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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 8.13

Ramble-in-transit. Our show never fails to entertain, even at 38,000 feet. Writing this from Chicago O'Hare. :) Sorry for the delay; thanks for coming by!

Luckily, I was able to download the episode on my Kindle Fire and watch on the flight from London and now I’m sitting in the gate area at Chicago O’Hare airport waiting on my flight back to Kansas City.

Okay, before I get to it, just a couple quick things. I feel like my last Ramble may have been more “rambley” than usual, so apologies if you felt yourself wading through some of my more tangled thoughts. Let’s just chalk it up to birthday angst, pre-travel stress, and family news. I’ll try to focus more on our boys from here on out – and this Ramble will be a bit more summarized. In related news, I haven’t been able to reply to any of the comments to episode 8.12 yet – but I will! This week in London tossed my regular schedule sideways and I just couldn’t get to it. So, expect last week’s comments and this week’s comments to be replied to post haste. *smile*

So, I liked this one, though it didn’t really further the storyline by leaps and bounds. I think I had to process a moment when it ended because I felt…good. Happy. I wasn’t an emotional wreck; I wasn’t agonizing over the unanswered questions. I was smiling and felt…momentarily satisfied.  I liked that the boys were in synch as much as they’ve ever been, that the struggles they’ve been through up to now were temporarily put to rest in the face of something greater, and there seemed to be a mutual respect between them. I liked that Dean wasn’t apologizing anymore and Sam wasn’t pouting. I liked that we started to see a foundation for why we’ve traveled the path we have with them and a glimmer of where that path may be leading us.

And I liked that Nazis got their butts kicked. That’s always a win in my book.

Dean said in one of the earlier episodes that he knew where he belonged – on the road, hunting bad guys, Sam by his side. And all he’s ever wanted for Sam was for his brother to be happy – he’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness (his brother by his side) to allow and maybe even encourage Sam to leave if that’s what he wanted. I think what I saw with this one was the huge potential for both to find happiness in this life they’ve chosen.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with five fellow SPN fans while I was in London last week. I’d never met any of these ladies before face-to-face, but we’d been “talking” on LJ via Rambles and story reviews and LJ posts for nearly 7 years. There was no shortage of SPN talk among the “how are you finding London” conversations. *grins* One thing that struck me in the course of those conversations was the journey we’ve all been on over the last 7.5 seasons – and in this season alone!

I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.

From a personal perspective, I started out this season with an ache in my heart for Dean and his survival story as well as his struggle to re-acclimate to the world, and really, really confused about Sam and his doomed romance. I rode the emotional wave as we traveled through Benny’s story (which I don’t believe has ended) and Amelia’s influence (which I hope is done), and I’m waiting with bated breath to see where Castiel’s journey will ultimately lead. But just when I find myself thinking so, they ended the Purgatory thing and Sam’s back hunting…now what, they took us on a left turn.

It appears the ‘destiny’ theme that drove us through seasons 4 and 5 isn’t quite as over as I might have thought. The boys may have put the vessel business behind them, but their lineage has a bigger role to play than either of them seems to have realized. And maybe I’m off about this – sometimes some of these things only make sense once the season is all said and done – but I think the Men of Letters storyline only works because of the individual struggles boys went through (and we survived right along with them) before choosing  to stick together and follow the family business.

If they’d not been together – and Henry had simply jumped out of Dean’s closet or Sam’s closet without his brother with him, or if they’d still be at odds – not only would Henry’s sacrifice (which, when you deal with time travel, was seemingly destined) been pointless, but there’s no guarantee the brother he found would have survived to find the Batcave (for that is what I shall call it until I’m told otherwise).

Admittedly, I wasn’t quite sold at first on the idea of this “Men of Letters” group having been around for centuries, amassing information and coordinating an intricate network of elite hunters – then just disappearing. Mostly because I couldn’t believe that no one in our circle – like Bobby and Rufus with all their contacts and books and research – had ever heard of them.

