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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 8.04

I like that our show can tell familiar stories in a fresh way. And I love when it can be done without breaking the fourth wall or mocking us or themselves.

Last week’s ramble was very thinky. I was trying to work my head around a good many things – and based on your most excellent comments, a lot of you were, too. I’m still not satisfied with the amount of information we’ve gotten about our boys, but I don’t think I’m supposed to be yet. I mean, it's only the 4th episode, right?

Real Life got the best of me and I haven’t been able to reply to all of the comments for 8.03 yet – I will, I promise! – but I did read all of them and I’m glad to have this additional episode break in the arc to process a bit more, to be honest. They’ve given us a lot…and also not enough. Darn writers. Bunch of teases they are.

I checked Twitter while at the soccer game last night and saw that this episode had triggered some very different reactions. It seemed that while some loved the episode for the sake of the story, others were unhappy with the fact that it was Winchester-lite. So, I went into my viewing of it this morning with a bit of apprehension.

I tell ya, I was never not engaged in the story this episode told. I thought it was well paced and acted and though we didn’t know them long, I found myself caring about the fate of the three kids we were watching. I was so engaged, in fact, that when the first commercial break came, I was surprised.

Told in the now-popular “found footage” style of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Grave Experience, this was basically another MotW episode – nicely placed, I think, after two angst-heavy opening episodes that teased the hell out of us with glimpses of what our boys had been through in the year apart and led to question after question (next to each other, not stacked end-to-end) from us and a MotW episode that left us talking more about the brothers than the case itself. If they gave us all the back story and angst right up front, they’d burn out the story and their audience before we hit the half-way point in the season.

The continuity was there as far as Sam’s reluctance and Dean’s focus. There are obviously still some dance steps in their partnership they’re missing -- even in the limited time the brothers are onscreen. I felt we even saw some of Dean’s post-Purgatory pensiveness, if not his PTSD anxiety. Which would be hard to see in this manner.

Some thinky-thoughts (because it’s me, and, well, I can’t not). You can skip to the recap/bullets if you want.

I have two buckets of thought: the boys, and the story.

With the story, I couldn’t help but think about how so many compelling stories are tragic. Shakespeare had it right: love, loss, betrayal, passion, violence, sorrow, joy – they’re all tied up in the human story. Personally, a story of love without the yang of loss, betrayal, or sorrow is totally lost on me.

The most tragic figure in this love triangle, I thought, was Brian. He continually compares himself to “Piggy” from Lord of the Flies, the sad, unfortunate boy who is the leader’s best friend and is used and killed by the other boys, when who he really wants to be is “Ralph,” the confident, natural leader who ultimately defeats "Jack," the evil (what? I always thought he was evil, even if he was a kid) rebel leader, even if only by refusing to die.

The comparison to the William Golding novel isn’t heavy-handed; it’s clear from the start that Brian loves his friend Michael, admires him, and is incredibly jealous of him. In Brian’s eyes, Michael is better looking (though I thought Brian had very pretty eyes), more clever, more confident, and most damning of all – gets the girl. The girl Brian saw first. It’s that jealousy – and not lycanthropy – that poisons everything around them and I think ultimately causes the story to end the way it does. Kate’s ominous opening line, typed out like credits to the movie, is very true: “This should have never ended this way.”

Had Brian been able to control his jealousy, been honest with himself and/or his friends, things could have turned out much differently. Not sure they would have been any better for Michael, but Brian and Kate’s lives may not have been destroyed in the process. But…we’re talking college kids. Who among us was able to control our emotions, our reactions, our feelings like an adult when we were nineteen, twenty years old?

The thing that struck me about their story was how long it took for them to get scared. I don’t remember being that confident when I was young. I was always afraid of something. I was afraid of disappointing my parents, of letting down my friends, of not taking good enough care of my siblings. I was afraid I wouldn’t be enough – and that insecurity bled into fear of other things. Other drivers on the road, people in the mall, security at home (I was obsessive about making sure the doors were locked, even though we lived literally in the middle of a cornfield). When I was in charge, I always had to know where each kid was – and had to have my eyes on the little ones.

I relaxed a little bit once I moved away, but when I had Mo Chuisle, that all came back. Watching these kids running around in the dark after their neighbor had been attacked and killed by what was described as a wild animal, then later laughing about Michael’s newfound powers, just made me sad for them. They had no idea how awful life could be and they were walking blindly into the worst of it.

Leading me to the boys.

