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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 9.15


So, you guys know that these streams of consciousness reviews are my honest thoughts; I don't spin for the sake of a positive reaction and I'm typically always enthusiastic about our show. You also know that I watch for the story, without agenda, enjoying what's given to us for the sake of the characters we love and the hero that has become my muse.

That said, I feel I might disappoint some of you with my honesty tonight...but rambling any other way wouldn't be fair. And…this first part might be a bit long, causing me to summarize the actual recap after the lists.

Now, before you jump to the conclusion that I didn’t like the episode, don’t. I actually really enjoyed the majority of it.

I had moments I loved, and moments I liked just as I always do, and I’ll list that below. The premise of the storyline was really intriguing with the Thinman in the photos and the bad guy turning out to be human. I really enjoyed seeing Ed and Harry again; I actually like the Ghostfacers and their innocent (if a bit irreverent) excitement over the supernatural. And Holy Lord of the Rings – they are the only guest stars still alive from Season 1!

The surplus of quick-witted one-liners and pop culture references had me chuckling (and figuring that the gag reel will be chock-full of stuff because how…HOW does one say all of that with a straight face?? Or listen to it with zero reaction as Sam and Dean did??); other scenes had me rubbing my heart.

I actually really liked the whole thing. Right up to Ed’s confession. And then it just sank me.

The heavy-handed way the writers decided to overlay Ed and Harry’s situation with Dean and Sam’s just had me shaking my head. As a group, we're intelligent viewers. We don't need the pain pointed out to us with no resolution between a different set of characters to help us understand what's going on. Not only that, but while the reactions and conversations were almost identical to what Dean and Sam were going through, the situation was totally different and the simplification of it made what the boys were dealing with seem completely unimportant.

And it is important. It needs to be dealt with, learned from, and remembered. And then it needs to not happen again. But if the writers are just going to boil it all down to it being about secrets and lies, we aren’t going to get too far away from it. I guess I just didn’t appreciate the anvil that landed on my head with the break-up of the Ghostfacers running so closely parallel to what our boys were dealing with.

I mean, they may as well have had Harry say, “If only Ed would say the words I’m sorry to me and admit everything he did was done for selfish purposes then I could forgive him and we can be friends again.” To me, it felt very unsubtly going in that direction by the time Harry climbed in the back seat of the Impala.

Yes, Ed lied. Dean lied. Yes, Harry was betrayed, Sam was betrayed. There are some things you can forgive and some things you can’t. We get all that. The question is, what can Sam and Dean forgive? And when will they be allowed to do so?

Maybe I’m just too invested in our show, I don’t know. Feel free to throw (virtual) rotten tomatoes at me if you want. But to me, Dean and Sam’s situation isn’t that simple. It’s not just about secrets kept or lies told – if that were true, then all of this would have happened back in Season 4 when Sam kept a big ol’ secret from Dean and continually lied about it until he realized he was out of road.

This is about more than a choice being taken away or a desperate brother doing the only thing he knows to do. This is about two brothers who have depended on each other all their lives to play certain roles and those roles are breaking down because of the weight the world has placed on them. Dean needs to protect Sam; it’s been his one job since he could form memories. And Sam? Until recently, I think Sam needed to be saved – or at least know that no matter what he did, Dean would be there, coming after him.

Sam sees what’s broken in their relationship and if he wants it fixed, he has to spell it out for Dean. Because from Dean’s point of view, he did what he thought was right at the time: he saved his brother. And Dean needs to spell out why he saved Sam. Because from Sam’s point of view, all Dean was doing was controlling the situation so that he wouldn’t be alone.

I know we all have varying opinions about this current rift in the brother’s relationship. Some opinions are stronger than others, granted, but none are more or less valid than another’s. My “slant” has always been toward Dean. As the oldest of five, I feel like I often see his justification quite clearly. For example, the fact that Dean hasn’t actually apologized to Sam for tricking him into allowing Gadreel to possess him – and in fact saying if faced with the same situation, he would do it again.

