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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 9.02

Two epis in and I'm enjoying this season, ya'll. Highly entertained, intrigued and amused.

Also? Someone get me a screen grab, .gif, tumblr thingie...something of Dean in the red/gray plaid shirt sippin' his whiskey. *bites lip*

Okay, so I realized while replying to your awesome comments last week that I forgot my lists! So, while I'm still not taking it as seriously, and am returning to my commenty-recap-style of yore, I will bring back the lists. 'Cause they were fun.


- Aforementioned end shot of Dean, slouched in that curved MoL chair with forced casualness, fingers curved around the tumbler of whiskey, looking sexy as hell
- "I'm Kevin Frikkin' Solo."
- Agents Stark and Banner (no lie, serious LOL moment)
- Exterior shot of Impala at dusk with the mountains in the background
- "We gonna fight or make out because I'm getting some real mixed signals here."
- Zeke's broken wings and angle light shining from Sam (Maz, I thought of you!)
- "I'm gonna call you Zeke." (YES!)
- "Because you're family."


- Sam calling fallen angles "the God squad"
- "It got a little messy; I got a little lucky. Oh, and I'm awesome, so there's that." "Jeeze! You are pretty damn awesome."
- Dean having the right words to comfort and calm both Sam and Kevin
- Zeke telling Dean that he is one of the good guys...then realizing that is what a 'bad guy' might say
- The many ways Dean can work a pop culture reference into casual conversation


- Dean saying the bodies on the bus were meat suits, followed by Sam saying they were possessed. Um...duh. LOL!
- Tracy hating Sam b/c he let Lucifer out of his cage. Where's she been? SO much more has happened since then.... ;)

Okay, so in the THEN we're reminded who Abbadon is and that she was holy fired into smokey nothingness at the end of last season. Plus also, Dean has a ginormous secret he's keeping from Sam. In the NOW, we see an old house and someone dragging a body bag with some extra-crispy human remains inside.

Elsewhere, Dean is lying on a picnic table catching Sam up on the situation with Cas. He told Cas to high-tail it to the bunker, and while Sam is worried about the former-angel making that trip on his own, Dean says, "This goes Breaking Bad, he knows our number." He doesn't really look like he's not worried, though. More like he's not letting himself think about it right now. Because they've got bigger problems: fallen angels.

Since Dean's also just catching Sam up on the Crowley situation, it doesn't appear it's been very long since Sam woke up in the passenger seat, but Dean's bruises are all healed. That magic CW goo is just as good as the WB goo was, I guess. Not sure how he would have explained them away and stayed safe inside his lie.

Anyway, he tells Sam that he wanted to kill Crowley, but then thought WWSWD?

Sam: Stab him in the brain.

Whoops. Guessed wrong on that one! Dean, though, he figures the King of Hell might know a few things so he wants to "Zero Dark Thirty his ass."

Sam: buh-buh-buh

Dean: He's the junk in my trunk.

Open Impala trunk to reveal Crowley tied and gagged and a Devil's Trap on the inside of the trunk lid.

In the old house, a demon who is a dead-ringer for Ted Moseby is doing some ritual stuff while black smoke swirls above and after some bloodletting...voila! Abbadon is re-animated. Zoinks! She's looking all long-haired and old-school beautiful, too. I dig this baddie, gotta say.

Back at the Batcave (literally), Dean walks in and an arrow narrowly misses him. Aw, poor Kevin all bunkered down in the...bunker.

Kevin: You're alive!

Dean: Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot, Katniss.

Poor Kevin has had a bad couple of days, what with the alarms and the machines freaking out and the doors locking and no cell reception. He thought the world was ending. Dean says he's close and tells him about the angels. Then advises he grab a gun the next time he thinks the world is ending. Dean's entrance -- opening the door from the outside -- apparently reset the system because they have cell reception and everything now. Sam leads in a chained, hooded, and ear-muffed individual and Kevin realizes instantly who it is.

You could practically see the color drain from his face.

The boys chain Crowley up in that back room with the demon trap and chains and stuff in it.

Sam: You're giving us the names of every demon on Earth and the people they're possessing.

Crowley: Am I? Doesn't sound like me.

No joke, he sounded exactly like my boss when he said that line. It was a tad creepy, gotta tell ya.

Sam reminds Crowley that he saw him break down and Crowley says a whole bunch of stuff that basically boils down to no, I'm not helping. Then guesses that the boys are going to torture him for information.

Crowley: Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier putting the S-A-M into S&M.

Uhhh...okay, someone's been reading too much 50 Shades of Gray. Dean shoots Sam a well, that's disturbing glance and then the boys walk out and leave Crowley alone in the dark. Hmmmmm.

