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Stream of Consciousness, Review for Epi 7.21

Whew-boy. So, remember back in S1 when we had what ended up feeling like a 3-part season finale culminating in the awesomeness that was “Devil’s Trap”? Yeah…that’s kinda what I’m thinking about with this one.

Last season, with Sam being soulless for such a big part of the season, I felt like they tried to cram a whole lot of story into the very last episode and even with the cliffie, I was left feeling a bit…empty. I have really enjoyed this season – especially in comparison to last season—and I really don’t want that same feeling of plot lines slipping through the show’s grip.

I have hopes for the way this all plays out because there are two episodes left and since they got an extra episode this season, there's the opportunity to make it flow more…organically, if you will. And then flow right on into S8. *grins* This episode felt, to me, like they were putting all the chess pieces on the board, getting the players in order, and moving the first pawn. It gave us enough information to nod along, recognizing the tune they were playing, but not yet able to sing along with the lyrics.

And it reminded me of a few things I hadn’t bothered to think about – like the fact that Castiel’s actions affected a whole lot more than just the Winchesters…and that Heaven was now minus a few thousand angels, thanks to his brief stint as the New God. Honestly haven’t given the angels as a whole much thought this season, but now I’m thinking. I’m thinking a lot and figure I may as well roll demons into that thought mix while I’m at it.

Like how Dick dismissed Crowley and his basket of muffins from his limo like so much trash…and how that would not be sitting well with Crowley…and how he put the ‘no touch’ order on the boys…. I mean, that’s all going to have to lead somewhere with the Levi showdown, right? Especially now that we know Meg’s current cause. And there are some new reveals that came our way this episode that have me hoping for certain things I know I shouldn’t hope for because that will just get me disappointed.

But I can’t help it! I am forever hopeful. It’s a weakness.

Okay, with that bit of random processing out of the way, let’s get to it. As per usual, this is written after only one viewing, so I’m sure there’ll be stuff I’ve missed – but that’s where you guys come in. Right? *smiles* The THEN was basically catching us up on why Cas was in the mental hospital, why Meg was there with him, and how the boys got Dick’s package.

*frowns* That last part sounded a lot better in my head.

NOW we have a teenager named Kevin Tran in Neighbor, MI, practicing his cello (I love the sound of that instrument…any string instrument, really) in his room. On his wall are multiple framed accolades and awards. His computer is set with a reminder and strict study schedule and beeps at him to stop practicing at the appointed time.

Elsewhere – on the South side of Chicago, to be exact – the boys are setting up camp inside an abandoned loft/warehouse that looks a lot like the place they first tried to take out Meg back in Season 1’s Shadow. Incidentally, that was in Chicago, too....

Back with Kevin, he gets a call and it’s his girlfriend (I’m assuming, since he mentioned having one later in the episode) checking on him. He tells her that Princeton just decreased their acceptance number for 2013 and that he’s trying to get a perfect math score on his SATs. Can you say over-achiever? Only one problem…his admissions essay. He’s got nothing to write about. (Yet.)

His girlfriend tells him that one day college isn’t going to matter anymore and he’s basically like, you’re out of your mind.

Back in Chi-town, the boys are opening the case and set the red clay thingie (which actually looks gray now) on a workbench.

Dean: Lot of fuss over a caveman Lego.


The boys put glasses on – safety first, dontcha know – and get out a mallet. With the first hit, they hear a whoosh sound like a jet flying over. They look up and around, jaws tight, faces tense.

Back in MI, Kevin’s pacing his room, drinking something – probably Red Bull, though when I was in high school and prepping for SATs, it was Jolt Cola…anyone remember that? – and trying to think up a topic for his essay. In Chicago, the boys start breaking pieces of the clay and a storm suddenly crashes outside. Lightning, thunder, the works.

Dean (dead-panned voice): That sound like somebody saying, no, wait, stop to you?

Sam: Uh…yeah.

Dean: Yeah. *shrug* Oh, well.

He keeps pounding at the brick. The storm gets worse and it’s raging at Kevin’s house. Wicked clouds roll and boil and just as a piece of an onyx tablet becomes visible in Chicago, Kevin is struck by lightning – inside his bedroom. That’ll teach him to procrastinate on his essay.

Kevin’s lying on the floor of his bedroom, surrounded by broken glass. His eyes get all glowy and we see him see a bunch of symbols – could be Enochian, could be hieroglyphics. It totally reminded me of Sam Witwickie from Transformers when the All Spark connected to his brain and he was suddenly seeing Autobot writing all over the place. Oh, hush. I think we established my status as a card-carrying geek many Rambles ago. *grins*

ANYway, at the mental hospital, Cas is lying asleep – or unconscious – in his bed. Meg in her nurse persona is sitting next to him, feet up on the bed, reading a gossip magazine, and listening to her iPod. Next thing we know, Cas is sitting up, staring at Meg. It’s…a little creepy, to be honest.