I can understand that; the way he sees it, his actions saved his brother’s life. Not only is that his ground, but before Sam started to be influenced by the trials the last thing he told Dean was that he was going to complete them to live, rather than allow Dean to complete them to die. Sam choosing to die seemed incomprehensible to Dean, who had spent his entire life making sure that situation did not happen – and in fact went to Hell to reverse Sam’s death once before. He would rather spend eternity being tortured – alone, I might add – than have Sam die.

As a mom and as someone who basically raised two of her siblings, the I did what I knew was right for you, damn the consequences attitude is one that resonates for me. Right or wrong.

Dean feels grief over what happened as a result of his actions – the death of Kevin, the broken trust, the rift between him and Sam. He feels grief that everything turned out so horribly. He feels grief that he can’t make it right. But he doesn’t feel grief about his actions; not yet anyway. He can’t afford to. Because if he says that he was wrong to trick Sam into saying ‘yes’ to Gadreel, then that means he was wrong in saving Sam and he can’t fathom that. A world without Sam in it is not a world Dean wants to live in.

Somehow, Sam needs to help his brother understand that it was the fact that he decided for Sam that he can’t forgive (yet) and not the fact that Dean saved his life. That is the thing Sam won’t do for Dean – take his choice away. Sam hasn’t been clear about that with Dean, though, and the longer he goes without saying it, the more Dean is going to pull away, inside of himself, and the harder it will be to get “them” back.

If, in fact, that’s what Sam wants. After what he said to Harry about forgiveness, I’m not sure what Sam wants. I want “them” back…but maybe this is one of those things Sam just can’t forgive. I have a sibling I love dearly and would be there for in a minute if she needed me…but she’s hurt me bad enough in our past that I can’t forgive her. I can’t let it go. I don’t trust her and I am not close to her. Doesn’t stop me from loving her, but we’re…blood. We’re not family. And I can see why Sam might go in that direction.

I would hate it for the sake of our show and the connection these brothers have created that I – and many fans, it seems – have come to depend on, but maybe that’s where Sam is heading: polite camaraderie replacing genuine affection. *rubs heart* I would be very sad if that’s what happened, but it wouldn’t be a far stretch for me to see it.

If anything comes from this slathering on of symbolic look – same thing happened to these guys and they broke up scenario we watched tonight, I hope it’s that a trigger is pulled for the boys. Some kind of catalyst that makes them realize that they didn’t break up, they’re still together, still keeping each other alive, still reading each other’s signals. That has to mean something, right?

Okay, if you’re still with me after that gigantic dump of feeeeeeelings, I have some lists for you.


  • Shots of the Impala roaring down the road – especially on the way to WA. There is just something about that sound and the sight of that old Chevy tearing up the blacktop that makes me smile.

  • Dean’s, “Son of a bitch” when they saw the Ghostfacers van.

  • Dean’s completely dead expression when Harry said, “Uh…both?” in the diner.

  • “You’re so money right now.”

  • The whole scene when the brothers discussed how Sam jumping off the shed dressed as Batman would have gone viral, if they still had the vid. Their soft, shared smiles, the easy way they bounced through the details of the memory, the way Dean’s face just relaxed when he recalled taking Sam to the ER on his handlebars…it was a perfect moment. I kinda want to hang onto that for a while.

  • “Lucky for us, I’m really good at marbles.”

  • The look the boys shared when they were cuffed: Dean distracting the baddies while Sam still worked to pick his lock.

  • Sam’s terrified, “DON’T!” when the ‘Thinman’ nearly cut Dean’s throat.


  • Having the Ghostfacers back. Because, seriously.

  • The fact that Dean referred to the Ghostfacers van as the “Mystery Machine” and Ed caught the bad-guy saying it was “Scooby-Doo time.” I detect a theme….

  • “Don’t try to use science with me!”

  • The fact that both brothers had their own laptops and researched their own angles until it was clear one didn’t pan out. I liked the very detective-like way they approached this.