But after this episode, I’m ready to earn my letter. Learning of the supernatural through the boys’ eyes felt like there was a curtain that kept the “regular” people from seeing what the boys saw of the world’s dark underbelly. Kind of like how in Harry Potter, only those who had witnessed death could see the Thestrals. The boys were not really part of a unit – even though there were other hunters out there. They were all engaged in a sort of guerilla warfare to protect humanity from evil that the typical person had no idea even threatened them.

But with the Men of Letters and this secret headquarters amassing information and working with elite hunters…it seems like there was a unity, a community of support among the society with a mission and a drive. With a history beyond a battered journal and records that are shelved and safe rather than in the study of a house within a junkyard. It feels like – even though they may be the only ones right now – they are all (including Garth and the other hunters) a part of something bigger than just surviving one day to the next.

The concept of the Men of Letters – the scholar working with the warrior – is perfect for our boys. Now, it’s not like they fit neatly into one or the other category – Dean is just as capable of research and Sam is just as capable of kicking ass – but it’s clear which one likes doing which thing. Being able to take action and kill the bad guys – that’s Dean’s lifeblood. Finding out the lore and who the bad guy is – Sam’s never quite as satisfied.

And the concept of them having a home base – a well-fortified (albeit mysteriously plumbed and powered) home base – with access to information and weapons and protection (though, clearly Sam got the ‘mobile hot spot’ data package on his phone as he’s able to get wireless even in a bunker) is tantalizing, Between the library and artifacts in the Batcave and a storyline centering on Nazi necromancers, this episode had a distinct “Indiana Jones” feeling and it stemmed from this secret hunters HQ. I love it so much it makes me afraid for them – because when have they ever been able to keep something good in their lives for very long?  I don’t trust the writers to let the Batcave stay a good thing.

Oh, incidentally, Lebanon , KS – where the Batcave is located – is roughly 3 hours to the west of Lawrence and is supposed to be the geographic center of the US. How very Kripke of Carver. *smirks*

There were two different stories wrapped into one episode this time – the Batcave and the golem. I love how they had the brothers react to the Batcave – and it was mirrored in hunt. Dean reveled in the amenities – a shower with water pressure, robes and slippers, whiskey, weapons, protection, heat, light…bliss. Sam was in research heaven and wrapped up in the concept of the information treasure trove gathered by a secret society. And as happens with our boys in so many different aspects – both consciously and subconsciously – they were able to balance each other’s reactions out.

Sam brought Dean’s little-boy-glee back to reality by reminding him that this collection could help them help humanity – change people’s lives. Dean grounded Sam’s hero-worship a bit by reminding his brother that they were still guys who put their pants on one leg at a time (even if they did keep their swords wicked sharp).

And I have to say, I have a weakness for any story where the Nazi’s are the bad guys. The addition of the Men of Letter’s storyline adds the opportunity for so many layers – for history to come into play, real history, not just the boys’ history – and I am quite intrigued about how this is going to impact the other loose threads out there. The tablets are still coded – they don’t know how to close all demons in Hell and they don’t yet know there’s a tablet that would trap all angels in Heaven. I wonder if there’s some kind of tablet Rosetta Stone stored in the MoL library.

And what about Naomi’s grand plan with keeping Castiel her puppet? The MoL’s knew of angels and used their feathers (which…I still puzzle over that…we’ve yet to see actual feathered wings…they’re either shadows or lightning bolts or black smudges…*shrugs*), so I wonder what she knows of the MoL’s and if the angels had anything to do with them becoming defunct. And the worry in Dean’s tone – the way he forced himself to shrug off the fact that Cas wasn’t answering him – made me wonder if there might be something they’ll be able to use when the issue of Cas being controlled comes to a head. Maybe the Batcave itself could be a place of protection for Castiel….