Elsewhere at a GeoThrive (or some such name) construction site, Edgar – the Levi that was, sadly, not smushed by the falling car at the beginning of the season – is going over some building plans with another Levi Henchman when he gets a call from Dick Roman.

Edgar: Strange, isn’t it? That someone would choose to be named ‘Dick’?

Not any more strange than Edgar. It’s all in the attitude, man.

Back in MI, Kevin’s still out on the floor. His phone rings, waking him up, and his machine picks up (who has a machine anymore…I ask you) so that he hears his mom’s voice, wishing him luck on his math test (which he’s now late for) and reminding him that she’ll be home by 7. He starts to rush around and grab his stuff when his eyes get all glowy again and he sees the symbols.

Back in Chicago, Dean wakes suddenly, jerking, then wiping his face sleepily. A quick aside – I liked these digs. Not a motel, not your standard hot-wired house. It didn’t have electricity, it seemed, since they were using camping lights for illumination, but it did have running water, so they lucked out there. Also? Sam’s laptop must have an awesome battery. Mine dies after about 45 mins. That bites, man.

Dean gets up, glancing over at Sam who is listening to a news report on said laptop, then makes his way to the sink to splash water on his face. Next to him, a tin cup slides down a shelf, toward him. He looks up and around.

Dean: Bobby? That you?

Sam holds up the EMF meter and it’s lighting up. He says that Bobby’s encounter with Dick Roman must have drained his batteries. Now, here, I just want to say one teensy-tiny thing. I know they basically did that so that for the sake of story flow, and whatnot, they could make sure they recognized the fact that Bobby’s ghost is still around, not drop it entirely as they focused more on the Cas and Meg aspect, but I think it would have been cool had they managed to keep little Ghost!Bobby reminders throughout. Like…having someone get poked or pinched in the backseat when they were all in the car together. Not just a one and done reminder before we moved on.

I know we’re going to see more of Bobby in the coming two episodes (based on previews only) so I’m not terribly worried. Just…saying. It’s something I would do if I were writing a story.

Dean heads over to Sam to peer over his shoulder and asks if they started the storm heard round the world. Sam tells him that last night, maternity wards were slammed with women in labor. Dean picks up the tablet and pushes out his lips a bit, saying in a very Nighttime DJ voice (*melts*), “So…this one goes out to all the ladies.”

He asks Sam what it is and Sam’s like, well…it’s writing, but that’s pretty much all he’s got.

Dean: So, big daddy chomper lands and grabs himself some Dick, (*insert Sam grimace here at phrasing*) then starts finding things and digging all for…this. Why?

Sam says they have to hole up somewhere safe to figure it out. They decide to go to Rufus’ cabin – only this time, Dean says he’s doing the shopping. Sam must not have gotten any pie. Or enough beer.

But just as Dean’s walking away to pack up, Sam’s cell rings and it’s Meg saying Cas woke up  – last night at 8. She waited this long to call them because she’s been dealing with Cas…says he’s a tad different than when he dozed off. Tells them if they want answers, they better start driving.

Sam: So…Indiana?

Dean agrees, then realizes that 8pm was about the same time they broke open the stone. Curiouser and curiouser.

Meanwhile, it’s night again (which was weird because unless Cas was in southern IN, Chicago’s basically over the state line, so I’m not sure it would have taken them that long to get to him, but…) and Kevin’s driving his mom’s car. His eyes are all glowy and he sees the symbols and about crashes the car, trying to keep himself under control. His girlfriend calls and is all where were you…you missed the test and pretty much everything else. Kevin kinda mumbles that he thinks he had a seizure, then with glowy eyes he says that he’s been chosen and it’s his birthright.

His girlfriend laments, This isn’t one f those over-achiever teen meltdowns is it?

Kevin just tells her that he’s supposed to keep going; he’s not allowed to stop. He hangs up, and heads West. And I won’t be Geography Nerd and look up Neighbor, MI to see why he headed West and not South if he was going to IN.

That same night, at the mental hospital, Cas is standing in front of the window dressed in his white patient clothes – and his trench coat. The boys head inside the building (which has apparently relaxed its security for the night) and are making their way down to Cas’ room.

Dean: We raced all the way here and now I don’t know…can’t say I’m fired up to see what’s left of the guy.

I don’t really blame him. Forgiveness issues aside, it’s gotta be burning a hole in his heart to see what’s happened to Cas after he took on Sam’s issues. Add to that the fact that he never really got any resolution for his own personal hurt and all the weight that he and Sam are both having to deal with now because of Cas’ actions since Cas didn’t come back as Cas and you’ve got an understandable mix of dread and bitterness. Heck, I’ve dreaded seeing friends again after just not talking for a few months, just because of the unknown.

Sam: You think he remembers it all?

