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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review of Epi 7.22

The feeling I had last week of this season ending in a three-act play persists with tonight’s episode. Though now, I’m kind of thinking of it more as the parts of a magic trick. Last week was the Pledge where we’re shown something seemingly ordinary. This week was the Turn where the ordinary is made to do something extraordinary and we’re looking for the secret. Next week…is the Prestige.

All the pieces have been set and the game put in motion. I’m going to be a nervous wreck next Friday.

But first, I must splash in the shallow end of the pool for a moment because oh. my. stars. our boys looked good tonight. Sam was clear-eyed and compassionate and just…just so Sam.  And Dean? Dean’s eyes just…they were just so green in so many scenes. And they were like twin pools of emotion at one point. I felt like I needed to absorb him somehow…watch his every move, nuance, subconscious lip-lick.

Also? Two words: Leather. Jacket. You know that’s right.

While this felt very much the calm before the storm, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the boys worked so in tandem in this episode – even when they saw things differently, or processed them at different levels, they moved in sync. They were partners, brothers – backing each other’s play, talking it through…I just…this is what I like with our boys. I hope the writers are able to keep this synergy between the brothers through Season 8. Less strife between them – there’s enough all around them.

Okay, now that we’ve got that (temporarily) out of the way, let’s Ramble On. THEN basically took us back to the Alphas in Crowley’s jail, getting nuked by Cas, Bobby seeking vengeance, Kevin The Prophet, the Word of God, and killing Leviathans.

NOW takes us to Dick Roman being interviewed on TV about his acquisition of Sucracorp – a company/factory that manufactures high fructose corn syrup (reminding me of all of those “sugar is sugar” commercials that ran for awhile about how it’s made from corn so it’s natural and blah blah blah). Dick is telling the interviewer, Gloria, that he wants Americans to focus on eating well so they can live longer and taste better.

She’s like, you meant the food will taste better, right? He’s all, yes, yes I did. Wink.

I suppose there are plenty of pros and cons about Dick as a bad guy – and the Leviathans in general. But. Taken as a whole, they are probably my least favorite story-arc bad guys, falling below the Mother of All, even. I put in a comment to last week’s ramble that I would be happy if next season the boys focused on simply fighting the monsters – ghosts, vamps, werewolves, zombies, demons, what have you. And have the season-long arc be about them getting their ‘normal’ back. Finding a way to have a life that’s not about constantly avoiding death.

I’m crossing everything they end the Leviathans next week. End. Them.

Susan – Dick’s assistant – brings him a briefcase with the tablet in it and tells him his 11:00 is here. Dick tells her that he wants Gloria to work for them in mainstream media. There’s other talking and double speak, but I find myself tuning out a bit with him. He heads into a conference room where Edgar is keeping an eye on a bound and gagged Kevin. Introducing himself – and it cracks me up the way Dick says his own name – he tells Kevin that he’s his biggest fan and wants him to translate the tablet.

Poor Kevin. He resists as long as he can – even turns down a recommendation letter from Dick Roman that would guarantee Kevin getting into Princeton. So, Dick shows him live feed of his mother, also bound and gagged, with a ginormous knife at her throat. Kevin caves to save his mom. *pets him* He tried.

Back at Rufus’ cabin – an old, primer-gray and orange Plymouth (I think – maybe a Roadrunner?) out front – the boys are trying to figure out their next move. Sam’s sitting at the table in front of his laptop and Dean’s on the couch reading through the composition book.

Dean: I have read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad’s duffel.

Sam (looks up, tilting head in curiosity): Anna Nicole?

Dean (looks over and…guh, that grin): Anna Nicole. Aw, the good ones…they die young, huh?

*That better not be foreshadowing.*

Sam closes his mouth with a click and looks to the side in response to his brother’s lascivious smile. Loved that exchange.

Dean: We could read this ‘til our eyes bleed. Ain’t getting any clearer.

He leans forward and rubs his eyes. Sam’s like, okay, then, what does it mean?

Dean: Cut off the head and the body will flounder.

He says the head is Dick and that they need to grab the stuff, mix up a weapon. End of story. He sits back sipping a beer – El Sol. Nice. *smiles*

I have to say that I thought maybe the whole 'chop off the head' thing was more…direct than that. Meaning that the only way they’ve been able to stop the Leviathans permanently was to behead them. But, I like the idea that they kill Dick and the rest of them will die much better.

Sam’s all for killing Dick, but he’s like, what then? The rest just…drop dead?

Dean: Maybe.

Sam: Maybe? Maybe is good enough for you right now?

Dean: One problem at a time.

