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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 8.18

Hi guys! I'm on time. :) Sorry about posting the Ramble for 8.17, Goodbye Stranger late -- I missed several of you "regulars" over on that one. Hope ya'll are still out there and ready to chat about our Show. Because with only 5 episodes left after this one, I feel myself preparing for the inevitable cliffhanger in May.

However this episode was more like a *sigh* than an *eep*.

It really did feel like an episode that allowed us to take a breath between the violent reveal of the angel tablet and Cas' bus ride and the high-stress appearance of next week's episode (per the previews, I know nothing of spoilers). It was a filler that helped reiterate some themes we've been seeing over the course of the slow-build of this storyline...and it did so in such a way that I can't help but think that breadcrumbs are being left down the path to the season finale. I keep trying to get there first in my head, but with this show, as transparent as it sometimes is in retrospect, always keeps me guessing.

One theme is that of home and normal life. Inevitably, it's Sam who is left in the position to be further influenced by the desire of a 'normal life' and teased by the idea that it's possible to have a life and be a hunter. The house, the waffles for breakfast, the schoolwork...and then hunting after soccer practice. I mean, hey, it worked for Buffy, right? Victor's Fagin-like relationship with these kids established an environment that was just a giant carrot to Sam, a reminder that despite his choice to return to Dean and hunting and turn his back on whatever possibility he might have had with Amelia, he still wanted that. Someday.

But more than just an anvil-type reminder to us that The Saga Of The Normal Life is Sam's favorite fantasy, I think it helped to revive Sam's flagging drive to show Dean the light at the end of the tunnel, to prove to him that survival is possible, that it doesn't have to end bloody. He lost that for a bit -- especially when he started to show physical signs of the change or damage of the trials on his body. He put so much energy into hiding that from Dean he seemed to forget there was a reason he fought so hard to be the one who completed the trials.

Now they're back on the no-secrets playing field -- from both, apparently, as Sam knew about the beat-down Cas put on Dean -- Sam is able to focus his energy on the the tasks and not the lies. Sam momentarily immersing himself in a 'regular life' of a hunting "family" (though built on a foundation of lies) seemed to remind him that he had a bigger reason to close the gates of Hell than just, well, closing the gates of Hell -- he wanted the chance at a 'real life' for the Winchesters.

In addition, seeing young kids becoming hunters just added fuel to Dean's fervent desire to finish this job. To close down these gates for good. Because sometimes it's easy to get tunnel vision, the way they live. To get so focused on their issues and their pain that it's understandably easy to forget that closing the gates of Hell would save everyone else. And not just the nameless, faceless "everybody," but people they know, have fought with and for. Kids, who could still have a chance. The chance he never had and the chance he tried so hard to give Sam. Closing the gates has always been worth it to Dean -- enough that he would have willingly thrown himself into the line of fire, had he been able to kill that Hellhound -- but this encounter reminded him that there's skin in the game from more than just the Winchester brothers who are destined to face death time and again for the sake of the world.

With that said, I do have to admit to the overall storyline felt...light. And somewhat predictable. From the moment Victor told the boys that once the kids got their revenge they'd be better hunters than the older generation, I figured that he was manipulating the situations to allow the kid's their revenge. I mean, John looked for the YED for over twenty years. You don't just find one vamp in a haystack of vamps inside a few months. I didn't, however, call Victor having orchestrated the murder of their parents in the first place; that was a bit more sadistic than I was thinking. It's one thing for him to have found three kids victimized by evil, it's quite another to seek out kids based on their skill set, murder their parents via vampire attack, then set up this non-X-men-hunter-school. But once that twist was revealed it made sense; plot-wise, there had to be a way to destroy Victor.

It was too good. It was exactly the kind of life that would appeal to the boys, especially Sam -- a stable home base, a regular life, and hunting on the side. In fact I was honestly a little surprised to find Sam supporting his brother when they confronted Victor; I thought he would see the appeal of this set up and tell Dean to back down. For a (very) brief moment there, wanted to tell Dean to back down when he was telling Victor he was going to have to shut it down. Victor was giving kids orphaned by monsters a home, security, and, as he called it, a purpose. It was better than Dean and Sam had when they were kids.

But all it took, really, was Dean saying, "They're kids," to snap me out of it. He would have kept Sam out of hunting forever if he could have. From Dean's perspective, no kid, ever, should have to know this life, this truth. Because once in, there's no way out. You can't unsee, unknow. You never really feel safe again. And the chance of them getting killed is too great. And while Sam saw the benefits initially, he had Dean's back the whole way, which was a relief.

