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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 9.08

Sorry for the week's delay! I watched this episode on my Kindle Fire while the hubs took first shift driving home from CO on Sunday. Due to that, some parts that were dark in the show were actually too dark for me to see, but I got the general gist. I'll see you after tomorrow night's episode as well. *grins*

Before I get to my lists, I need to ramble about some overall impressions. I had some issues with the storytelling of this episode, but not enough to warrant it unlikable. Actually, I've never seen an episode where I haven't liked at least some parts of it -- it is the story about the boys, after all. But aside from minor issues, I was struck by one theme that seemed overarching: faith.

Primarily Jody Mills' and Dean's. When her life turned sideways, and she was left choking on her own blood on the ladies' room floor, rather than growing angry and bitter, Jody looked to a higher power. There are no atheists in foxholes, as they say. She found comfort in church and in having faith that there was some higher meaning to all of this. Even when the boys reacted in surprise, and despite the utter craziness of the Good Faith Church's leader -- I mean, you're always going to have whackadoo's wherever you go, Westboro Baptist Church, anyone? -- she held on to the fact that, for her? This was right.

In a show that has turned angel's evil and removed God from Heaven, it was refreshing to see someone finding strength in faith and feel no shame or remorse in saying so.

Dean's faith, though, wasn't in God or a higher power -- it was in the fact that he hadn't inadvertently killed his brother by trusting an angel. His plea to Sam to have a little faith at the end of the episode was really self-directed. He needed to both have faith in himself that he made the right choice and in Zeke that he would follow through with his promise. He's never really been one to trust or believe easily if at all. He mocks others -- sometimes openly, sometimes with a glance -- for doing so. He just has never really been given a reason to believe. Just about everyone in his life has, in one way or another, betrayed him or turned their backs on him -- especially those whom humanity has deemed powerful, like the angels.

His asking Sam to have faith must have seemed like such a hypocritical statement to Sam, but really, he was pleading for help by saying that, because if Sam could, then maybe Dean could hang on just a bit longer. Since he doesn't really seem to have a choice.

The juxtaposition of Jody's faith to Susie's weakness, though, is where I had storyline issues. But I'll get there. First, the lists!


  • Jody Frikkin' Mills. I love everything about how this woman is written and how Kim Rhodes brings her to life. Her no-nonsense approach to something that anyone else in her line of would would have thought was utter nonsense just makes me want to make her my very best friend.

  • The boys' having breakfast together in the bunker kitchen. Little glimpses of normal.

  • "I'll be a squirrel in a skirt."

  • "Sex is...." by Dean Winchester. ...I'll be in my bunk.

  • Sam and Jody researching together. This is the 2nd time they've had to do so in order to save Dean and I think they make a good team.

  • Dean saying, 'Si.'

  • Jody pulling the stake OUT OF HER OWN BODY and using it to kill Vesta LIKE A BOSS.

  • "What'd I miss?"


  • The way the boys dug in and got right to the heart of the investigation within hours of showing up in Hartford.

  • "What the fudge, lady?" "Wipe your nose, dear."

  • The look on Dean's face when he sees what's in Susie's top drawer and connects the dots.

  • "Don't get the door for me or anything."

  • "You're all duct tape and safety pins inside." Not the fact, just the turn of phrase...and the way that it's helping to peel away layers and get to the truth.

  • The sad, hopeless expression on Sam's face shifting almost instantaneously to a resolute warning when Zeke steps in. Nicely done, that.

  • Dean's tortured look when Zeke stops him from telling Sam the truth.


  • Okay, here's where I'll capture the storyline issues I had. I get that in order to use Vesta as the MotW, they needed to go back to the virgin well, and I get that to modernize her and make it different from dragons, they needed a twist on how she was choosing victims, but the way Susie went from Chastity Counselor to Porn Goddess with just a sexy word from Dean had me rolling my eyes.