Sam: Okay, but it’s not a crazy idea to find out what the catch is before we go crashing the gate.

Dean (picking comp book back up): Maybe this is the catch. God’s not telling us every detail. The Word is from God. I don’t know how much better it’s gonna git. [Little bit o’ Texas drawl slipped out with that line.]

I think he might be onto something there. I have a feeling there’s going to be something in the way the weapon is interpreted or some little nuance that’s going to come out that the boys didn’t see…I’m cautious.

Bobby is watching them talk from behind the couch, his eyes on Dean and the book. Dean goes into the bathroom and is brushing his teeth. As he rinses his mouth out, his breath comes out frosty and the mirror frosts over. He stands up slowly and turns, schooling his features.

Dean: Hey, Bobby. (lips tremble slightly as he figures out the right thing to say) How ya feeling?

Bobby says he feels stronger than ever and that he’s been thinking about the weapon. Dean suggests he save his strength – he doesn’t look so hot. Bobby’s like, I’m in the veil; my Brad Pitt days are over. He starts to break down the recipe for the weapon – more for us, I think, than for Dean who’d read the translation cover to cover multiple times.

So, they need a human bone washed in the three bloods of the fallen. It has to be a human that’s as light and good as the Leviathans are hungry and dark.

Dean: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Aside - this is one of those places where his green, green eyes just hit me. Yowza.

Bobby goes on to say that while that might be hard to get, the other stuff was doable. They already had angel blood; they needed blood from the ruler of fallen humanity, which is obviously Crowley. And then the father of fallen beasts.

I liked how Dean eyes the doorway at this point, looking for Sam. Just…staying wary.

Dean: Which means?

Bobby: You gotta bleed an Alpha.

Dean: They’re all dead. Every one we found, we rounded up for Crowley and then Cas whammied them all.

Bobby: Make this Cas’ problem, too.

Dean (lips going tight): Cas isn’t in the problem-solving mode.

Bobby: Then Crowley!

Dean (sighing): All right, I get it, I get it…

Bobby (bellowing): DO YOU?!

The mirror behind Dean cracks. Dean turns, startled. Bobby reigns himself in, looking contrite. When he speaks again, his voice is controlled, softened.

Bobby: Just saying…I have faith you boys’ll figure it out.

Dean nods cautiously, his eyes tipping down at the corners with worry.

Bobby: Relax. I’m fine. Just got a little carried away.

Dean looks at the cracked mirror again. Back in the kitchen, Sam’s watching an infomercial on Sucracorp on his laptop. Dean comes in and pours himself a shot of whiskey in a high-ball glass, then leans in and says quietly to Sam, “Little FYI? Bobby’s off singing at the John these days.”

Sam: Uh…awkward.

Dean: You’re telling me.

He tells Sam that Bobby has some ideas about the weapon. Sam shows him the laptop and the article that says Roman Enterprises acquired Sucracorp. Tells him that Sucracorp makes high fructose corn syrup and it’s in everything: soda, sauces, bread….

Dean: Don’t say pie.

Sam: Definitely pie.

Dean: Bastards.

Me: HA!

Dean comments that Dick has moved past restaurants and wants to know what they can do about it.

Sam: Short of going Al Qaeda on their trucks and plants, there’s nothing we can do about it –

The laptop monitor suddenly slams shut causing both boys (and me) to jump. They exchange a look. Dean clears his throat.

Dean: Like I said…Bobby’s got some ideas.

At this point, I got a Very Bad Feeling About This in the pit of my stomach – and I don’t mean Bobby’s ideas. I mean Bobby, period.

SO, Dean cuts his hand, Sam Latinates, they do a flash-fire-bowl-ritual-thing, and voila! Crowley. Hee. I missed him, oddly enough.

Back at Dick’s HQ, Kevin is typing the translation into a laptop.

Dick: That’s some racey prose you’re putting down there, Kevin.

Kevin finishes and asks that his mom be freed. Edgar calls and says to release her, but to, “…stress the consequences of talking….” Any other Hunger Games readers out there immediately picture the Avox? *shudders*

Dick tells Kevin he’s going to keep him around awhile, and orders Edgar to “drop in on an old friend.”

Back at the cabin, the boys have apparently broken it down for Crowley about the tablet – but won’t tell him who translated it for them.

Dean: You gonna give us the blood or not?

Crowley: Happily. But not quite yet. I’m all for choppin’ Dick, but I can’t have you running around with a vial of my blood, now, can I?

Sam = ??

Me, too, honestly, until Crowley says that all sorts of nefarious spells could be conducted with his blood and I felt the storyteller in me sit up and take notes.