And with this hunt, we returned to the rhythm of Dean stepping forward and Sam following his lead. Dean found the hunt, recognized Chrissy, picked up on the hinky at the hotel slaying, tracked Shady Van Guy II to the lodge, found (and saved) the newly-turned vamp, and talked Chrissy down from killing someone. Sam offered up a few reasons why this seemed like a pretty good set-up, but he clearly trusted Dean's instincts on this one and either decided to "take a knee" as Dean offered at the beginning, staying behind to keep an eye on the kids, or recognized his brother's need to be in action on this one. Either way, their balance worked and no one felt 'dumbed down.' Sam's keen eye picked out the falsified surveillance photo and if he hadn't been jumped by the hunter he thought was on his side, he might've been able to take out Hoodie!Vamp.

My primary confession in this ramble, and pretty much the reason it's going to be a fraction of the length of my usual, is that I wasn't really captured by Chrissy. I had the same reaction to her in Season 7 when she was introduced. I get that she's supposed to be a smart ass, and maybe even the female version of a young Dean, and I did like Dean's protective instincts kicked up to 11, but she just didn't make me worry for her or empathize with her. I felt more for Aidan's teary confirmation at the beginning when they killed the first vamp than I did any of Chrissy's scenes.

I'll give them a pass, though, because she's a teenager, and it wasn't a bad story. She didn't drive me crazy (like Becky) or irritate me, she just didn't really do anything for me. She played her grief of her father's death so cold -- which I suppose one could find appreciation for, but it alienated me.  Despite that, I could see why Dean could connect with her, would remember her enough to identify her in a video when Sam totally missed it. I think he recognizes a part of himself in her bluster and bravado, in her comebacks and her bullheadedness. And it was his need to keep her safe, his hands-in-the-air frustration with her stubbornness, the softening of his voice and eyes when he spoke to her (when he wasn't ready to strangle her, that is) that drew me in even as my attention toward Chrissy wavered.

I do find it interesting this season that we're seeing a lot of previously-viewed faces. Makes me wonder who might be next. Would love for them to run into Sheriff Mills. Maybe find a way to see Bobby -- ghost or dream, maybe. Missouri would be another that could be intriguing for them to encounter once more. They have two trials, half a demon tablet to translate, and an angel tablet in the wind. That's a lot of ground to cover in 5 episodes.

*puts chin in hand and waits* I'm ready.

Before I get to my lists, according to, the next mini-hiatus will be after next week. Episode 8.18 will air on April 3rd and then 8.19 on April 24th (which should be the last break until the season finale). I have to travel to Richardson, TX (I know, right??) for work next week so the Ramble for 8.19 will be posted on Friday the 5th; if LJ decides to not include it on your flist again, watch out for it, should you like to read. Based on the previews, it looks like it's going to be a doozy.

Things I loved:

- The opening shot of the Impala turning the corner. I know. I can't help myself.

- Dean with the shadows of the chain link fence across his face as he confronts Chrissy outside the hotel. (/shallow moment)

- The way the boys sat on Victor's couch, both holding the tumbler of whiskey exactly the same, neither drinking.

- Dean telling Victor to "Watch it," when he maligned Bobby as a barely-functioning alcoholic.

Things I liked:

- Dean fighting to save a newly turned vampire. Reminded me of when he had been turned, and made me wonder why they didn't show that in the THEN montage.

- Sam's helpless shrug when Dean and the kids return to find him tied to a chair.

- The super-smooth way Dean disarmed Aidan.

- The way Dean closed his eyes for a brief moment when Chrissy kissed him on the cheek.

- The way the muscle in Sam's jaw bounced when he whispered, "Maybe they won't be the only ones."

Things that were meh:

- Chrissy.

- The set up at the beginning; why was it necessary to play up the make-out scene, damsel-in-distress? It wasn't like the vamp could hear them inside the car.

- The Victor storyline. Despite the positives I got out of it, it wasn't enough to fully engage me this late in the season. And almost everything (except for killing the parents) about Victor's motivations and plans were rather predictable.

Things to add to my list of questions:

- Unrelated to this episode, but.... Kevin has translated the half of the demon tablet that says there are three trials, and I have been assuming that all three are listed on the half he has. But I wonder if only the first two are there and the last is on Crowley's half? OR what if whatever happens to the person who completes the trials is on Crowley's half? OR what if there's a warning about balance in the universe or sort of ying/yang warning on the other half that if the gates of Hell are shut something will happen in Heaven that would be...undesirable to those of us on Earth? Have you guys already thought about all of this and I'm just slow?