Meanwhile, Kevin is totally losing his shi--er, um, stuff. He is Not Happy about Crowley being there. And alive. And there. But the boys tell him -- rather enthusiastically, almost as if they're relieved and (dare I say it) excited to have a mission they actually know how to accomplish -- that Crowley can tell them where every demon is topside and then they can hunt them down and kill them.

Dean: He will break. When he does, we'll hold him down while you knife him. Then we'll all go out for ice cream and strippers.

In that order?

Seriously, though, I was intrigued by how eager they are to dig into this demon hunt. It makes perfect sense later, though. Both are driven by a sense of guilt layered with obligation and responsibility seasoned with a dash of comfort. Dean stopped Sam from shutting down Hell...and Sam failed in completing the trials. Both of them in one way or another blame themselves for there being demons on Earth still (though...I have to say I am not convinced shutting down Hell would have just *poofed* out all the demons from Earth, but...whatever). And when it comes to demons, they know what they're doing. It's comforting to have a mission and a plan you can actually fulfill. I like this drive, though. Feels a bit like old times: saving people, hunting things.

Plus also, I like that Sam looks better -- some color in his cheeks, face not so hollowed-out. I even like his hair; it doesn't make me want to braid it anymore. It was getting hard to look at him so wasted away and sickly.

Dean says he has to make some calls (I sometimes forget that there are other hunters out there) and tells Kevin to hit the angel tablet to see if they can figure out the spell Metatron used to empty Heaven. Meanwhile, Sam will hit the 'net to see if anything looks angel-y. Or demon-y. Or monster-y or ghost-y.

Dean: Gonna be a long year.


Elsewhere, Abbadon is inspecting a tiny band of demons -- three men, including Ted Moseby, and an old lady. She wants to know what the hell happened to Hell and who put Crowley in charge. She's got big plans, see: take over Hell and lead the legions of demons to conquer Earth. The King is dead; long live the Queen.Grandma Crossroads Demon (which...that's all kinds of disturbing right there, thinking about kids making deals and sealing them and just...yeah, no) decides to poke the bear saying if she could prove that Crowley was dead, this scheme of hers might work.

Abbadon strangles the demon spirit right out of her, telling her to go to Hell and "tell them I'm coming!"

Dean's on the phone with another hunter -- and I *think* he said his name was Pete, so it wasn't the same guy they rescue later, but they kinda looked alike? Ish? And I got confused. I think there was a Pete who used to hunt with Bobby -- and brought up the Siamese werewolf  story that Bobby always told Dean when he drank Labatts (kinda want a one-shot with drunk!Bobby and Dean's reaction to the story) -- and then there's Irv whom they rescue later. But I could be totally making Pete up and Irv might be who Dean was on the phone with. Bottom line -- Dean put the word out to the hunting community about fallen angels and how to stop them.

Next thing we know, we're at a Naval base. Which I found all kinds of amusing that the boys were able to show up there later b/c am I completely nuts in remembering that the MoL Bunker is in Kansas? It is, right? I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that unless you're talking about the ROTC here in Lawrence, the closest Naval base is about 800 miles away. I swear the Impala really is the Batmobile.

Anyway, three Navy boys in fatigues are on leave and get on a bus...which unfortunately is driven by none other than Abbadon herself. Her demonions are waiting to swap out meat suits. She likes a demon in uniform, apparently.

Elsewhere, a hot girl is standing by a broken-down VW bug by the side of the road. A skeevy guy in a conversion van, Doobie Brothers blaring from his radio, stops to offer her a lift into town. She's all yes, thank you, you're so kind...and then we see vamp teeth. D'oh! Seconds later, the van is rockin' but don't bother knockin' because hot girl is a hunter and skeevy vamp is headless before she can even break a sweat. She hops out of the van, quite satisfied with herself only -- whoops. Solider demon is there and tosses a bag over her head.

The boys -- all suited up -- arrive at the Navy Base to take a look inside the bus, but are stopped by a female soldier. They flash their badges -- Agents Stark and Banner. Who wants to bet that Sam is Banner? Hee.

The lady Sergeant is not swayed by two pretty boys in suits: it's a military case, not a Federal one. Dean calls his "boss" to get permission to be there, putting poor Kevin in the most uncomfortable spot he's ever been in -- and that includes Crowley torture. She wants to know who she's speaking to and Kevin stammers, "Uhhh...this is Kevin...Kevin Solo."

The Sgt is toooootally not buying what Kevin is selling -- wants to know how old he is and why he's messing around in a military investigation and even threatens to spank him unless he gives her a reason she should let Sam and Dean on the crime scene. After some wicked-fast google-fu, Kevin's all, "Cabo, last June." As Amy Duncan might say, Ba-BAM!