The whole episode, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it had to feel like for Sam and Dean to watch this story unfold. Too often they are forced to focus on the job, the hunt. Figure out what bad guy they’re dealing with, how to kill it, then get ‘er done. They don’t always have the time or the opportunity to see the other side. The human side.

I felt like I was sitting next to them, experiencing this as they experienced it. I kept picturing them sitting silent and still in front of the computer, watching as Michael was bitten, knowing where it was going to lead, knowing where they were at the time all of this was happening. I wondered what they thought about the ignorance of these youths who had yet to see the dark side of life that the brothers had always lived inside. I wondered what they thought of seeing themselves investigate, seeing what we see about Sam dragging his heels Dean barreling forward.

This has to toss around in their heads a bit, I would think. And there were some things I couldn’t help but be glad each of them heard. For example the way the kids got a “workplace romance” vibe from them. It’s clear that there is affection for one another – these brothers love each other, no question. But the thing about a “workplace romance” (she says, speaking from experience) is that no one can know about it which generally increases the stress between the two parties and typically leads to one of two solutions: quit the job, or quit each other (I quit the job). Well, we don’t want them to do either so the fact that complete strangers were seeing this tension – and it was pointed out to them via the movie – has me hoping they’ll air out their differences soon-ish and find a way to, as Sam said long, long ago, “be brothers again.”

(Just a sidebar – the ‘romance’ part of this analogy is just a play on words here, people. I’m talking basic, platonic, sibling love and using the episode’s language to make my point.)

Another thing that caught me was the Prof saying, “We don’t get to choose who we are.”

That point, I hoped, gave both of them food for thought. They may have been thrust into this life by tragedy, but this is who they are now. They know too much, have seen too much, and are known by too many on the other side to ever not be hunters. They could maybe set up shop somewhere, have a home, somewhere to return to. Bobby did it, why couldn’t they?

They could even have wives. Kids. Soldiers leave their home for deployment all the time. Cops go out and arrest bad guys. Yes, any of that ugliness could come back with them, affect their families, but they take precautions, teach their family what to do, when, and how. Our boys could do that same thing if they could wrap their minds around it. I think it would be a hell of a change, and I think it would be tough for them to ever breathe easy again but it could happen.

The point is, no matter how much Sam might want to quit hunting, have a normal life, the fact of the matter is, he is a hunter. He can’t change who he is. And Dean might think that he’s a just a warrior now, but he’s been a guardian, a protector, too long to not be that anymore. He’s not a cold executioner, even if that would be a lot easier for him right now. His heart is beating strong in there – it’s clear in how he reacts to the film they watch – and it’s going to start demanding attention through that shell he’s placed around himself.

Lastly, the thing that hit me with having the boys watch was Kate’s tearful decry that, “Michael wasn’t always a monster. None of us were.”

All I could think of was how much their lives have been changed by the darkness they fight. At different times, both brothers have seen themselves as monsters – because of what they have done, what they haven’t done, what is inside of them, what they have survived, how they have survived…. It makes me sad to see them feel this way about themselves, even as I get why those thoughts spin around in their heads, because I see heroes. I see sacrifice for the greater good. And this reminder – seeing these kids go from kids to monsters – could be a catalyst to the boys that they aren’t monsters, and they weren’t always “this way.” Whatever negative way they’re seeing themselves.

More thoughts peppered in the recap.

Ramble On

Things I loved: (not as many this time simply because the ‘love’ category is reserved primarily for our boys)

  • Guns ‘n Roses aliases of Rose and Hudson (though it took me a minute to remember that Slash’s real name is Saul Hudson)
  • The music  -- not classic rock, I know, but I have a ton of Alternative Rock on my iPod
  • Dean’s soft “Mmmhmmm” at the end as he stares into the middle distance

Things I liked:

  • How it just started, no THEN/NOW but catapulted us into the story coupled with showing the credits at the end when we saw the boys again.
  • They way I was drawn into the kids’ story
  • They way the boys immediately distance themselves from the pure-blood “creature” they’re hunting by calling it “best in show” and hoping it has it’s papers
  • The ill-fated love triangle story with monsters (that’s my kind of Shakespeare)
  • The fact that the recent werewolf research I did for a fic was validated in the show *laugh*

Things that were meh:

  • The local cop rolling over and calling himself a “yokel” when the boys flashed their fake badges…c’mon, son! Have more pride in your job! He was in a suit, so I’m assuming he was a detective. I want it to be a little harder sometimes for the boys to fool the local PD with their Fed persona’s – especially with Sam’s hair. And the fact that they drive a classic Impala.
  • The brush-over comment by Brian that the boys were talking about being apart for a year – I wanted to see that footage!!

