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Wow, you guys. Ten years in the bag. And despite everything, these guys bring their all. I gotta say, I'm worn out after watching that. On multiple levels.

"The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters." -- Genesis 1:2

First, let me apologize for the lateness of this Ramble. Those of you who read these regularly know I was in London for work during the finale and expected it to be late anyway, but probably not this late. I had a plan, you see. I was going to use my US VPN for work to download the epi for viewing and rambling during my long flight(s) back on Friday, but I was denied. And then a week's worth of sleeping 2-3 hrs/night caught up me quickly on Saturday and every ounce of energy I had was put into simply being mom and wife and person. Which brings us to Sunday.

I recognize you're probably all talked-out and have sufficiently dealt with the aftermath of viewing, but I hope you'll drop by with your thoughts/reactions one last time before we head into the hellatus. Depending on a fair number of things, this may end up being my last Ramble. I could never quit these guys -- they're family now, y'know? But I'm wondering if after seven years of Rambling for every episode, every week, it's run its course. I tend to feel like this at a season's close and realize by the next season premier that I'd miss you guys and talking about our show too much and dive in once more. So we'll see. A lot can happen in three months.

Since this is a closing of a long and intense chapter, this Ramble may be a bit lengthy. I find I have some things to say! So, sit back, grab a cuppa, and play along at home. If you feel inclined to share your thoughts -- whether or not you agree with mine -- I would very much like to hear them. And I will respond to all, my promise to you.

I want to start with the brand-new mythology they introduced in this finale. I will admit to you that at first when Death was rambling on about The Darkness my first thought was, a bit late in the game to be introducing a new baddie, isn't it? Then, as Death continued to bring down the fire-and-brimstone threats of The Darkness (turning Dean's face pale and his eyes wide with honest-to-goodness fear), I couldn't help but be reminded of The Neverending Story and the threat of "The Nothing." I mean, they even scoffed at Genesis and the fact that it said God created the Earth out of "nothing"...only it wasn't "nothing" it was "darkness."

For some of us? Those two are not that different.

But then it occurred to me that rather than being lazy writing and Carver scrambling to get himself out of a hole since he now has another whole season to helm, this could actually be quite genius. If we had known from the start -- if Dean had known -- what the Mark really was? The whole human journey he traveled in the latter part of this season wouldn't have existed. He wouldn't have fought to keep the Mark at bay, fought to stay himself for as long as possible. He wouldn't have allowed himself a modicum of hope. He would just have found a way to do what he was willing to do here: live forever, somewhere locked away, keeping The Darkness at bay, keeping the world safe, going slowly insane.

So, because they waited until the end to reveal the true nature of the Mark, we were given an emotional punch through Dean's journey that we would have otherwise been denied. Then there's the truth of the Mark itself, both lock and key against The Darkness -- an entity (or perhaps lack of entity...they weren't really clear on that) that took God and his Archangels to defeat. I mean, we knew the Mark was bad, sure. But now we know that even Lucifer himself couldn't manage it. Per this show's lore, God gave the Mark to Lucifer not as a punishment, but as a job. Lucifer was his most trusted angel and he was to keep The Darkness at bay.

But it clearly drove Lucifer mad. Turned him against himself, against his father, against his home, until he fell, and he never recovered. Because the Lucifer we saw in our Show, and know of if we are believers, is irredeemable. The epitome of evil. And, if this lore is to be believed, that is directly linked to the Mark. The evil that is The Darkness is so pervasive that even the most righteous of men will be defeated by it.

Cain bore the Mark for centuries, controlling the violence with the Blade removed from him. There's no way of knowing if he understood the true burden of the Mark, the true reason he carried it. Not as payment for saving Abel from his own weakness, but because Lucifer couldn't take it anymore. I know that's not specifically what Death said; I'm reading between the lines. But the Mark destroyed Lucifer. Caused him to be cast out. He wanted to be rid of it, but even as evil as he was, he apparently couldn't release The Darkness into the world after having been part of the battle to cage it in the first place. Enter Cain. And then Dean.

Part of me would like to think that the more righteous the man, the more quickly the Mark burns through them.

Though both Death and Dean shrugged Genesis off as a lie because it claimed God created the Earth from 'nothing', I am actually turning that on its ear a bit. Because when The Darkness emerged and swept over the Earth, it did so from within the Earth. Not from some celestial, Heavenly Cage. The scripture I quoted above had me thinking about this lore they've created. God and his Archangels defeated The Darkness and God's Cage for it became Earth. Makes perfect sense to me. He created Earth and its inhabitants and humankind which he loved more than the angels and it was all to combat this great evil. To keep it defeated.

Meanwhile, Lucifer was burdened with the lock and key and feeling more and more unloved and unappreciated and was poisoned by The Darkness and the biggest family squabble of all time was born.

So, now we have Death dead, leaving open great room for interpretation about what happens to life, and we have a wave of evil sweeping the Earth in a great smoke cloud with no clear recourse for humanity. If the writers do it right, this could make for a very interesting 11th season. No one can die and yet everyone is hell-bent (no pun intended) on destruction as a result of The Darkness? It'll be like...Supernatural Walking UnDead.

I've often lamented (mostly silently) about the way our Show has chosen to treat God. I feel it's a writing cop-out to have said, way back in S5, that he's "left the building." They can write about Lucifer and the Archangels and the King of Hell and all of that, but they won't write about God. Evil is easy to write, apparently. Even the angels on our show are tainted. Jealous, vengeful, wrathful, merciless, selfish. The only truly good beings in our show are our boys and their compatriots. Like Yoda said, the darkside is not stronger; it is quicker, easier, more seductive. Clearly that is true in the writer's room as well.

And yes, it can be argued (probably rather vehemently depending on the kind of fan you are) that Chuck is God, backed up by his showing up at the school musical. But my point is that they (the writers/the show) have never come outright and said that Chuck was God. And they still have God doing a fat lot of nothing. So what if Chuck is God? Big whoop. The boys are still in this alone and humanity suffers because the angels can't get their act together.

But, with this new development -- an evil greater than the boys have every encountered, when they're both at their emotional and physical weakest, when their friends are gone, when they have no one and nothing -- there is an opportunity for God to step in. I'm not talking about some deus ex machina solution. But something where we see his hand in it, see his angels fighting for us rather than against us. See the boys actually being the ones to be saved rather than the ones to do all the saving. I am intrigued by the possibilities. I would have been back because of our boys no matter what, but now they have me ready to see what happens next in the story. I haven't been as intrigued by the story hook for several seasons.

Okay, so let's talk about the boys.