He found some, shall we say, incriminating photos of the pretty Sgt and threatens to send them to her C.O. unless she gives his guys anything they want. She demands to know how he found that out.

Kevin (his best. line. ever.): Because I'm Kevin Frikkin' Solo.

When she hands the phone back to Dean, he tells Kevin good job and the relieved smile Kevin gave the phone had me rubbing my heart. So, the boys inspect the bodies on the bus -- and based on how old the bodies were (which...not really sure how Sam could tell that by looking, but...okay) and the extreme sulfur smell, they figured demons. Security camera then showed them Abbadon on the scene and the boys are Not Happy.

Meanwhile, Abbadon and her soldier demons are torturing a hunter for the location of Sam and Dean. She manages to get Dean's phone number out of him, but when she calls it, Kevin answers. She gives him a message -- which he relays to the boys. She has hunters and will kill them unless they show up at a certain set of coordinates on the outskirts of Eugene, OR. Dean tells Kevin to figure out how to kill a Knight of Hell, and they head to OR.

Sam's like, you know this is a trap. Dean is basically like, "I always think everything could be a trap, which is why I'm still alive." (10 points for Griffindor if you pick up that reference.) Dean's going for it and Sam is in it with him, ready to go in guns blazing. Then we get that awesome shot of the Impala at dusk with the mountains in the background.

Back at the Batcave, Kevin is looking through files for a way to kill Abbadon, which leads him into the file room where Crowley has been alone with his thoughts for much too long. Crowley starts to play him, knowing just what buttons to push and exactly what order to push them in.

The boys show up at the coordinates and it's like the Chernobyl of Oregon. A burned-out looking ghost town. Sam tells his brother that a chemical plant went bonkers and they had to evacuate the town; the whole place is poisoned. Dean covers his family jewels. Hee.

Sam: Not gonna help.

Dean: Doesn't hurt.

They start walking through town, Dean carrying the duffel bag full of weapons, and hear a noise inside what used to be a diner. Sam's all quick-draw-McGraw with his gun; Dean doesn't even draw his. I thought that was interesting. They go inside and see two hunters tied back to back -- the hot girl from the vamp kill and another guy who may-or-may not have been the one Dean was talking to before, named Irv. They found out that Abbadon has been torturing hunters to get intel on Sam and Dean. The boys make both drink some Holy Water before untying them.

Meanwhile, Crowley is winding up Kevin, negotiating, saying that he tortures all his friends - that's how he shows his love. He teases that Kevin doesn't know for sure that Mama Tran is dead; he never saw a body. He pushes and pushes until Kevin hits him. And then he pushes more until Kevin hits more and eyes the knives on the wall. With all of Crowley's wit and clever insults and his coy way of positioning the truth right in the center of a net of lies so that you don't know what you believe, it's almost easy to forget how truly evil the King of Hell is.

He is actually the perfect kind of evil -- the kind that makes you, in some small way, almost care about him. Reminds me of that quote from The Usual Suspects: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn't exist."

Spend enough time reluctantly charmed by his disarming sarcasm and skilled negotiation tactics, it's almost possible to think of Crowley as one of the group. I mean, we saw him almost become human, demanding only to be loved. But whatever humanity may have flared up in that church is gone now. Crowley gets pleasure from pain -- his own just an instrument to inflict more pain on others. And he's going to be as big a problem for the brothers as the fallen angels.

Back at the abandoned diner, Dean is going through their inventory of weapons in the bag when Sam alerts him that the soldier demons are coming -- and they have assault rifles. *gulp* Dean eyes the weapons like eeny-meeny-miney-moe. He opts for 'moe,' cleverly recording a, "Come and get it, dicks!" message on his phone and leaving it behind as the foursome bail out the back door. They decide to flank "Seal Team Douche" -- Sam with Tracy (aka Hot Girl) and Dean with Irv.

That's when Tracy gets all eww, I'm not going with him, I hate him, he set Lucifer free. Dean, low on patience, is like, fine, the girl goes with me, Irv goes with Sam. I'm not sure if the writers brought that up again because they wanted us to realize that the hunting community knew, or that they didn't forget their own history or what. I think it's been established that Sam made bad choices, but he's worked to make up for them and I don't know why dredging up Sam's issue from four seasons ago was important. ANYWAY, moving on.

In the MoL Bunker, Crowley continues to bait Kevin, playing on his doubts and weaknesses until I wanted to use the sledgehammer on him myself.