Things I missed: (but am okay with because it’s only episode 4)

  • Purgatory/Benny/Cas storyline
  • Dean’s PTSD anxiety
  • Sam’s story
  • Classic Rock (yeah, okay, I like Alternative Rock, but this is Supernatural…I’m always going to miss classic rock when it’s not there)

Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing on the iPod as we open on the bloody scene? It sounds like a new-age cover to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s the Matter with You Baby?” but I can’t tell who is singing. Even my Soundhound app didn’t know.

Anyway, blood on walls, body parts, and intact body covered by a sheet, and music on the iPod and the boys break in guns drawn. I love it when they do this. I don’t even really care if it’s accurate, I just like they way they look. Sam goes into the living room and Dean goes up the stairs, all pursed lips and furrowed brow and I just…yeah. *bites lip*

Dean comes into the living room and says that the place is clear. Sam motions to the sheet-covered body.

Sam: No ID on this guy, and no clue who is painted on the walls.

Dean: Whatever happened, we missed it.

Then they see the laptop and it’s rather macabre Alice In Wonderland-esque note saying “Play Me.” So they do. After seeing what some in fandom can do editing a video in time with a song, I wasn’t at all surprised that the student film was spliced together so expertly – complete with multiple pieces of footage and camera angles. There is some scary-good talent out there. In retrospect, I was a bit creeped out by the thought of Kate sitting in the blood-covered room finishing it…and the boys sitting in the same bloody room watching it.

After the opening words, the first part of the movie is your typical college kids being college kids. Brian is the AD Club Prez, so we have the shy, geeky-kid role, and Michael is the good-looking confident best friend. You get the sense that these two grew up together and have been best friends for years. I also got the sense that Brian has been jealous of Michael—while simultaneously looking down on his friend for his average intelligence—for a long, long time.

Brian sees a group of girls on the other side of the coffee bar where he and Michael are hanging out and starts to categorize them – y’know, this one is home-schooled, that one listens to country music, etc. But one pretty blonde with a cute, short haircut stands out for him. Michael wants to see, grabs the camera, and that’s when she spies them. She also has a camera – knows her lenses and shutter speeds, apparently –and she and Michael hit it off…even though Brian spied her first.

They all head back to the house Brian and Michael share – pretty nice house for college kids – and Michael and Kate get busy in the downstairs bedroom while Brian sits outside in the living room at his computer, editing tape, jealousy ensuing. Cut to random conversations about where they see themselves in five years and the comfort between Michael and Kate is obvious. It’s clear time has passed – enough that they’re an ‘item’ (which in college-kid time could have been all of a week). Kate wants to be a “green” lawyer, Brian wants to work for HBO, Michael wants to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with his girl.

Then they’re in Lit class, studying Lord of the Flies, and Michael’s sleeping through it. Brian’s filming, though – and zeroes focus in on a pin on the Prof’s jacket that is a clue for later. Later, outside of the class there’s good-natured ribbing about Michael sleeping in class, Brian filming it for him – “Who loves you?” “I wish I could quit you.” – college guys being random, basically. Though, I have to say, my hubs’ friends are the only brothers he has. He grew up with them from Jr. High, through college, to now, and I’ve never heard them joke around and casually toss out the “L” word. Just saying.

A big, bullyish kid runs into Brian, knocking him down and causing him to drop his camera, and Michael gets in his face, backing him off. I think the bully is the same kid – Scott – that they encounter later, but I couldn’t really tell with the way the camera went all wonky. Would make sense, though.

Off of that altercation, though, the kids see a ruckus with cops and crowds and head over to film. Because that’s what you to when there are cops and crowds these days. There’s a body under a sheet with a spot of blood on it. Next thing you know, the Impala pulls up and our boys get out. The college kids snicker and snark calling them Starsky & Hutch, or Rizzoli & Isles.

I never watched Starsky & Hutch (I know, I know…don’t shoot me), but I do watch Rizzoli & Isles. Dean is definitely Rizzoli. *smirk*

They find out the victim’s name is Jacob Carter and that the neighbors called it in because they heard growling, like a coyote. It just occurred to me that I have no idea what town this was in, so I don’t know if coyote attacks would be considered bizarre. We have mountain lions in Lawrence, though, so anything is possible.