Dean: When?

Crowley: Last. After you’ve got all the others. Most difficult? The angel blood, I’m assuming.

The boys just look at him. I loved it.

Crowley: Given all the trouble you’ve caused, I can’t imagine the boys upstairs are up to doing you a ‘solid.’ Unless, of course, you have an angel up your sleeve.

Dean (protecting Cas to the end): That’d be convenient, but, no.

Sam: Don’t worry about it. We’ll get the angel blood one way or another. We need you to be ready next time we call.

Crowley: Fine. Oh, here’s a tip. I have it on good authority there’s on Alpha still among us.

Dean: Who’s authority?

Crowley (a beat): Mine.

He tells them how the Alpha vamp made a jailbreak before Cas nuked the jail and he knows it in a keep your friends close, enemies closer kind of way. Dean’s tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip as he’s listening, and it’s this subconscious move of his that I totally love. Sue me.

Crowley knows where to start hunting, wishes them happy trails and then poof! He’s gone.

Dean (yelling): Where, jackass?!

The table behind them suddenly flames up and the words Hoopal, North Dakota are burned into the surface.

Dean: Piece of paper would’ve worked.

Yes, but then it just wouldn’t be Crowley. Also? I have to think that finding the bone of a human who is as light as the Leviathans are dark is going to be pretty dang challenging, too. Since they didn't repeate the term "righteous mortal" again, I am releasing my Dean theory (though would still really love him to be the catalyst in some way), but am really wondering who they're going to dig up.

So, in Hoopal, they’re gassing up the Plymouth, and Dean’s leaning against the trunk monitoring the pump and he’s wearing a new leather jacket – as in, not John’s – with the collar popped in that way he has and I think I may have whimpered just a teensy bit. *ahem* Sam’s leaning against the passenger and gets Dean’s attention, making a ‘drink’ sign. Dean pulls out the flask, looks at it a moment, then puts it in the car and shuts the door.

They start to head toward the quick shop and Sam asks him about Bobby – did he seem angry, tired? Dean’s like, yeah, he was angry, but wouldn’t you be? And no, not tired. Says he never felt stronger.

Sam: That’s what I was afraid of.

They head inside, grabbing wire baskets, and start walking down the aisle, filling the baskets up. Sam’s talking in a low, urgent tone and Dean’s listening, his lips tight.

Sam: The stronger he gets, the closer he comes to going full vengeful spirit. That’s reality. We need to talk about what we’re gonna do with him.

Dean (surprised): Do with him? Three weeks ago you were talking about how this could work. And now you want to go Kavorkian on his ass?

I had the same reaction, but then after a beat, I got where Sam was coming from. He’s always been the hopeful one. The one who thinks what if this could work. But he’s also practical, and the last thing he wants is to feel responsible for Bobby hurting someone (or worse) because he was hopeful that they might be able to keep their Uncle Bobby around for awhile. The minute Bobby showed signs of ghost-wear, Sam’s steel-trap of a mind clamped down on the logical next step. He just has to get his heart to accept it…and then his brother. And that last part is going to be hard because Dean knew what was going to happen the moment they realized Bobby was really real – he never had that hope. Until Sam offered it to him.

*rubs heart*

Sam: Nowhere in the lore is there a real-life example of Casper the Friendly ghost (because you can bet he looked for it). It’s all poltergeist until a hunter comes along –

Dean: Yeah, well. The lore sucks.

He’s listening to Sam, but something catches his eye.

Sam (continues, oblivious to the fact that Dean’s eyes aren’t on him anymore): I’m talking pure hatred. No humanity. He could kill, possess people. Could burn this whole freaking building down.

Dean nods behind Sam. There’s a guy putting a lot of mustard on his hot dog.

Dean: Check out that guy over there. He seem a little out of it to you?

Sam (glancing over his shoulder): Uh…maybe?

They look around, seeing the rest of the patrons just kinda…wandering, staring blankly into the coolers, looking totally stoned. Sam makes the connection to the turducken and the boys start looking at the ingredients on the food in their baskets. Everything is laced with the high fructose corn syrup.

Dean (a little bleat): Everything?

He starts to pace a little.

Dean: I’m going to go into toxic shock. I need my road food!

Sam: That’s what Roman is banking on.

Dean (picking up a pie): This one says natural. That means it’s safe, right?

Sam takes it from him and puts it back saying that corn syrup is natural. Kinda.

Dean: What are we supposed to eat?!

