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I'm still here

I did a dumb thing tonight. Well, it was only dumb because it got me all...pensive.

I got on LJ to try to finish tightening up Chapter 8 of my latest story "Night of the Hunter" and try to get it posted -- mainly because I've been trying really hard to post a chapter a week until it's completed -- but first I thought I'd check my f-list and I came across someone upset by a comment in an anon meme. I don't get those things. I don't understand their purpose. But. I decided to randomly search through one and saw my name.

Someone was asking if I was still around -- saying the last story of mine they'd read (several months back) wasn't really their cup of tea. Others said they thought I was still doing episode reactions and that I was still in fandom, but were not sure. [ETA: Just so you know, what troubled me wasn't the story was the fact that they knew my name, but weren't sure if I were still around. It felt like for a minute there...I was disappearing.]

I'm still here. *waves*

I'm still writing -- just slower than before because RL has decided that I make a good hacky-sack. I'm still reviewing. I'm still as much a part of fandom as I ever was (which is to say...I mostly lurk outside of the reviews and fic). I haven't gone anywhere.

This has been a wicked hard summer, and the last two years have kinda...taken the wind out of my sails. But writing fic and watching our boys and talking with you's what grounds me. Keeps me sane. Reminds me that I can be more than just my endless job and more than just caring for a sick husband, and more than just a mom, more than just a member of a crazy family.

In the same vein -- I want to hear about you guys. The good and the bad. I swear I try to keep up on my f-list; I'll do a better job at that. Because I don't want you to wonder if I care to hear. I care to hear.

I don't know that I have a reason for why it's so important that ya'll know I'm still around. But it is. So...I just thought I'd say it.

And when I get back home from this work trip and get a chance to breathe, I will post the next chapter of my fic. So...hopefully those of you who know I'm still around and are reading it continue to enjoy. ;)
Tags: fandom, fanfic, livejournal, random, supernatural, writing
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