Dean: That, and I’m guessing whatever kind of hell baggage he lifted off of your plate. It’s not going to be pretty.

A security guard stops them just outside of Cas’ room and says that visiting hours are long over, but Nurse Meg appears and tells him it’s okay, she’s been expecting them. The boys head into Cas’ room and Dean quietly calls Cas’ name. Cas turns, smiles, greets Dean, then Sam.

Dean (with a smile that doesn’t quite reach somewhat wounded eyes): Look at you. Walking and talking. That’s great, right?

Cas walks up to Dean, then points at him saying, “Pull my finger.”

Me: Um…what?

Dean: Um…what?

Cas: My finger. Pull it.

Cautiously, waiting for the punchline, Dean does, and suddenly all the lights in the room burst in a blast of power. Cas laughs like a child. Okay, so…we have yet another iteration of Cas. Misha Collins is pretty amazing – think of all the versions of Cas he’s had to play! Soldier-like Angel of the Lord who pulled Dean from perdition, futuristic hippie angel, rebelling angry angel, free-will angel, vengeful angel, God, Levi angel, Jimmy the Vessel, Healer, contrite angel, and now…this. Not sure what I’d call this version…maybe Prozac Angel?

Once again, they’ve impressed me.

Meg puts a new light bulb in a lamp while the boys try to wrap their minds around this version of Cas. He remembers who he is and what he is…but then he starts rambling to them about bees and the plan of flowers.

Cas: It’s all right there, there’s nothing to add.

Sam suggests adding Thorazine.

Meg: Right? He’s been like the naked guy at the Rave ever since he woke up. Totally useless.

Aside – I have to say, this actress is really hard for me to understand sometimes. It honestly takes me like half the episode to get the rhythm of her drawled speech pattern.

Cas smiles at her, calling her his beautiful, thorny caretaker. Cas tells them that he heard a “ping” that only an angel would hear and that’s what woke him up last night. Sam shows him the tablet.

Cas: Ah, now I understand. If someone was going to free ‘the word’ from the vault of the Earth, it would end up being you two.

He leans in and pulls the boys against him for a hug, which they both half-heartedly struggle against, not really keen on being hugged when they aren’t even sure what the heck is going on with Cas right now. Sam tries to bring it back around to the tablet.

Sam: So, you were saying…the word?

Cas: Did you know that a cat’s penis is sharply barbed along its shaft? I know for a fact the females were not consulted about that.

Okay, random. And also? OUCH. You betcha nobody asked the female. Yowza.

Dean (getting exasperated and trying to breathe through it): Cas, please. We’re losing ground out there. We need your help.

Subtext (for me) being – since you started this whole thing in the first place.

Cas (looking at the tablet): This is the handwriting of Metatron.

HA – so of course, my mind is going Transformers, All Spark, The Fallen and suddenly Sam gets this totally confused look on his face and gives me my first laugh of the night.

Sam: Are you saying a Transformer wrote that?!

Dean (in a stage whisper): No. That’s Megatron.

Sam: What?!

Dean: The Transformer. Megatron.

Sam (a pause): WHAT?!

Me: *laugh*

Cas: Metatron. Angel. Scribe of God. He took down dictation.

Cas bluffs a bit, but then admits that he can’t read it. It’s not meant for angels. Meg has finally had enough of hanging out on the sidelines and wants to know what they’re doing with the Word of God. She wants to see it, but Dean gets that Mad Max look in his eyes and tells her to Back. Off. Now. Meg yells at Dean about demons being second glass citizens and Cas suddenly looks troubled, says he doesn’t like conflict, and vanishes, dropping the tablet, which breaks into three pieces.

Sam: Uhhhh….

Dean: The hell was that?!

Meg: You heard him. He doesn’t like conflict. He’s down in the day room now, I guarantee it.

Dean (sighing): All right. I’ll go to Cas. Sam, will you please pick up…the Word of God?

He leaves and Meg moves closer to Sam asking him what they’re caught up in now. Sam doesn’t answer her – looking tense and uncertain as he puts the pieces of the tablet into his duffel. Meg’s like fine, I’ll hit the road…I’ll just go get my angel. Sam leaves the broken tablet and goes after her.

Sam. Seriously. *shakes head*

Meg tells him that Cas would go with her because she stayed with him – he owes her.

Sam: What about what he owes us? What are you going to do with a broken angel? Don’t be stupid.

Meg says she’ll take power where she can get it. Just then, though, Sam hears something and heads back to the room only to find the duffel is gone. Well, duh. Outside the hospital, Kevin has the bag clutched in his arms and is hoofing it across the empty yard.

Meanwhile, Dean finds Cas in the day room. Jumping back to Kevin, Sam is chasing him and Kevin must have some pretty speedy legs because he’s outrunning Mr. Six Five…until Meg clothlines him and flattens him on the ground – the bag still clutched in his arms. They figure out right away that he’s not a demon or a chomper and demand to know what he is.

