FIC: MacGyver (2016), Sight Unseen, PG-13, Mac, Jack, Riley, Bozer, Matty, James


Title: Sight Unseen [Link to story on AO3]
Fandom: MacGyver (2016)
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: Mac, Jack, Full Team, OC – GEN
Rating: PG-13
Words: 49,305
Summary: Set post S2, pre S3. Jack may have accepted Mac walking away from the Phoenix, but protecting Mac was for life. Especially when the odds stacked against him include a dangerous chemical agent, a couple of rogue scientists, and a few nefarious mercenaries. Jack will stop at nothing to keep Mac safe, even it means crawling through Roman catacombs, wounded, with a blind partner.

Disclaimer/Warning: Nothing you recognize is mine. Including the odd movie line. I like to work in quotes now and again. And…the characters swear a bit more in my hands than they do on the show. Also, medical inaccuracies abound. I did research, but…then I fictioned. So, don’t try any of the medical procedures in this story at home, kids.
Oh, one last thing. Everything related to Rome is thanks to armchair traveling. I haven’t actually been there. Yet. So if you’re a native, or have visited often, please try to overlook historical and geographical inaccuracies. It’s all for love of the story.

I had intended to post this prior to the S3 premier, but, well…life. You know how it is. I technically finished it before the premiere, but thought ya’ll might appreciate a sanity check. Anyway, this was always going to be AU from the end of S2 since I don’t write the show—but I hope you’ll be able to overlook the differences (and in some places, the similarities as I was Lenkov’d a few times by the premiere) and enjoy the read.

Finally, fair warning: I write long chapters. If you choose to read, get comfy.

Big thanks to my friend and confidant, ThruTerrysEyes. And thanks to pandigirl, who keeps me inspired.


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