  • It wasn't really Dean in that scene that bothered me -- I mean, it's been established that the guy uses porn (either printed or video) to relax or find ways to get release; he's a one-night-stand kind of guy for the most part (primarily because everyone he's allowed close to him has either been hurt {Lisa} or has run away {Cassie} or died {Layla}), and it's been a while (at least in Show Time) since he's been able to find that particular kind of release, so his discovering that the reason Susie looked familiar to him was because of her former life was just like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Had Susie been truly dedicated to her new life and resisted his tom-cat suggestions, Dean wouldn't have forced the issue. He would have hemmed and hawed and tripped all over himself getting out of there.

  • But all it took was for Dean to mrrroww in her general direction and Susie was like screw chastity and turned on the seductive smile. I mean, if the girl who made those movies was so horrible, as she said, then why did she keep them in the top drawer, easily accessible? If she wanted that part of her life truly gone, why didn't she eliminate it?

  • Bottom line: It was an awkward way, I think, to work in a sex scene for Dean and get him captured so that Sam and Jody could come to the rescue. It could have been written much differently and kept the character Susie more consistent. And I'll shut up now.


  • What the heck has Zeke been up to this whole time if Sam is 'duct tape and safety pins' inside? Has he only been healing himself? Does he need to heal himself first in order to keep Sam going? If that's the case, why was Sam all yay! I feel happy and good! just a few episodes ago and now is falling asleep next to his cereal? Is it because Zeke's had to step forward and save his life -- or the lives of others -- a few times? Are you guys as worried about Zeke's motives as I am, because I'm totally worried right now.

  • Speaking of cereal, raise your hand if you thought Sam might've been eating Alphabits. Y'know...'cause of the Men of Letters. No? Just me? *hides*

THEN was all, hey remember that dragons like gold and virgins? Plus Sam is possessed by an angel, in case you missed that fact, and then the reminder of how tough Sheriff Mills is and how she was almost Crowley's victim. NOW is in Hartford, SD, and a young blonde girl (Honor -- no, I'm not kidding) is closing down a diner (it looks like), saying bye to "Slim" (guessing local homeless man/town drunk) and heads out to the parking lot where she hears some creepy sounds.

She gets out her taser and this is where it was hard to see. I looked like she hurries to her car, but drops her keys and then crawls under to hide as the music gets creepier and then we see legs by the car as the car is lifted up and then a blue fire rushes beneath and the next thing we know, Honor is dumped in what looks like a pit.

At the bunker, it's morning and Sam is snoozing, head-on-table, next to his cereal. Dean comes in, gets coffee, giving his brother a partly affectionate, partly worried glance, then noisily gets his own cereal, waking Sam in the process. Sam gets caught up on all the goings on midst eye-rubs and gigantic yawns -- Kevin's gone 4 days with no sleep working on finding out something about the angel spell that could prove what Dean still suspects: that Crowley is a lying liar who lies, and Dean is happy to have leverage against the KoH when he's jonesing for another hit of human blood.

Dean: Seriously, you want a pillow?


Sam says he's not sick, he just can't get his battery to recharge. Man, I've been there. *goes to grab more coffee*

Just then, Jody Mills calls and Dean puts it on speaker so Sam can hear. She tells them that 4 people have gone missing in a small town near where she's Sheriff, and it's their kind of weird. So, they suit up and head out, meeting  up with Jody at the latest crime scene. Which, seriously, it either must take South Dakota cops a looooong time to process a crime scene or the flux capacitor in the Impala is revved and ready, because that's a 6 hour drive.

Anyway, there are hugs all around as they greet Jody -- and was it me, or did she hug Sam just a bit longer? I think she senses he needs some mothering. *pets Sam* She gives them the 411: first vic was Pastor Fred, next two an engaged couple, and the last was Honor. The only thing that connects them is that they're all members of the Good Faith Church -- which is apparently enough off the grid, church-wise, that Jody's church back in Sioux Falls were all up in arms about it.

Dean reacts with surprise as this newest fact about their friend, saying she didn't seem "churchy" to him. Jody simply lifts a shoulder and tells him that choking on the ladies room floor because of witchcraft made a higher power more relevant. That reminder draws a look of concern across Dean's face and he asks her if she's sure she's ready to jump back into the fray. Pragmatically, Jody tells him that the more she knows, the better she'll be at dealing with the whackadoo stuff that just keeps coming.

