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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 9.04

I love it when fun episodes are just that: fun. Like honest-to-goodness fun. I mean, sure, we're not talking Shakespeare or Hemingway when it comes to episodes like this, but after a long day, when we just want to escape, this'll work. Plus also? With all the layers of lies Dean's having to tell, my gut says we're going to be in for some pretty big hits in a few episodes, so I'll take the 'lighter' ones when I get 'em.

I saw on Twitter that Robbie Thompson wrote this one (jazzyirish, I actually paid attention to an episode writer!) and I think he might've been shadowing Joss Whedon a bit because his female characters were the kind of tough, sassy, smart heroes I like to see. Not too snarky, not too helpless, and just the right amount of guts. Well done, that.

Okay, so, lists.


- The title. I mean, c'mon...Slumber Party with the Winchesters? Yes, please.
- Dean getting Game of Thrones, S1 -- and then subsequently (and accurately) labeling Joffrey a dick.
- A computer that runs on magic.
- The fact that the MoL bunker has a garage...with friggin' motorcycles. PLEASE tell me Dean gets on one at some point.
- Charlie. Full stop.
- Dean needing Sam to think of the bunker as home.
- "What did  she say to you?" "Something along the lines of hissssss."
- "Dammit! I just cleaned in here!"
- Poppies bullets.
- Dean's face when he realizes that Charlie's dead. *heart broken*
- AC/DC leading the gals down the Yellow Brick Road.


- Sam shutting down Spoiler-Charlie because he wants to read the GoT books.
- Two words: Flying. Monkeys.
- Sam giving Crowley paper and a crayon. Twice.
- Oz. The concept that it was real and the special effects that made it so.
- Crowley whistling "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
- Baby getting a home.
- "There's no place like home." (FINALLY!)
- The fact that Dean organizes his porn.
- Seeing Sam's room (such as it was).


- When did Dean stop checking pulses? He did the same thing with Cas -- just brush their face, cup their cheek, called their name. Pulse. Check.


- If the witch couldn't cross the Devil's Trap to get to Crowley, how could she possess the boys? Why didn't their tats work? And how did she also control Zeke -- was he just too weak from having saved Charlie? Unless it wasn't possession and rather "just" mind control....
- Anyone else find it interesting that the boys just rolled with the fact that Oz was an actual, real -- albeit alternate dimension -- place? Charlie was wigging out, but Sam and Dean were like, Oz, sure, we go there on vacation. 'Course, they are from Kansas, so.... Still. I would have liked some kind of mind-boggle that something once accepted as fiction was now, in fact...well, fact.
- Also found it interesting that Crowley knew immediately that the old hag who walked in his dungeon was the Wicked Witch. All the witches in the world, and he knew it was the baddest biotch this side of the Emerald City. Does Crowley know about alternate dimensions, then? *shrug*

Okay, forget Charlie - I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Oz is real in this 'verse. Made me think of so many other possibilities: Merlin and Arthur? Robin Hood? Maybe Sherlock Holmes? I mean, if in the Supernatural universe, Frank Baum's books were for all intents and purposes "revisionist history" of real events...why not others? I kinda dig the possibilities that unlocks.

We entered this journey with these boys on ghosts, eased into werewolves, vampires, wendigos and other monsters, readily accepted demons, marveled at and embraced angels.... I suppose it's not that big of a leap to think that if there's been a secret society of scholars cataloging, researching, and safe-keeping hundreds of years of supernatural lore that some of that lore could have turned into stories that fueled childhood imaginations. What better way to "protect" the regular people (non-hunters of the world) than to dupe them into thinking that it's all a fairy tale.

In this 'verse, Baum could have written the Oz books partly as a balm to help heal himself from losing his daughter, partly as a guidebook for her to find her way back, and partly as a way to shield something similar from happening to another overly curious and ambitious girl. If you don't believe it's real, you won't go looking for it, you can't get killed by it, right? But, as we know and as Sam and Dean know, that last part of the logic trail runs cold time and again.

Doesn't seem to much matter if you believe it -- it can kill you just the same.

ANYWAY. The Show, Gaelic.

So, THEN was basically Charlie. The NOW isn't really now now. It's 1935 -- and cleverly filmed in black and white to give it a different, antiqued feel. Two hunters in old school suits and fedoras. They each follow a set of steps, then, with the "protocol complete" they introduce themselves to each other. James Haggerty (older, thin mustache) and Peter Jenkins (younger, bright eyes). Haggerty is pretty much over the bunker before their tour of standing guard really even starts.