  • The fact that the baddie wasn’t supernatural this time around.

  • “You crashed the Jenga tower of our lives.”

  • “Sam, make him stop.”

No MEH’s this time around. Pretty much captured that in the opening part.


  • What was that song Casey was listening to at the beginning? You guys know me and music. I even used my SoundHound app, but…nada.

  • Is this the 3rd or 4th episode since Dean got the Mark of Cain that we haven’t seen anything happen because of it? I’m ready for something to start up there.

  • Did anyone else find the hotel room décor totally distracting? I kept pulling focus to that hunter image on the wallpaper behind whoever was standing in the room.

  • Do we have a break next week? I didn’t watch the previews, but lists the next episode as being on the 18th. With 11 weeks until the May 20th finale and only 7 episodes left, we’re due for a couple breaks, just wasn’t sure if it was next week or not…?

THEN was basically Ghostfacer reminder and how the boys are “strictly business now” because Sam thinks Dean saved him for him, not for Sam. NOW we’re in Springdale, Washington and a teenaged girl, Casey Smiles, is playing music and taking selfies in her room. She hears a noise, but dismisses it, going back to her picture taking until she checks her pics and sees behind her the creepiest image ever: a man without a face.

The lights go out, she panics, hides in her closet, and calls 911…only she can’t tell the operator her location because she can sense someone behind her and as the camera cuts away, Casey’s scream is cut off by slicing and we see blood pour out of the slats in the closet. Spooky. Also…gross.

Back in the bunker, Sam’s at the library table messing around on his laptop when Dean swings by the archway with a bag in his hand and says he’ll be back. Surprised, Sam’s like, where are you going? Dean says he caught a case and he’s heading to Washington.

Sam: You want me to come with?

Dean: Do you…want to come?

Sam: On a hunt? Why wouldn’t I?

Dean (looking genuinely at a loss as to what is the right thing to say or do at this point): I don’t know, man. ‘Cause lately with you up is down and down is sideways. I…I don’t know what you want.

Sam sighs like why is this so hard for you to understand?

Though, as I said, I’m not sure why he expects different. He knows his brother. Dean’s not going to just figure out his subtle hints and slightly cryptic honesty. He needs Sam to tell him what it is he’s not getting.

Dean: Fine. You want in? Sure thing.

He approaches the table, visibly downshifting into “just business” mode and tells Sam about the pic of Casey that leaked onto the internet. Killed in her room, doors and windows locked, creepy-assed figure behind her. Dean things its ghost caught on film. Sam starts to pack up his laptop.

Dean: So…you’re coming?

Sam: Does it look like I’m staying?

Sheesh boys. Snappish much?

The Impala roars down the road and the boys show up in their FBI Agent personnas at the girl’s home (and even 9 years later it cracks me up that people buy FBI Agents driving a 1967 Chevy Impala) and talk to her mom. While Sam talks to the mom about if she saw any fritzing lights or TV, Dean subtly checks the room for EMF…and then the mom says she hasn’t felt and cold spots either.

Dean’s like – hrm?

She tells them about the “supernaturalists” who called her and since the police have no explanation, she felt she owed it to them to listen. This leads the boys to where Ed and Harry of Ghostfacers faux-fame are having breakfast in a diner. The boys’ confrontation is less than friendly, and the witting back-and-forth between Ed, Harry, and a very stern-slash-grumpy Dean was a bit too quick for my jet-lag addled brain.

I did like Ed’s beard, though. And the fact that Harry had a pretty ex-girlfriend that he was angsting over.

Ed/Harry: Oh. The Winchesters. Yay…says nobody ever.

As Dean is telling them to get into the Mystery Machine and skeedaddle, there’s a random scene where a waiter at the diner gets a public dressing down by the owner of the diner, but then we shift back to the foursome where Harry is saying that they don’t scare them, and lifts his sweatshirt to show the butt of a gun sticking out of his waistband.

Dean: Am I supposed to be impressed with that treasure trail or that lady gun you got hiding in your, uh, pants, there?