- Three minors, all under 18 living together with no means of income? How was that going to work? And how long were they going to be able to pull it off without authorities finding out that there was no adult supervision? *hand wave*


Vamps, vamp blood, and Chrissy. Like I said in the lists, after seeing the episode, I wondered why they didn't show Dean being turned back from a vamp. For that matter, I wonder why they've never mentioned it again with all the vamp activity this season. *ponders*


Conway Springs, KS (I always grin when they're in KS).

It's night and two kids are making out in the front seat of a car at what's clearly a 'make-out' point. A vamp attacks them and it turns out it's a set-up. Three kids -- Chrissy Chambers, from S7, a good-looking boy named Aidan, and a pretty black girl named Josephine. It's clear that they're hunting a group of vamps as Aidan cuts off the head of the vamp, then stares down at it, tears pooling in his eyes, then leaving tracks on his face as he says, "One down, two to go."

Day time and the Impala rounds a corner to pull into a parking space. Is it possible for a car to look sexy as it turns a corner? I think so.

We have what feels a bit like an obligatory remember the crap that happened last episode conversation where Dean reminds Sam that he's got what Cas can't cure and wants to make sure he's okay, and Sam counters with a reminder that Cas 'dinged' Dean up pretty good and wants to make sure he's okay. Sam deflects his brother's uber-focused attention on him by asking if needs to talk about anything after that beating he took.

Dean: What, like my feelings?

Sam: If that's what you want to talk about, sure.

Dean likewise deflects Sam's concern with sarcasm. Heh.

Dean: Why don't I go find some herbal tea. You can find some Cowboy Junkies on the dial. We'll talk it out.

Sam's like, exit, stage right.

Dean: Good talk!

They head into the police station and find the (ancient) local sheriff who guesses that since they're FBI they're there about the "Lady Killer Murders" -- which he dubbed himself. Two female victims, under 21, drained of all blood. In retrospect, I'm guessing these initial vics were the result of Hoodie!Vamp. But I did wonder at the time if the fact that they were following up on a vamp lead had either or both of them thinking about Benny.

The sheriff shows them a surveillance video of the make-out point area, where they caught the vamp killing from the beginning on tape. Watching it, Dean recognizes Chrissy right off and plays the I am an F.B.I. Agent (you have to read that in Keanu Reeves' voice for it to be funny) card, telling the sheriff to call off the APB and give them the tape. Outside, Sam's like, wassup, Fed? Dean tells him it's Chrissy in the vid and after they bat back and forth possibilities of what happened to her dad, Dean says they have to find her before she gets into any more trouble.

Meanwhile, that night, Chrissy is using a fake KS ID and a few bills slipped across the counter to check into a hotel. She and Aidan are in a room setting up surveillance equipment and she's refusing his "you were putting out different vibes last night" advances by saying she has a boyfriend...who only Skypes...and lives in Canada. Josephine shows up and they gear up -- complete with picture-in-picture camera and audio that Chrissy monitors from the laptop in the room while Aidan and Josephine head out to room 215 where they've found a vamp.

We watch Aidan find some drops of blood on the floor and start to pick the lock of room 215, but when the door opens, it's Sam and Dean walking into Chrissy's room. She greets them with a gun in Dean's face and demands to know what they're doing there.

Dean: Saving your bacon.

Chrissy: Does it look like my bacon needs saving?

Sam's like, okay, good point. She wants to know how they found her -- she paid cash everywhere. Dean says there are only two hotels in a 20 mile radius and they paid cash, too, just more. Sam wants to know where he dad is and with barely a change of expression, she says he's dead, then tells them to leave.

Chrissy: We've got this.

Sam: We who?

Dean: Got what?

She takes them over to her laptop and they watch the teenaged vamp slayers enter the room and see a female victim tied up on the bed, but just then, a vamp jumps the kids from behind and Sam, Dean, and Chrissy burst into the room. It's a chaos for a few moments, then the vamp jumps out the window. It's a two-story drop, so Dean stops his pursuit at the window, seeing the vamp run toward a dark van. Chrissy says she's got him and heads outside before Dean can stop her.

Dean: Son of a bitch!

He heads out after her and Sam goes to the victim, but before he can do anything, Aidan has called an ambulance and Josephine is stabilizing her, saying they'll leave her for the paramedics. Sam's like buzzah....

