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Stream of Consciousness, Recap/Review of S7 Finale: 7.23

Holy crap. For this totally spoiler-free fan, that ending was…. I swear they’re trying to kill me. Us. Me. I can’t even….

*rubs hands together in giddy anticipation of Season 8*

The whole 3-act play thing? Yeah, it basically played through, but then the last five minutes set up a scenario for next season that could be amazing. This is one of those times I wish I was one of those clever people who know how to do .gifs that perfectly portray their emotional reactions. *laugh* It is going to be SO HARD TO WAIT for next season!

First though, an epiphany. As of the close of this season, I’ve now been writing these Rambles and posting them on LiveJournal for a little over four years. Prior to that, reactions to episodes for the first 3 seasons were just emailed to a group of friends. That’s a lot of territory to cover in the Supernatural universe. *smiles* Some have been reading all along, some have dropped off along the way, and some just read as the mood strikes.

To each of you, I say a big thank you. Each time I finish a Ramble – and I hear from you – my energy for the show is renewed. I love reading your thoughts and reactions to both the show and the review. We may not always see things the same way, but we always play nice here. And I thank you for that, too. Plus, now that our show has been moved to Wednesday nights and not the end of the week, I may have more energy when it comes time to Ramble On. Also, I’ll have to get a new icon. Anyone want to volunteer to make one for next season? *grins*

Okay, so, with that, let’s get to it because…holy crap! The episode had so many of the things I really wanted, a few I didn’t know I’d like, but totally did, and one really big thing I never saw coming. Let me get the only negative things out of the way that I’ll really bother paying attention to (anything else is just hand-waving).

  1. I wish it hadn’t been quite so “talkie.” There was a sensation of a slow build, but at times it felt a little too slow. And there was a lot of attention paid to the Leviathan’s Master Plan (though, now we know a good part of what’s going to be keeping Sam busy…possibly). The action was actually quite perfect…it was just spread out a bit more than I would have liked for a finale.
  2. The Impala scene was too brief. *laugh* I know, I know. Picky much, Gaelic?

And that’s it for the negative because the end just totally blew me away. But before we get to the end, let’s start, of course, with The Road So Far and the show’s unofficial official theme, Carry On My Wayward Son. *FIST BUMPS ENTIRE FANDOM* Right before the show started, I sat forward on the couch in anticipation and when the first notes of that song came on, I shoved both hands in the air in a victory salute.

The hubs, who was walking out of the room in apparent self-preservation, paused long enough to give me a Really? look. Hell, yes, really! *laugh* The Road So Far pretty much recapped the entire season and you know what? This season had some damn good episodes. Taken as a whole, it’s been a fun ride, even if I did think the Leviathan storyline a bit on the meh side. The best part, for me, was that for the majority of the season, the boys were together – not just physically, but mentally. Once they got past Amy, even when Sam’s crazy was prevalent, they weren’t on opposite sides, keeping secrets from each other. And then when Sam was healed, their partnership took center stage.

Which is one of the things I think is going to carry them through the situation they left us with. But I’m getting ahead of myself. *focus, Gaelic*

NOW, Crowley and Dick are having themselves a little chat. Dick offers Crowley a drink – which the King of Hell says he takes ‘alcoholic’…heh – and Crowley is putting two and two together about why he’s there. Still don’t get why Dick bothered to dig up the tablet, but we’re a little past finding reason with that little plotline. Coming to the realization of why Dick called him there, Crowley tells Dick he’s smarter than he looks.

Dick: Oh, well, now you’re just flirting.

Crowley says it’s not easy to kill him, but it’s doable. Dick says he figures Crowley has a vial of his blood stashed away that will go straight to Sam and Dean in the event of his death. So…Dick offers Crowley and his minions “full immunity” and all of Canada. Not America, because apparently, we’re too fat, and the Leviathans have a sweet set up here to nosh on us.

In exchange for this generous offer (note use of sarcasm font), Dick wants Crowley to give the boys some random demon’s blood, and let them come to him.

Crowley: Can’t deny I’d love to see those two digested once and for all.

They agree to make the deal – though I could imagine the entitled position of offering Crowley he once was just able to take made his skin crawl – and since Dick doesn’t kiss on the mouth, Crowley pulls out a standard rider…that’s about 30 miles long. Ha!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Roadrunner, Dean and Sam are driving toward something that Dean says is a really bad idea – even though it was his – and Sam says was the best either of them had had. Dean argues that he said it as a joke.

Sam: Bad joke. Good idea.

They’ve no magic spell or book to tell them how to find a righteous bone. Sam suggests calling Cas again.

Dean (raising a hand as if swearing): Dude, on my car. He showed up naked, covered in bees.

Sam (grimacing): Yeah. Not really sorry I missed that.