Atta girl.

They speculate a bit -- Sam wonders if it's maybe angels harvesting vessels, and poor Jody's all, wait, what? Angels who?

Dean: Don't get your pants on fire; they suck.

They head into the diner and talk to Slim, who kinda broke my heart a bit. Talk about a broken soul -- he elicited more empathy from me in the 3 minutes he was onscreen than the entire time we saw Susie. All Slim could do was tell them about the blue fire and the lifting of the SUV; Dean thanked him for his time and gave him some money. The boys decide to check out Good Faith Church and apparently, that starts with a tour led by Bonnie -- a pretty, plucky, sweater-set wearing red-head who, I don't know, is the church leader? Or something?

Anyway, they play along for awhile, talking about how they like the church, but the recent disappearances have them scared, but Bonnie reassures them that there is increased security and the missing are on the top of their prayer list. More questions reveal that the missing were all part of the APU: Abstinence Purifies Us group. The boys want to attend a meeting, but Bonnie tells them that it's for church members they have to sign a purity pledge. Sam's like sign us up!

Bonnie: I'll be a squirrel in a skirt!

She heads off to get the paper work and Dean bores holes into his brother with his eyes all, chastity group?! Are you fracking kidding me?? But Sam logically points out that if it's dragons, the victims have to be coming from somewhere, this is the best way to figure it out. Bonnie returns with the "purity pledge" for them to sign as a commitment to their virginity.

Dean: Can't un-ring that bell.

Bonnie: If you ask God's forgiveness and make a new vow of chastity, you'll be born-again virgins in His eyes.

Dean mocks the implication of a do-over button, but Bonnie, looking believably hurt and earnest about what she's saying tells him that it's not a button, it's a chance to have a clean slate and be a virgin until marriage. So, the boys sign the pledges -- with their real names?! Anyone else think that was...odd?

Down in the pit, Honor still has her taser and is using it as a flashlight, but I couldn't tell what was going on beyond creepy music, her running into things, and the occasional cry or  gasp of fear.

It's Dean and Sam's first APU meeting -- and they appear to be the only men in the group. The women range from heavy-set and sad to thin and tightly-wound. The leader, a gorgeous blonde woman named Susie, calls for a prayer for their missing friends -- which Sam has to ahem Dean to remind him to close his eyes and bow his head. After that, Tammy -- one of the tightly-wound -- stands up and says she's written a new verse, entitled, "Sex is a raquet and God's ball is in your court." *insert eye-roll/groan*

Susie wants to hear from their new friends -- what brought them to reclaim their virginity?

Sam (fidgeting, nervous): Every woman I've ever had...relations hasn't ended well.

Dean is watching him, that same affection/worry expression on his face, then masks it and turns to the group saying with a half-grin, "He ain't lying." Heh. The group encourages Sam with their...chant thingy: Stay strong, stay pure. Then it's Dean's turn. And let me tell you, I took notes on this. Even in the car.

Dean: Sex has always felt...good. Really, really good. But...(amending, remembering where he is) sometimes it just makes you feel bad. Get drunk, you shack up, then it's the whole morning thing. Adios. (voice softens, saddens, becomes real for a moment) Always the adios. When you get down to it...what's the big deal? (He's lost in the moment now.) Sure, there's the touching and the feeling...all over each other. My hands everywhere, tracing every inch of her body. The two of us moving together. Pressing...pulling...grinding. Then you hit that sweet spot, and everything just builds and builds until it all just...pow.

The reactions of the women in the room -- and Sam -- were hilarious. Sam clears his throat, bringing Dean back to the now and Dean looks around, alert again.

Dean: But the whole thing was just to...sticky. So, I got my V card back. The end.


After the meeting wraps, Sam's like, over-share much? But Dean argues that he was purifying. He is watching Susie and tells Sam he swears he's seen her somewhere before.

Sam: Yeah, that line never fails.

Dean: Let's find out.