Outside, Chrissy's after the vamp and Dean's after Chrissy. She shoots the vamp with darts filled with dead man's blood, felling it. Dean asks about a blue van, which Chrissy didn't see, and Dean goes to machete the vamp, but Chrissy stops him saying it's not his kill. Dean looks totally confused until Sam and the other two kids run up and Josephine tells her story -- mom, brother, sister, all killed by this vamp. But the vamp is like, no, no, it wasn't me, I swear, I didn't do it. Josephine isn't having any of it and WHAMMO. Headless vamp.

Dean takes Chrissy aside for a bit of a chat. She tells him that her dad did quit the life and for awhile it was great -- dinner at a table, watching TV, even going to the mall. But then his past caught up and she woke up one morning & found him dead with his throat ripped out. If it weren't for Aidan and Josephine, she doesn't know what she would have done.

Dean: They both lost their families as well?

Chrissy: Sam vamps were running together. A nest.

Dean: You are way too young to be doing this.

Chrissy: You're never too young to kill monsters. Especially the ones who kill your family.

Which, Dean can understand, but....

Dean: Hunting isn't all about killing and revenge. I thought we had this chat last time. Do you have any family that's still out there?

Chrissy: An Aunt in Cincinnati.

Dean: Pack a bag and we're taking you there.

Chrissy: Victor's going to have a problem with that. He took us in; taught us everything we know.

Dean: What, like a kid's school for hunters?

Chrissy: Don't be such a dweeb. We're not the X-men. Victor's helping us get revenge.

Aside -- who says 'dweeb' these days?

Dean: Well, he sucks. You and your crew got caught and if it wasn't for me, your faces would be splattered all over the news.

Chrissy: So what? Maybe it's time people knew the truth.

Dean: Cause panic, create mayhem? Yeah, that's a great plan.

Chrissy: I don't need you to save me, Dean. I'm not a little kid anymore.

The look on Dean's face right before he says, Wow, had me thinking, shoot, you can save me if you're needing to save someone. /shallow...oh, who am I kidding.

Dean returns to Sam and Sam asks him if Chrissy told him about Victor.

Sam: Didn't we meet a hunter named Victor in Spokane?

Dean (thinking): That was a long time ago.

Sam: These kids are....

Dean: Dangerous and off their meds? No kidding.

The kids load up the vamp body (wrapped in plastic) into the back of their car and the boys follow them home to talk with Victor. When they get to the house -- and it's a BIG house -- Dean says something that causes Sam to half-grin, but I couldn't catch it. They head inside and Dean's surprised and visibly impressed. He says he was expecting more Lord of the Flies, less Huxtables. Victor comes down the stairs and Sam introduces himself and Dean, and Victor remembers them. As the boys stand and watch, Victor does his benevolent caretaker routine.

He hugs Josephine, since she got her 'revenge' that night, and reminds her of their 'motto' - move on but never forget. He tells Aidan to clean his room and Chrissy promises to have a report about the hunt on his desk by morning. The kids all up in their rooms, Victor offers the boys a drink and they sit down. Sam's still trying to get a grip on all of this, asking if the kids go to an actual school school, which they do.

Dean: So...after soccer practice they chop vampire's heads off?

Victor: I think a balanced approach is best, don't you?

Dean: They're kids. They shouldn't be hunting at all. You gotta break this up right now.

Victor: When I found them, they were lost, confused, angry. I gave them family and purpose. You want to take that away? Why?

Sam: So they don't get killed.

Victor: They know the risks.

Sam: Why take them?

Victor: Because the next generation has to be better than us. I know your friends. Martin was insane. Someone dropped Garth on his head when he was a baby, and I know you loved that Bobby guy, but he was a barely-functioning alcoholic.

Okay, while I loved Dean's response to this, they barely knew this guy. How did he know they "loved that Bobby guy"? *flag on the play*

Dean: Watch it.

Victor: No disrespect meant. Josephine is an all state athlete and National merit scholar. Aidan can pick your pocket before you an blink. Chrissy is a natural-born leader and hunter.

Dean: So what?

Victor: These kids are the Beatles, the dream team. Once they get their revenge, they'll be better hunters than any of us ever dreamed of.

And that's where things started smelling hinky.

The boys leave and Dean's like, this is crazy.

Sam: Looks like a good life.

Dean: Kids aren't supposed to hunt, Sam.

Sam: We did.

Dean: Look what that did for us.

Sam: Maybe they can hunt and have a real life.

Dean: You know that's not true.

Sam: Why? Because it didn't work for us?

Dean: Because it doesn't work for any body.

Sam: Then what do you want to do? 'Cause Victor's not gonna stop this.