Sam holds up his basket with bananas and bottles of water. Poor, poor Dean. Later, they’re sitting outside of some random house they’ve evidently identified as the Alpha’s North Dakota hideout, but they can’t see inside. Too dark. Bobby’s in the backseat and says he’ll go scout it. Sam starts to protest, but Bobby blinks out before he can.

That confused me a smidge – how could he go that far from the flask? *hand wave*

He returns and tells them that the place is clean, but there’s something they need to see. They head inside and find three vamps stretched out on a large table, dead – but their heads attached. There’s some black, crusty…gunk all around their mouths and down their necks. Gack.

Dean: You know a way to kill vamps with…battery acid?

Aside – I had an immediate flash to Stephen King’s “IT” – this is battery acid, you slime!

Bobby says the only way he knows is to behead them. Sam noticed something wonky about the far wall and the boys start to look for some kind of trigger or switch. Bobby just walks right through. Show off.

Inside is a pink room with a pink bed and a girl of about 19 or 20 dressed in a little girl’s pink nightgown clutching a teddy bear.

The boys find the trigger, open the wall and stare in shock at the girl. They hurriedly put their knives away and tell her they’re fangless and just want to talk. So, outside of the pink room, wrapped in Dean’s leather jacket (*jealous*) and sipping some…tea, or something…the girl – Emily – tells them about how she was taken off of the playground when she was 8 and that she’s one of the Alpha’s “special” girls. Her only food is through IV bags to keep her blood pure because virgins are a delicacy. Sam looks absolutely sick and Dean has to look away, disgust on his face, at this bit of news. For both of them…kids are where the line is drawn. And the fact that his has been happening to this girl for 12 years does a number on both of the guys.

Sam: We’ll get you back to your mother.

Emily: Think she remembers me?

Sam: Of course. Don’t you remember her?

Emily shakes her head and Dean, to get his mind off of what has been her reality, asks her about the dead vamps. She tells them that a week ago, they came back from an easy hunt, but the minute they started feeding, they screamed in pain and died. The one who hadn’t fed, saw what happened and decided to move to animals. He’s out hunting right now. The boys remember that the gas station was lousey with "stoners" and start putting two and two together.

Emily tells them that the Alpha was at his “retreat.” Sam pulls out his cell phone and Emily is like, “What’s that?”

Dean presses his lips out and answers with a totally straight face, “That’s, uh…Sam’s douche tracker. Helps us find the Alpha. All we need is an address.”

HA! Love it.

Well, Emily doesn’t have an address, of course, but she’s willing to try to help remember things to get them there. After they leave, the vamp who was out chasing rabbits comes back and finds Emily’s room open, Emily gone. Edgar shows up and demands to know where the Alpha is. I admit I was slow on the uptake on a few points with this one because I was like, “Oh, so that’s who the ‘old friend’ is.”

The vamp won’t give it up, but Edgar copies him, gets the location from his memory (which I couldn’t hear, but it didn’t really matter), and then kills the vamp – without eating him.

Elsewhere, the boys are walking out of a health food store, Sam carrying a bag of groceries with loose veggies on top – y’know, so we can see that it’s actually health food. Dean is grouchy and hungry. I get the same way, man. Ask anyone who has been around me when I’ve gone more than six hours without food. They’re desperately trying to find some crackers or something.

Dean:  I can’t live on rabbit’s food! I’m a warrior!

Okay, that is officially my new excuse for resisting any diet.

Sam: You’ll be fine.

Dean (grumbling): You don’t know that.

Sam tries to distract him by asking him next steps. Dean’s like, we’re going after a vamp, so we need dead man’s blood…orrrr…..

He sees a rather rotund man sucking on a slushie looking totally out of it.

Dean: We’re swimming in vamp poison!

They walk up to the guy and Sam starts with a cover story about being from the Red Cross – flashing his FBI badge – and the guy is just staring at him. Sam realizes he’s not getting anything and Dean’s like, dude, just do it. He sits down next to the guy.

Dean: Give us your arm; we need your blood.

The guy obediently lifts his arm. Dean pulls out a syringe and hands it to Sam saying that everyone around them was hopped up on brown acid. He puts his arm around the dude and Sam puts the bag of groceries down and sits on his other side. Their Plymouth is parked behind them, Emily waiting inside. Sam takes the syringe and sticks the needle in the guy’s hand, drawing out the blood.

Guy (very little inflection): Ow. That hurts. This is for hurricane Katrina, you said?

Dean (giving him a tolerant smile): Yes. Yes I did.

He eye-shrugs at Sam and they start talking over the guy as if he’s not even there.

Sam: When we get there, Bobby’s gonna have to hang back. Do you disagree?

Dean: He ain’t gonna like it. He helped us in getting Emily.

