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Happy SPN Premiere day! I'll be Rambling on....

Hey ya'll!

I'm breaking (unintentional) radio silence to toss some confetti in the air and say happy premiere day! After 10 seasons, having the Winchesters in our livingrooms each week has for many of us become a way of life. Regardless of our varying passions for the story lines or character journies, we, the SPN Family, can't quit these guys. I have felt my anticipation and excitment wax and wane season to season, but each year I tune in to see what road my hero(es) will travel next.

With that, I wanted you guys to know that I will be continuing my weekly SPN Rambles, if you're one of the folks who enjoys reading them. I've pulled these together after every episode since Season 3 and it would just feel wrong to not carry on until they're done. I may not be able to post immediately after the episode airs as I once did, but they will be posted soon after. If you read, let me know! Love love love your thoughts and reactions...and I feel less like I'm shouting into the abyss. :)

So! Until tonight, I'll mainline coffee in my decade-old 'No Chick-Flick Moments' mug and look forward to The Road So Far.


Tags: episode review, ramble, stream of consciousness, supernatural
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