Jenkins, though, is basically OMG THIS IS SO COOL YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!1!!

He proclaims the bunker the, "epicenter of the ultimate chess match between good and evil." *cue dramatic music*

Six months later, though, he's playing actual chess and declares the bunker to be boring as hell. *dramatic music fades*

Someone calls with the wrong password and Haggerty gives the caller a hard time, saying they have protocol. He lets her in anyway, though, because she's "Frank's kid." Shortly thereafter, a dark-haired, dark-eyed woman (dressed a bit like Amelia Earhart from Night At The Museum: II) comes in, dragging a big black back full of The Wicked Witch.

So, we learn this later, but because I'm still a bit "wait...Oz is real in this 'verse" let me break down Dorothy's story really quickly. Frank Baum was a MoL, and Dorothy idolized him a bit, it seemed. She followed him on one of his trips to the Emerald City and got accidentally left behind. She met up with three crusaders who saw her as a chosen one to kill the Wicked Witch, but in the ensuing battle, the witch transformed the crusaders into the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow -- and she killed Dorothy.

I'm not entirely sure how Dorothy was revived since that wasn't exactly in the Judy Garland movie (no, I never read the books...don't tell Sam), but there was mention of a kiss from the Witch of the North protecting Dorothy, so perhaps it was that. Anyway, Baum was never able to find and save Dorothy, so he wrote the books about her journey -- revising them a bit, clearly. When Dorothy found her way back to the regular world, she became a hunter...until she had to get the witch again...or something. I'm not really clear on that part except that she was a hunter because she couldn't be a WoL.

Moving on! Back in the now NOW, Crowley is still chained up in the MoL dungeon, only now the boys have given him a desk. Sam comes in with a piece of paper and a crayon, setting both in front of Crowley without saying a word. Crowley tries to bargain for a room with a view in exchange for more demon names. Sam leaves, barely pausing.

Crowley: "Bollocks."

Up in the main room of the bunker, Sam's got all his research stuff spread around him doing...researchy things. Dean comes in the main door and says that Kevin is safely holed up in Branson for a brain break. Good. The kid needed to get out of that bunker for a bit. Dean picked up Game of Thrones, Season 1 and thought they could have a marathon and get some take-out. *pets him* He's a good big brother.

However, Sam thinks he's discovered a way to help Cas. When he says this, Dean's whole body goes on high-alert. He reacts and then immediately works to appear as if he didn't react, carefully schooling his features into mild curiosity as he asks Sam if he talked to Cas. Sam hasn't (and relief at hearing this nearly makes Dean sag) but also doesn't understand why Cas left.

Dean goes back to what he'd apparently said to explain Cas' departure to Sam in the first place -- that Cas felt like he'd bring trouble down on them. But then he leans forward and says almost too eagerly for casual interest that if Sam has a way to help Cas, he's totally in.

*rubs heart*

Dean, man, that ice is so thin beneath you and your skates are getting heavier. He's stacking up a precarious house of cards once more, Sam and his survival at the epicenter, and with full knowledge and total fear that if one card falls, they all fall and the weight will crush him. What a horrible reality to have to carry around every day -- especially knowing that he chose this. Guh.

So, Sam, the clever boy, wants to turn the MoL Risk Game Board table into an Angel GPS.

Dean (impressed...and also slightly suspicious): "This was your idea?"

Sam (perplexed...and also slightly insulted): "Do you see anyone else here?"

Yeah, Dean's not gonna touch that one.

Sam tells him that he couldn't figure out what was powering the lights in the Risk Game Board table, found some cables underneath and followed them to...the WOPR. Seriously, I half expected them to hit a button and hear, "Greetings, Professor Falken. Shall we play a game?"

It's a gigantic computer that fills basically the whole room, but Sam has no idea what's making it work. Dean runs his hand along it and finds a spot that's warmer than the others. He gets a screwdriver (or something) from a nearby shelf and works (and works and works) to pry open the front panel. When it comes loose, he falls back against the shelf behind him, causing a big glass jar with grayish/blueish goop in it to topple over. The boys don't notice that, though, because they're looking at what was behind the panel.

It looks complicated...and there's no manual or MoL IT group. But Dean does know someone who could help.

As they leave, though, the goop in the jar spills out and immediately starts climbing the wall behind the shelf. Duh duh Duhhhhh.

Back in 1935, Dorothy is telling Haggerty and Jenkins that the WW can't talk because she cut out her tongue. Jenkins is amazed that she captured the witch.

