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Dream weaver

Okay all you dream analysts out there, unriddle me this. For the last two nights I've had the same dream about butterflies:

Two people I don't know (I can't see their faces, anyway) are in a faded green VW bug, driving down what looks like a desert road, near sunrise (or sunset, hard to tell which). The guy is driving and suddenly his side of the car -- and just his side, as if there's a dividing line down the center of the car -- is covered in little yellow butterflies. He can't see and uses the windshield wipers, but they just come right back and completely cover his side of the window.

He's forced to pull over and both get out of the car, only now the butterflies are all over him, swarming silently. They cover him from head to toe and he tries to swipe them away, but they just come back. The girl tries to shoo them off, but it's like they're magnetized and are drawn back to him. And then I wake up.

Other than explanations like I have a bizarre imagination (which is fact) or I need to watch what I eat before I go to bed, any ideas on meaning?

If you're following 'From Yesterday' I am half-way through the next chapter and if everything goes as planned, will have it up by Friday the 24th. Every two weeks looks to be the norm now as Real Life rears it's pointy head. Thanks for your patience!
Tags: dreams, help, real, what do you think?
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