Gaelicspirit (gaelicspirit) wrote,

Traveling Riverside Blues (aka Who do I know in Paris?)

So, it turns out I'm heading out to another country once more for my job. On Monday I leave for Paris for a 4 days, 2.5 of which will be spent attending/supporting another training bootcamp.

I'm not getting much sympathy about the international travel (not that I expected any), and believe me, it's not the destination, it's the timing. I just got back from California last week, and with all that's going on health-wise with the hubs, it's hard to be gone. Plus, the hours and the recent travel have been wearing on my poor body resulting in a cold that has me sounding like Princess Leia right now. But! At the same time, I have a family to support and a boss who is telling me this is necessary, so off I go! We do what we must, yes?

Any Parisian's out there? Want to give me some tips on how to see Paris in 12 hours on no money? *grins*

Paris is 7 hours ahead of Lawrence, and it's going to be another one of those fly all night, get there in the morning deals. So, I'll have Tuesday to see what I can see. Hopefully it won't be raining. Would like at least a picture of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Don't think I'll have time to see much of the Louvre.

Also....I head home on Friday the 16th for another trip through time (anticipating the edited version of The Longest Wednesday In The History Of Ever that I experienced a couple weeks ago returning from Sydney), but I won't return in time to see our boys end this latest hiatus. *sad*

SO! That also means -- for those of you who care -- that the Ramble for Episode 7.16 will be delayed until Sunday the 18th. I think I am going to have a surprise for you mid-week next week, though, to ease the pain of waiting. We'll see.

Hopefully this ends the work travel for a little while. I know this season I've been late with more Rambles than I've been on time. I'm sorry for that, believe me. I love writing those up and getting to share your thoughts after the fact. Life just tends to barrel forth without stopping to ask us what we want, doesn't it? I thank those of you who continue to return, to read, and to share your thoughts despite the inconsistent time of posting.

Now...I need to go look up how to say simple things in French like 'where is the taxi' and 'how much is this wine.' Pretty sure there's an app for that. *wink*
Tags: episode review, real life, stream of consciousness, thank you, travel rant
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