God love Sam. I mean, really, that guy has just been through hell this season. And in many ways, from my perspective, it was worse for him than when he went through the trials or when he was coming to terms with being possessed by Gadreel. This was all Sam, and it wasn't about Sam at the same time. It was a role reversal I could get behind because -- and I really don't mean to piss anyone off by saying this, but -- for the first time Sam was able to see just what Dean has gone through in different times of their relationship. He was able to experience first hand the pain of the helplessness that wrapped around Dean when he was fighting desperately to save his brother and not only did there not seem to be a solution, but he was actually going against  his brother's wishes.

Sam got an inkling of that in S3 when he was trying to save Dean from Hell, but after a bit of posturing to the contrary, Dean was on board with finding a way to keep him out of Hell. And, what's more, they didn't get an innocent -- a friend, family to them -- killed in the process that time. This time, Sam knew exactly what drove Dean to give up his soul at the crossroads and to say yes to Gadreel/Ezekiel. He knew exactly how Dean felt when Kevin died. He knew the pain that came from the integrity of doing the right thing even when everyone around you is telling you differently. The right thing, of course, being to save his brother...not to keep it from him.

If there is ONE THING I hope Sam Winchester learned from this season it is that SECRETS ARE BAD.

I loved the look of tension and fear that sat at home on Sam's face when he arrived at the From Dusk 'Til Dawn-like Juan's Bar at Dean's request and was confronted by Death. I'd forgotten that the last time he faced Death (literally) was just before Ezekiel infiltrated his subconscious and talked him into denying Death his prize. *gulp* And I loved how he did not give up on his brother. Not once. He was just amazing in that whole final confrontation. Every word out of his mouth a word of love, of belief, of saying the only way he could that he knew what Dean had done for him all his life, had given up for him, had sacrificed for him. And he loved him for it, no matter what he might have said in anger in the past.

Family does shitty things to each other. Most families anyway. My family certainly has. Words are said and trust is broken and feelings are crushed and hearts are shattered and yet there's something in us that keeps bring us back to each other. Sometimes I can't honestly call it love. It feels more like...duty. Obligation. Guilt. But we do come back, and each time there's chance. This moment of truce where everyone takes a collective breath and restitution and remorse balance on a knife's edge. No one ever really...forgets the words that were said with such venom they poisoned both parties to their core, but they can choose to leave them behind.

Sometimes things are broken so badly that no amount of forgiveness can glue them back together, and the parts that are repaired never quite fit the same way. Sometimes there's no going back, but there is going on. And that, I think, is what our boys have realized this season. Individually and collectively.

Sam's words to Dean about being a good man, about remembering what it was to love and be loved, those were the truest words he's ever spoken. For me, anyway, those were the balm needed to heal the wound from his spiteful words about not choosing to save Dean. And I nearly joined him in that amazing single-man-tear that zig-zagged down his cheek and over his jaw line.

I loved the way he showed Dean that he accepted his death, he accepted Dean's reasons for his death. I loved how he got it -- got the fact that to save the world, Dean knew it meant they both had to leave it: Dean to whatever realm Death would take him to in order to keep the Mark and Sam...to Heaven, most likely. Killed by his brother's hand, just like Cain. It made me wonder if there was a story for Lucifer and Michael before Lucifer was banished where Lucifer nearly killed his brother (in this 'verse, I mean). I also loved how Sam never accused, never blamed. There was understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance in his eyes as he knelt before Dean -- one of the reasons, I suspect, that Dean pleaded with him to shut his eyes. And finally, I loved that Sam knew exactly how to find his brother again.

He knew that his Dean, the good man that he believed in and loved, was screaming behind that Mark. He knew that his Dean was desperate and scared and alone and he needed to remind his Dean that he wasn't alone. That he'd never been alone. He'd been loved from day one and would be loved until the fight was over. Those pictures were the perfect trigger and I applaud Sam for having the foresight to not only rescue them from the pile of debris the Stein's left behind, but to bring them with him. Sam had no way of knowing if Cas and Rowena would come through with the spell -- this was it for him. All he had was that moment and his brother and he owned that moment.

And Dean, oh man, Dean. He wore me out. Broke my heart. He was so cold, no buffer of compassion to ward the world from his bitter feelings. He's been up front and tactless before in conversations with cops and victims but always had Sam to smooth things over. Now, without Sam's softening of things, he was like a tactical strike. Merciless and uncaring about how he got to the truth of the matter. And if someone didn't listen to him -- like his late friend Rudy -- and got themselves killed, well, that's their own damn fault, isn't it? Jensen has been breathtaking to watch in his performance of Dean's spiral into darkness while at the same time trying to convince everyone (most of all himself) that he was fine. But at the same time it's been so hard for me to watch because I miss my Dean. I miss seeing his heart and compassion and light and all the things the Mark systematically stripped from him before our eyes.

I loved how we first saw him, all sweaty and hung over and looking sick and rough and spent. And when he drank the beer like it was air, exhaling a shaky, "I'm good," I saw so many layers in that look. It wasn't just an okay, I've got this, hair-of-the-dog, just need some grease to get through the day kind of "I'm good," it was a I'm not a bad man, I'm not evil, I've got control of the devil inside of me, I am not going to be that thing again kind of "I'm good." I loved the moment in the hotel room where he finally broke. Where it all became too much for him and he realized he was losing. He was lost. I loved how his fist came up with a snap, like a viper's strike, to punch the mirror. And then the tension in his body as he proceeded to trash the motel room in rock-star style.

I loved how he asked Death to kill him -- that helpless, defeated, "I've got no moves left," plea that he couldn't confess to anyone else because he thought they all needed him to be okay. I loved the look in his eyes when the reality of the Mark's ramifications came crashing down on him. And I loved how he turned himself off inside when trying to convince Sam that their deaths (more or less) were the only way to save the world. As much as it brought to life my prediction that one brother would have to kill the other in order for this ending to be different, and as much as I found the whole notion of Dean going through with it to be horrific...I kind of didn't disagree with him. If he had killed Sam and allowed Death to send him to a galaxy far, far away to keep The Darkness trapped and the world safe, it would have ended the destructive cycle and done what they have been trying to do all their lives.

Admittedly, while it brings up loads of holy crap where is this going to go-type questions, I prefer the way it did end up going to down to what could have happened. I don't think Dean expected to actually kill Death when he swung the sickle away from Sam. I think he figured he'd just buy them some time because he was not going to kill his brother. He recognized in Sam's plea the same devotion he'd showed Sam when Lucifer had control and was beating the hell out of him. This was Sam's, "I'm not going to leave you," declaration. And Dean could do no less. Swinging the sickle toward Death was Dean's way of falling backwards into the Cage. He had no idea what was going to happen. And I loved how the first thing he did after Death disintegrated was to ask Sam if he was okay.

I only wish there had been time for a bit more of a reaction from Dean when the Mark was removed -- something that flooded his heart back into him. Something like a surge of Dean-like emotion where he was overwhelmed by all that had happened to him -- physically and emotionally -- while the Mark held sway. I wanted there to be one of those breath-catching moments where we say, there you are, Dean before the boys stumbled outside to the car and The Darkness swept over them. Who knows...maybe there's room for a one shot in there.