Sam: Hey, I’m Team Bobby, too, but there’s a reason we left him in the car with Emily. The more action he gets, the more chance he gets to…spin out.

I feel for both of them in this. Sam really is ‘Team Bobby’ – he doesn’t want him to go vengeful – but he’s also working overtime to face reality. Dean, though he’s staring reality in the face, doesn’t want to look. It’s like he feels obligated to speak on Bobby’s behalf. Defend him, even though it’s half-heartedly.

Dean: We’ll keep him off the front lines and he can just…keep calm and carry on.

Show of hands – how many of you joined me in saying, “…my wayward son”? Maybe I’ve spent a little too much time on Pinterest. Also? I hope they keep up the tradition and open with that song next week. *crosses fingers*

Sam caps the syringe as a cop car rolls by behind them, its siren bwopping. But, they needn't have worried – the cop was eating a donut and jamming out to “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Later, at night in the car, Emily is trying to help them find the Alpha.  She tells them they'd leave at night and get to the retreat before dawn, taking back roads, and she heard loud bells. Via process of elimination and with a little help from Sam’s “douche tracker” they figure out that she was near a monastery, as monks get up at 4am to pray.

Dean: Can’t get laid, can’t sleep in…. So, the Alpha’s camping next to a (looks sidelong at Sam with a cheeky grin) Monk-ee house.

Sam = unamused.

Dean pouts. *laugh*

They figure out that there’s only one monastery within the radius Emily's memories gave them and it’s in Missoula, Montana. So that’s what the cloned vamp had said. Also? With Missoula my mind immediately went to fly fishing and A River Runs Through It. Okay, okay, so I’ve seen too many movies. >_>

With Emily’s help, they find the gigantic mansion-like house where the Alpha was, then decide to take Emily some place safe before “circling back and ginsu-ing these leeches.” At the motel, Emily is watching TV and Dean is packing his duffel. He comes around the edge of the bed and hands Sam a syringe.

Dean: Here we go. 10 cc’s of vamptonite.

Sam = A Look

Dean: It’s a thing.


Emily pipes up: What’s a Kardashian?

Dean: Oh, uh…just another bloodsucker.

Sam grins, but Emily looks terrified, so Dean back peddles, saying it was a joke. I tell you, that Emily had me totally snowed. I bought her act hook, line, and sinker. Sam gives her Jodi Mills’ number and says if they’re not back by dawn, to call her for help. Dean puts the flask in the room’s wall safe for Bobby’s own good.

Emily says thank you and the boys go to leave, but the door is yanked out of Dean’s hand and slammed shut. Emily looks startled and Dean gives her a semi-reassuring smile, saying it was just the wind. Under his breath, he mutters, “Chill out, Bobby. We’ll be back soon.”

They walk out and Bobby is left standing in the room, glowering. Sam rounds the corner and runs into a housekeeper’s cart, apologizing before moving on. I will admit, I immediately thought the housekeeper was a Leviathan…or maybe a vamp after Emily. Something. But I didn’t see what happened coming.

Inside the room, Emily is watching TV and Bobby is watching Emily. After a moment, she gets up, checks outside, then wads up the paper with Jodi Mills’ phone number on it and tosses it into the fire. She pulls out a cell phone – oooh, so it turns out she has her own douche tracker – and dials a number, smiling as she says, “Hi, Daddy. I’m sending you a present.”

Bobby: You little schemer.

Yeah…that’s not the word that I was thinking.

Emily leaves the motel room and on the TV a commercial for Sucracorp comes on. Bobby stares at it, any concern he might’ve had for the boys’ safety or them walking into a vamp trap is gone, replaced by hatred for Dick Roman, pure and simple. Gloria – the interviewer who now works for Roman Enterprises – says that the big question on everyone’s mind is, “What makes Dick so hard to beat?”

*groans* OMG, really? That was probably the worst ‘dick’ joke yet. *laugh* And am I just a 14 year old boy inside that I chuckled even though my mind was totally in the gutter?

Outside Vamp Mansion, the boys are sizing up their task and Dean is saying that this time of the day, most of them will be catching Z’s and won’t know what hit them. Sam is quiet.

Dean: You with me?

Sam: Yeah….

Dean: But?

Sam: You sure you want to charge in there, machete’s blazing? Last time it took a dozen hunters to take down the Alpha and most didn’t make it out.

Oh, yeah. I forgot Sam was there when it happened. Or part of him was, at least.

Dean: You got a better idea?