Dorothy: "Yes, despite all my lady parts, I managed to capture the Wicked Witch."

She's tried cutting off her head, burning her, dousing her with Holy Water...nothing has worked. The MoL are her last resort.

There's a really cool fade to the present where color slowly warms the black and white image. Next thing we know, Charlie is back at the bunker. Yay! Turns out it was good timing for her, because she recently got fired. So, she's been spending more time catching up on her hobbies...y'know, like LARPing, macrame, um...and what was that other one? Oh, yeah. Hunting. The boys are like you did what now?

Charlie: "I only took on a teenaged vampire and a ghost. Though, when you say it out loud it sounds like a YA novel."

She says it was tense, but...she wished it was more magical. Dean gives both Charlie and Sam an exasperated, the words, they hurt look, but before Charlie can wistfully tie mental pink bows on his chosen profession, she asks to see the "Commodore 64." Hee.

Showing her the WOPR was like turning a kid loose in a store of wind-up toys. She rambles that it belongs in a museum and runs on magic.

Dean: "Skip to the end."

Love how Sam just stares at her, almost glassy-eyed. *laugh*

Charlie tells them that it's basically an alarm system -- something goes bad on a the globe, the WOPR freaks.

Sam: "But...can we track angels?"

Charlie says to let her see what she can do and in the space of one commercial break she has the WOPR hooked up to a windows tablet. Ash would love this girl. Sam's like, yay! Thanks! Okay, so hunting?

Dean: "ALONE."

Charlie: "I know, that's not a good idea according to the books."

The boys look chagrined and Sam wants to know if she can delete the books from the internet. Dean wants to know where she even finds them.

Charlie: "It's this top secret place. I call it Amazon."


She says she thought it was fanfic at first, but realized it was clearly Edlund's work. They were apparently all uploaded and made available by someone named beckywinchester76. Did that ring any bells?

Sam (mentally and verbally backing away from this conversation): Nothing. Nobody. No. Bells.

Dean shoots him a real smooth, Ace look. Charlie tells them that the download was going to take awhile, so...take out? Sleep over? Braid each other's hair?

They all end up piling in Sam's room to watch Game of Thrones (and seriously, if they watched the WHOLE first season? That was a like a 10 hr download!). Dean and Charlie are sitting on Sam's (apparently rock-hard) bed, backs against the wall, and Sam is sitting off to the side on a desk chair. Or maybe actually on a desk. I couldn't tell.

Dean: "That Joffrey's a dick."

Charlie: "Wait until he--"

Sam: "Whoa! Spoiler! I haven't read the books yet!"

Dean (gesturing to the TV): "You're gonna read the books?!"

Sam says yes, he likes to read books -- then, because he's a younger brother and picking on each other is what siblings do, he adds that he likes books without pictures in them. Dean just gives him a that's because you're just weird look. Off of that conversation, and Charlie's declaration that Sam's bed it way uncomfortable, they start talking about how Sam hasn't really "moved in" yet. Hasn't really been time to put up that hang in there, kitty poster.

Dean (teasing): Our home isn't good enough for a hang-in-there-kitty poster?

Sam (defensive): This isn't our home! It's where we work.

Dean (defensive right back): What's the difference?!

Charlie: *awkward*

Dean gets up to go get them more beers. I have to say, I kind feel for both of them on the home issue. Later, Sam says something to Dean about not ever having what Dean did with their parents: memories of home. He's right...but also not. I mean, Dean was four. The most he has are impressions, not memories.

But I get Sam's point that when you never really knew what home was, it's hard to really decide when you were there. Or, rather, when a location was there. I think Sam has always decided that the people around him were his home. Dean and John, then later Jess and his Stanford friends, and then Dean again. Then even later, Amelia. None of those -- with the one exception of Dean -- have stuck around and every location -- with the one exception of the Impala -- has either burned down or he's been forced to leave. So, yeah, it's harder for him to accept the bunker as home.

However, I don't think that Dean does so simply because he once knew what home was like. Being yanked from a sense of security before you were really old enough to truly establish concrete memories and then thrust into a nomadic life of obligation and responsibility does not make one a beacon for stability.  John knew way back in Season 1 that the thing Dean really needed was a home. He wanted something constant in a life of inconsistency, something to count on when the rug is continually pulled out from under him. He wanted some place to return to, some place safe, some place he could fortify and protect, some place that he'd recognize when he woke up from his nightmares of Hell and Purgatory and The Road.

