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Stream of Consciousness, Epi 10.21

I'd like to say I didn't see that one coming...but I'd be lying. However, when I speculated that Sam's statement of "death not always being goodbye" last episode was foreshadowing, I probably should have cast the net wider than just the brothers.

Due to time constraints rather than dissatisfaction, I'm going to keep this short (-er, ya'll know I can't really do short). These last couple weeks have seriously kicked my ass (and the rest of May promises to be more of the same), but I couldn't not Ramble. Plus, they always tighten the screws in the last three episodes of the season and this one was no exception.

The Powers That Be seem to find it necessary to systematically cut off just about everyone who cares about the Winchesters from their lives. Starting with their parents, the boys have lost everyone -- even Cas, once, though he was returned to them. I guess you could say that Charlie has joined the honored ranks of those who sacrificed or where sacrificed for the Winchester brothers.

Now they just gotta earn this. And no, I don't think they have yet. Time and time again they do -- with their continuous fight for the greater good, with their own personal sacrifices, with their pain, with their loss, with their hard choices -- but this time? This time it was pointless. There was no honor in her death from my point of view. It is merely a catalyst to triggering Dean to go all Sith on the Stein's and let go of the control he's been hanging on to so tightly (almost) all season.

Dean's anger at Sam for pulling Charlie and Cas into his plan was, I felt, completely justified. Now, I know that Sam's reasons for doing so were to save his brother -- because, as he said in the car, they all love Dean. But we previously spent practically an entire season putting Dean on trial (one way or another) for doing the exact same thing for Sam. Well, no, not the exact same. Dean's choices to save Sam betrayed Sam -- he lied to him and made choices for him and put himself in danger because of those choices -- but Dean didn't pull anyone else into danger. But it was pretty darn close and they still haven't learned anything!

ETA: I was reminded that Dean actually did pull someone else into danger and death: Kevin. So, it is the same!

Before this turns into the inevitable Brother Blame Game, I'm not saying I'm blaming Sam, mind you. I'm saying that Dean being angry at him is fair. Just as Sam being angry at Dean -- and saying some pretty damn hurtful things to him because of that -- was justified. And really, Cas and Charlie are adults. They knew what they were getting into and could have at any time told Sam no. What's more, Charlie could have not left the sigil-protected JB Warehouse and gone off to a random motel where no one was nearby to keep her safe.

No, I'm blaming whoever feels that this endless cycle of secrets and lies and betrayal between our two favorite brothers on the planet is still a good idea. Writers? Showrunners? Producers? ENOUGH ALREADY.

If I were completely honest with you guys and myself, the primary item on my like list at this point would be the fact that the Steins are actually the Frankensteins. That I didn't see coming and with the history they've built up around the chaos and mayhem that family has perpetuated across the centuries -- plus the creepy-assed practice of bio-enhancement and using a supernaturally empowered Book of the Damned to 'facilitate' their evil schemes -- they are a pretty damn good Big Bad. I kinda hope they dove-tail into S11 because I could get behind the boys being up against a family of evil-doers with genetic modifications. Not exactly supernatural, but also not exactly fully human. I dig it.

But, because it's our boys and I have never not found something about them to enjoy, my list will be longer. And because for some reason I apparently like having the Winchesters break my heart.

Sam's desperate search for something to save his brother stays true to the quest he initiated the moment Dean was human once again. And he's not as good at the lying as his brother seems to be -- it has started to unravel him at the seams, showing the wear and tear it's having on him. I feel for him because I know he feels that the ends will justify the means, but I'm also frustrated with him because he was the one to punish his brother emotionally for that very same viewpoint. It's a prime example of not being able to take your own advice.

That? And if anyone should heed the warning that "magic always comes at a price" it's Sam. He's been the victim of such a price since he was a baby.

I liked Dean's honesty -- the way he kind of summarizes and catalogues the symptoms of dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges (though, I wish the show were paced differently so we saw more of those symptoms) to Sam rather than simply shrugging it off with a typical, "I'm good." And I liked the calculating, cagey looks he gave his brother when Sam's behavior had Dean's Spidey senses on high alert. I liked, too, how he didn't come straight out and accuse Sam of dishonesty, but presented the information provided to him and gave Sam a chance to fess up. It was a pretty scary (and effective) interrogation tactic for the guilty party. And though it probably sounds backwards, I liked how he showed his anger -- the way he circled Sam, his eyes like lasers, his focus complete, his jaw tight and voice sharp, like verbal slaps.