He goes to talk to Susie and Bonnie comes over to Sam, asking how he liked the meeting. Sam says he couldn't help but think of those who weren't there. Bonnie nods, a fixed look of sad on her face and says that Honor was her favorite. The way she says it is just head-tilting enough that I pegged her as the baddie in that moment. Tammy -- she of the "Sex is a racquet" verse -- overhears this and takes exception. When Bonnie heads off to stop one of the group from stealing cookies, Tammy comes up to Sam and tells Sam Bonnie has no idea what kind of a person Honor is. So Sam's like...yeah? Tell me about it.

Meanwhile, Dean and Susie are doing the are you sure I don't know you? dance and Susie tells him that she provides individual counseling for abstinence support. In fact, she has some books at her place that might help him. She lives just around the corner. Dean tells her he'll walk her there -- kidnapper on the loose and all -- and goes over to tell Sam, who totally mocks him for thinking he's going to hit that. Dean's like, later! and heads out while Sam turns back to Tammy who continues to tell him how she brings actual cookies while all Honor does is bring Oreos. Sam looks pained. I was waiting on Tammy to say she was taking her Swingline stapler and leaving.

A bit later, Sam shows up at the motel where they're staying. Jody is there, researching or something, and he tells her that he actually got some good intel off of Tammy -- apparently Honor and Pastor Fred "did the nasty." Jody has talked to the engaged couple's parents and the woman's mother said that they did as well, from what she heard outside her daughter's door. Through this reasoning, they realize that the baddie isn't going after virgins, it's going after those who break their vow.

Sam: That means dragons are off the list.

Jody (blinking in surprise): Wait...dragons? That's...a thing?

Sam: Yeah. Too many things are things.

You can say that again.

At Susie's apartment, she tells Dean to make himself comfortable and takes off her jacket, now only in a tank top. Dean's all yowza and lights a candle near him with his lighter. Sam calls and he ignores the call with a "Not now, Kato." But then he realizes that Susie is crying and he's a bit out of his element, thrown out of his seduction technique. Susie says she's just so afraid for her missing friends and asks Dean to pray with her. Which, after sitting next to her awkwardly, he does.

Sam leaves another message on Dean's other other cell -- and the fact that Dean didn't answer the call when they were in the middle of a hunt just...*sigh*. As if.

Anyway, Jody starts up an actual conversation with Sam, commenting that for having been 'born again' that day, he looked like crap. Sam wants to know if she was 'born again' in the same way and she laughs with a cute wrinkle of her nose.

Jody: I don't make promises I can't keep. I just enjoy church. After Bobby...and Crowley...I needed something that made sense to me. A comfort.

Sam: Guess we're all looking for that.

Jody: Except those that got it. (off of Sam's perplexed look) C'mon. You and Dean? That's something special, don't you think.

I couldn't really read Sam's expression. He seems unsure and reluctant, which kinda irritated me. I agree with Jody -- I would love to have the closeness with just one of my siblings that Sam and Dean share. Yes, there are co-dependency issues, but the bottom line is that they're more than just 'related' (which so many siblings fall into), they are friends and partners. They work together, depend on each other in their work, share life experiences, openly care about each other's well-being.

As the oldest of five, I've always been in the caretaker, a strange mid-layer between "the kids" and "the parents". My sibs might like me and trust me, but they never see me as one of them, they see me as some kind of...authority figure. It is what it is, due to the way we were raised, but it's...a lonely place to be in my family. I would have loved to have had a friend like Sam has in Dean. So his frown, non-answer bothered me a bit. Not sure what we were supposed to read into it.

So I'm not going to at the moment.

Back at Susie's, she hands Dean a huge stack of books and tells him to "breeze through them" while she goes to the little girl's room. Dean's like whatever and sets the books down on a dresser. Sam calls again and this time Dean answers, but before he can say anything, his eye catches on something inside the opened top drawer of the dresser: Susie's porn DVDs, with her front and center on the cover. He about comes unglued. It's rather funny, actually. Sam tries to tell him that it's not dragons, but Susie exits the bathroom at that moment and Dean's all, copy that, click!