Harry: Uh…both?

Dean’s. Face. Total, dead-eye, Martin Riggs expression right there. Hilarious! *laugh*

Sam quietly observes while Dean tries threats and insults, but when Dean says that he just sees a couple of fame whores pointing a camera at a mom who just lost her kid, his face pulled into a frown, Sam reacts to that, looking at his brother with something like a flash of sympathy. Like this might be about more for Dean than just marking his territory.

Dean says they’re going to get in their way; Sam says they’re going to get someone else killed.

Harry: Oh, my God, Menudo, relax. We know what we’re doing.

Hee. Menudo. *smiles*

Dean: Where’s the rest of the Bad News Bears?

Ed: We dropped them. They were dead weight.

Harry: But they’re still alive.

Ed: Totally alive.

Dean says a ghost will kill them in minutes and Harry’s like, haha, that’s where you’re wrong. He tells them, “Amazon me, bitches!” and I totally didn’t get it until, like, right now – he was talking about their book. As in look them up on Amazon. *laughs* I spent a good part of the episode going, “What the hell does Amazon have to do with the Thinman?” I was thinking giant women, to be honest.

Go ahead. Laugh. I did.

Dean says he’ll shoot them, and the brothers leave.

Harry: 50 Shades of way too much protein.

Back at the motel, Dean’s shrugging off his suit coat and Sam’s already on the laptop looking up the Ghostfacers website. He discovers that Ed and Harry wrote a book called “The Skinny on the Thinman” and said the legend started on the ‘net.

Dean isn’t buying any of this, but Sam’s arguing the point, saying thousands of people have (claimed to have) seen it. Dean’s like, thousands of people see Elvis, too. He’s still going with the ghost theory and argues that the veil is all kinds of screwed right now – could be the reason for all the sightings of the same ghost. So, while Sam keeps digging into the Thinman theory, Dean decides use his own laptop to see if any local deaths could be candidates for ghosts.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ed are filming in Casey’s room. Ed is uncharacteristically subdued and says he doesn’t want his knees blown off by Sam and Dean…maybe they should leave. Harry, though, is all about finding the Thinman – besides who are Sam and Dean anyway? They don’t even have a Twitter account. Ed and Harry are going to find the Thinman and make all the haters eat their words.

They start recoding and Ed is inside the closet, then steps out all melodramatic, saying, “The bedroom of a teenage girl is meant for two things: giggles and joy…until one night the Thinman turned giggles into blooooood.”

Harry: You are so money right now.

He starts talking about how this is going to pay off in woman and his metaphor of a snorkel and swimming in…well, women, is interrupted by Mrs. Smiles bringing them lemonade.

Back in the hotel, Dean hasn’t found anything that screams GHOST to him and Sam talks through more Thinman stuff, but says most of it looks pretty fake – except Casey’s. Dean rubs tired eyes, trying to figure out how the pic of Casey’s got onto the web in the first place.

They head to the police station and are told that the sheriff is on a hunting trip (which immediately had me flashing to “…and he hasn’t been back in a few days…”). The Deputy gives them the box of evidence and they see that Casey’s phone is cracked. The report says that the 911 call went dead at 11:59 and the pic was posted at 2am. Curiouser and curiouser.

Just then, the Deputy tells them that the Ghostfacers have already been by and gave him a copy of their books – prompting Dean to exit stage left in disgust. Sam sorta tries to stop him, but then lets him go.

Deputy: Not a fan?

Death the 2nd comes when the diner owner is cashing out that night, hears a knock on the window, sees nothing, then turns on his security camera where he sees the Thinman flash by the camera in the alley seconds before it’s standing behind him…and then it slashes his throat. Blech.

Next morning, Agents Sam and Dean show up at the crime scene to talk to the Deputy and see that Ed and Harry are already there, filming the dead body. Sam asks the Deputy for the security footage while Dean goes to chase of the ‘Facers.

Harry: You gonna out me “agent”?

