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Ramble Delayed for Epi 7.13 - and a Writing Query

So, as I anticipated when closing the ramble for 7.12, Time After Time, I will be traveling to Sydney, Australia to support a two-day training bootcamp -- and with the travel time involved, I'm going to miss the initial run of episode 7.13 on Friday the 3rd. I will get to watch it on Sunday with my good friend lovinjackson, but with the meeting expectations and travel times, I will not be able to turn a ramble around very quickly. I would say that I'm just skipping this one, but you and I both know I'll have to post something.

So, the Ramble for 7.13 will be delayed until Thursday the 9th, and will most likely be an abbreviated version. A 'ramblette,' if you will. *grins* But I wanted to at least make an attempt to keep up the tradition and offer those of you who come by weekly something to read. I, for one, very much look forward to your comments.

The Ramble for 7.14 (which airs on Friday the 10th) will be on time (assuming international travel doesn't drain me like green kryptonite and I don't fall asleep on my keyboard while typing). I hope you guys will come back and chat with me about our boys!

Now...I have a writing query for those of you who read my fanfic -- or fanfic in general. I'll LJ-cut it to spare the rest of you.

I am working on a new fic and I am really, really enjoying it. The thing is, I like the SPN aspect and what the storyline is doing with Dean (and to Dean...Sam comes into play in the periphery in this one), but I am also finding that I'm actually really enjoying the original character I've created, as well as his backstory and purpose to the plot.

There have been a few OC's that I've really liked. Abe Nakomis from Ramble On and In the Light. Brenna Kavanagh from HOTLG, Within My Hands, Into the Fire, and Weapon and the Wound (like her enough to bring her back one last time). Cooper from On the Surface. Oh, and I really had fun with Eugene from Unseen Heroes.

But they all were created for and fit inside the SPN universe spun by the story that brought them alive. I couldn't see any of them standing outside of their stories. Even Brenna only feels 'right' inside of this universe.

This new guy, however...he's different somehow. He's starting to take on this life inside my head and I can see ways to lift his story and the plot and set it outside of SPN... still within the supernatural genre, but not the Winchester version of Supernatural. The idea for it is coming to me so much easier than the previous "original story" I'd been working on...the one I'd had playing around in my head for a decade, the one I tried to write for NaNoWriMo. Suddenly, that idea seems like I was trying to fit into my little sister's clothes, while this idea feels like a pair of my oldest jeans, so worn and comfy they're like sweat pants.

Here's where you guys come in. Is it possible to plagiarize yourself? If I write a fanfic, then take the plot, setting, original characters and revise it so that it's more-or-less similar just that cheating? Or perhaps...frowned upon? 

I'm kind of thinking no...I mean, I know we say "not mine" all over every fanfic, but really what we mean is anything pertaining to the show isn't ours, right? Everything else, though....

I don't know. I'm looking for input here. Because if the vast majority of responses (if there are any responses) come back saying Gaelic, you're crazy, girl. You can't go around recycling your own fanfic as original stories! Well, I'll believe you and I'll just focus on the story I'm writing with this character and leave it at that. But if you don't say that...well, then, I may play around with this idea a bit more....

Talk to me, peeps.

Also, PS random LJ it with the gucci bag posts already. Sheesh!
Tags: episode review, fanfic, need advice, ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural, what do you think?, writing
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