However, the same is not true of half of fandom…sans the bees of course.

Dean turns on the radio and the DJs are talking about Roman Enterprises going public and how the stock is rising (ironic timing considering recent events with Facebook) and that Dick is holed up at Sucracorp HQ, which the boys take note of.

Elsewhere, Housekeeper!Bobby is walking down a street somewhere and sees Dick Roman being interviewed on a TV in a store window and stops to stare and…glower.

Crowley and Dick are working through the lengthy contract with its 314+ clauses. Dick tells Crowley he should do this professionally. Heh. Okay, no lawyer jokes, now, guys. We’re focusing on dick jokes, remember?

The boys show up at a nunnery crypt, Dean with the flashlight and Sam behind him reading from some really big, really old looking book. In the dark. He has really good eyes. He offers up a couple of options. Sister Mary Benedict, taught learning impaired, died at 23.

Dean: Too young. Find someone who had time to cook.

Okay, so there was Sister Mary Eunice who fed the poor and became Mother Superior at age 60.

Dean: Sounds political. Power corrupts.


Sam: How about Sister Mary Constant. 83 years of quiet, humble, nun-like goodness.

He shows the book to Dean. Loved Dean’s little mouth fold there as he was reading.

Dean: Wow. I want to be more righteous just reading this.

Sam: Exactly.

They decide to go with her and Sam waits in the entrance as Dean approaches the nun’s crypt. He glances back at Sam with an ornery grin.

Dean: Let’s bone this nun.

Sam gives him an epic bitchface. Dean’s grin fades and he looks contrite. And also five.

Dean: Sorry.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Dick are still going through the contract. The amount of time they spend on the scenes about the contract is comical in and of itself. Especially because everyone from Dick to my husband – who wasn’t even watching – knew that Crowley would screw Dick in the end. Yeah, I heard it as soon as I typed it. It’s impossible to avoid, I swear.

They finish up and Dick calls his trusty assistant, Susan, in to have the contract signed in triplicate and notarized. Hah.

Back at the cabin in the woods, the boys summon Crowley and…he doesn’t show.

Dean: He trying to make some grand entrance, or…?

Sam: ?

Dean (frowning): Son of a bitch. He’s standing us up.

Sam: Or he can’t come  ‘cause something went wrong.

Dean heads off away from the table and flicks out his knife. I have no idea what he was using it for or on, I just liked watching him flick the blade out. Don’t judge me.

Dean: Maybe.

There’s a knock at the door and Sam pulls his gun, looking over at Dean with a tense expression. Rather justified, too, because pretty much everyone they knew could just…beam in.

Dean: Maybe it’s good news.

Sam looks out through the peep hole and his shoulders relax. He opens up and Meg comes stomping in proclaiming, “YOU deal with him. I can’t anymore.”

Dean (eyes crinkling up in confusion): You might want to be more specific.

Meg says she was lying low half way around the world when “emo boy” pops in out of nowhere and zaps her right back here.

Dean: Why?

Meg: Go ask him. He was your boyfriend first.

Dean = not amused.

He heads outside where Cas is sitting in a (presumably stolen) car, on the passenger side, listening to Don McLean’s song Vincent. I momentarily wondered why they needed a car…why Cas hadn’t literally zapped Meg back to the cabin, but, eh. *hand-wave* Dean leans against the window on the driver’s side, watching Cas for a moment as the song plays. And check out these lyrics – they are very cagey with some of their song choices, these writer-types:

Now I understand what you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen, they did not know how
Perhaps they’ll listen now

Dean: What’s the word?

Cas (not looking at Dean): I’ve been thinking. Monkeys are so clever and sensible...(he goes on to talk more about monkeys and companies using them for testing and I didn’t catch most of it)…I mean, how important is lipstick to you, Dean?

Dean (his voice cracking a bit...due, I suspect, to once more dealing with his friend boarding on the edge of sanity): Not very.

He made me rub my heart each moment he was with Cas. Either he was barely-controlled frustration, end-of-his-rope anger, resigned sadness, complete faith, or uncertain fear. But it all stemmed from the facts as he was able to categorize them: Cas saved him, Cas was his friend, Cas betrayed him, Cas broke Sam’s wall, Cas brought the Leviathan into the world, Cas vanished, Cas returned, Cas healed Sam, Cas broke. And rolling all of those facts into a ball of emotion and moving beyond it to actually deal with the Being in front of him was an effort you could see written on Dean’s face each time he tried to talk to Cas.

Dean: You want to come inside and tell us what’s going on?

Apparently he does because next thing we know, they’re in the cabin and Cas is telling them that he does not participate in aggressive activity. He smells the bone they got from the nun and smiles, saying the name of the nun with a, “good choice,” comment…as if she were a vintage year of wine. *laugh* That was weirdly creepy for me.