Kevin: I’m a…a Kevin Tran. In advanced placement. Please don’t kill me!

Sam pulls him up and says he’s not going to kill him. He tries to take the bag, but Kevin can’t let it go…he apologizes and says he doesn’t know why, but he literally can’t let it go.

Down in the day room, Dean moves around the table to sit across from Cas.

Dean: You realize you just broke God’s word.

He says it like he really isn’t buying it. Like the fact that it’s from God has no more relevance or importance to him than if someone told him it was written by…Robert Frost. If it doesn’t tell him how to take out these bastards, then what does it matter? I thought that was so well played – heartbreaking, but well played. Because in Dean’s eyes, God’s checked out. He’s another absentee father. He’s not stepped in once to help with crisis after crisis the boys have had to survive, handle, save the world from.

Cas is unaffected – throughout their whole conversation he has a very…mild, almost bemused expression on his face. Not really loopy or high…just like he’s feeling no pain. None. Emotions and desires and ambition…none of it affects him anymore. He’s basically…childlike, really. He’s become the child Dean once said he was, but to a very different degree. Now it’s not just a lack of street smarts or human experience, like Dean was alluding to before. Now it’s almost as if it’s genuine guilessness. It’s as if whatever he did to corral what he shifted into himself from Sam muted everything inside of him, not just the crazy.

And Dean…guh, Dean is going to break my heart once more before all this is over. He just looked so tired. And so much in need of…something. A balm, an apology, absolution…something. He needed someone to make it right – he just didn’t know what ‘it’ was or how ‘it’ could be fixed.

Dean: It’s Sam’s thing, isn’t it? You taking on his cage match scars. I’m guessing that’s what broke you. Right?

Cas just stares bemusedly at Dean, saying, “It took everything to get me here.”

Dean: What are you talking about, man?

Cas: I know you want different answers –

Dean (angry, hurt): No, I want you to button up your coat and help us take down the lions. (couldn’t help but wonder how many times he was told something similar while growing up…) You remember what you did?

Cas picks up a board game that’s sitting next to him and turns it around to face Dean. It’s the game of Sorry. That moment had me conflicted for a moment. I couldn’t really get mad at Cas – he was damaged and that damage was caused because of what he did to help heal Sam. He was like this because of what he’d sacrificed for them. But at the same time, it almost felt like he was mocking Dean’s obvious need to have him recognize what he’d done, how he’d hurt him. And I felt this odd spark of fire inside me for one brief moment, toward Cas. It went away, but it surprised me. It was the first time in awhile I felt something toward another character in defense of Dean. Mostly I just feel for Dean, y’know?

Cas shakes the box once and the game board is set up. Dean looks down at it, resigned.

Cas: Do you want to go first?


Back up in Cas’ room, Meg and Sam have gotten Kevin inside, but he still won’t relinquish the bag. All he knows is that the bag is for him…but he doesn’t know what it is. Sam tells him to open it, which he does, and as he draws the pieces of the tablet out, he’s able to…heal it.

Down in the day room, Dean and Cas are playing Sorry and Cas is yammering about the angels not really knowing which monkeys would make it, though he was pulling for the Neanderthals because they had beautiful poetry, and in the end it turned out to be the homo sapiens who won out – eating the apple and inventing pants…. *shakes head* Believe me, it didn't make much more sense listening to it, either.

Dean tries to use this time and the distraction of the game to get Cas to focus and give them some information they can use. He wants to know if Metatron was still alive, but Cas just keeps playing the game.

Dean: Metatron could stop a lot of bad—

Cas: We live in a “sorry” universe. Engineered to create conflict. (He’s playing the game, sending Dean’s Sorry pieces back ‘home’.) Why should I prosper from your misfortune? But these are the rules. I didn’t make them.

Dean (his voice hardening swiftly): You made some of ‘em. When you tried to become God. When you cut that hole into that wall.

Cas: Dean…it’s your move.

Dean, full-on angry now, knocks the board off the table, yelling, “Forget the damn game!”

Cas looks down, hanging his head as if contrite, but it’s not that. It’s the yelling, I think. The anger and conflict that threaten his control. I’m just conclusion-jumping here, but to me it seems that he can’t keep up his Zen if he's riled.

Dean (softer, eyes hurt, almost pleading): Forget the game, Cas.

Cas (barely any emotion in his voice): I’m sorry, Dean.

Dean (sad): No. You’re playing Sorry.

Back up in the room, Kevin’s staring at the ‘healed’ tablet and asks Sam what a Leviathan is. Sam’s like, you can read that? Kevin tells him that it’s like looking through someone else’s glasses. He can tell it’s about the Levis, where they came from, and that God locked them away.

Sam: Does it say anything about how to kill them? Because that’s kind of been a problem.