Dean wants to hunt the nest for the kids -- keep them safe, at least, until they can figure out what to do about Victor. He's off to talk to the girl from the hotel. Something there didn't smell right to him. He tells Sam to watch after the Brady Bunch. As Dean leaves, Shady Van Guy II pulls up, peering out from beneath his hoodie.

Apparently, Dean grabbed a few zzz's or something, because next thing we know, it's morning, Sam's waking up after having (apparently) slept on the couch and he wanders into the kitchen filled with teenagers and waffles. The kids are typical teens, finishing food on the run as they head off to school, Victor saying he'll pick them up from school like the good guardian he is. He asks Sam if he has any kids and Sam's like, uh, no. He gets Victor's back story then, finding out that Victor had a wife and 3 kids, all of whom were ripped to pieces by a wendigo. And yet, he tells Sam that the "answer is always yes" when it comes to wanting kids.

He goes on to tell Sam that these kids don't have to live the way we have...crappy hotel rooms, always moving. No family, no life. It's not the only way. It's clearly appealing to Sam, his face looks almost earnest as he listens.

Meanwhile, Dean is talking to the hotel victim (which is why I was saying he caught some zzz's, since he was only just now talking to her). She tells him that the vamps name was "Jimmy Day" and she doesn't know why he would do what he did -- everyone in town knows him; he's a hero. They had a parade for him when he returned from Afghanistan a few weeks go.

She tells him she came from work and a blue van pulled up, a guy with a hoodie asking for directions. Next thing she knows, she woke up tied to the bed. Not cool. She says that Jimmy Day was there and he was crying, saying he was sorry.

Back at Victors, Sam's looking around a pictures and is surprised to find out that Victor pulled the kids out of school because, he claimed, he found the vamp who killed Chrissy's dad -- a female vamp supposedly caught on a surveillance camera. The proof is that she's wearing Chrissy's dad's arrowhead necklace, but Sam sees that there isn't a time stamp on the photos. Hinky once more.

Dean calls and tells Sam about Jimmy Day and the blue van. Sam tells him about the photo w/out a time stamp and Victor's claims that it's the vamp to killed Chrissy's father.

Dean: I never trust a guy who wears a sweater.

Sam is going to do more digging and Dean's going to talk to the hotel clerk. When Sam comes back into the room, Victor says the kids are gone, tracking the vamp. Sam tells him that they have a problem closer to home and points out that the blue van is parked outside his house. Victor says they're going hunting. Back at the hotel, Dean pays the clerk more money and finds out the Shady Van Guy II was actually the one who booked the room the vamp was in, and he was checking out brochures for Conway Springs Lodge a few miles down the road.

Back at Victor's, Sam and Victor are scoping out the empty van, then they (inexplicably) walk through a park-like area, guns drawn, but at their sides, stalking forward, looking for the hoodie-wearing driver.

Dean pulls up to the lodge, sneaks into the only opened door, and creeps inside. He sees supplies on shelves, including arrows in a quiver, and finds a the dark haired girl from the "surveillance" photos. She's totally disoriented, in pain, and scares herself when her vamp teeth descend for the first time. She says a guy in a hoodie grabbed her and took her here. As Dean's calming her down, someone sneaks up behind him -- it's the 3 kids.

In park, Shady Van Guy II -- aka Hoodie!Vamp -- is hiding behind a tree, wearing sunglasses, and just as Sam rounds the bend and could have grabbed him, Victor clocks him a good one and he's out cold. At that point the fact that Hoodie!Vamp is working with Victor is pretty much a duh.

In the Lodge, Dean is trying to talk the kids down, telling Chrissy this isn't the vamp who killed her dad, she's "fresh made, a day or two." Same thing for the vamp at the hotel; he was newly turned.

Dean: Vamps don't beg for their lives. They attack.

He puts his machete away and tells them to take their guns off of him or someone is getting hurt. Aidan is all oh, yeah, big talk, and before any of them realize what's happening, Dean steps forward, grabs Aidan's gun, and ejects the bullet from the chamber. Chrissy is like, even if it isn't the right vamp, it's still a vamp and deserves to die.

Dean: Not if we can save her. She hasn't fed yet. We can reverse this if we can find her maker and get his blood.

Aidan: Why should we care about her?

Dean (to Chrissy): Hunting isn't all about killing.

Aidan: Please. Preach this to another choir. We're not buying it.

Dean (raising his voice): You want to kill an innocent girl?