After 10 years, we have the brothers together at the end once more, united in their terror as they were when they witness Lucifer rising, united in their brotherhood as they were when they watched the angels fall, united in their mission as they were when they declared they had work to do. Neither of them is dying or dead, neither of them is possessed or evil, neither of them is (currently) a pawn for a game played by entities much bigger than either of them. We enter S11 with a chance for an intriguing storyline and a united front from the brothers and that's exactly what I like in my show.

I'm ready for a breather, for a chance to mentally regroup, and for the time to stretch just long enough I find myself missing them so that when they come back to my living room, I welcome them with open arms. Metaphorically speaking of course. *grins* So, lists?


  • First, see above for the word 'loved' because I pretty much populated this list with my write up. *grins*

  • The Road So Far set to both the musical version of Carry On Wayward Son, and then Kansas' familiar riff.

  • Sam saving the family pics and keeping them nearby as he's making witch-killing bullets (hope those come into play in the next season...I was kind wanting him to use them).

  • "I'm good." So. Many. Layers.

  • "Could be the Whore of Babylon, but all I see is someone's little girl." (Anyone else think, no it's not because we've met her?)

  • "Good luck cracking the case with your eyes shut." Day-UM, Dean. You're right, but still.

  • Dean, expressionless, letting the dead girl's dad hit him twice before he pulls his gun.

  • The fact that the forbidden fruit and the golden calf were part of the spell to remove the first curse. Special kudos to Crowley for calling out that it wasn't actually an apple.

  • "Who summons anymore? Can't you call?" "You're not in my contacts list." I guffawed.

  • "No is not an acceptable answer." I'm going to have to remember that one.

  • Sam finding the Impala keys and the "She's all yours," note from Dean. *rubs heart*

  • Dean Latinating to summon Death. I love it when he does that. Latinates, I mean. Not summons Death.

  • Dean providing snacks -- that he made -- for Death as an 'offering'. I will always dig Death (may he, ironically, rest in peace) and his love of snacks.

  • Realizing that the Mark is why Lucifer fell. And Dean's shell-shocked response of, "Well, that's just fan-freaking-tastic."

  • Dean refusing to pass the Mark on to anyone.

  • The utter exhaustion in Dean's voice as he talked to Sam. "I gave it a shot, Sammy." "Brother, I'm done."

  • "What? He's gonna send you to outer space?" {pure big-brother eye-roll} "No one said outer space."

  • "The Darkness." "What the hell is that?" "What does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing?"

  • The whole realization that Dean "traded" Sam for the greater good...as Sam had wanted him to do not so long ago.

  • Crowley's exposition about how he built his whole identity around lack of his mother's love.

  • "We are not evil. We're far from perfect, but we're good. That thing on your arm is evil, but not you. Not me."

  • Dean trying so hard to push Sam away, to point out all the things they've done that could be easily construed as evil, including Sam being willing to let The Darkness into the world just to save Dean.

  • Sam's counter argument. A thing of beauty, that. "You were willing to summon Death to make sure you could never do anyone harm. You sacrificed me because you knew I would do anything to protect you. That's not evil, Dean. That's not an evil man, that's a good man. Crying to be heard. Searching for some other way."

  • The look of relief on Dean's face when Sam throws the first punch. He needed that like nothing else, needed to be able to fight for this.

  • "You will never, ever hear me say that the real you is anything but good."

  • "Sammy, close your eyes." *gulp, rubs heart, sniffs*

  • "One day when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good. What ie was to love."

  • "Forgive me." This meant so much more in retrospect because at the time, we believed it was because he was going to kill Sam, but before he said that he knew he was going to turn to turn the sickle loose on Death. And the plea for forgiveness was because he could no longer save the world from himself, from the Mark. He wasn't strong enough to do what he knew was the right thing to do -- he loved his brother too much. And felt he needed to be forgiven for it. *sniff*

  • "You okay?" "I'll live. You?" "Fantastic. I think I just killed Death."

  • "Get in the car -- let's go, let's go!"

  • The fact that the last thing we hear is Sam's tense, "DEAN!" as The Darkness washes over the stuck Impala and the screen goes dark.


  • Crowley making the leap to Oscar. That was very hand-wavy for me. I mean, we saw him learn from Olivet (in hamster form) that Rowena had a demon lover -- and that's who I thought Crowley was going to find when Cas gave him the list of ingredients. But then he ends up at that diner where he'd popped in a few episodes ago with his "I'm in the business of making dreams come true" shtick and suddenly he knows that Rowena loved this kid? I mean, where did that come from? And what was the point of us learning she had a demon lover? Are we to believe that Oscar, a dying Polish boy who'd been granted immortality 300 years ago, was the demon lover? Pfft. That's thin. I either clearly missed something here or they asked us to just take this leap and go with it knowing we'd be all twisted up about the brothers anyway.

  • Enough with the mirrored experiences. Sometimes in writing stories, that works really well. And sometimes in shows and movies it works well, too. But not when almost every emotional gut-punch we experience is flipped and shifted and turned and we're asked to live through it again, only with a slightly different set of parameters and a role-shift in who is going through what. I now wish I hadn't heard that Jared likened the end of this finale to Swan Song because as it was happening, I saw exactly what he meant and it lessened the emotional impact for me. It felt as if we'd simply been waiting five years for the tables to be turned. I don't like that. I want the emotional impact, the tears.  But I don't want to feel manipulated into feeling it because I'm being reminded of how I felt when something similar -- yet different -- happened to them before.

  • I appreciate Jeremy Carver's "thanks for watching S10, come back for S11" tag at the end of the episode, but I really wish he hadn't said, "and for the boys things go from bad to worse," because...duh. They always go from bad to worse. Their relationship is always tested, they always are up against insurmountable odds, it's SSDD all over the place. What I would have loved was to have heard him say, "and for the boys, things are going to be bad, as they usually are, but these guys are heroes and you're going to see them kick some ass in S11." I mean, hell yeah, y'know? I'm so there for that. I mean, I'm there anyway, but I don't want to haul the doom along with me.


  • Did it seem odd to anyone else that Sam just had a lock of Dean's hair in his pocket to give to Cas for the spell? That triggered all sorts of questions -- especially since he didn't leave between finding out that it was going to be needed as an ingredient and handing it over to Cas. When did he cut it? When Dean died, maybe? Does he just carry it around with him all the time?

  • Holy crap, CAS! Okay, first, how the heck did Rowena suddenly get so powerful she not only broke out of her chains but can control an angel?? Did that spell to remove the Mark jump start her somehow? And Cas with the bleeding eyes and whatnot -- everyone else who'd been dealt that hand from Rowena died. I don't want Cas to kill Crowley, but I also don't want Cas' demise to be at the hands of a witch! Gah! That was a great cliffhanger, that was.