Kevin says that it’s not like reading reading. He had to focus on it too long. Just then, the lights flicker and Meg, her eyes going demon, says that something’s up. Kevin sees her eyes, FREAKS out, but just then a blonde woman and a dark-haired guy show up, identify Meg as a demon, and flick her across the room to slam into the wall and destroy the plaster.

And, sorry, but at this point, I had to wonder…was Cas the only patient at this hospital? Were there no other nurses checking in? Or security guards? The boys and Meg and now Kevin have had free run of the place – going outside and back in – and now flickering lights and crashing against walls…just seemed like it was too easy that they didn’t also have to contend with the human element.

Moving on!

Downstairs, Cas is picking up the game and suddenly looks up, smiling, at Dean and says, “Sam is talking to angels.”

Dude. In this ‘verse? That’s as scary a statement as “demons are coming.”

The female angel growls that a demon whore and a Winchester were once again together. Sam looks nervous, holding himself really still. Then she bellows, “Step away from the prophet!”

Kevin (squeaking): Me?

Aw, poor kid. Just like Chuck, he no longer has any hope of a real life. No more perfect SAT score, no more Princeton, no more girlfriend. Being the Chosen One ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Buffy.

The female angel says that they’re here to take him, then orders her pal to kill the demon whore and her lover. Meg’s like, uh, yeah, that’s totally not what this is, and as the guy angel lunges for her, she cuts him with an angel sword. Just as the female angel is like, where did you get that, Cas walks through the door all smiles, and hi! *chuckles*

The female angel -- Hester – is floored to see him alive. She comes toward him slowly, saying with confusion and hurt that he smote thousands in Heaven, made a big, scary speech, then he was gone.

Hester: What the hell was that?!

Cas: Rude, for one thing.

Sam has gone from nervous to terrified…and looks a little sick. Kevin is on the bed, holding the tablets and rocking a bit.

Cas starts in with the same line he gave Dean, about knowing they want answers, but he doesn’t give them any either. It’s as if he can’t. As if he’s constructed his own wall and he can be coherent up to a certain point and then he falters, shifting instead to the wonder of the simplicity in the universe, like flowers. He tells Hester that there are many things he can offer them – like perspective. Then he tries the “pull my finger” thing – but Hester is just staring at him and he’s swiftly losing his mental footing and in that moment my heart broke a little for him. *rubs it*

Hester: You’re insane.

Just then, Dean barks from outside the doorway in that awesome, commanding voice that compels all within earshot to pay attention, “Hey! Heads up, Sunshine!”

He puts his hand on the angel banishing sigil (probably cutting his arm yet again to get the blood for it) and the room is filled with a bright flash.

Dean (heading into the room): Okay, all angels have gone back to their corners. We’ve got like…three, four hours tops.

Sam (to Meg about the angel sword): Where did you get that?

Meg: A lot of angels died this year—

Kevin (totally freaking out): WHAT’S HAPPENING?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?

Dean (looking at Kevin with the ultimate blank look): What’s that?

Sam: It’s, uh…Kevin Tran. He’s uh…in advanced placement.


So, Kevin gets the low-down about Leviathans being real. Angels as well, but here’s where I thought the dialog was a smidge odd. Sam says angels are real, but have no wings and Dean says they’re “junkless.” Which, we know they have wings – we’ve seen Cas’ shadow wings and Raphael’s lightning wings, and the black wings that spread out when an angel is killed. And why would Dean bother taking Cas to a whore house if they’re “junkless”? Plus, they possess human vessels. I just thought that was an odd choice for addition to the dialog. Unless they’re being metaphorical. *shrug*

Dean: So, Kevin. You can read the chicken scratch on the God rock, huh? Says there’s a higher punch (?) Dick recipe on there?

Kevin: I don’t know what you’re saying (HA! *laugh*), but it seems like an ‘in case of emergency’ note. What did they mean by prophet?

Dean (groaning): Oh, no. Really?

Sam: Yeah, that’s what the angels said.

Kevin: I don’t want to be a prophet.

Dean: No. You don’t.

Meg brings up the very thing I was wondering – namely the fact that they only had like 3 to 4 hours to get away. She ends up coming with them due to the safety in numbers logic that always manages to work. Oh, wait….

They decide once more to head to Rufus’ cabin where Kevin can do his book report. On the way there, they gas up and get supplies at an Al’s Mini Mart. Kevin’s sleeping in the car, Sam is inside and hears a news report that Kevin is actually missing, and Meg heads outside only to notice two demon truckers eyeing them. She mutters a curse and heads their way.

Sam meets up with Dean at the car, tells him about the news report and Dean’s like, great, we’re kidnappers. Meg shows up and says, “Not if we shut up about it.” We’re left wondering (for a brief time) what she did with the truckers.