Back at the college house, Brian is telling Kate that having the FBI here investigating is actually reassuring which she declares is “annoyingly logical.” Brian wants to go out and shoot footage for his AD movie he’s supposed to make, so Michael goes with him telling Kate, “You know he doesn’t have anyone else to ask,” which was both sweet and a condescending. They’re out at what looks like a sports field of some kind – it was hard to get visual details a lot with the cameras bouncing all over the place – and they catch sight of the brothers questioning another kid.

The kid walks off and on camera we see the brothers having a tense conversation with Sam looking irritated and pissy and Dean looking irritated and tense.

Sam: There is not—

Dean: There is a case here; you’re rusty. We’ve just gotta dig deeper.

The brothers leave (Dean still tense, Sam still huffy) and Brian and Michael continue to find shots for Brian’s movie, coming up on fellow student, Scott, making out with a girl behind some bleachers. She’s just not that into him, however, and pushes him away. Michael or Brian run into a garbage can and alert Scott to their presence and he gives chase. There’s a lot of running and laughing and the boys separate and we follow Michael into the woods with night vision turned on.

Pretty soon we hear growling and Michael is attacked and pulled out of frame. A bit later, Brian comes looking for him, finds his camera, finds Michael who is bloody, breathing hard, and a bit in shock. His shoulder has been bitten. Brian hauls him back to the house (and a hospital makes no sense because…?) and Kate understandably freaks out until they see that the bite has healed. Not only healed – completely disappeared.

Anyone who has seen any horror movie would tell them that this is Not. Good.

Next morning, Michael’s asleep on the couch, Brian and Kate are leaning on the coffee table talking and Kate is worried about Michael. Brian is trying to comfort her, but she’s too focused on her bf. Said bf wakes up, goes to the bathroom and accidentally rips the door off the hinges. Instead of freaking out, there is much laughter and lifting of girlfriends over heads because hey, it’s fun when your friend suddenly has super-human strength after getting attacked and bit by some kind of animal.

This is the part where I’d be panicking. But it takes awhile to hit these guys. They go through the possibilities. Alien? Mutant? Superhero?

Brian starts to set cameras up all over the house – he’s found his movie: Michael’s “origin story.” Later, though, we see Michael eating a bagel in the kitchen and Brian begs him to take him to where he was in the woods so that he can get bitten, too. He says he’s tired of being “Piggy.” Michael – who slept through the lecture on Lord of the Flies – says he’s not a Pig and he has to figure out what he wants and go after it…he doesn’t want “this.”

Brian is practically simmering with jealousy and it’s sad to watch, really. He has (had) so much potential if only he could see past his desire to live someone else’s life. ANYWAY, everyone is chilling in the living room when there’s a knock at the door. Both Michael and Kate call ‘not it’ so Brian goes to the door and suddenly bounds back, all, “Dudes, dudes, dudes! It’s the FBI!”


Michael runs with the bong to the bedroom, Kate puts a camera in the window, and Brian talks to the brothers who ask the standard questions – seen anything weird, heard anything weird – in such a stiff manner it’s almost awkward. While they were now both apparently convinced it was a case, they were not in synch. At all. After Brian closes the door, Kate’s camera picks up the brother’s conversation about how it could be another Mayan god for all they knew.

When Michael hears this he pulls an Almost Famous saying, “I am a golden god!”

Oh, boy. *rolls eyes*

Sometime in the night, Michael gets up and goes to film his golden god self in the bathroom, but instead, he totally wolfs out. It’s a much cooler effect of widening eyes, teeth, claws than Madison’s was, I gotta say. He heads out to the bedroom and strokes Kate’s cheek, so he obviously has control over his actions. De-wolfed, he goes into the kitchen and pretty much devours everything in the fridge. Meaning he has to go out for more food.

Okay, so apparently everyone on campus has a camera – which, with the way things get on YouTube these days, I guess that isn’t that far-fetched. But that Scott guy and his posse have decided to “patrol” and protect the “honeys” on campus. *rolls eyes again* They encounter Michael on his way back from the store and as you can imagine, it does not go well. Michael runs off at first, but then Scott taunts him about Kate and RAWR. Whole new meaning to “claws come out.”