I liked Charlie's loyalty and her willingness to work with Rowena, despite knowing what she was, simply because it was for Dean. There have been times in seasons past that has been my reason for hanging in there with our show -- for Dean. And it's the one thing that has kept Sam on this reckless and heartbreaking path -- for Dean. But Rowena's prediction that "your steadfast loyalty will be your undoing," could not have been more true. In fact, it seems to be true of everyone who finds themselves embroiled in the lives and plight of the Winchesters. The boys engender loyalty simply because of the way they live on behalf of others -- the fact that they take out the bad guys and save people, working to rid the world of evil. Folks see that or are touched by that and they can't help but care about the boys and the fight and stay loyal to them. But it gets them killed. Every damn time.

I'm not really sure what to think about the last two episodes -- the boy's reactions to seeing Charlie's bloody body in the motel bathtub was wrenching. Sam looked breathless and sick while Dean simply appeared shell-shocked. This is going to set Dean off like nothing else would (which, I get, was probably the point) and Sam will either have to step it up and find the cure or accept that all the secrets and lies were for naught. This is not going to be pretty.

*braces self for the gut punch*


  • The fact that the Steins are in Louisiana. Something about the history of that state just screams mystery.

  • "You look like crap on there a woman you haven't mentioned?"

  • "I do that." "You actually don't."

  • "Why are we meeting here? I could have come to the Death Star." I am so going to miss her nerd references. Charlie was a character who made me feel that my continuous insertions of random movie references and quotes were not only normal, they were cool.

  • "Is there any part of this that doesn't reek?" No, Charlie. No there isn't.

  • Surface product placement and Charlie having a bookmark for the Supernatural books by Carver Edlund. Awesome.

  • "Hell's bells, more distractions. What are you? Witch or nerd?" "Angel." "...Beg pardon?"

  • "What are the rules? If I'm going to referee I should at least know them." "Did you tell him the first rule is don't tell your brother what we're doing?"

  • "This never ends well." Right?! This is what I'm saying!! How come no one pays attention? Maybe they should go back and read the Supernatural books on Charlie's Surface.

  • "For Dean." I think that should be my hashtag on this one.

  • The fact that the image on Crowley's darts looked a bit like Darth Maul. Plus also, "Nice grouping!"

  • The boys dual reactions to seeing Eldon Stein stick the landing from the 3rd floor drop.

  • "The forces that ruled before there was Mac." Heh. That one actually made me grin.

  • Rowena and Charlie's wacky bonding moment. Wish we could have seen more of those two interacting.

  • Cas being a bloody awful liar. "This call is pointless."

  • Dean's Spidey sense look.

  • The fact that Rowena has/had a demon lover. Intriguing.

  • Dean taking out one Stein and capturing another. For such a genetically- enhanced family, they're still no match for Dean Winchester.

  • "My mind is a wad of gummy worms." Preach it, sister. That was me yesterday, I'm telling you.

  • The reveal that the Steins were actually the House of Frankenstein.

  • "As long as my brother and I believe, that's enough." Gah, Dean. You and your steadfast belief in your brother. I hope with all my Winchester love that it pays off in the end because if not, it's going to utterly break my heart.

  • Dean's face when Eldon reveals that the Book cannot be destroyed.

  • The reveal that Eldon wolverined himself out of the chains (the animal, not the X-man).

  • Cas learning that Rowena is Crowley's mom and responding with a sympathetic, "That must have been difficult."

  • Dean's outrage and anger at discovering Sam didn't burn the book and had Charlie and Cas working with him to translate. It was a pure, righteous anger...almost like a release valve.

  • "Charlie loves you, Dean. We all love you." *rubs heart* Please remember that, Dean. Remember he said that, he means that. Remember when you go on a warpath so that you don't catch the wrong person with your rage.

  • The fact that Charlie was able to upload the key to the code before she met her demise. That was some quick thinking there, girl. Bravo, you. I just hope it pays off. *bites lip*


  • Charlie dying. Full stop. So much about that is wrong for me, the fact that it only takes up one bullet point is disappointing.

  • Sam lying to Dean; Cas lying to Dean.


I think we're too close to the end for me to appropriately fill this out. I have a ton of questions, but at this point we're supposed to have questions so that we'll tune in to the final two episodes and see how many of them are answered and how many have to wait until S11. I'll be there.

Will you?

Thanks for reading. Slainte!
Tags: episode review, ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural, what do you think?
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