Dean: Why’d you go to Meg, Cas?

Cas says that when he left, he wanted to observe the flowers – well, and fruit, but flowers come first. Obviously. Just as pretty much everyone (including me) was about to lose track of the conversation, he says that he’d heard nothing from the garrison. So, he went to the home of the prophet and then he reveals that Leviathan can kill angels, which, by the look on Sam’s face, the boys didn’t realize. Sam looks somewhat horrified by this news.

Cas continues, saying that’s why “my father” locked them in purgatory – which I thought it interesting that he used that phrase. He hadn’t really claimed God as his father in awhile…not since he found out that God wasn’t participating in the battle of Armageddon. He says that the Leviathan were the piranha that would eat the whole aquarium.

What I thought was interesting was that while Cas was talking, Sam is slouched on the back of the couch, his arms open, hands relaxed in his lap, just listening and absorbing. Dean, however, has his arms crossed and with the leather jacket on, the position looked more severe. It looked almost as if he’d wrapped his arms around his body in protection.

Cas tells them that he checked…and the entire garrison is dead. If anyone is left, they’re in hiding. I’m not sure where or how he checked because later he admits to not going to Heaven yet, and the only reason I am pondering that is that I’m wondering if there are any angels left. Anywhere. At all. Because that could be a useful  thing to know after what happened at the end. And also, where do dead angels go? Do they just…cease to exist? Or do they go to Purgatory with the monsters? I didn’t study that in Sunday School.

But Dean has other concerns – more human ones.

Dean (voice tripping over itself at first): If…the angels are dead, where’s Kevin?

Cas (totally random): I could steal them from their cages, the monkeys. Of course where would I put them all….

Dean claps his hands to get Cas’ attention and demand that he focus – he needs to know if Kevin’s alive.

Cas (drawing back and looking like a beaten child): I don’t want to fight.

Dean: I’m not…! (pause, breathes, gathers himself, softens his voice) We’re worried.

Cas: They took him. He’s alive. I felt such responsibility. But it’s in your hands now….

Dean: Hold on –

Cas: …I feel much better.

Meg, who has been watching this whole exchange with moderate interest, suddenly notices all the demon-summoning stuff and is like, uh, what’s this?

Sam (almost distractedly): We called Crowley.

Meg (about swallowing her tongue): What?!

Dean: He stood us up.

Meg: Sorry about that, but I’m Audi. He could still—

*poof!* Crowley: --show up at any time.

Meg = *gulp*

Cas = *yipe*

I knew Meg would be in trouble, but it wasn’t until Crowley caught sight of Cas that I remembered that Cas would also be in trouble. For a few minutes, there was palpable tension in this scene and I was reminded that two very human guys were in the room with two demons and an angel and if any one of them decided they were tired of playing nice, they could turn that cabin and the human inhabitants into a smudge.

Crowley: Sorry I’m late. This is an embarrassment of riches.

So, Meg tries to run, but Crowley blocks her escape and tells her not to smoke out because he’s got eyes everywhere.

Cas: Leave her be.

Crowley (to Cas): When last we spoke, you enslaved me. I’m confused. Why aren’t you dead?

Cas: I don’t…know.

Crowley: Do you want to be? ‘Cause I can help with that—

Dean: All right. Enough.

Loved how he stepped in there. No matter his confusion about how he feels about his friend, Cas is still his friend. It’s like how you can call your sibling names but the minute a non-family member does, they’re going down.

Crowley: It’s enough when I say. I came here to help you and I find you’ve been lying to me. (Insert Dean whole-body-eye-roll here.) Harboring an angel. And not just any angel – the one I most want to crush between my teeth.

Meg (Eyebrow of Skepticism arched): Oh, so you can crush angels, now, huh?

Crowley (glancing back at her): You bore me. You have no sense of poetry. (to Cas) What do you have to say for yourself?

Cas: I’m still…honing my communication strategy. (Insert Sam oh-god-here-we-go face here.) I haven’t even been back to Heaven. I keep thinking there are no insects up there….

Crowley looks at Dean incredulously who kinda eye-shrugs like, yep, you heard him right. Insects. While Cas is still rattling on about insects making miracles, Crowley stares at Cas like, What. The actual. Hell. Then blurts out, “What are you talking about?”

Cas (in an isn’t it obvious tone): Um…preferring insects to angels.

He walks over and gives Crowley a bag of honey he collected himself. If there weren't such dire circumstances surrounding them, and if Cas wasn’t really broken, this whole scene would have been rather funny just because of Crowley’s disbelief that it was actually happening. Crowley looks at Dean and Dean gives him a humorless half-smile. Meg just looks sad.