Bottom line, I like it. I wasn’t sure, but now I’m intrigued. I want to see where they’re going to take this. That’s one of the things I love about our show – I may want things to be a bit different sometimes (like the Purgatory storyline…too little detail, gone too soon, you ask me) but they always find a way for me to think huh…I didn’t see that coming…where are they going with this and hanging on for the ride.

Things I loved:

  • Dean in that red and white flannel shirt (OMG)
  • Dean calling Sam “little brother”
  • Nazis as bad guys
  • The golem making Sam look small
  • The boys echoing “son of a bitch” when they see inside the Batcave
  • Boys talking in code
  • Dean and Sam grabbing their guns and shooting the Nazi Commandant simultaneously

Things I liked:

  • Dean groaning, “Oh, he’s big” from a crumpled heap on the ground [ETA: My apologies (blame airplane background noise) -- I've been told he actually says, "Oh, my spleen" which is actually a bit more humourous.]
  • Rabbi Barney Miller *wink*
  • Having Dean head out to check on Kevin and in with Garth while Sam hung out at the Batcave, happy as a pig in…I mean, enjoying the research *ahem*
  • Aaron deflecting Dean’s BS radar by pretending they’d had “a moment” on the quad
  • Sam getting hit by the necromancer dart and Dean’s ensuing panic
  • Dean’s ability to go from amicable to dangerous in the blink of an eye when Aaron challenges him about taking out the golem
  • Aaron smoking the golem instruction manual in high school – gave his character originality

Things that were meh:

  • Open-ended aspect of the Thule…how many Nazi necromancers were there? Weren’t they listed in the ledger? I kinda wanted them to tell us what we/they were up against
  • Malleable Golem lore – I was surprised when he was able to speak and, in some ways, reason (but that could just be my limited golem knowledge…those of you who know more, feel free to school me)

Things to add to my list of questions:

  • Were all the Nazi’s except Ekhart part of the living dead? Even the blond dude that darted Sam and Aaron? I couldn’t figure that part out.
  • Who, besides me, wants to see the Batcave’s living quarters and where they store the Impala?
  • What was Dean’s alias? I thought I heard Special Agent Bolton – is that what you guys heard?
  • Most of my other questions are just impatience to find out what happens next: will the MoL play into the tablet story and/or Cas’ plight? What (if anything) does Naomi know of all this? When will we see Cas again?


Henry, Men of Letters, Key To Everything…basically, last week’s episode.


Vitsyebsk, Belarus – 1944

A motorcycle with a sidecar (I’ve always wanted to ride in a sidecar) approaches a random Nazi HQ. Two German soldiers exchange pleasantries as one goes inside and the other tries to light a cigarette while out on his patrol. Suddenly, a gigantic shadow eclipses the patrolling soldier and inside the room, the arriving soldier hears his friend scream in terror and pain just before he’s thrown through the window, bloody and dead.

What follows is a riot of chaos and frightened soldiers battling something that we can’t yet see. Soldiers are yelling at each other and run into the main office of the Commandant saying, “The thing won’t go down.” The Commandant replies in German that it was there to destroy them, but meanwhile is adding spellish herbs and chanting something in Hebrew or Latin (didn’t sound like German, but really, what do I know). As the soldiers try to build up a small fortitude to keep their attacker out, a giant walks into the room, the bullets ripping into his chest not slowing him in the least.

The giant literally smashes – not even exaggerating here – the soldiers while the Commandant finishes his spell thing and disappears in a poof of fire, the first rolling over the desk and across the floor like liquid, engulfing the room.

Oh, plus also, there’s a case – seemingly fireproof – the contents of which are a ledger that becomes quite important.


The boys pull up in front of a big, plain concrete bunker, the entrance at the base of a hill, storm-cellar like. Sam opens the box Henry died to protect and removes the key, musing, in an answer to Dean’s question, that the last time someone was in that place was about 65-70 years ago. Heading inside, their flashlights reveal a large command-center like set-up.

Dean (whispering): Son of a bitch.