  • Dean killed Death...? I mean, that will have some serious ramifications. I commented that death had no dominion over these guys before...I never expected them to take that to such an extreme. I'm dying of curiosity how that's going to play out in this 'verse, and if it can be fixed! I mean, it could mean anything from no one actually dies anymore to those who have died can come back....

  • How does The Darkness affect people? Is it like in Once Upon A Time where it infiltrates the soul and can be controlled by a talisman? Is it a 'being' unto itself that will eventually (like all other baddies on SPN) become humanoid and assigned an actor? Will it take over the entirety of the storyline or will there be any way to have MotW episodes with a giant smoke monster running amuck?

  • Does Dean have any residual effects from the Mark now that he's just a regular human again? From having died and come back a demon? From all that he went through while bearing the Mark? PTSD perhaps? That would be interesting. To me..... *shifty eyes*

And that closes another year of Rambles. Thank you all so much for reading and most especially those of you who take time to comment. If you are also a fanfic reader, I'll be posting some things over the hiatus as time and life allow -- including, I believe, an SPN story. I hope I'll see you around. If you're not a fanfic reader, I'm grateful for the time you've given me each week reading these reviews.

This show has personally brought me a great many things over the last decade -- a realization that I am and want to continue to be a storyteller, a confidence that my opinion is valid and might actually matter to some, and most important of all, friends. True, lasting friendships that my life would not have been complete without and wonderful aquaintances that have gifted me with deeper thinking than I would not otherwise have experienced. I thank each of you for being a part of that and hope you have a peaceful, safe, and happy hiatus.

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do, and may trouble be always a stranger to you. Slainte!


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May. 24th, 2015 09:55 pm (UTC)
Ha! I thought about The Neverending Story too. I've been obsessing about something Death said about The Darkness. He said I took God and the archangels to defeat it. That made me think there are only two archangels left and God. Maybe something to think about for next season. I always enjoy your rambles, especially the likes and not so much. my :)
May. 24th, 2015 10:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, Gaelic, what a fabulous thinky, feely passionate Ramble! That finale did have a lot packed into it. Jensen is simply a master at whatever you ask him to feel and show us. He was absolutely phenomenal in this finale. And definitely some real quality work from Jared as well. I think this may be the first time that Sam has truly shown Dean that he loves him as much as Dean loves him; that he believes that Dean is good; that he would be as lost without Dean as Dean would without him; and most importantly, that he now truly understands why Dean has done everything to save Sam's life as you pointed out.

But Lordy, what a mess Sam has gotten us into. If I were comparing finales, I would compare this one to "Lucifer Rising" - with some variation, but basically Sam not listening to warnings of others, and unintentionally releasing evil while trying to do good (remove an evil, destructive mark and save his brother).

I'm not sure that Death is truly dead; perhaps that was some sort of illusion. I can't imagine the consequences of not having Death around since the other reapers just follow his list and now I guess, no one would die. I hope Carver has thought about that. And that he also has a workable, believable version of this "darkness" that has been released and will be a part of next season. And "smoke monster"? "Lost", anyone?

And Rowena. How could that spell have made her so powerful? Or was it the Book of the Damned? Who knows what is going to happen to either Cas or Crowley! It looked as though they were going to try to kill one another. And yes, I thought it was very odd that Sam had a lock of Dean's hair on him. Actually creepy. Some editing glitch?

I enjoyed the finale plot-wise, but really loved it in its emotional punch and acting prowess. These boys simply kill me. I simply must see how their story ends.

So it will be a long hellatus until October. I hope you will decide to Ramble On *heh* next season, but until then, I'll be checking in here to see you from time to time. Thank you for all of your Rambles this season and the previous ones. I have enjoyed them so much. Have a safe and hopefully, more relaxing summer.

Until next time...

Edited at 2015-05-24 10:36 pm (UTC)
May. 25th, 2015 12:05 am (UTC)
It's been quite the year and this is the best ending in some time. I loved it! I was similar to Swan Song, but so different, too. With that one, Sam went into the cage and the brothers were separated. This time, they're together and that's the difference I'm celebrating. :)

I LOVED that Dean was not going to pass the Mark off to someone else...that that just wasn't acceptable to him. He's a hero of the highest order in my book. Always has been and always will be. :D

Just loved his concern for Sam after beating him and killing Death. I knew he wouldn't kill Sam, but just for a split second, when Death told Dean to do it or he would, I believed that Dean wouldn't let anyone else kill his brother.

Death is dead? What do we do with that? It creates so many things in my poor brain, that I just can't.

I'm going to take this hellatus, like you, to regroup and brace myself for season 11. This season was exhausting in every way.

You know that I'll be there when you write something, too. :D

I hope you decide to do your rambles again next season, too.
May. 25th, 2015 12:54 am (UTC)
Thank You
Thank you for all the time, heart/soul and tears you've put into these reviews. I appreciate that you've allowed me to share your your thoughts about 'our boys' for the last 7 years.
May. 25th, 2015 02:24 am (UTC)
I wasn't a fan of Death suddenly bringing out the real reason for the mark....I mean, couldn't CAINE tell them? Argh! But, I see your argument, and can accept it I think. Otherwise, I loved the episode! I can't believe we're still here!
May. 25th, 2015 02:26 am (UTC)
Hi, Gaelic!

I've never commented here before, because I don't watch episodes as soon as they are released, so that would be a bit late. But I've read quite a lot of your reviews, and I've discovered to feel the same on quite a lot of things, and I also just love your thoughts.
This one I've watched just in time, so here I am:)

I gotta say, this episode killed me. And I'm not sure that in a good way.

What I definitely loved here, was Sam. Not just his words and how he kept fighting for his brother; but the way he looked at him, smiling at him with the corners of his lips; and when Dean asked to forgive him, you can see "of course, brother" written all over Sam's face...
I think he didn't even care at the moment that he was about to die. All he wanted was for his brother to come back one day, to come back as himself. It's not a need for his brother, it's the greatest example of selflessness, and it ends the boys being divided into "the hero" and "the brother" and makes them both equal brothers.

And here's what I still can't wrap my head around.
Dean wanted to save the world by sacrificing himself, which mean he was still Dean. So how could DEAN be willing to kill SAM? How could he have kept beating him mercilessly? How could he have taken that weapon from Death's hands without any hesitation?
I had a thought that maybe it was his "I'm good" playing out. Maybe in proving to himself that he was not defeated, he had to do the right thing - and choosing one man over the world was obviously wrong for someone who doesn't have a heart.
And it could also be what Cain said about the MoC being called that for a reason. Does it want it's owner to kill specifically his brother? It could make sense, if the story had begun with Cain and Abel, but what does the Darkness have to do with it?
And I wonder, could the Mark itself be trying to keep the Darkness locked up? That would explain why pure-evil-Lucifer didn't get rid of it, and that would explain why it wanted Sam dead.