Back at the house, Brian is asking Kate if she is afraid of Michael and just as she’s saying it’s kind of hot, Michael shows up covered in blood – mostly from his mouth. He’s got Scotts camera, too, of course. He goes to shower and mumbles that he thinks he killed Scott. Brian has to find out for himself, so he goes to the wooded crime scene area – where Dean and Sam already are, questioning the “local yokel” cop. He finds out from their questions that Scott’s heart was missing and found mostly eaten up on a hill. Blarg.

So, Brian heads back, confronts Michael about eating a human heart – not so god-like now, huh? – and Michael accidentally shoves Brian all the way across the room. Whoops. This sends poor Michael off the deep end and he’s crying, Kate holding him.

Michael: I don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t know who I am.

Kate: You’re Michael Wheeler. And you’re mine.


Things are unraveling fast for these three. Brian wants to call the police, Kate is defending Michael, saying Brian couldn’t understand because he’s never been in love. She says they need answers and they decide to spy on the “FBI Agents.” They’re hiding behind an ambulance, listening to Dean talk to a paramedic, then Sam joins him and they spy on the brother’s conversation.

Dean: Death by claws and lack of hearts. So we’re talking…?

Sam: No. Not that time of the month.

Which…Dean would know that. So at first I was bothered by this, but then later when Dean was vindicated for suspecting werewolf, I was happy with the way this went down. Just because it doesn’t fit the mold/lore doesn’t mean they should dismiss it.

Dean: Awesome. Time to hit the books.

So, once they discover that their AD Club Prez friend has some hacker skillz, the kids figure out how to spy on Sam and Dean by tapping into the security camera at the diner where the boys are eating. Michael sneaks in with a backpack hiding a camera and we watch the boys’ conversation as the food is served.

Sam: Dude. Two burgers?

Dean says something that I swear sounded like pig penis, but I could NOT figure it out. Even after rewinding that part three times. Basically he’s like, I haven’t had real food in a year so shut it. He tossed out a skewed “Friday Night Lights” riff with “clear eyes and clogged arteries” then gets down to business, reading from the book in front of him.

Dean: Werewolves that are turned four generations after pureblood are less feral and can turn before, during, and after the lunar cycle.

He smacks the book like, BAM! Told ya! Sam takes it and continues to read that purebloods don’t black out during transformation and can control themselves and some have been able to subsist off of animal hearts.

Seriously, I could have just given them my notes from Night of the Hunter. Saved them a lot of trouble. *laugh*

Sam: A werewolf with a pedigree.

Dean: Awesome. Let’s hope he has his papers.

Sam: Yeah, and that silver can kill him. So, what. Best in show comes here 10 years ago, then sets up shop?

Dean: Comes for the hearts, stays for the co-eds.

They’re basically like, find it, kill it. Which leads poor Michael to an understandable full on freak out when they review the footage.

Kate: Those guys aren’t FBI. Pretty sure FBI Agents don’t say “awesome” that much. And they don’t hunt and kill college kids.

Brian says that the rest of the tape is just how the brothers talked about how they’d been apart for a year and that’s when I protested a bit – I want to see that footage, man! What were they saying?!?

Michael thinks he’s screwed, but Kate – who is the most level-headed of the three, really – says to look at the big picture: they don’t know about Michael, they want the pureblood that turned him. They go into the bedroom to hash it out while Brian keeps looking at footage. He finds something, but Kate shuts the door on him. So, shut out of their freak-out-reassurance circle, he goes to investigate on his own, finding the pin that his Lit Prof wore on the ground where Michael got attacked.

So, sneaky Brian sneaks into the Prof’s office before the Prof gets there, places a camera up in the corner of the room that apparently sends data back to his laptop at home, and then when the Prof gets there, he confronts him, tells him he knows he’s a werewolf, and demands to be bitten. The Prof is all deny deny deny at first until Brian threatens him with a silver blade, and then CHOMP. The Prof says that he stayed clean for years, not hurting anyone, living off of animal hearts, but then he saw Jason Carter and “fell off the wagon.”

Knowing hunters are more cagey these days, he needed a patsy for his attack and picked Michael because he fell asleep in his class every day – who would miss him?

Brian: Me.


Brian: I’m sick of being Piggy. I want to be Ralph.

Prof: We don’t get to choose who we are.

Brian (showing healing bite on arm): I did.

He heads home and finds Kate crying (with Barricades by The Outdoors playing in the background) and then she stands up and starts packing. He says it’s all okay, they don’t have to leave, he took care of it. He shows them his footage and they are scared. Of him. As they watch, though, the Prof is pacing his office ready to wolf out and Dean and Sam burst in, fight, Dean gets thrown back, Sam gets pinned to the wall, Dean shoots the Prof – who, as he’s dying, utters a soft, heartfelt, thank you.