I liked how Sam still seems to be trying to...get his balance. Since Cas 'healed' him, I mean. Like he knows what he wants to do but has to find the confidence in himself to share it. And I like that Dean allows him -- is patient with him when he counters Dean's ideas with his, and allows for them rather than bullying forward to get his way.

Well, whether or not it was better is probably debatable, but it was stealthier and gave them a tiny edge on the whole staying alive nonsense. They snuck up to the front door – Dean muttering stupid, stupid, stupid the whole way – and walk cautiously up to the door…surprised to find it open.

Dean: Maybe we’re too late?

Sam starts to go in and suddenly someone grabs him. I totally jumped. Dean yells, “SAM!” and heads in after him, but then a vamp grabs him and hauls him inside. Yipe.

Back at the motel, Bobby is getting more and more worked up listening to Dick’s interview and is trying to break into the safe via the digital pad combination thingy. He tries Sam’s birthday – fail. Dean’s birthday – fail. He tries others and can’t get in and is suddenly Very Angry. A lamp flies across the room. The mirror cracks. Doors slam. The fire in the fireplace surges high. He finally realizes that it’s his birthday (um, duh) – but just then the housekeeper Sam ran into comes into the room, having heard all the commotion.

The room is freezing and Bobby, in apparent desperation, makes himself visible to her saying he needs her help to get free. She tries to run and he lunges for her, reaching, and basically…falls into her. Possessing her. Um, yipe. Again. Through the housekeeper’s voice he says he only needs her for a little while until he gets the bastard, then punches in his birthday and frees his flask, leaving the room.

This made me so sad. I totally followed the natural progression of Bobby’s vengeance, and think it's flowing very believably, but...well, he’d dodged his reaper to keep an eye on the boys. And somewhere along the way, keeping an eye on the boys turned into finishing the job, and finishing the job turned into “getting the bastard.” And I liked having the storyline possibilities of Bobby being a ghost – I liked the layers it gave to the boys’ situation and how they had to have another level of angst to contend with. Because who doesn’t love angst?

But if things keep progressing this way, the angst is going to kill me dead because they’re going to have to “do something” with Bobby as Sam said and that’s going to break Dean’s heart and sap Sam’s hope and…well, I may cry.

Y’know what I was thinking, though? Since we got Bobby’s ghost and Cas un-Leviathaned, the two of them having been in the same episode at the same time. I wonder if there might be a way for Cas to…reward Bobby. Not return him to life, but take him to Heaven. ‘Course Cas isn’t so much for Heaven right now, and it's entirely possible that they decide to keep Bobby's ghost around for next Season to be something the boys have to hunt, which is not the kind of angst I'm hoping for…I’m just…thinking. *sniff*

Anyway, back at Vamp Mansion, the vamps haul Sam and Dean into a big, ornate room with a large wooden dining table, the Alpha Vamp sitting at the head of it. Just then, Emily shows up, moving to stand next to the Alpha.

Dean: Wow. For a girl raised in a basement, you’re a helluvan actress.


Emily: You were going to hurt my Daddy.

Dean (looking down, an ironic smile twisting his lips): You get a trophy on Stockholm Syndrome. I hate to burst your bubble, but…we weren’t. Sam, here, had  better idea.

Sam: We’re here to talk. That’s it.

Alpha (laughing): Now that my guys have taken your blades and syringes of tainted blood, you mean?

Duuuuuude – I forgot how much I liked this guy’s voice. Like a young James Earl Jones.

Dean: Figured you might hold a grudge.

Alpha: Why? Because you captured me, tortured me, sold me to the king of Hell?

Dean: That was more our Grandpa.

Just as I was busy thinking, oh, yeah, I almost forgot about Gramps, the vamp behind Dean comes up, grabs the back of his head and SLAMS Dean face-first into the table. HARD. I think my belly leaped up to my nose. Sam jumps, eyes darting between his brother and the Alpha. Dean gasps and grunts, trying to keep his feet, hands clinging to the table, mouth bleeding. It takes him a moment, but he’s able to pull himself shakily back to his feet.


Dean (wiping blood from his mouth): Thank you. (Raspy voice) That was awesome.

Alpha (wicked long nails flashing a bit): I want to peel your faces off and drink you slowly.


Sam: Just listen. You need us.

Alpha: Oh, yes. I am thirsty.

His voice sounded so very vampish there. I shivered a bit.

Sam (still looking back and forth between the Alpha and Dean, sounding a little desperate): The plague! We know what it is! What do you know about Leviathans?

Alpha (interested): A bit.

Sam: You know they’re poisoning the food supply?

The Alpha reveals that he and Roman are on excellent terms and have made lots of plans.

Dean: You sure about that? Did he mention he was going to maui-waui the human population?