Crowley (to Cas): You’re off your rocker. (Picks up a shot of whiskey that was sitting on the table) Karma’s a bitch ain’t it?

Dean: Look, did you come here to donkey-punch your old grudges or to help us end Dick? Pick a battle.

Crowley: I’m vexed. I’d like to do both, but where’s the fun in clobbering a ball of wet fur?

Y’know, if Cas weren’t seriously broken, that would be a pretty damn good ploy for throwing suspicion off of him.

Crowley: Text me when Sparkles retrieves his marbles. Meanwhile, a prezzie.

He pulls out a vial of blood and Sam’s Spidey sense starts to tingle.

Sam: Really? Just boxed up, ready to go?

Crowley: I’m a model of efficiency.

Sam: Is that right? Then why were you late?

So, Crowley tells them that Dick trapped him and knows what they’re after and wanted to make a deal and then he tells them that the deal was for him to deliver regular demon blood to them, but that the stuff in the vial is really his blood.

Dean: Why should we trust you?


Crowley: Good God, don’t. Never trust anyone. (to Cas) A little lesson I learned from my last business partner.

Me: Yeah, listen to him—oh, wait.

Dean: All right. Give us the blood.

Now, here I wanted them to demand that he cut himself and bleed in front of them. I mean, they got the other two fresh from the source. But…they went a different direction.

Crowley: Certainly. (to Meg) Meg, I’m going to scoop you up, take you home, and roast you ‘till you’re jerky.

Meg looks terrified and Cas starts forward in protest.

Crowley: But…not yet. Cas can have you for now. Hilariously, it seems that he’d be upset for losing you and the boys need Cas to get Dick. Don’t they?

Cas (looking away): I don’t fight anymore.

Crowley: C’mon…given the particularities of your enemy, sadly, you’re vital.

He tosses the blood, which Sam thankfully catches, and is gone, leaving the foursome to stare at each other. Elsewhere, Housekeeper!Bobby is coming out of a hardware/key store with some wrapped up supplies – one that looks like a big knife. Under his/her arm is newspaper with a picture of Dick on the cover. He/She walks into a random hotel parking lot and looks in the back of a blue pick-up truck, then reaches for a tire iron. The minute he/she touches it, Bobby’s zapped out of the housekeeper’s body. Iron. Duh.

The woman begs Bobby’s ghost to let her go, but Bobby sees the picture of Dick on the cover of the paper with the headline “Man of the Year” and gets enraged again, then…”re-possesses” her. So…this is not boding well for Bobby.

Back at Sucracorp, Dick and Susan are walking down a hall, both with their iPhones out, talking about meetings and powerpoints and my brain started hurting because that’s what I do all day.

Dick: Susan, do I look like a fool?

Susan: Not in that particular body, no.


Dick rattles off his 3 rules for contract negotiation: bring breath mints, get it in writing, and have a plan for when they screw you. He tells her to go to the freezer for what she rightly guesses is “the arm.” Meanwhile, Kevin is still locked up in some random room in the building – no mention of if his mom is still alive and whole – and a guy in a lab coat opens the door and brings in a pretty, but rather stoned, blonde girl named Polly. She’s told to sit, so sit she does. And eats Twizzlers. Random.

Back at the cabin, the boys are reading through the comp book.

Dean: We only get one shot. This thing doesn’t have a reload.

Sam (holding a vial of blood): You think Crowley’s, uh….

Dean: Double-crossing us?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: You gotta figure who he wants dead more – us or Dick.

Sam (grimly): Depends on what Dick offered.

Poor Canada. Or…actually lucky Canada, really.

Sam mixes the three bloods into a bowl and since there are no magic words or anything, Dean tells him to pour it over the bone – though I did wonder why they didn’t pour it over the pointy end…? They wait. And…nothing.

Dean: Where’s all the thunder and lightning?

Sam: Maybe it worked?

Dean: Awesome.

Just then Cas shows up and startles them both. He brings them sandwiches that he – quite literally – made from all natural resources. He hands one to Dean saying they need their strength.

Sam: Cas, why was Crowley so certain that you needed to come with us?

Cas: Crowley’s wrong. I’ll be waiting right here. Please, take this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity.

Sam takes the plate and Dean just looks at his sandwich. *sad*

Back at Sucracorp, Susan brings Dick “the arm” – a frozen piece of the real Dick Roman. Then she says the delegates are on their way and Dick tells her to send the security detail. Back in the random office room, Lab Guy brings a dress for Polly and tells her to get dressed. Which she stands up and immediately starts to do by unbuttoning the blouse she was currently wearing. Kevin’s all, wait, what, why? But she’s too out of it to care. He sees a bobby pin in the dress bag. Good eye, kid. The delegates show up and gather into a conference room.