Kevin wakes up in the dark car and is all FML, but then Meg’s cell phone rings and she says it’s Cas. Dean’s on instant alert, demanding to know where he is. Meg snaps at Dean, but soothes Cas. Says he’s in Perth (Dean’s like, Australia?!) surrounded by unhappy dogs…then she realizes that he’s at a racetrack and tells him that they’re unhappy because the rabbit isn’t real.

She tells Cas that they’re on Highway 94 just outside of St. Cloud, MN and Whoosh! Cas is instantly in the backseat between Meg and Kevin…scaring the bejeezus out of Kevin. Meg introduces them and Cas pokes Kevin’s nose like he’s five, then turns to Meg to worriedly inquire if she’s hurt. Meg tells him to shut up, but her tone is soft. Hmmm. Interesting, that.

Cas leans forward to the front seat to tell the boys that Hester took over the garrison, then leans back to fill in some blanks for Kevin.

Cas: We were assigned to watch over the Earth. Wars, sex, repetition. Got very boring. I was their Captain.

Sam: Why are they mad now?

Cas (ignoring Sam and talking to Meg):  Those racing dogs are miserable. They can only think in ovals—

Dean (snapping): Cas! Don’t make me pull this car over. Why are the angels after us?

Cas (confused): Are you angry? Why are you angry?

See? Childlike.

Dean (forcing himself to calm down lest Cas bug out again): No, I’m…please. Can we just stay on target?

Cas says that they’re following protocol. If the Word of God is revealed, a keeper of the Word will awaken. He pokes Kevin’s nose again. Kevin’s like, please stop doing that. Cas puts his hands in his lap. He says the keeper is taken to the desert to learn the Word away from man.

Dean: How does that help? He has to read it so we can use it.

Cas: That’s God and his shiney red apples.

Interesting statement. Maybe Cas hasn’t lost all his emotions. He may have sounded unaffected, but those words are bitter words.

Kevin: I can’t live in the desert!

Dean says that they need the tablet to end Dick Roman and Cas tells him that they’ll have to duck Hester and her garrison. Sam asks, almost hesitantly, if Cas is in their corner and Cas says he doesn’t fight anymore. He watches the bees.

And after everything he’s been through and caused – from being part of Lucifer’s rising, to discovering God wasn’t in Heaven, to losing friends, to rebelling and teaming up with the King of Hell, to releasing the Leviathans, to massacring his brothers in Heaven…yeah, I think it’s probably time for him to sit this one out. He needs to for his sake. And I don’t blame him.

But, Dean looks over at Sam with a ain’t that just GREAT expression. He doesn’t want Cas to sit it out. He wants Cas to fight, to help them fix this mess. Seems like Dean can’t get anything to work the way he wants it to lately. Bobby was given a hunter’s funeral, but dodged his Reaper and so he’s still around and not at peace. Cas is back, more-or-less, but is now a pacifist, not the soldier Dean needs him to be. Makes me frustrated for him, just thinking about it from his perspective.

Inside Rufus’ cabin, Cas and Sam are painting “hide from angels” sigils on the door and windows – just not the “banish angels” sigil, otherwise Cas will be banished. Dean takes Kevin down to the basement where he’s safer saying he’ll fix some dinner once they’re settled in upstairs. Kevin looks around at all the weapons.

Kevin: This looks like a sex torture dungeon. Is this a sex torture dungeon.

Okay, Kev. No more cable for you.

Dean: It’s not a sex torture (pauses while holding some big machete thing in his hand)…just, get over here. Sit down and read, would you?

Upstairs, Sam is sitting at the table and Cas is near him, looking at some kind of statue thingy.

Cas: You seem troubled. ‘Course, that’s the primary aspect of your personality, so I sometimes ignore it.

HA! I’m sorry, but that surprised a laugh out of me.

Sam (frowning, and turning to Cas): Ok, um. Right now, I’m just wondering about you.

Cas: You’re worried about the burden I lifted from you.

Sam: I think I was done for. Do you…see Lucifer?

Cas: I did at first. That was a projection of yours, I think. An aftertaste. Now I see…everything.

He looks up at Sam and for a moment he’s the old Cas. The one we got used to. It’s in his eyes, the folds around his mouth, the slope of his shoulders.

Cas:  I was done for, too. The weight of all my mistakes…I was lost. Until I took on your pain.

Oh, interesting. I wish he’d been able to tell that to Dean. This reveals a lot about how Cas feels and felt. It shows that maybe he wasn’t playing Sorry as Dean thought. Maybe he just couldn’t say it any other way.

Sam: I know you never did anything but try to help. And I’m grateful. We’re all grateful. And we’re gonna help you get better. No matter what it takes.