Dean: Hey...or should I say 'hola'?

Susie gives him a are you okay because you're acting like you've got a pocketful of shoplifted candy look. Dean calls her 'Carmelita' and she basically just caves right there. She tells him she doesn't blame him if he wants another counselor and Dean's like hell no! She says she's not that girl anymore -- that girl was horrible.

Dean: I've seen a lot of awful things...stuff of nightmares. You? You're the good dreams.

She smiles. Dean asks if anyone at the APU knows and she's like, "What am I supposed to do? Say, hey I used to be a porn star, let's pray?"

The thing is -- everyone deserves a second chance. The way she just gave up because someone found out her secret past just mocked the possibility of someone truly wanting to make that change. I won't beat this into the ground anymore. Just thought this part could have been written better.

Dean continues to talk about the things he admires from what he saw her do in the movies and she continues to smile seductively and agree with him.

Dean: Made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you.

Susie: Well, you are now.

Dean (just realizing it): I am, aren't I?

From there she steps close, moving right up into his personal space and leaving no question that she was as up for this as he was. With a hilarious "ole!" they tumble together and fall off-screen. Meanwhile, Honor is in the pit with her taser and finally finds a lamp. Once lit (not sure where she got the matches, but...oh well) she sees Pastor Fred all weak and shaking on the floor and the engaged couple huddled in the corner. Apparently they'd been there the whole time?? The blue fire rushes through the room and suddenly Pastor Fred is gone and they hear a scream of pain. Buh-bye Fred.

Back in the motel room, Sam's like, this thing is taking those who break chastity vows...Dean and Susie? It's been an hour. Jody's like, right, let's go.

But first, Susie and Dean are sitting up -- fully clothed...that was odd -- and Susie is telling Dean she missed that. He gives her a kiss -- one of those cup-her-face, pull her close kisses that just curl my toes -- then opens the door to leave and they're both blasted back and knocked unconscious by the blue flame.

In the pit, the girl portion of the engaged couple is clawing the walls -- literally clawing them, until her fingers come away bloody -- because she's so thirsty. She ends up licking the blood off her fingers. GAH. That's just...gross. Dean and Susie get thrown down into the pit, unconscious. Susie wakes up first and leans over to rouse Dean.

At Susie's, Jody and Sam are looking around and Sam finds Susie's porn DVD, realizing Dean crossed something off his bucket list.

Down in the pit, Dean wastes no time trying to find a way out, despite Neal -- the male portion of the engaged couple -- being all negative Nellie and saying there was no way out.

In the motel, Jody and Sam are making headway on the research front and figure out that the MotW is Vesta -- Roman goddess of the hearth. Fire is connected to virginity. There are sacrifices and all of that and those who broke their vow were buried alive. Down in the pit, Susie suggests that maybe God wanted them down in the pit because of what they did.

Dean: Trust me, this is not God's work.

He realizes he has his spare phone and tries to find some bars to call Sam. He reaches him, but can't keep the signal going long enough to tell him where he is, but Sam's bat-like hearing detected a train whistle, which helps Jody narrow down possibilities to the exact right location. They find out that to kill Vesta, they need a stake made of oak stained in virgin blood -- and not the born-again kind, either. The real McCoy.

Down in the pit, Neal is proposing that they "serve up" the weakest one when the blue fire comes next -- namely Honor, who has a sprained ankle. Dean's protective hackles go up and he defends and protects Honor, continuing to look for a way out.

Jody and Sam head to the church where they find Tammy and try to ask her for some blood. Like that's going to go over well. She's all ack! pagans! Devil worshipers! and says she's calling the cops until Jody finally just decks her with a I am the cops, making her nose bleed.

Tammy: What the fudge, lady?!

Jody (dab dab dab with handkerchief): Wipe your nose, dear.

Sam and Jody head to a barn on the location they found via deduction and the magic of the internet. Beneath them, Dean is still looking for a way out and Susie is spinning what looks like maybe a chastity ring, her whole body dejected. Honor reassures her with a God forgives, you told me that yourself. Above, Sam finds a pipe that leads to a metal door. Below, Dean hears banging. Neal freaks out, but Dean is focused only the possibility that his brother is up there, calling out "Sammy!" from different areas around in the pit.