After trying to get them to leave, Dean asks if they turned the lore of the Thinman into a tulpa. But Ed says the lore changes from blog to blog, so not a tulpa.

Dean: Do either of you know what the Thinman is?

Harry: No, we just play supernaturalists on TV. It’s part man…part tree…some say it emerged from the nightmare of an autistic boy—

Dean: Okay, so no clue then.

The Deputy calls them over and they see the Thinman on the camera in the parking lot then immediately after, killing the diner owner. Dean concedes that maybe it’s not a ghost and the ‘Facers hurry out of there to…do their thing. That night, they discover that someone posted the diner footage on their blog and Harry decides to put his ninja outfit on (ha!). He is going to find the Thinman – in the woods, obvi.

Ed wants to leave it to the professionals, but Harry’s like, we are the professionals.

In the motel, Sam and Dean are noshing on burgers, fries, and beer while looking at the laptops and see that the vid of the diner guy getting killed has already been posted. Sam’s like, when I think teleporting, he thinks Cross Roads Demon. Dean’s like…a demon that likes to stab and watch YouTube…stranger things have happened.

Sam’s amazed and a little sickened that the vid has so many hits already. Dean’s like, people will watch because people are sick.

Sam: When did ‘viral’ go from baby chimp falling out of a tree to killer candid camera?

Dean (with a little grin): Y’know what video would have gone viral, if we still had it. When you were 5 and you dressed up as Batman and you jumped off the shed ‘cause you thought you could fly.

Sam (matching his grin): After you jumped first!

Dean: Hey, I was nine and I was dressed up like Superman. Everybody knows Batman can’t fly.

Sam: I didn’t know! I broke my arm!

Dean (smile widening as memory blooms): I drove you to the ER on my handlebars.

Picture that, how about. A kid on his Huffy, dressed like Superman, peddling like the wind while a little Batman sits on the handlebars, balanced against him, cradling his arm. Or how about when they got to the ER? I can just see the ER nurses faces when a pint-sized Superman walks in carrying a smaller, crying Batman. *laugh* It’s their lives, encapsulated right there in that memory.

They laugh a little and Dean takes a swallow of his beer saying, “Good times.”

Sam’s smile fades and he looks so, so sad – at what they had, at that they don’t have – and says, “Yeah, they were.”

Just then, Ed knocks on the door, barely waiting for Dean to open it as he walks in. He says he has to tell them something, and then the case is theirs.
Meanwhile, interspersed with Ed’s confession is Harry, alone in the woods, searching for the Thinman with his camera.

Harry: A man could lose his marbles being so close to the blade of doom. Luckily for us, I’m really good at marbles.

Ed is rambling about the Ghostfacer history and the other ‘Facers leaving and says that Harry was going to leave, too, so he had to give him a reason to stay. He made up the Thinman. He faked one case and it just…blew up. It was awesome to have such a following, and without the Thinman, they’re just guys. If he tells Harry, he’ll leave.

Sam: If you don’t tell him, he’s gonna leave anyway! Trust me, here. Secrets ruin relationships.

Dean glances over at him, silent. Sam has more than one reason to know that’s true. He’s kept a few whoppers in his time and has been forgiven, though the marks left behind were big enough they fell into them and the secrets regenerated. Dean’s secret isn’t the first hurdle of betray they’ve had to overcome. It’s just the latest.

Ed: I’ll tell him when the time is right.

Dean: Time’s right now, Chief.

Ed tells them that Harry’s not actually there…he’s searching for the Thinman in the woods. Sam about comes unglued – the Thinman has killed two people! Ed thinks he dropped Harry off in a basically safe part of the woods, but, as we see, that’s not true. The Thinman finds Harry and manages to cut him pretty good before Harry runs away.

He gets to the parking lot just as the Impala pulls up. Sam and Dean get out and see the blood on his side. Harry wavers, nearly going down before the boys hurry over to catch him. Sam wraps Harry’s side and Harry’s all, “Yeah, that’s good. You can just staple it when we get back to the motel.”

