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How do we survive our kids???

My daughter gave me several gray hairs (artfully hidden beneath coloring, mind you) yesterday.

We put her down for a morning nap, but she was pretty much just talking to her dolls. We just let her stay in her crib for awhile because she seemed happy and we were able to get some things done.

I was on the phone in my office with my sister and I saw the hubs suddenly go tearing downstairs. I told my sis I'd have to call her back when I saw him carrying baby girl upstairs and she was BAWLING like she was terrified. He's like "I need your help" and I looked -- she had managed to wrap the cord of the monitor AROUND HER NECK...

It was pretty tight, too - she was trying to get it off and was only making it tighter. She had little cord burns on her throat.

Somehow, my little contortionist had managed to reach down and unplug the monitor -- and the plug was pretty low under her crib -- pull it up and wrap it around her neck. WHY she decided that wrapping a cord around her neck was a good idea, I don't know. The mind of a two-year old is a mysterious place. 

I asked hubs what made him go down and he said that the monitor got fuzzy -- which, it does sometimes and we never think anything about it, so something pushed him to go check on her this time. He said he walked in and saw the monitor hanging over the side of the crib and at first thought she was holding it -- and then realized it was around her neck and had to pick her up carefully so she didn't freak herself out more.

Once I got it off, I was shaking -- I just held her and she hugged me back and she goes "scare me, mama." I was like, "me, too, kiddo." I don't know if I scared her with my clinging or if she scared herself because she couldn't get it off, but MAN.

So... to recap, in this child's life, I've managed to lock her in a car, and place a cord within her nine-foot reach. I'm going to re-kid-proof the house tonight. Hubs says that this is why we'll only have one kid. I think he might be right...

*laughs ruefully*
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