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Stream of Consciousness Delayed: Death is on its own clock

Hi All.

Those of you who read my journal for more than the weekly episode reviews know that my father has been fighting GI cancer for the past couple months. On Sunday, April 21st, he lost his fight. I had flown to IN from my meeting in Sydney to be with my family once I knew there was nothing more they could do for him.

He was there when I came into the world; I was there when he left.

I'm home now, but only for a couple days. Hubs, Mo Chuisle and I are driving back to IN on Friday for his memorial service this coming Saturday. While watching our show and Rambling through my review has always been cathartic for me -- a true escape -- I find I just don't have the energy for it today.

I apologize for any disappointment caused for those of you who do look forward to reading these. What I thought I'd do was offer you a two-fer with next week's episode: two reviews and lists in one post, minus the recap of each (since you guys have all seen it anyway). I'll be back to my regular style for the final two episodes. I am very much looking forward to these final four episodes and to writing the finale Ramble after the episode on May 15th.

Thank you for understanding. My world has been irrevocably changed and right now I feel like I'll be sad forever, though I know from experience that time will heal the parts of my heart that are ragged and torn. I look forward to hearing from you guys next week; I hope you choose to return.

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