Sam gives him an okay, tough guy look. Harry is all, the Thinman is real! And the boys stare down Ed. SO…back at the motel, Ed confesses. Do you see what I saw? Or am I just too sensitive about our boys?

Harry: You crashed the Jenga tower of our lives! I was going to get married! I left her to run around with you living some lie!

Ed: At least we’re living it together.

Harry: Seriously?!

Ed: I saved you!

Harry: Saved me from what? Living a nice life? Not getting stabbed? How selfish can you be?

Ed: You can call her.

Harry: It’s too late b/c she has some guy’s arm wrapped around her and [her Facebook relationship status] it’s complicated.

Ed: We can just keep it going – for the fans! They’ll never know.

Harry: I’ll know. You made a chump out of me, man.

Ed: We can get through this. We just de-bunk the Thinman and go back to Ghostfacers.

Harry: I can’t. I can’t trust you anymore, Ed.

Ed: I get it; you’re pissed. You don’t mean what you’re saying. Just tell me what you need.

He says he’s going to get coffee and runs into Sam outside, unable to say anything. Sam goes inside to check on Harry.

Harry: I just got punched in the feels.

Me: Dude. Preaching to the choir. I’ve felt like that for the last three episodes.

Harry: None of it was real, and now he wants me to pretend like this is something I can get past.

Sam: I know what you mean. There are things you can forgive and there are things you can’t.

Harry: Which one is this?

Sam: You have to figure that out for yourself.

Dean comes in then and tells Sam that he got a lead on the tire tracks he found out by where Harry got stabbed. They leave the room and Dean tells him that it’s a 1989 Geo Metro, and with such a small town, it’s registered to a guy named Roger who works night security at a mill on the northside of town.

Now they’re really confused – it teleported, but it has a job and a car? They decide to go check out the mill. Ed is listening and he takes the coffees back in the room to Harry, saying that he doesn’t want to be a jellyfish spine anymore. He wants to make it right. Harry says they’ll make it right.

Out at the mill, the Deputy (who had apparently been so helpful with the information about the Geo) meets Sam and Dean and Dean tells him to stay back (thinking to keep him safe) as they go inside, which puts him in the perfect position to tase the boys from behind. OUCH.

They wake handcuffed to chairs – Dean’s in front and Sam’s behind him. Which, I thought was interesting. The Deputy is setting up a camera in front of Dean, and positioning a backdrop that looks like trees behind him, humming “Zippity-do-da” the whole time.

Dean: So you’re the Thinman? That would make sense if it didn’t look like you just ate a fat camp.

The Deputy keeps humming.

Dean (pained): Sam, make him stop.

Sam: So, what’s the deal? What are you? A demon?

The Deputy laughs at that and tells them that it was a team effort. He, of course, falls into the same Bad Guy Trap all baddies do in the last 15 mins of the episode called, “I’m totally confident that I’m going to successfully kill you so I don’t mind spending extra minutes telling you how I pulled off all my killings so that you don’t die wondering and I can brag to a captive audience.”

The Thinman comes in and pulls of his mask – it’s the waiter from the diner! And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for these meddling kids!
Dean sees the body of the sheriff off behind one of the curtains – which makes three deaths. The diner owner was apparently a dick, Casey wouldn’t go out with Roger (the Thinman), and the Sheriff didn’t give his Deputy time off. Okay then! Roger was the psycho, the Deputy the “visionary” but they were both buckets of crazy, you ask me.

The two gang up on Dean, calling him “pretty boy” and rambling about how he doesn’t know what it’s like to be invisible, blah blah blah. Dean catches Sam’s eye and they have an entire conversation in a glance, Dean keeping the two distracted while Sam continues to try to pick the lock of his cuffs.

Dean: What you’re doing doesn’t make you the Thinman; it makes you copycat killers.

They get tired of talking and declare it showtime! Sam’s still working on his cuffs, not yet freed. The Thinman pulls on his mask and goes behind Dean, pulling out the knife. He brings the knife to Dean’s throat. Dean tenses, but doesn’t say a word.