They can see a HAM radio, telegraph machine, and a switchboard. Sam comments that this was definitely the nerve center for running a whole team of hunters. I couldn’t help but think of Garth’s multiple cell phone, varied ring tone set up and wonder what he’d make of this.

Dean sees a chess board and a plate of cigarette butts next to a (fifty-year-old) half-drunk cup of coffee, remarking that they left quick. They continue to wander around CSI-style until Dean finds a fuse box and pushes up the power levers, illuminating the nerve center and the library beyond it.

Sam (in wonder): Son of a bitch.

As Sam gapes around the room, Dean comes back down the stairs to stand equally as enthralled as his brother and remarks, “Sammy, I think we found the Batcave.”


Later, a record plays forties-era music and Sam is at the table, looking through the copious collection of books. Dean wanders into the library wearing a robe and slippers, his hair mussed from just having showered. He greets Sam with a “morning” and says that the water pressure is amazing. Sam, ever the pragmatic one, wants to know how they even have water and electricity.

Dean: I am putting that under the ‘ain’t broke’ column. Listen, little brother, let’s not go all ‘geek’ on this stuff.

He wanders behind Sam and picks up a scimitar sword.

Sam (barely glancing at him): Geek?!

Dean:  Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is awesome (starts to swing sword through the air) but don’t think they know something we don’t.

It’s interesting how they each react to the evidence of the MoLs. Dean needs the semblance of equality – just because they’re book smart doesn’t mean they were any more skilled – and Sam needs the reminder of something bigger and greater than himself out there. Harkens back to how Sam believed in angels and Dean had to have proof. Just re-establishes their grounding personalities to help us see when they shift their ground to accept something more and/or different.

Sam: Dean (he turns and Dean straightens up quickly, the sword at his side – adorable), they were a secret society.

Dean: Which means that they made crap up. And wore fezzes and sashes and swung around scimitars. They probably didn’t even sharpen – (cuts his finger on the blade) – it’s very sharp.

Sam: Look. I think we might have something here. Something to help us, help humanity. Henry thought so. We could use a break. What if we finally got one? (Dean just blinks at him, taking that thought in.) You gonna take off the dead guy robe?

Elsewhere at a campus somewhere – I didn’t ever pick that up, so apologies – we have old Rabbi Isaac Bass (played by Barney Miller’s Hal Linden) walking into the library. He tells the incredibly snooty male librarian that he had to change buses 3 times to shake the guy following him. The librarian doesn’t believe him, of course, and mocks him about his fear. He gives him access to another of the campus’ rare books and Rabbi Bass takes the ledger out using white gloves. Whatever he finds in there freaks him out and he goes up to the librarian looking for more time with the book. Of course, Mr. Snooty says that the book is from the special records section and can’t leave.

Rabbi Bass (in Yiddish I think? Or Hebrew?): I hope they pay you good to keep that bug up your ass.

I like him. Or, rather, liked.

The Rabbi leaves the library and senses his follower, so he heads to a campus bar (hilariously called Campus Bar) and calls someone on a payphone, saying he found it, but there’s no time left, and leaves a code on the machine. He turns around toward the crowded bar, walking toward the window almost fatalistically, then starts yelling out the window to a seemingly invisible foe.

Rabbi Bass: Come in out of the cold and have a drink with your old enemy. Nazi piece of rubbish!

Just then he starts to smoke and then bursts into flame yelling, “Nazi pig!”

Sometime later (roughly two weeks by the report of the Rabbi’s death in the papers), Dean wanders back into the Batcave, duffel on his shoulder. Sam’s at the table (again) reading through some files, his laptop up and humming. Dean says that Kevin is in his corner, hacking out his DiVinci Code, Garth says hi. He gets a beer and asks almost hesitantly if Sam’s heard anything from Cas. Sam says no and Dean looks down, mumbling a bit as he says Cas isn’t answering.

Points for continuity and keeping the boys in touch with Kevin and the tablets.

