FIC: MacGyver (2016), High Rise + Free Fall, PG-13, Mac, Jack, Riley, Bozer, Matty

Title: High Rise + Free Fall [Link to story on AO3]
Fandom: MacGyver (2016)
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: Mac, Jack, Full Team OCs – GEN
Rating: PG-13
Words: 49,896
Summary: Set in S2 after Wind + Water. They've been all-go-no-quit for weeks, and it's taking a toll. They're hurt, tired, and need down time. But when Mac is grabbed so that his special skill set can be used as a pawn in a crazy revenge scheme, nothing will stop Jack from getting him back. Nothing, that is, except his own pain.

Disclaimer/Warning: Nothing you recognize is mine. Including the odd movie line. I like to work in quotes now and again. And the characters swear a bit more in my hands than they do on the show. But being that they’re both ex-military, I figure some creative license is permissible.

As this is set prior to the S2 finale, you'll need to forget your Mac Daddy knowledge. Also, as usual, medical inaccuracies abound. I did research, but…then I fictioned. So, don’t take any of the medical events in this story as gospel. Finally, if there are any actual explosive ordinance expert-types reading this, please turn a blind eye to the bomb-related details. I researched that, too, but then got a little worried that the FBI guy assigned to monitor my computer would start to get suspicious, so I just…pulled a page out of Lenkov’s book and wrote around the facts.

Author’s Note: This story is set in the same ‘verse as my other MacGyver stories, Anvil + Duct Tape, Wolf + Snow, and Mythology + Snare Net. You don’t have to read those to enjoy this one, but there are references made that hearken back to those stories rather than to cannon. 

Finally, I tend to write long chapters. They say you write what you like to read...and apparently, I like to read long chapters. So.


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