Lab Guy comes to get Polly – who is now wearing a simple grey dress – and leaves a burger – probably a turducken – for Kevin…no dice there, though, because Kevin’s a vegan (which…does that mean he hasn’t eaten anything since he was taken? Yikes!).  Lab Guy and Polly leave and Kevin immediately starts to pick the lock with a bobby pin. In the conference room, Dick’s talking to the delegates, saying the last time they were all in the same room it was inside “that angel” and encourages them to eat up because the “sushi is made of fresh orphan.” Gah.

He reveals their Master Plan (insert evil laugh here) about sectioning up the country and eating away. Also, they’ve created Additive 3.0. Enter Polly who stands obediently, even taking off her dress to stand in her bra and underwear because he told her to and she’s too stoned to care. He injects her with the additive and she starts foaming at the mouth, then collapses and dies. The additive is designed to breed out the things they don’t want: low body mass, vertically challenged, hemophilia, IQ > 150…..

They’re putting it in non-dairy creamer and multi-vitamins and shipping to LA tomorrow. Not. Cool.

Kevin overhears and tries to get to an exit, but is stopped by Susan.

Susan: Why are you out of your cage, mouse?

Outside, the boys pull up and – thanks to leftover computer magic from Charlie’s hacks – get into the vid feeds at Sucracorp…only to find out that there are now multiple Dicks. Son of a….

A blue pickup pulls up and Sam – who has the binoculars – sees the housekeeper from the motel get out. Dean’s like…what motel? Fair question, but Sam’s big brain is too busy putting two and two together and coming up with vengeful spirit.

Sam: You’ve got the weapon and eyes on Dick. Plural. I’ll take care of Bobby.

He gets out of the car with Dean reaching for him.

Dean: Sam! Hey!

Sam: Shut up.

He runs after Housekeeper!Bobby and catches up outside of Sucracorp, stopping Bobby. Sam says there are cameras everywhere and Bobby’s going to get the woman killed. Housekeeper!Bobby pushes Sam roughly away. Sam jumps up and tries to talk sense into him, but Housekeeper!Bobby pulls out a big ass knife and takes a swing at Sam. Still trying to get through, Sam grabs the front of the woman’s dress, but Housekeeper!Bobby grabs Sam around the throat and starts to choke the daylights out of him.

Sam’s gasping and saying, “Bobby! Stop!” and then Bobby gets a glimpse of his reflection in the side of the van he’s got Sam pressed against and yells, “NO!” then smokes out of the woman. Sam catches his breath and bends down to scoop up the woman – literally as if she weighed nothing. Color me freakin’ impressed.

Back at the cabin, Sam closes his cell phone and says that the maid is going to be okay and is checking out of the hospital. Cas brings them more sandwiches and Meg (standing off to the side with a beer in her hand, amusingly enough) wants to know why they “turned tail” for some maid.

Dean: Shut up, Meg.

Sam: Dick made more Dicks.

Dean glances back at Sam, but Cas’ nervous movements catch his eye.

Sam: He must have kept a chunk of the original Dick Roman….

Dean (to Cas): Hey, Shifty, what’s your problem?

Cas (distractedly drying a plate): Do we need a cat? Doesn’t this place feel one species short?

Dean looks away, then glances back over his shoulder with this slow blink that just... *is dead*

Dean: You got anything to say on the topic of Dicks? Crowley was pretty sure that you could help.

Cas (anxious): I can’t help. You understand. I can’t. I destroyed (voice breaks) everything. I will destroy everything again. Leave it at that.

Sam is staring at Cas with a look of realization as if he’s just now getting what’s got Cas so cranked up, but Dean has had one blow too many.

Dean: No. No we can’t leave it!

Sam (warning): Dean….

Dean (leaning forward, toward Cas, eyes hot, face tight): We can’t leave it. You let these freakin’ things in. So you don’t get to make a sandwich. You don’t get a damn cat. Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas. Clean up your mess!

I know that from the perspective of Cas, this seems wildly unfair, but from the perspective of Dean, I totally saw where he was coming from. He’s had moment after moment of having to deal with, care for, and accommodate those around him who are ailing or broken or not whole and he’s expected to make allowances and be careful and yet no one made allowances for him when he was less able than now to keep himself together. Before he had the alcohol-laced bandage to keep him on his feet. It was boo-hoo princess and cry-me-a-river and tuck-in-your-skirt-nancy.

I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t snapped louder and earlier. And to more people. No matter how much you love someone, no matter what they mean to you and your life, there’s a limit to how much you can take of their needs over yours. There’s a limit to how long you can consistently be strong and patient without having at least one moment of cracking. Sometimes, you get mad at the person who is ailing. Because they’re still a person – they didn’t become a saint just because they’re now no longer well or whole or sane.