Sam says he’s been busy checking out the MoL allies, affiliated groups, and files. Dean rubs his face, clearly tired from traveling. (Aside - I can relate. Just found out my flight home has been delayed 2 hours. *yawn*) Sam hands him a file and says it’s of the “Judah Initiative” and that they were a European team active during WWII.

Dean (intrigued): Hunters fighting in a war?

Sam: Not exactly hunters…not exactly fighting….

Dean: Rabbis. Rabbis?

Sam says they were hardcore saboteurs and he ran a search and got a hit. Rabbi Isaac Bass, 17 when he joined the Initiative, 85 when he died. Two weeks ago. By spontaneous combustion.

Dean (looking infinitely weary): So…this is a case. (sighs) I just got back.

But, as we well know, there’s no rest for the weary. The boys head to the campus where the Rabbi died. Dean lets Sam out at the library and he heads to the Bar. Sam, I have to say, looks pretty freakin’ good with that sweater vest, jacket combo. He just exudes “scholar” – very much owning the part. He goes to the snotty librarian to ask what Rabbi Bass was looking into, able to short the list considerably when he asks what he was looking for on the day he…caught fire.

Dean is at the bar talking to two pretty girls who say that Rabbi Bass was a nice old kook who would talk to anyone who would listen to him about a secret war that no one knew was going on. They said he was obsessed with necromancer Nazis – like in World of Warcraft. As Dean’s talking to them, a random twenty-something kid with a beard catches his eye, smiles, and totally throws off Dean’s game. The girls are still talking about the Rabbi’s death – it was like the fire was alive – and Dean’s writing down ‘Nazi Necromancers.’

Meanwhile, at the library, Sam opens the box Rabbi Bass was last looking at and is totally puzzled when he sees a book on birds. Whoops.

Dean goes up to the kid with the beard and identifies himself as Special Agent Bolton (?). The kid is all, I thought you were a head hunter.

Dean: This is the 3rd time I’ve seen you today. Why are you following me, gingerbread?

Kid: So, we didn’t have a moment back there…back at the quad? Figured I’d wait until you were done with the interview….

Dean (completely caught off guard…trying to hold still and squirm away at the same time): Uh, yeah, ok, no. No moment. Federal investigation.

Kid: Is that supposed to make you less interesting?

Dean = *blink* (and I swear he blushed - *laugh*)

Kid: Sorry…I didn’t mean to freak you out.

Dean (nervous, sheepish smile): Naw…uh…just…uh…Federal, thing. Uh, as you were.

His phone rings and he runs into a table trying to get out of there.

Sam calls and says he looked into the research, but it didn’t make sense – bird watching? He sees someone spying on him…sort of.

Dean: Two very hot co-captains of the woman’s volleyball team agree that the Rabbi’s death was very unnatural.

Sam: That would explain why I have something stuck to my shoe.

Dean: You being followed?

Sam: Think so.

Dean: Weird, I thought I was being followed earlier. Turned out to be a gay thing. (Shot of Sam’s huh face.) You need a hand?

Sam: Yes, please.

Dean tells him where he’ll park and it’s enough information that Sam knows what their play is going to be. In the back lot, we see Sam approach the Impala, get his keys out by the trunk and accidentally-on-purpose drop them. Meanwhile, Dean is circling around in the trees, spying on the spy, and finds him crouching while he spies on Sam.

Dean: Hey, pal.

The guy stands up…and up…and up. Dean looks way, way up his expression all Holy. Crap. It’s the giant from WWII.

Sam suddenly hears Dean cry out in pain and then sail through the air and crash against a car window, landing in a heap on the ground. Sam straightens, breathing Dean’s name, but before he can go to his brother, the giant is suddenly in front of him. Sam quickly opens the trunk and grabs out the machete, but when he swings it at the giant’s arm, he buries the blade deep with no reaction. The giant grabs Sam by the neck and starts to choke him. Then, out of nowhere, the kid from the bar shows up and tells the giant to stop.

