FIC: MacGyver (2016), Solid Ground, PG-13, Mac, Jack, Matty, Riley, Bozer

Title: Solid Ground [Link to story on AO3]
Fandom: MacGyver (2016)
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: Mac, Jack, Full Team, OC – GEN
Rating: PG-13
Words: 63,432
Summary: Set post 3x02. Angus MacGyver lives on a fault line, constantly prepared for people he loves to leave him. It takes his world literally falling apart for Mac to find solid ground.

Or…the time the Phoenix team endured an earthquake and Jack recalled a particularly gruesome tour he and Mac barely survived.

Disclaimer/Warning: Nothing you recognize is mine. Including the odd movie and/or TV show line. I like to work in quotes now and again. And I still write long chapters, so if you choose to read…settle in. Also, fair warning. This one is going to be angsty, ya’ll. Especially considering where we are with certain characters in the canon story line.

In episode 3x02, when recalling what Worthy means to him, Jack tells Mac, “Last time I saw Worthy, we’d just gotten back from a tough rotation. And if anyone knows what I’m talking about, it’s you. It was a gruesome deployment.” That stuck with me, and I realized I needed to turn it into a story. I played with the timeline a smidge, so for the sake of this story, let’s just all agree that there were a few weeks between episodes 3x02 and 3x03.

Finally, I am not in the military, and though I have researched, I will most likely get things wrong. Not only that, but the situations I put these characters in are fictional, imaginary, and based on what I’ve seen in movies and read in books. If you are in the military, please know that anything that is inaccurate is not meant to be an insult. However, if you’re reading fanfic, I'm guessing you probably already understand everything is for the sake of the story.

My thanks to my friend and sanity-reader, ThruTerrysEyes. And to Pandigirl19 who is ever vigilant in her inspiration. And finally, many thanks to SarieVenea, not only for her service, but also for endeavoring to help me keep the military jargon and references as accurate as possible. You are aces, my friend.


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