Alpha (slight pause): No. He said that grabbing a snack would be easier than ever.

Sam: He said you’d all live together, didn’t he?

Off to the side, Dean is running his tongue along his busted lip, pulling himself together.

Sam: You really believe him? You think your children are dying by accident? There’s pesticide in the formula!

Alpha: Why are you telling me this?

Sam: Because we can stop Dick. We just need your blood for the weapon.

Alpha: So…now you want to prevent the extermination of the vampire race.

Okay, fair point.

Dean: No. But it beats going down with you.

The Alpha looks like he appreciates that honest answer. Just then the door behind the Alpha opens and a young boy comes in.

Dean (aside to Sam): The creep gets creepier.

The boy tells the Alpha that Edgar is there. Dean’s like, we need Borax and knives, but the Alpha tells his minions to put them in the study. The boys are hauled away, protesting loudly while the Alpha is like, “You don’t live through centuries of fire, ice, and continental divide by jumping to conclusions.”

He wants the story first. I like this guy – even though he’s a baddie – and the minute he didn’t try to kill them, I decided I wanted him to stick around.

Edgar shows up and the Alpha plays gracious host for about 2.5 seconds, even having one of his minions bring in a bucket of Champaign, but then Edgar says he knows that Sam and Dean were there because he can smell them. Whoops.

In the study, the boys are trying to get out, but are locked tight. All around are bags and bags of blood and tubing attached to IV needles. Sam says he thinks that Edgar knows why they’re there and is there for the same reason – the Alpha's blood. He means to kill the Alpha before the boys can get his blood.

Which I found interesting. Because he’s right, but…unless I totally missed it…the boys didn’t know that the Leviathans killed Kevin’s protector angels and took Kevin and his mom, so they wouldn’t have known that the Leviathan’s translated the tablet and knew what could kill them. I could make the leap that they assumed the Leviathan’s already knew their weakness, but if that was the case, then why was Roman so keen on getting that tablet? Either I missed something, or I’m hand waving that.

Moving on.

Dean: Any way you slice it, you’ve got Pacman and True Blood in the same room and that’s bad news.

Sam gives him a look. I chuckled.

Dean: He’s not stupid; why’d he lock us in here?

Sam: We’re his enemy. They’re like…monster cousins or something. Who would you give the benefit of the doubt? (pause, arms out to his sides) Maybe it is poisoning the vamps on accident…maybe they’ll fix it.

Dean’s eyes don’t cease moving the whole time they're locked in. He’s looking, thinking, processing.

Dean: I think you got the oldest monster on Earth thinking he can hold his own because he always has.

Sam: Edgar’s gonna eat him alive.

Dean grabs the IV bag needle and holds it up to Sam.

Dean: Hey. You think you could pick a lock with this?

Sam rolls his eyes like bitch, please and takes the needle, but then worries because they gave up all their vamptonite. Dean’s like or did we? and pulls up his pant leg to reveal a secret syringe in his boot. Atta boy.

Back in the dining room, Alpha is telling Edgar that he can have the boys, but then reveals why the boys were there in the first place all, that’s not true, right? And Edgar plays it off at first, no of course we don’t want to exterminate you.

The boys are out and sneaking down some stairs when a vamp grabs Sam from behind, teeth bared. Dean whirls around and shoves the syringe in the vamp’s neck, the creature going down as it burns from the inside out. Breathing hard, the boys stare down at it.

Dean: Wow!

Sam (rubbing his neck): Vamptonite.

Dean: Friggin’ vamptonite!

They head for a kitchen to find some knives as they know Edgar will be next.

Meanwhile, Edgar and the Alpha are mentally circling each other like, well, alphas, and the Alpha is slowly wearing Edgar down, getting to the truth about Dick’s plan. He finally comes out and asks, “Where on The List is fixing our plague?”

Edgar’s out of patience and replies, “Nowhere. We want you to burn like the little roaches you are.”

Edgar goes for him, but Alpha pushes him away. Can you say double cross? Shouldn’t have trusted Dick, Alpha. Emily is frozen in terror watching the exchange between her “Daddy” and Edgar. Edgar tells him that the additive not only makes humans completely complacent, but it kills vamps, werewolves, zombies…pretty much everything but Leviathans. He says that mankind is a limited resource.

Alpha: There are 7 billion of them!

Edgar: Only 7?

There's a tussle.

Alpha (yelling): We come from you!

Edgar: Barely.

Alpha: I am the son of Eve!

Edgar: A pathetic mutt. I knew Eve, and honestly, your mom was a whore.