Maybe I'm getting something completely wrong here, you just tell me.

Totally agree with what you said about wanting to see a change in Dean after the Mark was gone. But maybe it won't disappear at once. Though I'd like to have our Dean back as soon as possible, that would be logical. By the way, Lucifer doesn't have the Mark, and he's still evil (or does he? we've never actually seen his "true form").

Now I realize, how little of the Dean I love there was in this season. The season, that is all about Dean - how's that possible?

Thanks for your ramble!

May. 25th, 2015 03:06 am (UTC)
Before anything else, I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into your rambles. I haven't been commenting lately (by the time I get around to it most everything has already been said) but I've read every single one. I also have to (selfishly) hope that you'll continue next season (after a break to recuperate, of course!) because, especially in eps like this one, I need your thoughts to put things back into perspective.

Can I say that I agree with all your likes, and still think the episode didn't work? Because all those individual notes didn't add up to a cohesive whole. For me, there were too many WTH moments that stopped things dead.

I felt the first half was slow and unnecessary (except to show Dean's final descent...) but was assuming they were going to tie things together for a big finale. I actually loved Dean's first scenes with Death, fully understood what he was asking (and why), and even went along with Death's explanation of why he couldn't remove the mark. Even (sort of) understood his thought process on Sam never giving up. But then...the whole part of insisting that Dean be the one to kill Sam? Just seemed like Carver thought: OK, we have to have a scene where the viewers will think Dean is about to kill his brother, just as Cain predicted. How do we get there? That whole scene was a mess, illogical, tossing all arguments together in a giant circular jumble that made my head spin. I'm still having trouble figuring out what exactly went on, and I'm furious with Carver for pulling the "you're more important than the whole world" card once again. I want them to be heroes, and they are *both* willing to accept the responsibility to save the world. I think it would have been better without all of the confusing arguments; just have Death explain the situation, have both Sam and Dean accept it as being logical (and Sam can ask Dean to kill him, a la Madison), with the final words of: "you're a good man" and "close your eyes Sammy"; and then Dean starts to swing the scythe at Sam...but the spell kicks in just at the final moment and stops him. They would have wound up in the same place except without the guilt and co-dependence issues. (Well, at least until they realize the spell was Sam's doing...though I'm guessing that could be dismissed the same as killing Lilith: "Who would have thought that was a bad thing?" )

Going into the show, I thought Dean was going to ask to be sent to Purgatory, where he could wait out eternity hanging out with Benny and killing to his heart's content (and buy Sam time to find a way to save him without the panic-induced stupid decisions). Sam would know where he was, could work more easily knowing neither Dean nor the world would be in imminent danger, and Dean would still have a way back if/when a cure was found. They could have had a tearful goodbye as the final shot, with Dean saying something like "I trust you to find a way to get me home". Of course, that wouldn't be nearly as dramatic (and angsty); and it seems they always have to up the ante, making more and bigger, world-threatening dangers. Each season is getting farther and farther away from humanity and (more or less) human-scale problems, and that's why they keep writing themselves into corners.

This is getting way too long, but I have some of my own Burning Questions, so maybe I'll address some specific points in a second note, if you don't mind?
May. 25th, 2015 10:51 pm (UTC)
May. 26th, 2015 06:42 pm (UTC)
In reading many of the comments here, I think maybe I should clarify something about my earlier comment: I'm in no way advocating self sacrifice or saying I want the boys to go out in a blaze of glory (I would hate that even for the end of the series!) I'm trying to say that, while I think it's not healthy for them to keep sacrificing themselves for each other, it *is* who they are and I wouldn't expect anything else.

What does bother me here is this sense that they would choose each other *over the fate of the world.* That just doesn't seem like the heroes they are. They've shown they're willing to sacrifice themselves--and more, honor the other's decision to make that sacrifice--in Swan Song, because the stakes were so high. (I'm not counting closing the gates of hell because stopping didn't endanger the world, just maintained the status quo.) But here, where the danger to the whole world was so imminent, they *were* both willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, so it seemed to cheapen the importance of this sacrifice to have Dean stop *just* to save Sam. I think there were other, better ways to show their love and *still* stay heroes.

May. 25th, 2015 03:22 am (UTC)
Hey, it's Iontas. I just typed a long reply on my computer but it went wonky. hopefully it will work tomorrow. I loved it all. And especially your ramble! I hope you never stop.
May. 25th, 2015 03:40 am (UTC)
Sorry I don't know how to link to or continue from my previous post, but I'm continuing with my Burning Questions I mentioned above:

1. Did Dean really kill Death? How? (Somehow I thought it would/should be more difficult/more earthshattering, so I'm going with the idea that it wasn't real, but a construct or a test.)

2. IA with your comments about Oscar. Where the heck did he come from? But more so...if he was, what, 8 years old when Rowena saved him, and she could kill him so easily by stabbing him (I didn't notice her using anything magical) then what is her definition of "immortal"? Obviously not never-aging (how did he get from 8 to 20-something and then stop for 300 years?) Obviously not "not able to die." So...? (I"m not even going into the "demon lover" thing...) Also, after 300 years his greatest accomplishment was learning to roast coffee beans and make a great burger? And he never even made it to Asia...I guess immortality ain't all it's cracked up to be.

3. If the MoC corrupted Lucifer so badly that he has never recovered from it, what does that mean for Dean (who may have had it a shorter time but is, after all, only human, not an archangel.) Has he already been corrupted? Will the evil show up again next season? (That's where Sam's "you're not evil" speech needs to come in!)

4. Is Crowley still a good guy (or at least still sympathetic to Dean) or has he gone back to pure evil? (I know he wanted to get back at Rowena, but his lingering mommy-issues and willingness to help out certainly seems that he still has some humanity...) I actually like Crowley as Dean's BFF, but it certainly looked like they were trying to reset him last time.

5. Where is Metatron and what's he doing? (And how will the Darkness affect him and his plans?

6. Will the boys ever learn from their past mistakes, and be allowed to grow up?

Thanks for letting me babble on, and hope to see you next season...

May. 25th, 2015 03:59 am (UTC)
Hey there!

I'm thrilled that I was able to catch up on the last three episodes before you posted! Don't worry about being late, it never bothers me.

I don't know if the finale had the punch I was looking for, maybe the fact that I only think I saw every episode this season instead of knowing. I liked it...but work lately has overwhelmed me in ways I never knew, honestly I don't know I tracked all of what happened the past few episodes.

But then it occurred to me that rather than being lazy writing and Carver scrambling to get himself out of a hole since he now has another whole season to helm, this could actually be quite genius. If we had known from the start -- if Dean had known -- what the Mark really was?
Right?! One time that leaving a key element vague could totally pay off.