Okay, so I get why Sam said that – he feels responsible for the change in Cas, for the way he is now. He knows it’s because of what Cas shifted away from him. And no matter why Sam was like that to begin with, he doesn’t want someone else carrying his burden. He’s too proud for that, even it if saved his life. He wants to be able to help, to fix it somehow, if only to make himself feel better about it. I can relate to that.

But…Sam is very mercurial. Earlier he was saying to Meg, “What about what he owes us,” and then it’s, “I know you never did anything but try to help.” It makes it hard for me to know when he’s speaking from his heart, and when he’s just trying to make the best of the situation. Does he really feel like Cas owes them something? Or does he really understand that Cas was only trying to help, however misguided his actions may have been? Or is it both? Can it be both? *must ponder*

Cas: What do you mean, better?

Hmm…Cas likes watching the bees.

Down in the basement with Kevin, the kid is writing in a notebook as he translates the tablet and Dean is nearby in a chair, nodding off. Then Kevin’s vision blurs and he starts to hyperventilate about being a prophet and Dean calms him down, getting up, grabbing a paper bag and putting it over his nose and mouth like he’s already done it a few times.

Dean: I don’t know, man. What can I say? You’ve been chosen. And it sucks. Believe me. There’s no use asking ‘why me’ ‘cause the angels don’t care. I just think they don’t have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try…it just breaks them apart.

GUH. *rubs heart* That was so real it hurt.

Kevin: I just wanted to be the first Asian-American President of the United States.

Dean (serious, and a little sad): Then do your homework.

Outside somewhere (but not close enough to the cabin that the boys hear), a semi-truck pulls up and the demon truckers from earlier get out. Meg steps out in the light to meet them. They want her first, not really interested in the Winchesters, but then she tells them she has Cas. Wants to take him to Crowley. She asks who all they told so she knows how she has to break up the take. They haven’t told anyone. She’s like, awesome and kills them both with the Demon Killing Knife, then walks away.

I’m guessing she set that up so that she didn’t kill them in broad daylight – and to see who else knew where she and the boys were. But I’m surprised they agreed to meet her if it was her they were after in the first place.

She sneaks back into the cabin, but is immediately stuck in a Devil’s Trap. The boys and Cas are standing there, waiting for her. Dean demands the knife from her. She does some fast talking, saying she just took out two of Crowley’s men.

Meg: I figured one thing out about this world. You find a cause and you save it. Give yourself over to it and it orders your life.

Her current cause = bringing down Crowley.

Dean: Crowley ain’t the problem this year.


Meg: Crowley’s always the problem. He’s just waiting for the right moment to strike.

I’d actually like that, to be honest. Let’s bring him back, get the demons involved, and take out the Levi’s so we can get back to things like demons and ghosts and vampires and werewolves.

Meg: I know what I’m supposed to do, and it isn’t screw with Sam and Dean or lose the only angel who will go to bat for me.

Dean rolls his eyes. Cas smiles. Sam’s been watching her with a somewhat puzzled expression and moves forward – without anyone stopping him – to release her from the Devil’s Trap.

Cas: This is good. Harmony, communication. Now our only problem is Hester.

That’s when he decides to tell them that by killing the demons, Meg’s created a pretty big beacon to them. Before they can do much more than say “we need more angel protection,” the front door is sucked off of the cabin and Hester and her henchmen show up, furious that they took the prophet. Cas is like, “Sorry?”

Hester: You have fallen in every way possible.

She sends the dark-haired guy – Anias – after the prophet and he zaps out and back, holding onto Kevin, who is holding on to the tablets. She says that the keeper goes to the desert tonight.

Dean: Back off! We’re actually trying to clean up one of your angel’s messes. You know that.

I liked that he didn’t call Cas out specifically.

Cas: He’s right. An angel brought the Leviathans into this world. And they begged him and begged him not to do it.

Dean shoots an unreadable look at Cas as he’s speaking.

Dean (to Hester): Just give us some time. We’ll take care of your prophet.

Hester (her fury fully focused on Dean): Why should we give you anything? After everything you have taken from us?

Cas is rocking a bit – looking like Rainman when he gets upset. I was getting really worried for him for a moment while simultaneously incensed that Hester could accuse Dean of taking anything from them after everything he’s been through.

Hester: The very touch of you corrupts. When Cas first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost.

At first I thought she meant that Cas didn’t know where he was…like grabbing Dean in Hell was accidental. But then I realized she meant that Cas was lost to them. The moment he saved Dean, he started to fall, to change, to rebel. He became connected to Dean and through Dean, the human way of feeling and thinking and reacting and the strength of that bled through his angelic aloofness and changed him. Made him real. And in Hester’s eyes…corrupted him.

Hester (advancing on Dean, causing Dean to take a step back): And for that you’re going to pay.

Cas steps in front of her, distracting her and forcing her with his motion to turn and put her back to Dean.

Cas: Please. They are the ones we were put here to protect.

Hester: No, Castiel!