Oh, no he didn’t! Them’s fightin’ words! The Alpha roars and lunges, teeth bared. He grabs the bucket of Champaign, tossing the bottle aside, and throwing the contents of the bucket at Edgar – Borax. Edgar burns, but doesn’t go down. He turns Big Mouth and then Dean shows up and hits him from behind. Edgar rotates, grabs Dean, but before he can do more than muss the leather jacket, Sam slices off his head with a single slash.

Nicely done, boys.

Dean (a little revved up from barely surviving), says that they’re going to juice this freak. Emily cries out, “No!” and Dean yells at her to get out of the way. The Alpha recovers himself, grabs Dean and throws him across the room saying to leave her alone; she’s been through enough.

Sam: That’s rich, coming from the guy who took her off the swing set.

Dean staggers to his feet, swaying a bit.

Alpha: Do you want to do this or do you want my blood?

As the boys watch, slightly shocked, he cuts his wrist with his wicked sharp, wicked long nails and drains some blood into a glass. He hands it to Sam, who hesitates. Dean shoots him a confused, WTF look, but then Sam says, “What about the little boy?”

Alpha: Are you joking?

Dean (never hesitating to back Sam’s play): Do we look like we’re joking? How many other kids you get here?

Alpha: At the moment, just him.

He stares at Dean. Dean stares back.

Alpha: Emily, help Alan with is coat. He’s leaving with Sam and Dean.

Okay, I have to say, I love that they did that. They brought it back to the ‘saving people’ part of their creed. Saving that little boy made leaving the Alpha alive worth it, and while Dean might’ve initially been a little too rattled from getting roughed up to think of the boy, the moment his brother paused and brought it up, he was right there with him.

Sam takes the glass of blood and they boys turn to go.

Alpha: What, no thank you? Oh, right, right. Your flesh is crawling. All you really want to do is kill me now. You hate having to wait and come back and try again.

Dean: Pretty much. (pause) I wouldn’t leave that head near that body for too long.

Alpha: See you next season.

Dean: Looking forward to it.

Me: HA! YAY! *laugh* Love it.

Maybe I’ll get part of my wish for S8 after all….

Boys are back at the motel, heading toward their room, looking beat and exhausted.

Dean: Let’s never to that again. Cops thought we took that kid.

Sam: Long as he gets back to his folks, I don’t care what they thought.

Dean (whining slightly): We had to jump out a freakin’ window, man.

They pause, realizing the door to their room is open. Dean drops the duffel and they pull their guns in a single, fluid, totally in-sync motion. *toe curl* They burst into the room, see that it’s wrecked, and Dean sees the broken mirror. He calls out for Bobby, but then Sam draws his attention to the open safe and says he’s gone.

Sam moves around the room with the EMF meter, but says it’s fading fast and surmises that Bobby’s been gone several hours.

Sam: If he’s got the flask…how are we supposed to track him? I hate to say this—

Dean: Well, then don’t. He’s gone. (He sinks down to sit on the edge of the dresser, his shoulders bowing, his eyes downcast.) How could he do this? Now? We’ve got half the weapons. We’re almost there….

Sam: It’s not him. He’s not thinking.

Dean (glancing over, eyes looking battered): So, what? We just keep going when he’s out there like this?

Sam: Do we have another option?

An expression crosses Dean’s face as he looks at Sam that actually sent a quick, sharp pang through my heart. It was pain and sorrow and regret and resignation and despair.

Sam: It’s what he wants us to do, right?

Dean (sighing, then getting up to walk past Sam to the bed, carrying the duffel): Yeah. Yeah, him and Frank and Cas – if his marble’s worth the bag.

Sam watches his brother, his face tight and sad. Sarcasm infuses Dean’s voice.

Dean: Good thing we’ve got Crowley in our corner, right? Seeing as how it all comes down to him.

He turns to look at Sam and his face is like stone.

Dean: What could possibly go wrong?

And then we see Dick doing the demon summoning trick, calling Crowley to him…who is then immediately stuck beneath a Devil’s Trap. Dick says they need to talk and a smarmy smile spreads across his face. Blargh.

Next week’s finale appears to be a take out Roman or die trying edict and I’m on board with that, man. I will only say one thing about the quick flash of previews I saw: it's about friggin' time!!!

Thanks for reading, and if you are inclined to share your thoughts about the episode or the ramble, I very much look forward to them.

See you next week for the S7 finale! Here’s hoping it doesn’t leave a big, gaping hole in my heart like S1…and S3…and S5…. Uh-oh. I’m seeing a pattern of odd-numbered seasons. *gulp*


Tags: ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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