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FIC: MacGyver (2016), Mythology + Snare Net, PG-13, Mac, Jack, Bozer, Riley and a couple OCs

Hi there -- So, I wrote another MacGyver fic. Something about this particular universe I started within this particular fandom has really been rewarding to write (even if, by the comments from some of you the last time I posted a Mac fic, you're not all feeling the same reward reading a story from this particular fandom by me). Anyway, if you're a fan of that show--or literally have nothing else to do--I thought I'd offer it up for you to read. And if you do, I hope you enjoy.

Title: Mythology + Snare Net [Link to story on AO3]
Fandom: MacGyver (2016)
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: Mac, Jack, Full Team OCs – GEN
Rating: PG-13
Words: 51,730
Nothing you recognize is mine. Including the odd movie line. I like to work in quotes now and again. And…the characters swear a bit more in my hands than they do on the show. But being that they’re both ex-military, I figure some creative license is permissible.

That being said, I am not in the military. Literally everything military related in this story is based on what I’ve read in books and seen in movies or TV. If you are in the military, reading this, and I’ve grossly misrepresented something, I promise that no insult was intended. Also, medical inaccuracies abound. I did research, but…then I fictioned. So, don’t try any of the medical procedures in this story at home, kids.

Finally, I tend to write long chapters. They say you write what you like to read...and apparently, I like to read long chapters. So.

Summary: Set in S2. Jack Dalton defines himself by how well he does one job: protecting MacGyver. But when he wakes up wounded to find Mac missing and no memory of where is partner might be, Jack is lost. And his only way back is to find Mac—alive.

Tags: fandom, fanfic, macgyver, macgyver2016, what do you think?, writing
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