Cas (setting the plate down): Y’know. We should play Twister.

And he’s gone.

Meg: Nice. You scared off the Empire’s only hope.

Um…dude. First of all? The Empire was the bad guys. We’re the Rebel Alliance. Second of all, why she waited until now to drop this nugget of wisdom is beyond me.

Meg: It ever occur to you that every one of those things was “in” Cas? He knows them. He can see past the meatsuit.

Sam: He could spot the real…fake…Dick Roman.

Annnnddd…there’s Cas. Playing Twister. Alone. *laugh softly*

Later, Dean’s watching footage of Dick Roman realizing that it’s useless to look for tells because they’re all technically Dick. Sam’s trying to figure out what the real Dick would be doing.

Bobby (showing up out of the blue and startling them): That the best you can do? Idjits.

Sam (slightly breathless): Bobby. We didn’t know if….

Bobby: Well, you shoulda. You got the flask. Dumb. You should have burned it right off.

20/20 hindsight, Bobby. Same could be said for reaper-avoidance.

Dean: Bobby….

Bobby: I’m still jonesin’ to go back. Grab some poor bastard. Kamikaze him going after Dick. It’s bad.

Dean closes his laptop as the image of Dick is obviously triggering Bobby. He stands up, facing Bobby.

Bobby: Let’s be real. (to Sam) I damn near killed you. And that woman.

Sam: Wasn’t your fault. Not really.

Bobby: Right. That’s just what ghosts turn into. I really bet the farm I could outsmart that.

Well, others have – some for years. Mary Winchester, anyone?

Dean: So…what’s it feel like?

Bobby: What? Going vengeful? An itch you can’t scratch out. (sad, voice tired, shaky) Look. I’m done. Go get Dick. But don’t do it ‘cause you think it’ll scratch an itch. Do it ‘cause it’s the job.

Dean kinda folds in, subtly. He looks away, pressing his lips out, swallowing a ball of emotion.

Bobby: And when it’s your time? Go.

I couldn’t help but think that this might be why the writers brought Bobby back. I mean, it did say a lot about his character – that he didn’t want to leave his boys. That he wanted to help them finish the job. But they had him go vengeful so quickly and all I could think when he said that last line was that he was their lesson on holding on to something for too long. Not just life, but anything. A way of life, maybe. A reason for fighting, perhaps.

Plus, Dean started this obsessive hunt for Dick out of vengeance. And once the Master Plan was revealed and all of humanity was once more at risk, it became about the job. Maybe this is a reminder of the reason they do what they do.

Down in the basement of the cabin, there’s a hot, hot fire with glowing coals burning in what looks like a blacksmith's kiln. Sam’s on one side, Dean on the other, Bobby behind Dean.

Bobby (smiling softly, sadly, his gaze taking both brothers in): Here’s to running into you guys on the other side. Only…not too soon.

Dean’s face…. *rubs heart* His eyes are large and wet and he’s staring at Bobby like he’s memorizing him. Sam’s breath is hitching a bit and he’s holding himself very still. Dean drops the flask into the fire and it starts to melt. We don’t see Bobby flame out – we watch Dean’s face and the glow of the fire reflecting on it, lighting up his eyes and showing his sorrow plainly.

They’ve had to say goodbye twice. No one should have to do that. Not like that. And as the camera panned the room, showing us Cas sitting on the stairs watching them, I had this feeling of true loss – unlike in the episode where Bobby actually died. This was different. Somehow more real. I didn’t cry like I had when Ellen and Jo died, but it felt like that. This time, he wasn’t coming back. *rubs heart again*

Upstairs, Cas is playing UNO and Mastermind. I have to wonder at their choices of board games. Sorry when he was trying to apologize. Twister when Dean got angry and Cas felt all tangled up. UNO and Mastermind – an allusion to taking out Dick, the leader and creator of the Leviathan Master Plan? Or maybe that they’re all alone and there may be someone else “in charge”? *ponders*

Dean: Cas, I need a wingman.

Hee. Wingman.

Cas: Dean….

Dean: You don’t want to jump into the jaws of death, that’s fine. How about we run a little errand?

In some random old barn somewhere in the U S of A, Dean and Cas appear (thanks to Angel Transportation). Behind them is a car under a tarp. *squee!*

Dean: Thanks for the lift.

Cas: Dean—

Dean: Cas, we’ve been over it. I get it. You can’t help.

Cas (processing out loud): If we attack Dick and fail, then you and Sam die heroically, correct?

Dean (blinking): I guess…?

Cas: At best, I die trying to fix my own mistake. Or I don’t die or am brought back. I see now, it’s a punishment, resurrection. It’s worse every time.

