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I learned something about my daughter yesterday. Without me realizing it, she had left "babyhood" behind and became a "toddler." At just 19 months, she has cemented a distinct role in our small household. That of dictator. I think I need a day or two to process how she not only no longer fits completely on my lap, but has aquired a nine-foot arm reach and a scowl befitting a Winchester.

I used to be able to set her in the bathroom while I showered and dressed and she would be content to sing to me, babbling in a language uniquely hers. Now, I've learned balancing acts worthy of Cir de Soleil to keep her out of my make-up, away from the trash, and distracted from unspooling an entire roll of toiletpaper while I apply powder, blush and mascara before getting her changed, dressed, my shoes on and out the door for daycare/work.

How did she get so busy? And how is it that she can bellow "No! Mine!" with that impressive scowl one minute and pet me with the most angelic smile and a "Hi, Mama" the next?

A changeling, I tell you. An amazing, passionate, hilariously stubborn changeling, but I am willing to swear by it. I think the next phase in this metamorphasis will be the dreaded word "why." When she learns to question all that is around her, the change will be complete and my little baby will be a "kid." 

May the Force be with me.
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