God and his Archangels defeated The Darkness and God's Cage for it became Earth. Makes perfect sense to me.
Me too. I can see it in my head.

I only wish there had been time for a bit more of a reaction from Dean when the Mark was removed -- something that flooded his heart back into him. Something like a surge of Dean-like emotion where he was overwhelmed by all that had happened to him -- physically and emotionally -- while the Mark held sway. I wanted there to be one of those breath-catching moments where we say, there you are, Dean before the boys stumbled outside to the car and The Darkness swept over them. Who knows...maybe there's room for a one shot in there.
Please? You know, if the muse takes you there... I wouldn't complain. *grin*

Hey, I managed to make lists. Yay!

- Sam's desperation.
- "I'm good. 'M good."
- Death!
- "I'm not doing that." So broken.
- "Brother, I'm done."
- That Sam sees the good in Dean.
- "Sammy, close your eyes."
- "I think I just killed Death."

- "Let her leave the house looking like a whore." I mean it's true....
- Rowena calling Cas "Feathers" ha!
-Cas asking for Crowley's help for the spell ingredients.
- Dean made gourmet Mexican for Death.
- Sam being the voice of reason.
-Sam starting to panic as Death approaches.
- Death actually has a scythe.

Other things....
Sheriff: "That right there could be the whore of Babylon wouldn't make not difference at all..."
Me: Nope. That's not her.

I get why Dean dead was working the case almost dead or all hopped up on the Mark because sometimes having a constant like work when your whole world seems to be going downhill, but he did not look good.

The Darkness. Of course. I did like it's little origin story. (And now I'm singing I Believe in a Thing Called Love)

Sooooo, lunch? Coffee? Let me know! I'd love to see you soon!

Talk soon!

P.S. I promise I'll read the Daredevil fanfic soon, real life hasn't been cooperative for that yet. Promise though.
May. 25th, 2015 07:51 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your reviews this season. I have only recently discovered livejournal and to hear that you might not post again next season, well that just makes me sad.

I hope to encourage you to post again for S11.

Wait till Dean hears about Rowena, the codex, the BotD, Bobby. Naughty Sam!

What I would really like to know is what role Metatron and his tablet has in this whole mess?

Love the idea that Lucifer was corrupted by the Mark. Always had issues with Lucifer's hubris regarding bowing down to humans, especially seeing as angels, and archangels I presume, do not have free will. It was never explained why he hated god's most beautiful creation. This provides that reason nicely I feel.

I am hoping The Darkness isn't a sentient being, but something implied through the actions of others, or through a disengaged voice. Would hate it if it turns out to be another Dick Roman. What is interesting is how the brothers even begin to find out how to fight this thing seeing as it has been locked up for so long. Is there any lore on it at all?

Also an aside, if god being this omnipotent being knows/knew that The Winchester Gospels will/would be written one day, then he must know/ have known The Darkness will/would be let loose and then contained one day? I am so confused as to how this fits into canon right now.

Regarding the residual effects of the Mark on Dean, I hope it has at least cured Dean of his guilt and given him new purpose. I would love the decisive S3/4/ 5 Dean to reemerge sans the guilt and shame.

I love Sam to bits and feel that he has had the most character growth this season. Castiel and Crowley too, but I do think the audience have needed to see Sam go through this process of bearing the weight of responsibility. He came through with flying colours and I don't blame him for a single damn thing. He definitely grew a pair this season.
May. 25th, 2015 01:17 pm (UTC)
My immediate reaction to the screen going black was, 'well, at least I'll be able to survive hiatus without Supernatural anxiety consuming my brain...''

The best parts were the scenes between Dean and Death and, of course, Sam and Dean. (It was impossible to watch Jared's desperate face and not think of his personal struggle right now--how much did his role affect him???)

Duh! Right this second I realized why Dean had to take out Death!!! Death said if Dean couldn't kill Sam, Death would do it--so Dean was saving Sammy by killing Death!!! Oh wow, replying to your Ramble just gave me that huge insight!!! Probably a lot of people had already figured that out, but I just did it now and thank you for making me see it!

What bothered me the most was the CGI for the Darkness--it completely threw me out of the moment by how it looked like demons escaping. It was disappointing because the CGI department can be amazing--angels falling, anyone?--so why weren't they creative? At the minimum, make it a different color smoke! But what would have been really cool would have been a curtain-like effect of blackness sweeping inexorably forward, making a line of demarcation across the landscape. Sigh. Another missed chance for greatness...

So since there is no clue as to how the darkness will manifest, there is no burning speculation in my brain to obsess over, like there was at the end of Swan Song or other finales where we got a glimpse of what comes next.

But I am most happy that the boys are together in that Impala, physically and emotionally!!!
May. 25th, 2015 02:13 pm (UTC)
What bothered me the most was the CGI for the Darkness--it completely threw me out of the moment by how it looked like demons escaping.
I'm hoping that there will be a tie-in to demons somehow. Perhaps the black smoke when demons smoke out gets it's source from The Darkness?
May. 25th, 2015 03:38 pm (UTC)
I never comment, but I found myself needing to this time! I love your Rambles. I wait eagerly for them every week. Thank you for writing them and for sharing your ideas and opinions and the little bits of your life that show through every week! I love it!!

- Love, Sarie
May. 25th, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
I knew I'd feel much better about the finale after I've read your Ramble. I loved your thoughts on the newly introduced mythology, and your optimism regarding the premise for season 11.

You're such a thoughtful, observant person, and reading your Rambles has always been a great pleasure.

So thank you for that, and for providing us with a place to talk about the show. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
May. 25th, 2015 07:53 pm (UTC)
Hey Gaelic - been looking forward to your ramble, and the comments of your readers, almost as much as the spn episode itself - thanks so much for your wonderful insights, and many thanks to all commenters as well! Y'all make me feel like family...

All these years, watching the themes roll around in this amazing show, I've been hunting for the root of the hero's journey of Sam and Dean (and their short-lived compatriots). The arc was pretty clear in the first 5 years, but has become murky, and often repetitive, in the last 6. But this last arc, involving the MoC, is different, because it has been revealed as being God's mistake (the lock and key hiding away the fabled darkness). The lock was faulty, something even the greatest archangel couldn't control. It's the ultimate source of evil, apparently, twisting Lucifer, maybe even twisting Metatron, perhaps the disease pervading all the angels?

All that the boys have experienced and suffered up to now has prepared them for this ultimate foe. How can mere mortals deal with this? Heck if I know, but the one thing that Sam and Dean have is love. The love that let Sam accept his death by Dean, a true sacrifice not out of guilt or responsibility, but out of true, abiding love. That same kind of love caused Dean to kill death himself (bound to have major repercussions) rather than kill his brother, and at the same time destroy the Cain and Abel pattern (exerting control over the MoC). Though it did occur to me, maybe the MoC was exerting control to kill death, thus allowing it to persist (Dean did look really surprised when it happened).