In the deserted town, Dean and Tracy are rounding the side of the building to catch the demon soldiers in a crossfire and Dean feels compelled to defend Sam to her -- partly, I think, because he's wearing his own guilt like a cape.

Dean: For the record, Sam's not the only guy who thought he was doing right and watched it all go to crap. It's part of being human.

I wish he would listen to his own words sometimes.

He tells her she can be pissed at Sam, but if she's going after someone, make sure they've got black eyes. "Gotta know who the real monsters are in this world."

On the other side of the building, Irv wants to go in alone -- sacrifice himself to give Sam, Dean, and Tracy a chance to get away. He says he gave them all up to Abbadon; that's why they're in this mess. Before Sam can protest much, Irv is taken out by a sniper shot. Sam fires back -- and there's a cool camera shot through the sniper sight that looks like an RPG graphic. Sam starts to run for cover from the fire and ends up running right back into the diner and is caught by Seal Team Douche.

Hearing the shots, Dean and Tracy rush forward, but Abbadon clothes-lines Dean, knocking him flat. Tracy shoots her with the demon-trapping bullets, but Abbadon has discovered Kevlar. Drat. Dean splashes her with holy water which distracts her long enough that Dean is able to give Tracy the keys to the Impala and send her off after more ammo and weapons (and also conveniently getting her out of the way for what happens next).

Dean has an angel sword, but Abbadon disarms him -- practically breaking his arm in the process -- and drives him to his knees. While this is going on, Sam's in diner fighting two demons at once and getting his ass handed to him. I was just starting to wonder if Zeke would show up to power up Sam when Demon Number 3 showed up. Crap.

Dean is on his knees and Abbadon has his arm twisted up and back, her other hand gripping his hair. I swear it sounded like she was breaking bone.

Dean: We gonna fight or make out because I'm getting some real mixed signals here.

Abbadon wants Crowley; if Dean gives him up, she "let's" him die. Dean asks what happens if he tells her to get bent.

Abbadon (her hand traveling down Dean's chest and opening up the throat of his shirt): I've loved this body since the first moment I saw it. You're the perfect vessel. Give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.

Fangirls: You know that's right.

Abbadon: Play hard to get and I'll peel off this "no demons allowed" tattoo and blow smoke up your ass. Once I'm on top, I'll make you watch and I'll use your body....

Okay, I know she was threatening him and it was scary and there was pain, but good gracious. *blink blink* Taken out of context, that was...yeah. No wonder Dean was getting mixed signals.

Inside the diner, Sam is getting pounded. He's thrown against a wall and knocked out but just as the demons advance - ANGEL EYES! He stands up, strong, tall, light emanating from everywhere and cast back against the wall like living shadows are wings -- damaged, broken, but still spread wide and powerful.

Day-um. Buh-bye, Demons.

Abbadon is all, WTF?!

Dean (voice raspy from pain): Think we'd roll into this mouse trap without some backup?

She throws him through a display window and beats feet. Dean has to shake himself off a bit, but then runs to the diner to see Sam/Zeke calmly cutting the throat of a dead demon. In his calm, Starman-like voice he tells Dean that they were going to kill Sam. Dean is watching him, his expressed very wary. Sam/Zeke tells him that Sam was unconscious and won't remember any of this; that's why Zeke used the knife - to help Dean cover the angel power trip.

Dean is struggling -- too many implications, too many potential consequences. He's got his brother standing in front of him, but it's not Sam. It's Zeke and is Sam. It will be, anyway, when Sam wakes up. Multiple emotions trample Dean's expression and fight to be the one that comes out on top.

Dean: This is on  me. I was the one who talked Sam out of boarding up Hell. Every demon deal, everyone they're looking at the person who let it happen.

Zeke: You were protecting your brother. I am in Sam's head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know that what you did, you did out of love.

*rubs heart* I don't know about Dean, but I really needed to hear that Sam knew that and believed that -- believed it enough to convince an angel.

Dean: Zeke -- I'm gonna call you Zeke.

Me: *claps* Yeah, y'are!!

Dean (looking away, unable to meet Sam/Zeke's eyes): I'm not really...with the whole love...and love.

Zeke: That is why I said yes.

Dean: And if that goes sideways, it's on me, too.

Zeke: That's not going to happen.

Dean is finding this whole conversation nuts -- he's talking to Sam about this stuff, who he'd normally talk to about this stuff, only this time it's not Sam, but Zeke and it's just all...nuts. I have to say, though, that Sam felt a bit less Starman-ish as this scene continued.

Dean: I'm trusting you, Zeke! I just hope you're one of the good guys.

And if Zeke knows what Sam knows, then Zeke knows how hard it was not only for Dean to say that, but to mean it. Trust is a hard thing to come by for Dean.

