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Cover reveal and book trailer: Beyond the Wail

I'm excited, and a little bit nervous (let's call it 60/40), to share with you the cover and book trailer for "Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss," the paranormal anthology that my story, Dead Water, will appear in on October 10th.

Dead Water

"Two brothers embark on a road trip intending on using the peace and quiet at a lakeside cabin to help make the broken pieces of their lives once more form a recognizable picture. However, along the way they experience car trouble, stumble across an eerie, inexplicably flooded cemetery, and end up in a seemingly abandoned small town which (unfortunately for them) plays host to a homicidal lake. Encountering the impossible forces the brothers to face issues both have tried to keep buried and exhumes truths that may otherwise have stayed hidden."

As this is my first published short story, I believe I can sum up my reaction rather succinctly.

 photo FullSizeRender 1_zps6xvxzlkn.jpg

So, in the midst of organizing your Halloween decorations, make sure to watch this space for more information on how you can get your copy of this collection of spooky stories.
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