From above, Sam hears Dean call and yells out for Jody to come toward him and then down toward Dean that they're there and they're going to get him out. Buuuuuttt, just then he's jumped from behind and knocked unconscious. Which is entirely too easy to do to him these days. Jody runs to his aid, but she is attacked, too, by Bonnie aka Vesta.

There's a great fight scene with Jody trying to hold her own against the goddess, though she's getting her ass handed to her. She says that this is a pathetic way for a goddess to behave and Vesta starts ranting about how things have changed - they used to bring her sacrifices until that "hippie from Bethlehem" came along. Hah. Serves her right. She hits Jody until she's whoozy and then straps her down to a table. Apparently, Vesta eats the livers of the "born again" virgins now because that's the only thing that's filtered out the gunk from the bodies. Or whatever.

Meanwhile, Dean finds some hinges in the metal door and asks for a screwdriver. Susie hands him a screwdriver-like-thing from the First Aid kit and he starts working on the door. Above, Vesta is still monologing and gets the oak stake that Jody was going to use on her and STABS Jody in the shoulder. GAH! Sam comes around and jumps Vesta from behind, but she overpowers him and apparently decides she's going to just take his liver....

Only, the problem is, Sam's liver is no good. Vesta draws back in shock and horror, poised over Sam, and says that he's just "duct tape and safety pins inside" and wants to know how he's even alive. Which, as you can imagine, is rather troubling to Sam. But while she's distracted, Jody pulls the stake out of her shoulder, apparently manages to unstrap herself, and kills Vesta in a flurry of blue fire. YAYZ!

Just then, Dean gets the metal door loose, opens it up, and peers up at Sam and Jody with a, "What'd I miss?"

In the aftermath, the threesome is at the motel packing up -- and Jody has her arm in a sling, so we just have to assume the kidnap victims got medical attention, a believable story was spun, and Jody got patched up. Dean gives her a "thanks for bailing me out" smile and Sam tells her to drive safe. She shoulders her bag and heads out with a, "Don't get the door for me or anything." Love this gal. *grins*

As Dean finishes packing, Sam sits dejectedly on the edge of the bed, mulling over what Vesta said about him. Dean keeps trying to deflect and reassure him, but it's not really working this time.

Sam: Maybe it's just me.

Dean: C'mon, Sam.

Sam (tired and a little scared): I'm a mess, Dean. You know it. Sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna really be all right.

Dean (hedging on desperate at this point): You will. Because whatever it is, we'll figure it out.

Sam: Maybe this is just the way I am.

Dean (shoulders dropping and mask slipping for a moment, looking as tired and scared as Sam): I can't... I can't let you put this on yourself. (Sits down across from Sam) Listen to me. It's not you, Sam.

And without warning, we get a shift in posture and glowy-eyes and ta-da! Zeke! He warns Dean not to tell Sam. Dean says Sam deserves to know, and Zeke tells him that Sam is not ready. If he ejects Zeke, he will not make it. Which assumes that Sam will eject Zeke. I mean...what if he doesn't? What if he wants to live and understands the only way to do so is to maintain status quo? It's an interesting possibility to consider.

Dean is spent, asking how much longer do they have to keep playing this game? He's not going to be able to keep it up much longer. Zeke tells him he doesn't have to for much longer -- he promises. And then, whoosh, gone, leaving Sam to ask Dean, "What's not me." Awkward.

Dean's got his tap-dance down pat now, though.

Dean: Nothing. I just meant...that if there's something wrong, it's not your fault. We'll deal with it. You gotta have a little faith, Sam.

Wordlessly, Sam gets up and leaves the room and Dean stares after him, a myriad of emotions warring for dominance on his face, truly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And...that will take us to our mid-season finale on Dec 3rd. Stay tuned for that Ramble to come after tomorrow night's episode! More speculation, questions, and lists to come.

Thanks for reading -- Slainte!

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