Zeke: I am. But...I suppose that is what a bad guy would say. Dean are doing the right thing.

When Dean looked at him in that moment, his eyes looked so young. Younger than they have in a long, long time. He looked lost and scared and hopeful and so in need of believing in something. *rubs heart*

A bit later, Sam wakes up (once more slumped against the wall) and Dean hurries over to help him, the bloody Demon Killing Knife in his hand. He tells Sam that he took a shot to the head and Dean came in and saved his ass. Sam's like, buh-zuuuhhh...three demons?!

Dean: It got a little messy; I got a little lucky. Oh, and I'm awesome, so there's that.

Sam: Jeeze! You are pretty damn awesome.

Tracy pulls up in the Impala just then. Not sure where Dean parked it, but they drove 800 miles faster than it took her to run through town and grab that car. She climbs in the back and Dean says that burgers and Silkwood showers are on him. Both sound kind of awesome right now, actually. They head out, dropping Tracy off...somewhere.

Back at the Batcave, they walk in and call for Kevin. Dean's carrying a bucket of chicken and they're wearing the same clothes which HAVE to be getting a bit ripe right now after all those hours in the car. Kevin doesn't answer and they both get immediately worried, heading to where they left Crowley. He's still there. But looks most definitely worse for wear.

Dean: Who worked you over?

Crowley: Martin Hayward and Brandon Furor. (I think?)

Sam: They...did this to you?

I don't know  why, but I found Sam's befuddlement so funny in that moment.

Crowley: No, they're demons. You asked for names, I'm giving you names.

He wants a little "quid pro quo, Clarice." Those names are a 'thank you' for how much he enjoyed his new toy: Kevin. Wind him up and watch him go. Dean tells Sam to check out the names and he goes to find Kevin. As Sam backs out of the room and pulls the door shut, there's a look from Crowley that made me wonder...could a demon detect an angel hiding out inside a human?

Kevin is ready to leave. He's had enough of the Batcave, thank you very much. Dean stops him, telling him that with the demons and angels loose out there, all wanting to get their hands on a prophet, the bunker is the safest place for him. Plus...they need him.

Kevin: 'Cause I'm useful.

Dean (turning Those Eyes on full): Because you're family. After all the crap we've been through and all the good you've done, if you don't think we would die for  you...I don't know what to tell you. You, me, Sam, and Cas...we're all we got.

Tears are swimming in Kevin's eyes and Dean steps aside, not stopping him if he wants to leave. Later Dean comes into the Big Table Room where Sam is at his laptop -- and both are in different clothes, thank goodness -- saying that Kevin's sacked out in one of the back rooms. So, he'll be okay. Dean pours some whiskey and notices Pensive Sam is Pensive. He sits down and asks what's up.

Sam's thinking about what Tracy said. This was Dean's Episode for Motivational Speeches. He's just so damn good at them, y'know?

Dean: You have helped a helluva lot more people than you hurt. That? Was then. Here's to now.

*glasses clink*

Sam wants to know if Dean's ready for it -- fallen angels, Cas without his halo, Crowley in their basement? Dean turns the question back on Sam, asking behind the cover of his whiskey tumbler how Sam's engine is running.

Sam says he feels better than he has in a long time. He's happy with his life for the first time in forever. Things are good.

Last shot is of pensive Dean (and what. a. shot.) as he sits back and ponders this a bit. One one hand, Sam feeling good about life should make him feel good -- despite Sam chatting up Death like he was ready to be pals, Dean made the right choice in saving his brother. Sam was finally feeling good about things. On the other hand, what if he was only feeling good because he had an angelic pacemaker inside of him? What if it was false euphoria? And on the other hand (I know, I ran out of hands...let me borrow one of yours) Dean's gotta be feeling crappy knowing that if this is true happiness, it's all in danger of going away when he learns the truth and/or Zeke exits stage left.

All of that and more played across Dean's face as he sat quietly across from his brother, sipping his whiskey.

So, we've got Crowley doing what he does best -- negotiating and making deals -- and twisting up and poisoning everyone and everything around him. We've got Abbadon wanting to take over Hell -- as soon as she proves to demonkind that Crowley is dead. So, having Crowley in the bunker is all kinds of dangerous. Plus also, there's Human Cas still trying to get TO the bunker with rouge angels searching for him, minds set on revenge. And a wounded angel inside of Sam who says he's one of the good guys (and oh, my goodness do I want to believe him...I really do).

And while Zeke can power up if Sam gets overwhelmed...Dean could get himself into some serious trouble not having that back-up power.

Intriguing to say the least.

Thanks for reading -- see ya next week!

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