Sam notices that the camera and pulls it off the wall.

Brian’s all, problem solved. But Michael is like, they’ll track the camera back to you, moron.        

Brian tells Kate he did this to protect her – he did what Michael couldn’t. He finally figured out what he wanted and he went after it. He wasn’t hiding behind the camera, he was hiding behind Michael. He’s done living in Michael’s shadow. Now they’re equals.

Michael, though, is pissed. He can’t believe what Brian has done to himself – he didn’t bite him when he asked because he didn’t want to hurt him. He tells Brian he doesn’t want this. Michael can remember killing Scott, what eating a human heart felt like.

Brian tells Kate she needs someone who can take care of her – and of course she’s all “I can take care of myself” – and grabs her. Michael tells him to let go and Brian’s all, “Or what? You gonna cry some more?” Dude. Them’s fightin’ words.

Michael wolfs out, attacks, and the fight crashes all over the house with Michael dominating until suddenly Brian yells STOP and Michael rolls off of him – with a silver knife sticking out of his chest. Kate is sobbing, begging him not to die and Michael breathes out that he loves her, then dies. *sad* Kate flips her shit and attacks Brian but he holds her off, telling her he loves her and that she’ll understand, she just needs to see what he sees.

She tries to get away from him and he moves impossibly fast, cutting off her escape, then bites her. Next thing we see is Kate in the bathroom – filming herself in the mirror ala Michael, because this is The Thing To Do, apparently. She’s sobbing at first, but then as her bite heals, she puts down the camera and destroys the bathroom. That seems to calm her – I know a good temper tantrum always does the trick for me. She tells Brian she’s coming out of the bathroom – that he’s right: she understands now.

He opens the door, says, “I told you it would be all right.”

Kate: “Yeah. It will be.”

And then she Totally. Rips. Brian. Up.

Women are dangerous, man. Do not eff with us. Especially when we have super-human strength.

She cries over Michael’s body, puts their song – that Marvin Gaye one I need to know who covers – and then speaks directly into the camera, knowing the hunters will find them.

Kate: I didn’t finish Brian’s movie to justify what happened. To be honest, I don’t know if I understand. I just wanted you to know that Michael wasn’t always a monster. None of us were. I’m leaving and you’ll never hear from me. I know there’s another way. I can eat animal hearts. I’ll never hurt anyone. Nobody human, anyway. I didn’t choose this. Please give me a chance.

On that, we pull back on our boys watching, visible affected. Dean looks slightly shell-shocked and Sam is only able to really exhale slowly. They stand up and look at the bodies and figure the one under the sheet is Michael and the pieces-parts are Brian. This next exchange was probably my

Sam: Okay, so she’s got half a day jump on us?

Dean (staring into the middle distance, lips pushed out in thought): Mmmhmmm.

Sam: You all right?

Dean: Mmmhmmm.

Sam (sounding slightly hopeful): Look, Kate’s right. She hasn’t hurt anyone human.

Dean: She didn’t choose this. (pause, glances at Sam) Let’s give her a shot.

Sam: Seriously?

He’s already moving to grab up the laptop and hide the evidence.

Sam: If she strays…we do what we gotta do. We take her down.

He says it like he’s offering an olive branch – like he doesn’t want Dean to think he agreed too easily or that he’s afraid Dean will change his mind. But Dean is still staring into nothing and (to me anyway) it seemed so clear that he was thinking of what he’d been through in the past year – of Benny, of how he’s had to make choices, of how nothing's the same anymore. Dean may consider himself a hardened warrior, but there are things he’s survived lately that have shifted his hunter’s perception. I would have been surprised – and disappointed – if he’d decided to go after Kate.

Dean (sounding like he was going to say something else and decided to change the subject): Sam? Do I really say ‘awesome’ a lot?

Sam (hurriedly): No, not at all.

Dean pauses and looks at the kid’s wall of pictures and ads and clues for the movie. “Awesome.” Sam huffs a laugh and leaves. Dean puts the iPod back in the holder and the song plays on as we close on Kate walking down a railroad track into the sunset.

Next week – Halloween – looks fantastic and seems like it should be bringing us back ‘round to the emotional arc of the season. I’m ready!

Thanks so much for reading. I promise to get to all comments before the next episode. *flexes fingers*


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