So, it seems natural that each would have their own timeline for thinking of the bunker as their 'home' and it also makes sense that neither would really get why the other one didn't think the same as them. Sometimes when something is important to us, it's hard to understand why it's not important to the person closest to us. It's almost as if we expect our feelings to become theirs by situational osmosis.

This is one of the reasons I love this show: the reactions are so real, even when the situation (Oz) is not.

While Dean is on a beer run in the kitchen, Sam asks Charlie what all that talk about hunting being magical wasn't about. Charlie, see, she's down with the saving people, hunting things, family business mindset...but she was raised on Tolkien. Where are the White Walkers, the One Ring, the volcano to throw it in? Where's her quest?

Sam's like, yeah...magic and quests kinda suck. Poor Charlie.

Back in 1935, the MoLs are hitting dead ends for killing the WW. While they're searching, though, the WW breaks free of her bonds and with a touch to the forehead, mind-zaps Jenkins, controlling him. She forces him to speak for her and makes Jenkins attack Haggerty, forcing Haggerty to stab and kill Jenkins. *frown* Poor guy. The witch, meanwhile started after Dorothy who had previously run down to the MoL lab to do...labby things. Haggerty chases after her and just as he reaches the door there's a flash of light.

Back in the now, Charlie figures the download is done and they head back to the giant computer room...but when they enter, they see a large cocoon-like thing attached to the back wall. Dean heads for it, Sam staying back to protect Charlie, and cuts it open, pulling the sides back and a perfectly preserved Dorothy falls out, then wakes up with a gasp.

Somehow, they manage to find the exact file about Dorothy's disappearance (*hand wave*) and Charlie is busy tripping out about the fact that Oz is real.

Charlie: "This will never stop blowing my mind!"

Dean: "Pace yourself, Toto."

Dorothy finds out that it's been 75 years, tells them that when she went to the lab to do labby things, she mixed up a spell/potion/thingy that bound the witch, but the only catch was that it bound Dorothy with her, their souls connected and trapped in that jar. So...if Dorothy was awake, then so was the witch.

And it just so happened that the witch either remembered the lay of the land in the MoL bunker, got really lucky, or evil is just able to find evil because she heads right to Crowley, who, as we established, recognized her.

Crowley: "Big fan. Love your work."

Since she can't cross the Devil's Trap to get to him, and can only hiss as she is sans tongue, he throws his paper and crayon at her and tells her to write down what she wants. Back up in the WOPR room, Sam and Dean decided to go have a looksee and tell Dorothy to stay and help the "smartest person in the room."

Charlie = *adorable blush*

Dorothy tells Charlie the real story -- effectively ruining her childhood memories of reading the books, but also giving her the brilliant idea to take poppies and put them into bullets to slow down the witch. The boys head to Crowley, who is hilariously whistling "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." He calls the boys the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. A little surprised he didn't go with the Cowardly Lion, but it's all good.

Crowley: "Your new house guest is so...misunderstood. Neither of you saw Wicked?"

Sam: "What did she say to you?"

Crowley: "Something along the lines of hiisssssss."


He knows what she's looking for, but wants a chance to stretch his legs in exchange for the info. So, Sam holds a gun trained on him  while Dean unshackles him. Dean moves back over by Sam and Crowley wants a chance to move around a bit before he tells them. Dean shoots him in the shoulder.

Crowley: "Rude."

He shows them the paper -- and I don't know if she'd written the word 'key' on it or drew a picture. Either way, she's looking for a key. And not just any key; this key will turn any door into a doorway to Oz. Crowley told her that it was in the kitchen. The boys head there next and find it utterly trashed.

Dean: "Dammit! I just cleaned in here."

Welcome to my world every Saturday morning after I clean...then Mo Chuisle turns the dogs loose.

Charlie shows up and gives them the 411 on the Poppies Bullets, but says there was only enough poppies for 4 bullets, so use them wisely. Dorothy tells them that if the witch gets into Oz, she'll destroy all that's good there. Which...duh. I did get that from the movie. She shows them a picture of the key from her handy-dandy notebook and Dean remembers seeing it before when he was inventorying (cue S8 flashback of Dean finding a sword, Asian porn, and this weird, pointless key that we thought meant nothing). It's in his room...somewhere.

Dean wants Charlie to go to the dungeon, but she's like as if! I've got a quest! SO, Dean and Charlie head to Dean's room to find the key and Sam and Dorothy head can't remember. I think distract the witch? Anyway, Dorothy asks Sam how long he's called the bunker 'home' and Sam replies that his brother calls it home. He's never really had that much luck with homes.

