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Random update: ramble comments, S9, and processing

Hiya peeps.

I hope the hiatus has been treating you well. It's been...interesting for me, to say the least. I'm having a bit of a rough time processing everything that's been going on. I'm usually very good at compartmentalizing, but I think that my compartments might be full.

It took me awhile, but I was able to finally reply to the wonderful comments on the season finale. I know that I've missed replying to the last several, but I hoped if I replied to the finale comments, you all might be okay with that and forgive me for not replying to the rest I missed. It in no way means I am unappreciative of the time ya'll spend reading and replying to the other Rambles; I just got a little too far behind the 8-ball this time. I hope you know how much I value your input and time.

With the finale Ramble, there were several Anonymous comments. Without a LiveJournal account, anons don't get the benefit of being informed when I reply to a comment, so I want all of you Anons to know that your comments were read and replied to. There was one in particular I wanted to address. This anon reacted to my thoughts of Dean with a very eloquent rebuttal about Dean actually being the emotional focus of the story. To which I don't disagree.

I wanted to simply make the point that in Season 9, I would like to see Dean have more of a pivotal plot point, one where the fate of the world (which always seems to rest on the shoulders of our favorite brothers) hinges on him in some way. It doesn't even really have to be something he does -- it could just be his survival. Sam could have the primary action once more but have that action be around making sure Dean survives, rather than something outside of them. The point I was attempting to make in my reply to this Anon was simply that while I completely agree that it's Dean's emotion and humanity that grounds everything about this overall story in a relatable realism, I simply would love for one of the story archs they begin for him (righteous man, Michael's sword, Purgatory) to be completed in such a way as to bring closure to the overall storyline they're telling in a given season.

But, I think that this article posted to Spoiler TV, which kristen999 brought to my attention *thanks her*, articulates my thoughts perfectly. The author even uses some of the same examples I've been attempting to use. *grins*

ETA: I should point out that the article articulates my thoughts...with the exception that I don't want Dean to "go bad." It's more the build up of his not having a plot and needing to have one that resonated with me. Besides...we've already had one of the brothers "go bad" when Sam didn't have a soul. We don't need that again, no matter how well Jensen could pull it off. But I'll address that more in my replies to your comments. :)

All-in-all, I finally feel like I'm truly in the hiatus, with the finale comments replied to, and am now percolating on more show-related thinky-thoughts. I've begun my next story -- am about 30K words into it, actually -- and once I get it to where I don't think I'd be making people wait exponentially long for the next chapter, I'll begin posting. This one has been a true escape -- it's a bit interesting writing an AU. Like stepping off a hi-dive into a 30-foot pool.

I very much hope to see ya'll back here. Slainte!

Tags: episode review, fandom, fanfic, ramble, speculations, stream of consciousness, supernatural, thank you, what do you think?, writing
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