Sam bellows out a terrified, “DON’T!” but there’s a noise off behind them. Roger and the Deputy duct tape the brother’s mouths and go investigate.

Of course it’s Ed and Harry. They split up and Harry once more confronts the Thinman, who kicks him in the crotch – OUCH. Before the Thinman can use his knife, though, Ed puts the barrel of his gun against his back and demands that he take off his mask…just as the Deputy bashes Ed on the head.

Well, that went well.

Ed and Harry are hauled into the room with the camera, the Deputy babbling about Frankenstein and the creator being offed by his creation, when they discover that the boys have gotten free. Sam and Dean jump the baddies, there’s a brief rumble and Roger ends up stabbing himself with his own knife as he fights with Dean. The Deputy grabs his gun and points it at Sam and in a burst of amazing bravery and selflessness, Ed jumps in front of Sam saying it was all his fault.

Deputy: I got enough bullets for both of you.

But just then, Harry shoots the Deputy, killing him and saving Ed and Sam. Dean gently takes the gun from Harry’s frozen grip, seeing that Harry is in a bit of shock at having shot a person.

Outside, later, Dean is loading the Impala’s trunk with stuff, telling Sam that he positioned everything inside so that it would look like those two psychos offed each other.

Sam: They were just people. Not demons or monsters. Just…friggin’…people.

Dean: Like I said, people are sick.

And I think Sam was wrong. They weren’t his definition of monsters…but they were monsters all the same. Which is why Dean overpowering and making Roger stab himself didn’t trouble me too greatly.

Over a bit away from the Impala, but still within earshot, Harry and Ed are talking.

Ed: Are we…cool?

Harry: I don’t think we ever will be.

Sam and Dean look over at them.

Ed: We made it right, though. We got a shot to start the old Ghostfacers again.

Harry: I came here to finish this thing with you – not close a chapter, close the whole book.

Ed: But you saved my life back there.

Harry: I killed a guy, Ed!

Ed: He was a bad guy, Harry.

Harry: He was a guy, Ed. Too many people have died because of your crap.

Ed: I’ve done all of this for us. I don’t know why you don’t see that.

Harry: No…you did this for you.

The boys are watching silently and I’m wincing inside, just writing this.

Harry: There’s a lot of things I can forgive, but this isn’t one.

Ed: What does this mean about us?

Harry: It means…it’s complicated.

He walks over to the Impala and asks for a ride. Dean says sure and they drive away, leaving poor Ed standing alone, tears in his eyes. *rubs heart*
The boys drive through the night and Dean looks up in the rear view mirror, asking Harry if he’s okay. I thought that was telling. He went from “I will shoot you” to “are you okay” in the course of an episode.

Harry: No. You roll with a guy so many years you start to think he’s always gonna be next to you. Like when you’re old on a porch, he’ll be in the other rocking chair. And then something happens and you realize that other chair is empty. Y’know what I mean?

Dean does that thing where he looks hit in the solar plexus – like he wants to say something, has his mouth open, even, to say something, but he can’t. Sam just looks very, very sad. Neither of them say anything as the screen goes dark.

So…which is it going to be, boys? Something unforgivable? An empty rocking chair? Or a way to work through this, define what’s broken, find a way to fix it? Will this be a catalyst to start a change or will this be the foreshadowing for what is to come?

I am going to miss our Ghostfacers. I loved their quirky approach to life. But I suppose no one gets out of this life unscathed. There is much scathing going on with these two. Not sure if we’ll see them again or if they’ll find a way to make up in their webisodes. I just want whatever point the writers are trying to make with this to be clear, be made, and be done in the next couple of episodes.

And I really hope they lean toward getting “them” back. I miss our boys being our boys without the held breath between them.

Thanks for reading, as always. Hope I didn’t disappoint you too much. And if you choose to comment, I will do my best to respond to all of them this go-round.

See you after the next epi!


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