It's hard to know how much of what happened was Dean, and how much was the MoC. Now the mark is gone, can Dean recover to what he once was? After all, Cain remained murderous even though he no longer had the mark. I don't think it's going to be an easy journey back to normal for Dean...

Now the show is taking on an epic feel. I'm excited about the next season! Here's hoping that the writers et al. of the show are up to the challenge. Hopefully they are all re-reading Lord of the Rings this summer break!

Have a great summer, Gaelic! Looking forward to the rambles to come...
May. 26th, 2015 01:24 am (UTC)
I hope that you will continue with the Ramble next year. I have been checking for your post ever since the finale. This is the only place I usually go to discuss the episodes. This episode really worked for me. I was pretty unspoiled, although I knew Death was going to be in it form the darn scenes for next week. I had wondered all season why they didn't approach Death. Then I remembered he is actually a pretty scary dude. I thought that I had it figured out that Dean would ask Death to end it and he would send Dean to Heaven. Then Dean could work on the Heaven stuff, Sam could do the Rowena stuff and working on a way to get Dean back and yadda.... I am so glad I was wrong, because that would have been so boring. I didn't think they could come up with a bigger bad, but they did. I didn't see Dean having to kill Sam, and then I began to think he would! I certainly did not expect him to kill Death!

I am typing on borrowed time, I have to get a new computer! Anyhow, Death was bugging me a bit. By asking Dean to kill Sam he was making him do exactly what the Mark wanted.

That was what I was going to post yesterday. I just finished rewatching and boy, it still got me tense. Things I noticed this time were that Sam said in the beginning that they didn’t know what the cost of removing the Mark would be. Even when he knew, he still wanted to save Dean! Crowley found out about Oscar from the witch/hamster. And it was interesting that Castiel didn’t try to stop Rowena from sacrificing Oscar.

I too am curious just what God’s plan is in all this. I think they have shown God intervening multiple times to help Team Free Will. He certainly brought Cas back a couple of times, and he yanked the boys out of Lucifer’s path. But if he respects their choice about free will, then I don’t know how much they will do.

There are so many outstanding problems to address. What of Bobby in Heaven. What of Metatron? What will Rowena do? Will Cas kill Crowley. If not, how much of a bad guy will Crowley be? And what they heck is the Darkness and how can they fight it? I see many more seasons ahead. I also see myself buying a new computer soon! I hope you post during the summer, and if you can’t Ramble in the fall, just hosting a place we can all come to chat about the show would be great. Thank you for another great season of Rambles!
May. 26th, 2015 02:23 am (UTC)
I prepared myself prior to watching this episode and decided I wouldn't let it get to me as Jensen was excited when he mentioned it during the Seattle meet and greet. He felt it was the best in five years and since I hated "Swain Song" I figured had no chance of liking it.

I was So Surprised by how much Loved this episode. It was tense, emotional, and had an awesome ending because the brothers were together. Though I will admit I did check the ending first before watching the entire episode.

I love how the brothers have been written this season and Mr. Carver did an excellent job writing Dean and Sam in this episode. Though I did wonder for a moment how our Dean could kill Sam. I'm excited to see what happens next season as long as the brothers continue to be together. I love your lines "...we have the brothers together.. Neither of them dying or dead, neither of them possessed or evil, neither of them is a pawn in a game..."

I was surprised to learn Carver's history about the Mark. I'm glad Dean learned about this in the final episode..

I agree with you that I'm so tired of how the show cannot show us any good angels or even write about God. This is why I don't like Chuck if he is God, because he continues to be absent from helping the Winchesters or the human race. Why did he show up for school play?

Also if it took God and Archangels to drive the darkness back before, who will help this time? There are no good angels left.

But back to the 2 J's and their characters. I love that Sam saved Dean this season. First his words and the pictures helped reach the big brother we all love and stopped Dean from killing Sam. I'll admit, for a moment I thought Dean was going to kill Sam and I had no idea how that was ever going to be forgiven or made right again. Yes, Sam (Crowley and Castiel) did help bring the darkness, but the plan to save Dean was already moving forward before Death revealed the history of the Mark.

My favorites lines were "Close your eyes, Sammy" and "Forgive me". I knew big brother was still there when Dean said Sammy and then I hoped the "forgive me" meant he couldn't kill his little brother. Dean knew it meant eventually the Mark would win, but until then he would stay with Sam. Just like Sam I wanted to have our Dean back again. Now that the Mark has been removed, the brothers can face whatever comes next together.

I guess I should comment on Rowena. I figured she was up to something, but didn't realize she would be so powerful. I enjoyed the scenes with Crowley, Castiel and Rowena, but admit I wanted to see what was going to happen between Dean and Sam.

I love your lists and you captured all my favorite moments on your list of likes.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.

It is amazing that ten years have passed since the show started. If anyone had told me then the path this show would have started me on, I would have laughed. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and since then attended conventions, met other fans, made friends on line and in person, written letters of support for the show and even shared my thoughts on your site. :)

Enjoy your summer and if you want to share another ramble with us next fall, that would be great, but if not I understand.

Thanks again and take care.
May. 26th, 2015 03:34 am (UTC)
I have read your rambles for years but have never commented. I like your observations and that you have a fondness for the show still.

We go into season 11 with three wild cards: Metatron, Rowena and the Darkness. I suspect Metatron will be key to finding God because they will need him to fight the darkness. Or the surviving archangels. I cannot see how Rowena will fit.

The conversation about whether or not the boys are evil struck a chord for me. I've always liked stories where evil doesn't know it's evil, it thinks it is doing the right thing. The boys usually think they are doing the right thing, or at least the right thing for each other, others be damned. As the years progress, they have brought down death and destruction on a mass scale. So I can see where the boys might be perceived as evil. While that is interesting, I find it is problematic. I hope our heroes turn more outward now, that they learn and stop inflicting horror on the world.
May. 26th, 2015 12:57 pm (UTC)
A delightful ramble and thank you for it. It is refreshing to find someone who feels the same as i do about this finale. I love your predictions and hopes for season eleven. Sam and Dean on the same page makes my heart sing. I hope you have a quiet and restful hiatus because i ami looking forward to your rambles in a season with the boys together.
May. 26th, 2015 05:44 pm (UTC)
First of all – PLEASE DO NOT STOP DOING THESE RAMBLES!! I would really miss them so much and feel I would lose contact with you. I totally understand that they take a lot of time so please don’t worry about making them shorter but please don’t stop :(

I enjoyed the finale – I thought Jared and Jensen did an amazing job as they always do. It didn’t leave me in tears as S9 finale did, Dean’s death almost killed me *sobs* even just thinking about it is hard! I’m looking forward to seeing where S11 takes us, I can hardly believe I’m saying this, who’d have thought during the first couple of seasons that we’d still be here all these years later, still worrying about our boys and what happens to them, still being so invested in them. All credit is due to Jared and Jensen.

