FIC: MacGyver (2016), The Card, PG-13, Mac, Jack, Matty, Riley, Bozer, Desi, James - Gen

Title: The Card [link to story on AO3]
Or… Five times Mac needed Jack but wouldn’t admit it, and one time he did.

Fandom: MacGyver, 2016
Author: gaelicspirit
Rating: PG-13
Characters: MacGyver, Jack Dalton, Bozer, Riley, Matty, Desi and some bad guys — GEN

Summary: Series of tags/missing scenes throughout S3. Mac was trained to find the solution, to be the solution. He was conditioned to internalize his struggles, his pain. Needing people was a liability. But then he lost a friend. And his carefully constructed world disintegrated around him.

Disclaimer/Warning: Nothing you recognize is mine. Also, I’ve taken some liberties with how events technically transpired in the episodes. Call it…artistic license. 

Author’s Note: I’ve never written one of these 5 + 1 stories before, but I enjoy reading them. June was a rough month. I changed jobs (which always comes with a bit of a steep learning curve), and then I lost my youngest sister to a sudden, unexpected illness…and that’s a curve I haven’t quite been able to tackle. As a result, I was struggling a bit with some hurdles in my original fic, so I decided a quick jaunt over here would help me clear them. 

Aside from a friend’s sanity read (thank you, pandigirl19) this is unbeta’d, so if you see something…maybe don’t say something, just this once.


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