The witch suddenly shows up behind Sam, Dorothy shoots her, and the witch smokes out into the ventilation system.

Meanwhile, in Dean's room, Charlie is marveling that Dean keeps his porn meticulously organized, and yet...he can't find a key in a box.

Dean: "Don't judge me."

The man does have his priorities.

Just as he finds it, the witch pours out from the ventilation system, grabs the key from Dean, whacks him a good one that sends him across the room, smacking his head pretty good on the wall. The witch goes to zap Dean while he's down, but Charlie dives in the way and gets zapped instead. Dean rallies and shoots the witch, who once more smokes out.

Dean moves over to Charlie, calling her name, tapping her face, looking more and more worried. He picks her up and puts her on the bed, whispering a disbelieving, "No," and with that word exhaling a bit of desperation that he's had to do this twice now with his friends dying on him, way too close together.

Just then, he hears Sam running down the hall toward him, yelling his name and he turns, his instincts on overdrive and his brain not connected to his labyrinth of lies, and calls out, "Zeke!"

Sam rounds the corner, but as soon as Zeke hears Dean call him, he flashes forward with his glowy angel-eyes. Kudos to Jared for that quick shift. Even without the glowy angel eyes, I think I would have been able to see Zeke 'arrive.'

Dean pleads for Zeke to heal Charlie like he did Cas, but Zeke tells Dean that he's barely at half strength. When he uses it, it weakens him, which means he'd have to stay in Sam longer than they both want. Basically he can help them with the witch, or he can save Charlie.

Dean keeps getting put in these awful choices -- let Sam die, or let Zeke posses him; send Cas away, or risk Zeke having to leave Sam before he's healed; stop an evil witch, or save Charlie's life. Each time, Dean chooses with his heart, doing his best to make the right choice, but you know each one of these is just adding to that house of cards. It's so going to fall on him hard. The choices he's being forced to make are going to tear him up. *rubs heart*

Dean chooses Charlie, of course, and it weakens Zeke, of course, so suddenly Sam's on the ground leaning up against Dean's dresser all, WTH?! Charlie wakes up from a dream about Christmas, looking a little befuddled at Dean.

Dean (eyes bright and voice choked): "I told you to stay in the dungeon."

Charlie: "I bet you say that to all the girls."

Dean has to do his tap dance again, explaining how they each got in the situation they were in. Y'know what I want? I want Zeke to have to save Dean. I want Dean's life to be in the balance and for Zeke to have to choose to surge forward to save him. Just...saying.

With all the shooting and smoking out, there's only one Poppies Bullet left. Dean and Sam go searching for the witch while Dorothy stays back with her new BFF Charlie. As the boys are checking the halls, Sam asks the question you know Dean has been dreading since the premiere.

Sam: "Who is Zeke?"

He heard Dean call out to Zeke just as he came in the room. Whoopsie! Guess Zeke's mind wash didn't go back far enough this time. Dean plays it off like Sam's still punchy from the witch attack, but his expression is very, Dammit, Dean!

Dorothy informs Charlie that she died -- get zapped by the witch, it's pretty much a given. She says that Charlie's dream about Christmas was her ultimate Heaven. I thought it was interesting -- at the Chicago Convention, someone asked Jensen what his Heaven would be and his answer was, "A sense of peace with everything." I liked that for life, but also thought it fitting for Dean. Would his ultimate Heaven be to finally, finally have a sense of peace about everything he'd done and not done?

Dorothy: "You're not a hunter until you've died and come back at least once."

Dorothy shares her "killed by the witch" story, too. The interesting thing for me in this whole exchange is that Dorothy never shares how she was brought back and Charlie never asks how she was brought back. They just kinda roll with it. Which...y'know, weird.

Sam and Dean are still searching and Dean is bothered by something, asking Sam why it was he never moved in. Sam tells him then that he never had what Dean had - memories of home.

Dean: "A lifetime of abandoned buildings and crappy motels...this is as close to a home as we're gonna get."

His expression as he watches Sam explain why it doesn't really work like that for him is's like he's listening to Sam speak backwards and knows he should understand but just can't. And it both angers him and hurts him. *pets him*

Meanwhile, Dorothy and Charlie are talking about how the books Baum wrote are like guidebooks -- there are clues on how to defeat the which, like the Poppies Bullets. Dorothy has an epiphany and says, "We gotta get to the garage."

