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Happy 200th Episode Day! Stream of Consciousness to be delayed....

Hi guys! Happy 200th Episode day!

Gotta say, not sure what to expect with this one, but I'm ready to sit back and enjoy the ride just like the last 199 episodes. Looking forward to seeing what our boys and our show come up with.

But! Unfortunately, my Ramble will be delayed a bit. I am traveling to CA for work today and between airports, rental cars, team dinners, and hotels, I'll most definitely miss seeing our show tonight. For those of you who enjoy reading my take on things, I'll post it on or before Saturday the 15th. I know, I that time you'll be all talked out and the verdict will have been read, but, hey, maybe you'll come by just to chat with me if nothing else.

In the meantime, I wrote SPN fic. I'll post it before I hope on the plane today. :)

Have a great Tuesday, ya'll!

Tags: episode review, ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural, travel rant
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