Sam’s gasping for breath; Dean’s on the ground, groaning, “Oh, he’s big.” LOL!

Sam: What. The hell. Is that?

Kid (Aaron Bass): He’s a golem. My golem.

Dean rolls slowly to his back and closes his eyes.

Back at Aaron’s house, we learn that he’s Isaac’s grandson and Aaron tells the boys that once he found out they were investigating his granddad’s death, he started investigating them.

Dean: So, what, we didn’t have a moment?

Aaron: I was tailing you.

Dean (to Sam): Told you I was being followed. He was my gay thing. (Sam’s face is very I’m sorry, what?) That was really good; you really had me there.

Aaron tells him that ‘smooth is all he’s got’ and yells at the golem, who is circling the house like a restless cat. He tells the boys that the golem was shaped from clay & brought to life to protect the Jewish people in times of general crappiness. Isaac left the golem to Aaron – and as he’s talking, Sam realizes that Aaron is talking about the Judah Initiative. The golem takes umbrage at them knowing that name and scares the crap out of Dean by roaring something.

Dean: It’s okay. We…are the good guys.

Sam tells the golem that their grandfather was a Man of Letters and the golem calms down, recognizing that group. Aaron brings them beers (which Dean gulps gratefully) and they all start talking about family being into the supernatural – but this being the first time the boys encountered a golem.

Sam: We grew up in it. But you didn’t.

Aaron says he thought all the stories he heard from his grandfather were make believe. He rambles about the golem showing up and trashing his house and the golem screams at Aaron for not observing the mitzvahs and dining on swine.

Aaron: Everybody loves bacon!

Clearly, they have some issues to work out. And…I agree with Aaron. Bacon = YUM.

The golem growls something at Aaron that he says is Hebrew for “take charge.” Rabbi Bass basically sent Aaron the golem and expected him to figure it out. As they’re talking, the boys realize that this is also related to the Nazi necromancers – that was why the golem was created. The golem is all Hulk Smash! Because he wants to do his work and Aaron is like dude, we’re renting here. In short, it’s not going well.

Aaron says, finally, that his grandfather left him a message on the day he died about finding something the Nazi’s would want to kill him over. He reads the code off: QL673W38. He’s already eliminated things like coordinates, phone numbers, bank numbers.

Sam, though, recognizes it as a call number at a library and says he bets that it’s in the campus library, the bird section (based on his having found that bird book in the bin). Dean’s way over figuring out how Sam’s brain works and just goes with it. They head to the library and Dean picks the lock.

Aaron: You guys just break in wherever you go?

Dean: Our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on; just in case this hunting thing didn’t pan out.


Sam figured out that Isaac switched the manuscript with the bird book and tells them to wait there while he goes to get the book. Dean sits on the steps with Aaron and the golem while Sam hurries through the stacks, finds the book, but then is suddenly hit in the neck with a tiny dart. His neck is instantly bruised. He gets whoozy, stumbles forward, is dizzy.

A blond man – the man who was spying on Rabbi Bass – tells him to give over the ledger. Sam manages to kick a book cart at the man and stumble to the stairs where he gasps out, “Help. Necromancer,” before crumbling. Dean is on his feet in an instant, running to Sam and rolling him over. Sam is struggling for breath, getting paler by the second, the bruise on his neck growing.

Dean: Crap.

Suddenly, Aaron is hit with a dart in the chest and goes down.

Dean: Crap! (hands on Sam, holding him in a slumped sitting position, he looks at the golem) Big guy! They’re both gonna die unless we get whoever cast the spell.

The golem goes up and Dean hangs on to Sam. The golem gets hit in the face by a dart – nada. He founds the blond pretty quickly, knocking him out (which is why I was thinking he wasn’t a ‘living dead’) and dragging him down the stairs. Dean hears the ruckus of the fight and has his gun drawn when the golem reaches the stairs. The blond Nazi growls out, “Long live the Thule!” right before the golem breaks his neck.