”I loved how he asked Death to kill him -- that helpless, defeated, "I've got no moves left," plea that he couldn't confess to anyone else because he thought they all needed him to be okay.” Don’t we mothers know this feeling, in fact anyone who has a family be it sisters/brothers/mothers/fathers will know this feeling, we all (or most of us I would think) put on a brave face, not wanting our loved ones to worry.

”I wanted there to be one of those breath-catching moments where we say, there you are, Dean before the boys stumbled outside to the car and The Darkness swept over them. Who knows...maybe there's room for a one shot in there.” Oh YES! Please let there be a one shot :D

”Dean Latinating to summon Death. I love it when he does that.” Oh my, so do I – it is so hot! In fact everything Dean does is hot :p

"Sammy, close your eyes." *gulp, rubs heart, sniffs*” Tell me about it!! I actually thought on first watching that Dean never intended to kill Sam but after reading this I think he did and it was Sam showing Dean those photos that brought him back and stopped him so thank you for that Gealic – see? If you stopped doing these rambles it would change the way I see the show I need you to bring your very intelligent and eloquent observations to make me see things I wouldn’t otherwise see.

When Jeremy Carver said “ for the boys things go from bad to worse” I actually heard "and for the boys, things are going to be bad, as they usually are, but these guys are heroes and you're going to see them kick some ass in S11." for me, that went without saying but I agree it wouldn’t have hurt him to say it.

”Does Dean have any residual effects from the Mark now that he's just a regular human again? From having died and come back a demon? From all that he went through while bearing the Mark? PTSD perhaps? That would be interesting. To me..... “ I would love to see this but I really doubt we will, you know how our show always brushes over these things, remember PTSD from Dean’s time in Hell and his time in Purgatory? There was so many times they could have shown us but never did, or did it in a way that was simply a passing remark and nothing more, that is one of the most annoying thing about our show, but I’ve always said that is why we have fanfic writers like you :)

Lastly Gaelic, please write another SPN fic, I would be so excited!!

Hope your trip to London went well and apologies for note getting to see you this time but next time – I’ll bet here!

May. 27th, 2015 01:53 am (UTC)
I've tried to read this since it was posted and FINALLY go to finish.

Told ya.
May. 28th, 2015 05:20 am (UTC)
Hello! Do you mind if we link this on metanews?
May. 29th, 2015 12:01 am (UTC)
Love your rambles!

I really want Dean to have side effects too. I'm tired of the guys, especially Dean, going through things like this or Hell or Purgatory and not seeing any ramifications later on. I mean Dean came back from Purgatory and only that first episode did we see him spazzing out. Even Jensen said he wish it'd lasted longer.

I also didn't like the rehashing storylines. The cloud of smoke made me think of the demons coming out of the hell's gate in the s2 finale. Or the cloud of demons in JIB when Dean runs to grab shit out of the car. Or the cloud that flips the Impala during the finale when Bobby and Dean are trying to deal with God!Cas while Sam is unconscious in the panic room.

Even Sam's call of DEAN is like Dean yelling SAM in the finale where he goes to Hell.

Did anyone else think Sam was going to pull out the amulet instead of the photos of Mary? I think that would have been SO much more meaningful. Sometimes I feel like the writers don't really understand how that amulet represents the brothers, Sam giving a piece of himself/his trust to Dean and Dean accepting it as his mission in life to carry.

I still don't understand the whole explanation Death gave about the Mark. Part of me thinks Dean killing Sam would have been more devastating. At least the boys are fighting together again instead of against e/o.

After seeing the whole finale, I wonder what the inside joke was between J2 at a con a few mo ago where Jared said the finale was "traumatic" and they cracked up laughing so hard that Jensen almost choked on his coffee. Makes you wonder what their opinion of the show was.
May. 30th, 2015 02:05 pm (UTC)
I, for one, love your Rambles and hope very much that you'll be doing them for as long as there are episodes to Ramble about. I do realize how tough it is to spare energy for such endeavors when RL is overwhelming in its demands, but I am grateful for the time you spend.

This finale was so powerful. I was not sure how I felt about it at first. Actually, that happens with most episodes. I'm so pent up on first viewing, I can't really untangle it all, and that goes triple for a major ep like this. By my second viewing, I thought it was brilliant. JEEZ. Dean going totally dark. Dean realizing he's lost this battle. Dean summoning Death (with queso) to ask him to take him out. Then SAM. The fight...

(I just heard in the Women of Letters podcast on the Australian con -- All Hell Breaks Loose -- that J2 did that entire fight, and Jared ended up covered in bruises about which he seemed puzzled. Jensen reported telling his co-star: "Yeah, that's from when I slammed you into the wall six times." And he slid across the floor. And all of it.)

I was confused on first viewing, but now it all makes sense... It was when Death changed the way out from "Dean has to die" to "Sam has to die" that Dean was no longer on board. And those pictures...Rip my freaking heart out, why don't you? Sam kneeling there? Weeping? Holy crap.

"Maybe there's room for a one shot in there." -- If you are saying that maybe YOU will write it, all I can say is: PLEASE. Please do. I'll try not to beg. But please?
Jun. 5th, 2015 09:47 pm (UTC)
"God and his Archangels defeated The Darkness and God's Cage for it became Earth. Makes perfect sense to me. He created Earth and its inhabitants and humankind which he loved more than the angels and it was all to combat this great evil. To keep it defeated."

-Gaelic, you've blown my mind! This is such a BIG idea--beautiful and terrible. The more I think about it, the more I like it. It sort of turns the idea of the forbidden fruit and the "fall" of man over and then back around again, doesn't it? I'm not sure how to articulate the images brought up for me by this idea--but I love it.

It wasn't supposed to take me this long to get over here and let you know how much I enjoyed your ramble--what can I say? RL craziness has been interfering with my fannish needs! But I'm happy that you enjoyed the finale, that it seems to have resolved some of this season's issues, and that you want to know what happens next. I do, too.

I think a lot of this season has been about the brothers walking in each others' shoes, like you said. And it all came down to the confrontation between them, and Sam reaching Dean with his words just as Dean had reached Sam by his presence in s. 5. I'm thinking this is the first time since--season 2?--when they are standing together, both more or less whole, facing the next catastrophe, at the close of the year. This alone is enough to make me happy with the state of our show.

I do hope that you decide to continue your ramble next season, even if it isn't all the time, or if you need to change up your format some. I'm saying this for purely selfish reasons--I would miss very much hearing what you have to say! Not to mention the opportunity to respond in some manner of kind. I'm also looking forward to seeing what's in that cave you mentioned a bit ago. :-) Till then, I hope all is well with you and yours.
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