She hits him – hard – and Sam and Dean move forward instinctively to stop her but her henchman stand in front of them, hands raised. Hester, meanwhile, is whaling on Cas, making him bleed, while she yells, “No more promises! No more new God!”

She raises her angel-killing sword and Anias tries to stop her – because there’s so few of them left – and she knocks him away.

Hester (to Cas): You wanted free will? Now I’m making the choices.

Just before she lowers the sword, she’s stabbed through from the back, dying in a burst of bright, white light. Guess nobody was watching the demon.

Case, face bloody, gazes up at Meg in wonder. Meg looks down at him and there’s a brief flash of unidentifiable emotion. Then she shrugs.

Meg: What? Someone had to.

Later, a healed Cas is standing next to Anias.

Anias: These are strange times.

Cas: I think they’ve always been.

Anias wants Cas to come with them, but Cas declines. He doesn’t belong there,he says. Kevin finishes translating the tablet and Dean checks on him.

Dean: You doing all right, Chosen One?

He says he is and Anias tells the henchmen angels to take Kevin back to his house; they can watch him there. I know he was being nice and all, but did anyone else think that was a Really Bad Idea before it was proven to be a Really Bad Idea?

Dean tells Cas and Sam that he couldn’t find Meg. Cas says that Meg likes to lay low. I’m not sure what I think about her being part of the tribe. Trusting demons – no matter their cause – has never worked out. They’ve double crossed the boys Every. Single. Time. Why should this be different? And Dean was always so adamant about his demon hate – it was a constant for him. And he’s acquiescing to her arguments and logic a bit more than I’d like…it makes me nervous.

But at the same time, there’s something about her and Cas…I’m not sure what, but…something. Something with the potential for tragedy and possibly good storytelling. Plus, once I got used to her way of talking and could understand her better, I didn’t hate her quite as much. Bottom line, the jury’s still out for me on Meg being included.

Sam is reading Kevin’s translation of the tablet and finds what they’re looking for: “Leviathan cannot be slain but by the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the [something] of the fallen.”

They realize they have to start with the blood of a fallen angel…which Cas just so happens to have readily available in a vial he hands to Dean.

Cas (grinning): You know me. Always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.

Dean takes it and looks…conflicted. And grateful.

Dean: What are you gonna do, Cas?

Cas: I don’t know. Isn’t that amazing?

And whoosh, he’s gone.

Dean pauses for a moment, then looks down at Sam saying, let’s get to work. Okay, I know you know what I’m going to say next…I sooooo want the "righteous mortal" to be Dean. He was called out as the righteous man, right? And he’s never gotten over breaking in Hell. The only thing I have to wonder, though, is all that talk about how Sam doesn’t feel bad about what he did anymore – how he left it behind. If he’s released his guilt, would he be considered more righteous than Dean? Or will it be either of them? Will they have to just get some…random priest or something? *more pondering*

ANYWAY, back at Kevin’s oh-so-safe house, his mother is wigging out and is being semi-comforted by the most wooden cop in the history of ever. That should have been the dead give-away right there. Just then, Kevin shows up in the middle of the room, flanked by two angels. He hugs his mom, saying he’s okay, and is holding the tablet. But…the cop is a Levi.

He walks over to the angels, shoves his hand through this chests saying, “Rick beats scissors, Leviathan beats angel.” They die with black goo oozing out of their mouths and eyes and just…uck. Now, did I miss something? Have we seen Levi's kill angels before, like back in the first episodes of the season? I was thinking that only angels could kill other angels, but then Meg killed Hester with the sword, so...maybe I'm just wrong. Which is okay. I can be wrong.

Anyway, the cop morphs back into Edgar.

So now the Levi’s have the prophet and the tablet. Even though the boys have the translation, that can’t be good. And for some reason, all I can think about is the Harry Potter prophecy, “Neither can live while the other survives.” Eeep!

The previews just threw a lot of OMG-type images my way…I’m looking forward to seeing how they wrap this up. Will we get Levi closure? Will Dick get taken out? If so, who will do the honors? Will Bobby finish his unfinished business? Will he go vengeful? Will the boys have to end him as well? Will Cas be back to be part of the fray? Will Dean forgive him? Can Dean’s heart be healed as surely as Sam’s head was healed?

And most importantly – WILL WE SEE THE IMPALA?!?!

Tune in next week, when you’ll hear Gaelic say…. Well, you’ll have to tune in next week to find out. *grins*


ETA: My apologies to anyone I may have offended by using the nickname "Levi" for Leviathan in my rambles this season. It was brought to my attention that it bothers some, and I assure you I in no way intended to do that. I was simply making it easier on my self by shortening the name -- and following the show's lead as aside from Big Mouths and Chompers, they've used the name "Levi" as well. BUT! I don't have to continue to do so. *smiles* Especially as there are only two episodes left. Thanks for reading!

Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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