Charlie and me at the same time: "There's a garage?!"

Sam and Dean clear another room and suddenly the witch appears behind Sam -- again -- and grabs him. She has a green glowy hand pointed threateningly at Dean and he can't get a clear shot of her around Sam. So...being Dean, he just throws himself at both of them, knocking all three of them across a table and to the floor, taking them all down.

But, then the witch does that forehead thing and manages to control their minds. I think it was actually not possession -- it was mind control. That was why the tats didn't have an effect and Zeke wasn't bothered, because she wasn't actually inside both of them, she was just controlling them. If I'm right then Dean still hasn't been possessed -- he's been under spells before and mind controlled in that way, but never truly possessed, and I kind hope it stays that way.

Anyway, she speaks through them in a low, evil voice to "find the girls; kill them both."

So, it turns out that the bunker garage is filled with motorcycles and old cars and oh. my. gosh. if they don't put Dean on one of those motorcycles at some point...I may well and truly pout. Dorothy runs to her bike and pulls the head of the Tin Man out of her satchel. Um, ewww. Then finally, after digging further, finds two red, high-heeled shoes. They are magic from Oz -- sharp magic from Oz -- and they can kill the witch. So, yay! Only before they can go use them, the boys show up. Boo!

Dean: "There you are."

Charlie: "Is that your Batman voice?"

Definitely not his Batman voice. They both walk forward in that "Friday the 13th" I never run but I still catch you cadence, Dean going after Charlie and Sam after Dorothy. Meanwhile, the witch has found a door and is doing...witchy things. Through Dean and Sam she reveals that she has no intention on returning to Oz: she's bringing her armies here. Flying monkeys in Kansas? Not cool, man.

The witch does some spellish stuff, turns the key and opens the door and -- mad props to the FX guys...Oz looked very cool.

In the garage, the girls are holding their own. Charlie kicks Dean in the crotch and Dorothy whacks Sam with a pipe. While Dean is down from Charlie's kick, Dorothy tosses Charlie the other shoe and tells her to GO! The witch is calling her freaking flying monkeys when Charlie finds her. She whams one heel in the back of her head -- which is just in time as Dorothy is a bit battered from her battle fighting off mind-controlled Winchesters -- and then uses the other shoe to finish the witch off, releasing her control of the boys just in time.

No flying monkeys; just a pile of robes, red shoes, and the key that unlocks a storybook world. The boys rush up to find her, but all is well.

Charlie: "Ding dong, bitches."

Back in the dungeon, Sam re-chains Crowley, puts a piece of paper and a crayon in front of him, and leaves.

Crowley: "Bollocks."

Y'know, if the Angel GPS works (they never really got there...being distracted by Dorothy and all), and Crowley actually starts using that crayon, they could have a pretty great way of getting this Heaven and Hell problem under control. Which, of course, means something awful will happen.

The Impala is now in the garage! Yay! It's about time they found that thing. Always kinda felt weird to have this super-secret location...with a big ol' Chevy parked out front.

Sam finds one of the Oz books and gives it to Dorothy -- and they bond over the weirdness of having a series of books out there written about you. But Sam has apparently decided to embrace the weird.

Sam: "It's our we get to write it."

Charlie is giving Dean credit for bringing her back from the dead -- though she has a minor worry that she's a zombie and may have to eat brains. Dean reassures her that she's okay, but asks her to please keep it between them. She tells him he's going to have to fess up someday, but it looks like whoever she tells for the moment won't get the secret back to Sam, so...Dean's safe. Ish.

Dorothy asks Dean to keep an eye on her bike. He says sure, as long as he can take it for a spin. Um, yes, please. Then, Dorothy invites Charlie to come with her to Oz to finish the rebellion she started -- oh, and find her dog. Charlie gets her quest. Dean really really doesn't want to say goodbye, but he sucks it all in and gives her a hug. Sam tells her to tap her heels together three times if she ever needs them.

And with AC/DC proclaiming loudly, "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You," the two girls head down the yellow brick road while the boys stare, dumbfounded, at Oz.

Dean: "You think she'll be back?"

Sam (smiling): "'Course. There's no place like home."

Ah, Sammy. You're softening toward the bunker as home. Of I'm officially worried about THAT going away.

So, all in all, a fun episode with some serious undertones, the most worrisome, of course, being that Sam heard Dean call out to Zeke and he's not going to let that go. I really worry for Dean when the cards fall and he goes through that thin ice.

Thanks, as always, for reading! Hope to 'see' you after next episode.


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