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November SPN Streams of Consciousness -- Please Don't Hate Me

Plus also? Please don't leave. I'm not gone...I've just been temorarily detained. On a November hiatus, as it were.

Have you ever been moving through a time in your life where you are dealing with multiple, complicated issues concurrently and the only way to handle them without going completely crazy is to carefully compartmentalize...only you're running out of compartments? Like a cabinet full of tupperware where half the lids are missing? That's me right about now.

Between work committments, deadlines, and pressure and handling a significant amount of business, financial, and emotional issues for my mother, I'm--as Bilbo Baggins once said--a bit like butter spread over too much bread. *deep breath* And what ends up happening when I can't keep up is that the things I do for personal enjoyment that don't directly involve anyone in my little family (like the Rambles) get put aside until I can carve out time for them.

So, I wasn't really thinking ahead far enough. I am traveling the first three weeks of November and I thought I could watch/Ramble when I got home, but it turns out that my back-home schedule is as crazy as my during-travel schedule. Especially now that Mo Chuisle is nine and wants more of me being fully engaged. Last week, I was in CA for Cisco work; this week I head to IN for family business; next week I'm in FL for Cisco work.

Keeping up with viewing and Rambling has turned out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. *scowl*

I didn't want you guys thinking I'd flaked out or given up. I will watch and watching will include Rambling, but I'm thinking that perhaps I'll give you a Mega-November-Post (say that in your head with a booming echo) when I get done traveling after the 19th that will include Episodes 11.05 (aired on Wed the 4th), 11.06 (airing on Wed the 11th) and 11.07 (airing on Wed the 18th). I'm not sure if they'll take a break for Wed the 25th or not (haven't seen that far ahead) as it's the day before Thanksgiving in the States, but regardless, I'd either wrap that into the Mega-November-Post or use that day as my posting day.

I know ya'll like to read/react immediately following the show, and I don't blame you. I hope you'll choose to come by for the Mega-November-Post and we can collectively ponder and squee, as the situation warrants.

Thanks for understanding, and I'm really sorry about this.
Tags: episode review, family, ramble, real life, stream of consciousness, supernatural, travel rant, what do you think?
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