Yes, see? This is what I was saying! Death gives life weight. And meaning.

Dean (tooootally confused): We’re talking about God crap, right?

Cas: I’m not good luck, Dean.

Dean (sighing a bit, face weary, eye level and determined): Bottom of the 9th and you’re the only guy left on the bench? Sorry, but I’d rather have you. Cursed or not. We’re all cursed. I seem like good luck to you?

Cas smiled. A genuine smile, not a Cuckoo’s-Nest smile.

Dean: What?

Cas: I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I detect a note of forgiveness.

Dean: Yeah? Well, we’re probably all gonna die tomorrow, so….

The look of half-amused, half-resigned doesn’t it just figure on his face had me wanting to pause my TV to just look a bit longer.

Cas: Well, I’ll go with you.

Dean looks up, surprised.

Cas: And I’ll do my best.

Dean: Thanks.

Cas (a cute, conspirator’s grin): Can I ask? The plan?

Dean: According to Crowley, Dick knows we’re coming. So we’re going to announce ourselves. Big.

And then everything is quiet and we’re looking down an abandoned highway, lined by trees. I swear I held my breath. Two heartbeats later, THE IMPALA roars up on the screen and as “Born to Be Wild” plays, we get 30 beautiful seconds of full-on Impala porn. Grill, fender, wheels, front, rear…she was BACK, baby!

Then...she crashed through the guard rail at Sucracorp, fish-tailed in the parking lot, then drove STRAIGHT FOR THE SUCRACORP SIGN, crashing mid-way through it. GAH! Then Meg gets out. MEG! Driving Dean’s car! Well, desperate times and all, but…crimeny! She’s got a gallon of Borax in one hand and takes some bullets – as does the Impala—as the Leviathan guards rush her.

The boys and Cas sneak around the back and into the building. I remember last week in the previews there was a brief moment where the boys looked at each other and said, “Don’t die.” I expected that here, but it didn’t happen. So, delayed editing, maybe. Anyway, while they’re sneaking in, Meg Borax’s and then beheads the three guards. Handy. But then, as she’s walking away, she senses someone behind her and turns to see two demons standing there. They knock her down and tell her that the King of Hell will see her now.


Inside, Dean sees Dick #1 in a conference room, but Cas says it’s not him. Sam has separated from Dean and Cas and finds Kevin in the random office room, duct taped to a chair. Kevin says they can’t go yet and Sam’s like, yeah, we really can.

Kevin: You don’t understand. Dick’s got creamer in his lab. He’s gonna kill all the skinny people. We have to blow up the lab.

Sam’s face goes from what?! to crap! to yeah, okay in about 2.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, down in the lab, Dick’s there with Lab Guy and the creamers and is telling him he smells promotion when *splat* Dean and Cas sneak in and behead Lab Guy.

Dick: A little abrupt, but okay.

Dean holsters the knife (and at first I was like, are you insane?!) and pulls out the bone (and then I was like, oh, okay I get it).

Dick (to Cas): Thanks for the ride into paradise. (to Dean) And good on you, pulling that together!

Dean: Oh, you don’t think this will work, do you? You trust that demon?

Dick: You sure I’m even me, Dean?

Dean: No. (head bop in Cas’ direction) But he is.

Dick looks worried. Cas looks dangerous. NICE.

Dean (expression in full-on bad-ass mode): Here’s the thing when dealing with Crowley. He will always find a way to bone you.

Sadly, those words are true for all players. Mulder said it best: trust no one, especially demons. Well, he didn’t say the demons part, but you’re following me.

Dick: This meeting is over!

He reaches out for Dean, but Cas shoves Dean back and steps in front of him at the last minute. LOVED that. Dick grabs Cas and tosses him across the room. Dean stabs Dick with the bone. Dick pulls it out. And breaks it. *gulp*

Dick: Did you really think you could trump me?

Dean (pulling out the REAL bone from beneath his coat): No. Figured we’d have to catch you off-guard.

Cas steps up and grab’s Dick’s hair, pulling his head back as Dean shoves the bone through his neck – sideways. *mini happy dance for Dean getting to kill the bad guy!* Just then, Sam and Kevin burst in. Dick goes Big Mouth for a moment then starts to seep black goo as weird, sonic blast waves emanate from him like a heartbeat. Dean looks scared for the first time. Before anyone can do anything else, Dick blows up – black goo everywhere just like in the title card. Sam covers Kevin. Dean ducks.

And then…silence. Sam straightens up and he and Kevin are okay, but the lab…is empty. No Dick. No Cas. No…Dean. *gulp*

This is when weird, sonic blasts started emanating from me like a heartbeat only it really was a heartbeat. I spent the next few minutes thinking “Where’s Dean?!?!” so loudly that I almost missed the dialog.

