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FIC: Reckoning, Musketeers, PG-13, d'Artagnan, Porthos, Athos, Aramis, GEN

Title: Reckoning [Link to story on AO3]
Fandom: The Musketeers, BBC
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, cameo by Constance - GEN
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine.

Summary: Set post Season 1. Musketeers are asked to sacrifice love, comfort, wealth, title…but the one thing they will not sacrifice is each other.

Author’s Note: My dear friend thruterryseyes would call this story a self-indulgence…and she’d be right. It was basically born out of a highly-caffeinated road trip while listening to Zack Hemsey and Linkin Park. I’m wasn't even sure I should actually post it, but it’s written, and it’s the kind of hurt/comfort I like to read, so…here you go.

There really is no noble exploration of character or plot development within the parameters of canon here. Merely a random what if that bared its teeth and grabbed hold of my imagination. While all four play a role, this is pretty much focused on d’Artagnan. Which, yes, means he bears the brunt of the pain, and I decided to stick with his PoV throughout the story.

It’s angsty and there’s a couple “mature-ish” scenes; despite all of this, I really do hope you enjoy!
Tags: author: gaelicspirit, fanfic, the musketeers, what do you think?, writing
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