Dean: Or not….

Sam instantly starts to get his color back, his breathing a bit easier, the bruising fading.

Aaron wakes up in the back of the Impala, the golem watching over him. The golem tells Aaron that the Men of Letters saved him; Aaron looks over to were the boys are burying – and then burning – the necromancer. Sam kinda holds his hands out over the grave fire and Aaron’s like, these guys are psychotic.

Huh. Is it weird that it didn’t strike me as odd? *laugh*

Back at the house, Aaron and Sam are looking at the ledger and Aaron says it’s the one his grandfather thought was lost in the fire. Sam says it describes the magical experiments the Nazi’s did. The golem says that Aaron would know how to ‘take charge’ if he consults the pages.

Sam = mrrwwuuh?

Aaron sheepishly confesses that he went a bit sideways in high school and he used the book his grandfather gave him for his bar mitzvah as rolling papers. He literally smoked the book.

Aaron (to golem): Why can’t you just tell me what I don’t know?!

Golem (roaring…kinda scary): Not my place to guide the Rabbi! To teach the teacher! Not. My. Place!

Dean = Whoa.

Sam = Yikes

The golem walks off and Dean gives Aaron a tight smile.

Dean: Not super-comforting, gotta say.

Sam breaks it down. Basically the Nazis did experiments on the Jews and Gypsies they killed – tried to bring them back to life so that they could figure out how to bring their own soldiers back to life. They figured it out, because the ledger is a roster of every dead Thule that was re-animated. He says that a head shot kills it, but if you don’t burn the body w/in 12 hours, it re-animates again. Swell.

Raise your hand if you think the Thule that weren’t killed are showing up again, now that we know that.

Dean: Nazi bastards.

A fancy black car pulls up to the library and a man with a silver ring bearing a symbol on it gets out – it’s the commandant from the beginning of the episode. The ghost of the blond Nazi necromancer had been able to tell him that he’d died in this library, but had disappeared before it could tell him more. The commandant finds clay and realizes that the golem from 1944 is here.

Back at Aaron’s house, the boys are trying to figure out the golem. Dean says that Garth’s contacts are stumped by the golem and the Thule. Sam says the lore is all over – something about wiping letters off its forehead, or pulling a scroll from its mouth…classically, they aren’t even supposed to speak.

Dean: One badass Hummel figurine.

Sam: That we have no idea how to put back in the box.

Aaron (shows up suddenly): That’s your plan? Take on my golem?

Sam: It’s not a plan….

Dean (approaches Aaron calmly): We would just feel better if we knew how.

Aaron: What makes you think you have any right to make that decision?

Dean (going from amicable to dangerous with literally a blink of his eye): Believe me, if we need the right, we will take it.

Aaron: He may be a pain in the ass, but he’s my responsibility.

Sam: The golem is built to go to war and you’re not trained for that. How are you going to take that on?

Aaron doesn’t know; Dean looks at him with sympathetic eyes and nods – just as the door bursts open and Nazi goons burst in. Dean shoves Aaron back behind him out of the way and Sam hides the ledger, both going for their guns. One of the goons punches Dean hard, landing him on the ground and Sam and Aaron are grabbed with mini Uzis trained on them. Dean, still on the ground, sees the golem stride in. It starts to (literally) crush the Nazi holding a gun on Aaron when suddenly the commandant walks in and yells ENOUGH!

His name is Ekhart – the golem knows him from back in WWII. He speaks something – in Latin maybe? Or Hebrew? – and tells the golem to surrender control to him.

Aaron = gulp!

Sam = gulp!

The Nazi goon shoves Sam to the ground near Dean while Ekhart gets the golem to spit out a tiny scroll. The golem stops moving completely. Oh, so that’s what the lore meant. Ekhart mocks Aaron for not taking possession – apparently he had to literally write his name on the scroll to ‘take charge’ of the golem.

