?! Dean brings his head up painfully. Sam’s out. Garth is – who knows. Dean struggles upright, and suddenly Guy is right there. Dean splashes Holy Water in his face, scalding him, and tries to start an exorcism, but Guy grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall, strangling him.
Hoodie Man power-smashes Garth’s face into a table, keeping him out of the fight. Sam comes to, tells Becky to run, which she does, and Hoodie Man decides to take the easy route and uses the “Force” to strangle Sam like the Dark Jedi he is. Then, Becky stabs Hoodie Man from behind with the Demon Killing Knife, uttering a shaky, “Whoa” when Hoodie Man sparks and dies in front of her.
Sam pulls the knife from Hoodie Man’s back and tosses it to Dean – who catches it one-handed and presses it against Guy’s throat, forcing him to release him. It was pretty much the coolest move of the evening, that toss/catch. Dean demands that Guy release all the deals he had working and Guy looks slightly over Dean’s shoulder, uttering a heartfelt, “Oh, crap.”
Dean: You said it. You’re in a world—
Voice Off Screen: Hello, Boys.
Dean: Oh, crap.
He moves around Guy speedy quick, as my girl would say, and puts the blade against Guy’s throat once more, holding the CRD as a shield.
And, Crowley’s standing there, almost a welcome sight (for me, not them) after all that had transpired.
Crowley: Sam. Mazel tov. Who’s the lucky lady?
Becky (with a little bit of awe): You’re Crowley.
Crowley: And you’re…well, I’m sure you have a wonderful personality.
Oh, poor Becky! *frowns on her behalf*
Dean threatens Guy and Crowley says that Hoodie Man sold Guy out. Crowley runs a tight ship in Hell, you see, and Guy bucked the system pretty hard by cutting the 10 year deals short. Crowley calls his minion a stupid, short-sighted, prat and he wants Dean to hand him over. If he does, Crowley will cancel all the deals Guy made because he wants to make an example of Guy.
Crowley: Fair trade. We’ll go our separate ways. No harm done.
Sam and Dean exchange looks of Total Doubt.
Sam: What? Out of the goodness of your heart?
Crowley: Years of demons nipping at your heels – haven’t seen one for months. Wonder why?
Huh, actually really good point, that. One I hadn’t even bothered to think about, honestly.
Dean: We’ve been busy.
Crowley: Hunting Leviathans, I know. That’s why I told my lads to stay clear of you meatheads.
He goes on to say how much he really really really dislikes the Bossman Levi and he wants the boys to squash them all. So, this, and the What Will Dean Do If He Doesn’t Watch Out For Sam question were the two things I found the most interesting in this episode. I like that Crowley’s not exactly working with them, nor is he asking them to work for/with him…he’s just staying out of their way. It’s…interesting.
Dean’s like, end contracts first, which Crowley does with a snap of his fingers. Done and done. Dean hands Guy over to Crowley and they vanish. Garth wakes up all, what did I miss? (See? Why was he even there??)
Later, back at Becky’s, Sam and Becky are signing Annulment papers with Dean and Garth looking on. Becky’s quite pathetically hopeful with her, it wasn’t all bad, right?
Sam: You did save my life, so…thanks.
Aw, Sam. Don’t be like that.
Becky: So, I’ll see you again?
Sam: Yeah, probably not.
Becky looks so sad. Even I felt for her. Finally, Sam comes around and decides to offer her some comfort. *atta boy*
Sam: You’re not a loser. You’re a good person. You’ve got a lot of…energy. So do your thing and the right guy will find you.
Garth looks waaaay interested. Smoothing his hair down and everything. Dean looks at him with a, “No. Just…no.” Aw, c’mon, Dean? Why not? Oh, because he’s a hunter, too, and Becky would want to be involved with the hunting like she was with Sam and that’s a tie back to you guys since Garth knows Bobby and now you? Oh, okay. I get it. That’s a definite no.
Outside at the cars – the Patchwork Dodge and Garth’s El Camino – Dean gives Garth a pat on the shoulder.
Dean: You don’t suck.
Garth: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
He steps toward Dean, bringing it in for the real thing, and gives Dean a…lengthy…hug with Dean patting him and uttering, “oookay,” through an uncomfortable grin. Garth leaves and Sam looks over at his brother.
Sam: Aww, you made a fwiend.
Dean: Uh-uh.
Sam: Look, when I was all dosed up, I…said some crap.
Dean (with feigned shock): You mean she wasn’t your soulmate?
Sam: Shut up. I mean, I do need you watching my back. Obviously.
Dean: Yeah, for when crazy groupies attack.
One last ‘surfacey’ comment, I frakking love that blue jacket/shirt on him. He looked amazing in this end scene. *ahem* This I <3 Dean Ramble has been brought to you in part by A Very Long Week with contributions from One Guilty Pleasure.
Dean (with a slightly grudging smile): You know, for a whackjob, you really pulled it together.
Sam (with puppy-dog eyes): That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
They share a laugh and I liked this easy moment – this talk like real brothers. I would like more of this, please.
Sam: Don’t be too impressed. It’s still Denver Scrambled up here. I just know my way around the plate now.
Great. I started this thing with a craving for cake and now I want to make a midnight run to Denny’s.
Dean: I’m just saying, it’s stupid to think you need me around all the time. You’re a grown up. (pause) You’re like a desert hippie douche grown up.
Sam: Dude, I was camping. You camp.
Not willingly, if memory serves. *grin*
Dean: Whatever, hippie.
They move around to their respective sides of the car, and Sam continues with the Bright Side of All This.
Sam: Might be nice. You’ve basically been looking out for me my whole life. Now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?
But if the worried, lost, almost…unguarded devastation that crosses Dean’s face before he gets in the car is anything to go by, this change is anything but nice. *rubs heart* I don't think he wants to take care of himself. Meaning focus solely on him. He knows what to do when he’s taking care of Sam. That’s a known, even when Sam himself has been an unknown. Facing himself…that’s terrifying to Dean, I think.
Plus, I don’t trust that this New Improved Sam is here to stay. They way things have a tendency to go, Dean will get to where he’s just about ready to see what it’s like to take care of himself, he’ll get to where it’s not like stepping off the edge of a high-dive into an empty pool, and Sam will crack somehow, pulling Dean back in. Not only that…but with all this talk of Sam pulling it together and getting the hang of his new normal and not really needing Dean ‘cause he’s a grown up…who is watching out for Dean? Who is noticing, as Ellen said, “how bad it is?”
Not that Dean is an emotional basket case or anything. We know he’s a bad-ass and as tough as they come. But he’s also human. And his humanity has been bleeding through his facial expressions and coping mechanisms and vulnerable nights for a long time now. So…I am far from settling comfortable into a new normal with Sam all ‘okay’ and Dean getting some ‘Dean time.’
And I’m actually quite okay with that. Why would I want to be comfortable? Then I wouldn’t be anxious about what happens next. Speaking of…previews for next week? YIPE! I’m so bummed I won’t be able to watch that until later in the weekend.
Next Ramble will be posted on Sunday the 20th. Thanks for reading!
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