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PDFs of all Gaelicspirit Supernatural stories

Hope you're all completing (or have completed) 2011 in a way that makes you smile. My New Years gift to you is this: my Supernatural stories collected in PDFs for download on MediaFire. These are saved by title only; to get a summary of the story, head over to my Master Post of Supernatural Fics.

I have been wanting to turn my stories into PDFs for download for quite some time, but always allowed something to get in the way. This gift is thanks to the generosity, patience, and kind-hearted willingness of one cathy1967. My friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you spent pulling these stories together so that I could upload them. You are a true friend.

Additionally, many of these stories include gorgeous cover art by the always-amazing thruterryseyes. I've identified which stories include Terry's art by adding "_with art" to the file name. She is a master at capturing the essence of the stories in a few images and will continue to create and/or update cover art for the rest of the stories and as she completes them I'll refresh the uploaded PDF. There are quite a few stories here, so rather than delay uploading (in case anyone simply wants to read them), I thought I'd entice you to return to see if the art was updated. Terry will also be posting the cover art on her LiveJournal. Head over there and let her know how great they are!

I've included a cover page for each story that provides the original posting date, approximate word count, any spoilers/warnings, and an updated author's note to help orient you as to when the story was written.

Lastly, I will include the links to the PDFs on my Master Post of Supernatural Fics so that they will always be accessible.

I hope these work for you; as I complete the upcoming fics I have outlined, I will update the MediaFire folder so that the stories can be downloaded on PDF when complete. Please let me know if you're not able to download or access these PDFs for any reason.

Athbhiain faoi mhaise duit!

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