Chrissy wants the vamp who killed her dad to pay, and Dean's not arguing that point, just doesn't want her to be so bloody thirsty that any of them would do. Not so sure he'd have been of the same mind before he'd been friends with a vamp. Or been one himself for a short time. He convinces them to take the female vamp back to the house and confront Victor.

It's night once more. Back at Victor's house, Sam is tied to a chair, just waking up. Victor starts to knock over tables, wrecking his house and telling Sam his master plan. Why he waited until Sam was awake to wreck his house, I don't know, but there you have it. The plan is for the kids to come home, victorious from their kill, find Sam dead, and be galvanized to keep hunting. Not sure what Victor's big plan was going to be had Sam and Dean not show up, but, again, there you have it.

Sam is disgusted with Victor, but Victor, is at the moment all bad guys relish -- the big reveal of their master plan coupled with all the reasons they are righteous in their endeavors. Not only that, but it's quite possible Victor when a bit insane when his family was killed by the wendigo. He tells Sam they're losing a war and they're doing what they can to survive.

Just then Dean and the kids come in, see Victor with the gun on Sam and the wrecked house. Dean's eyes immediately find Sam and Sam kind shrugs, still tied to the chair like, yeah, sorry. Seems whenever Chrissy's around, Sam's destined to be tied to a chair. Victor starts in on his lying liar who lies routine, but Dean breaks it down for everyone, telling the kids that Hoodie!Vamp is working with Victor and has been turning fresh vamps and setting up the kids for these easy kills so that they could get their 'revenge.'

Turns out, Hoodie!Vamp was the one who killed their families, by order of Victor. Victor is all, hey, the deaths were tragic, but it was for a greater good. The kids, though, they don't see it that way. Hoodie!Vamp grabs Aidan, Dean pulls his gun, Victor says they're leaving, and Chrissy steps in his way. Josephine goes for Victor with a knife, distracting him from Chrissy and Chrissy puts two DMB-filled darts (at least I think that's what it was) into Hoodie!Vamp's eye, freeing Aidan, then she grabs her real gun and trains it on Victor.

Dean (real quiet, real low): Chrissy, no.

He still has his gun on Victor. Chrissy wants to kill Victor for revenge and Dean tells her that they don't kill people (well, not always, anyway...except when they're possessed by demons or something). She says he's not a person, he's a monster. Dean lowers his gun and his voice gets even softer as he says, "Chrissy? No."

She pulls the trigger anyway, but the gun is empty. She pulls it once for her dad, Josephine's family, Aidan, and herself. Victor is on his knees crying from fear, and she drops the bullets on his bowed head. She tells the other kids that they're going to leave him alive to live all alone with w/ himself. No family, no friends. My brain inserted wallowing in freakish misery forever. 10 points for Griffindor if you get that one.

Dean goes to cut Sam free and just as he does, Victor grabs a gun from an ankle holster and before anyone can stop him, shoots himself in the head. That was a bit jarring, I'll say.

Later, after they've saved the female vamp (and her return to human seemed much less painful than Dean's in that she sat on a chair and calmly sipped the drink), Dean and Sam are saying goodbye to Chrissy.

Dean: I'm proud of you.

Chrissy: Shut up before I punch you.

Me: *rolls eyes*

Sam gives her the arrowhead necklace that had been her fathers and tells her he'll wait outside. Dean wants to take her to her Aunt's house, but she wants to stay with Josephine and Aidan. She says they won't go looking for hunts, but if the monsters find them, they know how to take them out. Dean relents, saying she's not a kid anymore and can make her own decisions.

Chrissy: You're all right for an old guy.

Dean: Really not that old.

Chrissy: You keep telling yourself that.

Dean tells her that he's going to have Garth check on them and offers her his fist to bump, but she leans forward instead and kisses him on the cheek. Aidan is all too happy to see Dean leave, and Dean pulls him aside as he walks toward the door warning him that if he hurts Chrissy...she'll kill him.

The boys walk out to their car and Sam says this could have been a lot worse.

Dean: It will be if we don't shut those gates of Hell soon.

Sam: What do they have to do with any of that?

Dean: They're hunters now. You don't just walk away from that. There's only one way out and you and I both know it ain't pretty.

Sam: Maybe they'll be different.

Dean: Maybe...if we shut that hell hole once and for all, those 3 can have a real life.

He gets into the car and Sam looks away, his jaw flexing and he whispers, "Maybe they won't be the only ones."

I'm looking forward to next week and advancing the storyline...ready to see how Carver's going to weave together some of these threads! Thanks for reading.


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