Dean sees the butt of his gun sticking out from beneath his jacket nearby.

Aaron: I didn’t know what he meant.

Ekhart: Knowledge is power.

He smacks Aaron to the ground then asks which of the boys will give him the ledger.

Sam: how about you screw yourself, Nazi bastard.

Atta boy, Sammy. I can hear Indy in my head now: Nazis. I hate these guys. Technically, though, this was probably more Inglorious Basterds than Indiana Jones, but I tend to go for the classics.

Ekhart: Can we put the Nazi thing aside for the moment and just talk about this like—

Dean: --Nazi Necromancer dicks? Pass.

Sam: I take it you’re the commandant? The one who authorized all those experiments.

Ekhart: Invented those experiments.

He’s messing with the scroll as he talks; Dean’s trying to signal Aaron with his eyes to grab a discarded shotgun from the floor, but Aaron’s too scared. Sam keeps the commandant occupied.

Sam: You’re not undead. What did you do, cast a Forever 21 spell – you and your friend at the library?

Ekhart defends the library dude and a thug finds where Sam hid the ledger.

Dean: Spell or no spell, he broke easy.

Ekhart gets the ledger and peers at the boys.

Ekhart: Let me tell you what I see. A magic Jew at my feet, not a master in sight, and a secret secret once again.

Just then, Aaron grabs a table leg that had been destroyed in the initial struggle.

Ekhart (standing up): A Jew, two gentiles, and a golem walk into a bar. It doesn’t end with them coming out.

Aaron WHACKS him on the head and he drops. Boys grab their guns at once and shoot the goods simultaneously. That? Was very cool. They are both standing, guns trained on Ekhart as he stands up.

Ekhart: You can kill me, but you will never kill all the Thule.

BAM! The boys both shoot him in the head, very Boondock Saints-style.

Dean: That’s a start.

He checks on Aaron – who is hiding behind the still-motionless golem – and makes sure he’s okay. The golem is still standing in the door when they get back from burning the dead necromancer bodies. Which is probably one of the most redundant sentences in this ramble.

Dean: Paper beats golem, fire beats undead Nazi Zombie Freaks.


Sam: So…you got a place we can keep him?

Aaron: Thule are still out there. Hidden, active.

He unrolls the scroll, sees his grandfather’s name, then adds his name to the scroll, rolls it up and puts it in the golem’s mouth.

Aaron: I’m in the Judah Initiative now.

Back at the Batcave (*laugh* yes! I love that we can say that!) Sam’s making a card entry for the Judah Initiative ledger in the records, keeping things updated. Dean comes into the library and starts to get a beer, stops when he sees what Sam’s doing, puts it back and joins Sam.

Dean: So, what? Aaron’s a JI and you’re a Man of Letters now, is that it?

Sam half smiles, not quite nodding. Dean crosses the room to another cabinet, pulls out a decanter of whiskey and pours two tumblers. He sets one down next to Sam and said, “Good.”

Sam smiles; Dean sits down and puts his feet up on the table. The boys glance at each other across the table and toast the air while “Sunny Side of the Street” plays on the record player.

I love that sense of pride, acceptance, and cautious peace that came with that moment. Dean granting that what they found could mean more than just a collection of weapons and dusty old books – and giving Sam a sense of belonging and contributing in a way that spoke to his talents. It showed how much he cared about his brother in a way that wasn't a desperate sacrifice of his soul or a plea to keep focus on the family business. It continued the shift to individuals and partners that we've been seeing all season, only in a way that didn't leave either brother out in the cold, so to speak. It was a nice moment and I felt…good.

Which, with this show, always worries me. *laugh*

I didn’t see previews, of course, having watched on the Kindle, so I’ll just be surprised next Wednesday. And, as our plane was delayed another two hours, I actually got this finished one day earlier than anticipated! *smiles*

Thanks for reading – looking forward to hearing from you!


Tags: episode review, ramble, stream of consciousness, what do you think?
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