Kevin: Sam? We should go.

Sam: What. The. Hell.

Kevin: More chompers any second, Sam!

Honestly, I was like, shut up, kid, his brother just vanished in a black goo explosion!

Crowley (from out of nowhere): Not to worry. I have a small army of demons outside. Cut off the head and the body will flounder after all. (Aside – how did he know that? Did he read the whole tablet translation at some point?) Think if you’d had just one king since before the first sunrise. You’d be in a kerfuffle, too.

Sam (breathing hard): Which is exactly what you wanted.

Well, duh.

Crowley: So did you. Without a Master Plan, the Levi’s (aside – he actually said it that way) are just another monster. Hard to stop, sure. But you love a challenge. Your job is to keep them from organizing.

Sam (voice cracking): Where’s Dean?

Crowley: That bone has a bit of a kick. God weapons often do. Should put a warning on the box.

Sam (bellowing): Where are they, Crowley?!

Crowley: Can’t help you, Sam.

He snaps his fingers and two demons appear on either side of Kevin.

Crowley: Sorry, Sam. Prophet’s mine. You got what you wanted. Dick’s dead. Saved the world. So, I want one little prophet. Sorry, Moose. Wish I could help. Looks like you are well and truly on your own.

He’s gone – with Kevin – and Sam is left alone in the lab. And suddenly, he looks very small, and very young and I wanted to give him a hug and tell him that it was okay, Jeremy was going to fix it. But not too quickly, because….

A wooded area. In the dark. Dean lying unconscious on the forest floor.

Cas (sounding more like himself, with the Batman Voice): Wake up.

Dean blinks his eye open, glances around, then climbs to his feet.

Cas: Good. We have to get out of here.

Dean: Where are we?

Cas: You don’t know?

And I sweat to Pete, people, I didn’t know myself until this exact moment and when I realized it, I gasped and went, Oh no, oh wow, oh wait…yay! Yay, this could be such a good storyline!

Dean: Last I remember, we ganked Dick.

Cas: And where would he go in death?

Dean: Wait…are you telling me…?

Cas: Every soul here is a monster. This is where they come to prey upon each other for all eternity.

Dean (voice shaking with disbelief): We’re in Purgatory? How do we get out?

Cas: I’m afraid we’re much more likely to be ripped to shreds.

Dean turns to see creatures in the trees with red, glowing eyes, hearing low, threatening rumbles.

Dean: Cas, I think we better g—

He turns around and Cas is gone.

Dean: Cas!

Dean looks terrified. As the camera pulls up, we can see the creatures circling him and he looks small and vulnerable and very, very alone.

*takes a breath*

Okay, this? Is a tremendous set up for Season 8. The possibilities are vast.

Sam – having no idea (yet) where his brother is – will have to decide to go on faith that he’s alive somewhere and either try to get him back or believe he’s coming back…or, he’ll have to decide that Dean is dead and try to go on without him somehow. Meanwhile, he has to keep the Leviathans from organizing, killing them off regular-monster-style one-by-one, he’s lost his demon ally, he’s lost his mentor, his angel ally is gone, and right now he has no clue if any angels are still alive. Crowley has regained his throne as the Big Bad and the Alpha Vamp is going to be watching for a chance to strike.

That’s a lot to take on when you are completely and utterly alone. I just hope that this time Sam doesn’t resort to another Ruby situation. No more demon blood addiction, pleasethanks.

Dean is trapped in Monsterville like a cop who just got sent to prison. He probably put a good number of these creatures here. He’s with Cas, sure, but Cas isn’t strictly Cas right now and obviously has a penchant for poofing out. Plus those monsters are going to be even less fond of an angel. Dean’s not dead, so I’m assuming he can be hurt and get hungery and get tired. There’s no angel who’s going to pull him out of this one. And there would have to be something in it for Crowley to help. And who in their right mind is going to open the door to Purgatory again after what happened before?

And when he gets out – because he will have to…right? Eventually? Not too soon, but…eventually? What sort of world will he be returning to? And will his time there trigger memories of Hell? I mean, how could it not? Will he carry all of that back with him? Eeep! *SO MANY POSSIBILITIES*

Good season, good finale, great way to make us anxious for a highly anticipated new season with a new show-runner.

Thanks for reading!

Remember, new night on the CW next season – Wednesdays at 9/8 CT. And unfortunately, it’s going to be a hella long hellatus – new season doesn’t start up until Ocfreakintober. I don’t know the date – I’m sure someone will be able to post it in the comments, though. In the meantime, we have DVDs and fic to sustain us.

If Real Life plays nice, and if ya’ll want me, I’ll be back next year to Ramble On.


PS: Review links and story updates are also posted on twitter: @amandagaelic

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